JJ Abrams: Still Working On Star Trek Sequel Script + Announcement Soon

This weekend JJ Abrams is out promoting his new movie Super 8. The first little tidbit about the Star Trek sequel has emerged, with the producer (and possible director) confirming that the script is still not complete, but more news should come soon.   


Abrams: still working on Star Trek sequel script

Today JJ Abrams spoke briefly about the Star Trek sequel which he is producing (and possibly directing) giving this brief update on progress (via Fox News):

We are working hard on that [Star Trek sequel] script and – finger’s crossed – we are going to be able to make an announcement on that soon

Last time Abrams spoke about Star Trek, he said that he would be able to "focus" on the sequel after the release of Super 8, which hits theaters on June 10th. The Star Trek sequel is slated for a June 29th, 2012 release. Other summer 2012 films are already progressing. For example The Dark Knight Rises (due out 3 weeks after the Star Trek sequel) started shooting this week. And The Amazing Spider-man (due out July 3 2012) is already in post-production.

The latest reports have Paramount planning to go into production on the Star Trek sequel in September. While that is a shorter production and post-production schedule then the 2009Star Trek film, it will actually be longer than Abrams had for Super 8.

It is likely Abrams will make additional statements about Star Trek over the next few days as he promotes Super 8, so stay tuned for more updates.

JJ Abrams with his cast for "Star Trek" – says announcement on sequel is coming soon

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It seems to be taking quite a while to bake this particular cake!

It really seems as though a film that’s bound to be as effects-heavy as ‘TrekII’ will need more time than you’ve slated. How can you film this fall and have it slammed out by next summer?

As always, please keep the focus on a good story involving the characters we love.

And if you use my idea of ending the film with (unexplained) Shatner in silhouette, looking out at the E and saying, “All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by…” … I’ll buy two tickets.

Can’t wait – looking forward to seeing what they come up with. A tidbit or a minor spoiler would be nice soon…

Harry, what do you never take a break? You’re always first.
You needs you a womenz.

As long as the cake is tasty who cares how long to bake!!!

I want something which matches ST11 at the very least much better will be great but I will take the equivalent & hope Paramount break their curse of giving each ST movie a smaller budget than the previous one regardless of how well it did!

ST12 needs a big budget otherwise it may suffer story wise…..

To Bob Orci: You can’t rush these things, Man. I know you guys are under a lot of pressure, but we, as the fans would rather have a ‘tight’ movie than a film that’s got holes due to it being rushed. You, as a fan can appreciate that.

Well hopefully the fact that the script is taking forever means it’s good and they’re paying more attention to detail, unlike the last film. Still, its nice to get little bits of info. Half the fun of the last film happened before it was even out. Waiting for little details, little spoilers, and those first screen shots were fun for a lot of people.

Well, to be fair, he doesn’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ with this one. Lots of what had to go into pre-production, etc, the look of various species, uniforms, lots of sets can still be used, or easily recreated rather than designed from scratch . So this should speed things along.

So excited, hope the script is good, and hope they do NOT do this in 3D.

How far in advance did we see the teaser trailer for STXI?? Two years, IIRC. This is insane!


CmdrR, I obviously have WAY too much time on my hands!

Are there a lot of pre-existing sets ready to go?

If so, they can save time that way, and use the balance of the time to figure out how Shatner’s silhouette could possibly fit on the screen.

#11 I would assume that the bridge, corridor, and transporter sets at least should still be ready to go.

A lot of the sets should be ready. I just hope they give us a real Engineering set. Can’t wait.

#14 – the engineering set in the last film was great! I know they selected the Budweiser plant out of budget restrictions in building a set and went with a location shoot but it was an awesome choice, imo.

Stay tunned for more updates??? … OF COURSE! … I WILL BE! …

And Mr. Bob Orci must have a lot of news… must be why he did not come here lately… I guess! LOL

:-) :-)

I don’t know if there is a bigger fan of these guys (Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof) than me. I truly admire their talents. I think what they’ve done for Trek is amazing. And yet I-AM-NERVOUS.

They have three billion projects in development!! Now, I have always been fond of the saying, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” But at some point the combined Abrams/Kurtzman/Orci slate became beyond ridiculous.

