VIDEO: John Cho Talks About Star Trek Experience + Says No Sequel Schedule Yet

Star Trek’s John Cho was the guest on the latest Kevin Pollak Chat Show web-series. The actor talks for two hours with Pollak about a wide range of issues, including about half an hour on the subject of becoming the new Sulu for JJ Abrams Star Trek. (And yes, Pollack shows off his inner Trekkie by breaking into his Shatner impression at one point). Watch it below


VIDEO: John Cho on landing role in Star Trek, first Trek con and more

On the latest  Kevin Pollak Chat Show (below), John Cho talked for almost half an hour about Star Trek, covering the casting process, fight training, meeting George Takei, working with JJ Abrams, the world publicity tour, his upcoming Star Trek con appearance and more. There was brief talk about the sequel, but Cho showed he wasn’t in the know by asking Pollack’s producer (and apparent friend of Damon Lindelof) if he knew anything about the next Trek. When asked if there was an "actual schedule" for the sequel, Cho said "no."

Watch the video below, the Star Trek section starts at 1:36:25 (video should automatically jump to the right spot)

NOTE: Cho mentions that he first heard of the Star Trek project from a journalist, which got him to instruct his agent to get him an audition. That journalist happens to be yours truly, who talked to Cho about playing Sulu way back in late 2006.

Bonus video: Star Trek skit

The show also featured this Star Trek skit.




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No sequel schedule yet? Hmmmmmm………

It was a long time I knew nothing about John Cho… and he said there is no schedule yet for the sequel… wow … so unique and relevant information! … LOL … welcome to the game, John Cho! … +LOL

:-) :-)

Star Trek by 2019. Lol.

To quote the new Capt. Kirk “Do it! Do it! Do it!”

I love John Cho!! Good to hear from him,its been a while!

He is so handsome.

Is is almost at dreamy as CP :) and almost as good an actor as Erica Durance.

Good go’n with the tip to John, Anthony!


So it was you, Anthony Pascale, who suggested to John Cho that he should try out for Star Trek. Good spotting. I really like John Cho as Sulu. John is very good.

To be honest, the only one I’m not as keen about is Zoe Saldana as Uhura, but she is still good.

Zoe is perfect as Uhura.

You know i’m guessing that they are actually about finished filming the sequel. All this talk about the script still been in development is to stop prying eyes.

John Cho — Yum yum! More JohnChoSulu!