Cool Stuff: Vulcan Oven Mitt

The cool Star Trek stuff to share with you today is another item for your kitchen, and this one is (dare we say) logical. Presenting the Vulcan Salute oven mitt, More details on how you can live long and cook with it below below.


The "Salute" Oven Mitt

If you have ever wanted to be able to express your love for Star Trek in the kitchen, the you may want to pick up the "Salute" oven mitt from Meninos.

The heat-save oven mitts are fitted for the right and and made of neoprene. They are on sale for $29.99 at the Meninos site.

They even have a little promotional video.

More Star Trek Kitchen items

If you want to really Trek out your Kitchen, then ThinkGeek sells all sorts of items of interest to the discriminating geeky consumer, including the recently released pizza cutter in the form of the original NCC-1701 USS Enterprise. Here are all the things ThinkGeek offer for your kitchen.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter for $24.99.


Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork ($22.99)

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener ($$19.99)

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Klingon Korkscrew($19.99)

Klingon Korkscrew

Starfleet Hip Flask ($19.99)

Starfleet Hip Flask


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Dare I say it? “Fascinating”

Price gouging… the final frontier…


I’m so tired of getting the shaft as a lefty. Its like they try to forget that we exist.

Too much products, again with the overmarketing. -.-

To burn one’s hand is not logical. Boy, now I’ve seen everything!

Vulcan Oven Mitts – Starfleet Issue

cool! :P

That Meninos oven mitt commercial! I’m hynotized! ;)

Weird products. I don’t need this stuff. I’d like more IDW comicbooks.

Pizza cutter still takes the top prize in star trek kitchen wares.

oven mitts what next starfleet comdons! can you just image at the end it playe the star trek theme!! enterprise theme maybe the best…its been a long time……….