Still…STILL, I have a great deal of faith that they will make a great film. But I’ll feel a lot better when we at least hear there is a draft of the script that is up on its feet. I mean, Kurtzman is practically done filming WELCOME TO PEOPLE at this point isn’t he? Don’t tell me he’s been doing any actual writing on TREK in that time. No f*&%ing way.

Please, please, please don’t let us down!!!

If you need a hand with the script….

I’m obviously gonna need to know what you’ve got so far! ;) :)

Dunno about delusions of grandure, I get delusions of adequacy. LOL

I do hope the coming updates include news of a pushed back release date. I just don’t think it’s wise to rush things, but I kinda doubt it knowing Paramount.

#15. I know they did what they had to do. But this time. Please get it right.
But. Maybe Scotty likes his Engines to give him not just Warp drive. But Beer as well.
Or. it could be called Beer Drive.
Hmm. Engines ahead Beer Factor 6 pack. Engage and open.

#21 – That would be Duff Beer Drive – “The beer that makes the days fly by.”

# 17 – JKim

As far as I know Alex Kurtzman finished filming “Welcome to People” in mid- March or shortly before, at least it was when the IMDb reported that the film was already in post- production…

… and Mr. Bob Orci answered here, a question about the WTP’s release date after this… boborci never said if Alex Kurtzman, had joined him and Damon Lindelof to write the script for Trek 2, after completing the filming of WTP… I even asked that question to him a few times… unanswered!

Now JJAbrams is saying “We are working hard on that [Star Trek sequel] script”… “We” mean all of them … I supose ! … this is good, I guess! … I’m not panicking! … no joking this time! LOL

:-) :-)

The big announcement:

The movie’s coming out in 2013.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding himself.

I can see the film delayed until christmas 2012 or may 2013.

Dont rush it.

Are they doing a three Trek movies if so we wont get a new Trek TV series until after the trilogy is over?

@15: Yeah, if you want to go cheap on the most iconic science fiction starship of all time, by all means. Shoot it in a Budweiser brewery. Obviously the designers and set builders of every Star Trek ship set in existence were dumbfounded when they could have just shot their interior ship scenes at their local brewery.

I wonder if JJ would have treated the Millennium Falcon in the same way… like shooting the interiors inside of a McDonalds playground. Hehe. Spend a million dollars on the Falcon’s signature cockpit, and when someone walks out, we cut to them crawling in those yellow tubes. The engine compartment will be the ball pit…….You know, that would actually be kind of awesome since unlike breweries, kids can actually play in the McDonalds’ playgrounds.

Also, is JJ still using the “I’ll only direct if the script if good” clause? I hate that clause with a bloody vengeance. He’s a writer himself, isn’t he? If he’s interested in directing Star Trek but thinks the script isn’t up to par, why doesn’t he just chime in and make it work? Because on the slight chance that he won’t be directing, wouldn’t that just mean that he thinks the script sucks and isn’t worth working on?

NO I bet the annoucment is that it is coming out in time for 2012 and also that JJ will Direct and and that that shooting is starting sooner then thought.

Funny people doubt a movie of this caliber can be shoot in this short of time yet The Dark Night Rises is only starting shooting now, and Super 8 had less time and looks good so it can be done.

Summer is the best time to release a Star Trek movie look at the history all summer movies did well so I think Summer 2013 is now more realistic the script is everything if they force rush it the quality will decline

#23 – AP

Well… if you ‘re right… they need not do that (the big announcement)
soon … LOL

:-) :-)

I’m with @27 (Bill Peters). I cannot imagine Paramount is going to abandon the notion of having a major summer film going into the July 4th holiday. That doesn’t make dollars and sense (sorry for pun but these movies are about making money). That will hit hard their quarterly revenue.

I like this franchise! It’s exciting!

Harry,hope that means it’ll be a damn good cake!! We have been waiting on this for so long,am I worried? Sure,but not alot. I put my hope in Mr.Orci and his team,I don’t think he’ll let us down.

Oh,and Green-Blooded-Bastard,it keeps you on your toes if nothing else! :)

Re: predictions. I wish we knew what the hell we were talking about.

