Photo of the Day: Nichelle Nichols Spots The Enterprise

Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols is in Washington DC for a NASA musical event tonight at the Kennedy Center. And last night the original Uhura was spotted at the Air and Space Museum where she spotted the Starship Enterprise. Check out the photo below. 


Uhura Spots The Enterprise In DC

Here is the photo of Nichelle Nichols at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC yesterday. The original Uhura spotted the Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise featured on a painting of the Space Shuttle (possibly Shuttle Enterprise?) (via the Washington Post).

Nichelle Nichols at touring Air & Space Museum in Washington DC on Tuesday May 24th

As we reported last week, Nichelle is in Washingto DC to appear tonight at a NASA musical event at the Kennedy Center. She will be accompanying the orchestra playing the original Star Trek theme.  The event is free, but reserved tickets are required. Tickets will be distributed, two (2) per person in line, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Hall of Nations on the day of the performance. Visit for more information.


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Nice. And no “bloody A, B, C or D” on it.

1. Danpaine.


What a great photo. She is as beautiful as ever.

Wooow Great pic

Does anyone know the name of the painting and if prints exist and are for sale?

Or ‘E’, Danpaine. :D

Of course, mere yards away in the Air and Space Museum gift shop, sits the glorious Ms. Nichols’ original berth: the 11-foot model of the TOS Enterprise, which I got to see myself just about this time a year ago. (Avoid D.C. anywhere near the summer, btw, if you can.) The old gal is a little the worse for wear these days–aside from Ed Mirecki’s questionable “restoration,” one of the nacelles is considerably out of trim. Still, standing there I got a sense of what one of the followers of the Prophet must feel when he finally gets to Mecca. :-)

she looks awesome. but isn’t there a gentleman present to help her with that over-sized handbag! hahaha.

Nichelle looks as great as ever.

Now, as I write, it is 25th May in the US, presumably the performances given by the orchestra and Nichelle Nichols will have occurred. Is there any video of this? However, I thought that the musical presentation was not to happen until now, 25 May. Hopefully, our television news will screen some of the performance tonight (NZ time – 26 May, 6.00pm or thereabouts).

All this time stuff can be confusing. Who says there is no such thing as “time travel”? :-)

Love the pic!! :)

Nichelle: “I used to work there.” ;-)

This is awesome… love Nichelle. She’s a total doll.

Hey now don’t get started on her Handbag, P’trick, that is a battle you will not win with Ms Nichols :) lol

Reminds me of the animation from TAS. That would make a great poster.

Nichelle is coming back to the area on June 27, 2011 for her foundation Nichelle Nichols Foundation and to help the Traveling Space Museum.

Email me about attending, donations and sponsorships.