I’m guessing the film will not be coming until Christmas 2012 or Summer 2013. Seems like the schedule is much too short to make the earlier rumored June 2012 release date.

Bond 23 is starting this Fall and will have at least 12 months from start to theatrical release. Bond doesn’t have as many effects shots either..

Anyway, it will be good to hear the announced statement and news about the Trek sequel very soon.

I think it’s going to be late 2012 or Summer 2013. I hope I’m wrong and that a shorter time frame gives them plenty of time to not rush it out.

The water processing level of Engineering is but one of many levels. Most of the Enterprise should essentially be Engineering anyway! We need to get over this brewery issue. The big E wasn’t quite finished we can suppose. The “Engineering Control Room” we saw in TOS, could well have been constructed over the following year still… plenty of ‘overhead space’ in that brewery. Heck, Scott could have designed Engineering Control that way…. After all in TOS, we saw something very similar with pipes in the background behind the grating….

Seriously, people. It will take a good year and a half just to get at least a dozen lens flares in every scene (you know, so it looks totally realistic). That means Summer 2013 at the earliest.

hmmmm. “working hard”. he says?

sounds like when i used to tell my parents that i was working hard on my school homework when i was secretly reading Sherlock Holmes stories instead! hahaha.

mr abrams and the writing-crew’s careers are quite well known to all of us. and from the abundance of activities they are all juggling at any given time, their suggestion they’re working hard seems a bit disingenuous i think.

Since when does everyone think even huge summer blockbusters take Apocalypse Now-esk production timelines? Time is not going to be the deciding factor on whether this is a superb film or not.

There will be no delay!

The first movie would have been out for December of ’08 if the studio hadn’t intentionally delayed it for summer release.

Over half of the production elements are already manufactured thanks to the first movie, so this will be much faster.

Even the hideous Enterprise is already rendered & waiting to go in a hard drive somewhere.

This will leave Abrams plenty of time to build a passable engineering set, make phasers into proper beam weapons, not blasters & get all of the cops off of Earth, since there is no crime on our planet in this century.

# 35 Squire of Gothos- “Bond 23 is starting this Fall and will have at least 12 months from start to theatrical release.”

That’s ’cause Bond movies are only ever released in November, not due to production.

The filming schedule was to accommodate Daniel Craig’s other projects.

I’m nervous that they were so behind on the Trek script that Kurtzman had to break off and film WTP and now he’s done filming and the script STILL isn’t done…

agree with #40 Khan was framed, 09 would have been 08 but they decided it was a tent pole for summer 09 so the delayed.

You can’t rush quality, boys and girls. Just settle down and stop thinking about that hot cake smell coming from the oven.

I don’t see any way for them to hit their Summer 2012 release date at this point. I don’t mind if they delay, I’d just like to know sooner rather than later.

Can’t wait for the cake either Harry and dmduncan- :D

Unfortunately, its pretty clear that these writers are no where close to being done. I’m guessing that they are having trouble coming up with a story that isn’t a rehash of prior movies and/or episodes.

A month from now J.J Abrams will tweet that the script is still in development and that he hasn’t decided whether he will direct.

Five months from now, we’ll still be reading about the lack of progress.

Just as well, since I’d rather wait until ’13 or ’14 for an awesome movie as opposed to a sequel that is crappy because of Paramount’s desire to meet a deadline. Deadlines can and often are changed.

It should also be noted that the movie was originally scheduled for Summer 2011. It has already been pushed back a year. It won’t take much to push it back another year. (And another…)

As I’ve said before, Star Trek deserves much better than writers who try to cram it into their schedules somewhere in between Transformers films.

Let’s hope that when the movie finally comes out, we’re not all collectively singing, “someone left the cake out in the rain….it took so long to bake it…”

I hope they don’t keep the cake in the oven until it burns.

(Smoke detector goes off, as one of the writers smell something burning in the oven) BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!………..

“Oh sh*t, we forgot about the cake in the oven! F*ck, it turned into a brick! All that money and effort……….what a F*CKING waste! Unbelievable!”

(Bob Orci kicks oven, pounds fist on counter, slams shut the cabinet doors)

“Well, it looks like the Trekkies ain’t gettin’ no damn dessert tonight!”