Saldana In Talks For New Film – Could Indicate Star Trek Sequel To Start In November

Yesterday TrekMovie’s exclusive interview with the Star Trek sequel writers had them talk about how the film could start shooting in September, but might not. Now a new report about Zoe Saldana’s schedule indicates the sequel may be set for November. Details below.


Saldana in talks for "Infinitely Polar Bear" + Trek to shoot in November?

If the Star Trek sequel has any chance of meeting its June 29, 2012 release date it would have to start shooting around September, which is when JJ Abrams began shooting his Super 8 movie last year (and was released last weekend). In TrekMovie’s exclusive interview with the Star Trek sequel writer/producers posted yesterday, they said they felt they could start shooting in September, but that everything depended on JJ Abrams and they would not move forward just to meet a deadline.

Today brings a new possible wrinkle. New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog is reporting that Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, is in talks to star opposite Mark Ruffalo in the drama Infinitely Polar Bear, a Paramount film being developed by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot. The article also notes that "we also heard rumblings that Saldana plans to go from Polar Bear straight to a Star Trek sequel in November."

So it could be that Bad Robot are already working from a November schedule for the Star Trek sequel, which would fit with a film slated to be released in the Holiday season of 2012. Abrams first Star Trek feature, which at the time was scheduled for Christmas 2008, started shooting in November of 2007.

One other moving part in this schedule shuffling is Paramount’s next Jack Ryan movie, which stars Star Trek’s Chris Pine. Last report on that film was that Paramount shuffled their schedule around so that the Star Trek sequel would start in September with the Jack Ryan film starting in January, allowing time for Pine to go from one project to the next. If Star Trek 2 moves to November, then the Jack Ryan film would also likely have to be moved. It is likely these inter-linked schedules for the cast and crew of these various films are all part of the talks going on now inside Bad Robot and Paramount, but Abrams has promised that sometime "soon" word will come out that finally reveals his plans for the Star Trek sequel.

Saldana loves her New York Water

Taking a break from the Star Trek sequel release date obsession, and speaking of Saldana, here is a new PSA she did with some other lovers of New York Water.


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May 2013 anyone :P

This is good news IMO, at least we now have an estimate for when they bring the Enterprise out of storage. Best of luck guys, and DONT rush it just to appease us fanbois

2. pronounced Phan-Bwah?

Drawn in by the intriquing headline picture.

I realise now that I have a mind like a sewer.

#4 I fell for it too…

Please – no more rumour mongering. Chris Pine has also been in talks to do a movie called “Mud”. These actors are in talks all the time. Whether they get the parts and when or even if the movies go ahead is another story.

Filming of Star Trek to start in September (if not earlier) – please, JJ and co – MAKE IT SO!

I stopped caring a while ago. Its like Duke Nukem Forever, after it kept on getting delayed I took a “it’ll get done when its done attitude” and moved on with life. I’m sure they’ll deliver a quality product whenever they start working on it, and the wait will be well worth it.

Still, it would have been nice to have something like an animated miniseries or SOMETHING to hold us Trekkies over because it is a long wait. Then again, BBC just announced that Doctor Who would only air part of its season 7 next year, so there’s more waiting ahead for sci-fi fans :(.

ethan hawk…. :)

#6- Keachick …

…”is in talks to star opposite Mark Ruffalo in the drama Infinitely Polar Bear, a Paramount film being developed by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot.”…

….developed by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot … maybe it’s real … this time …

They have a lot of projects in development… becomes increasingly difficult to believe that they consider as a priority Star Trek sequel… I mean with regard to keep the release date initially established by Paramount, June 29, 2012 …. will not happen, I think!

:-( :-)

Doesn’t mean the whole movie would have to shift to accommodate one actor (unless, perhaps, it was Pine or Quinto, someone with tons of screen time) – the whole cast doesn’t necessarily have to be there all the time from the beginning. Uhura presumably won’t be present in every single scene, so they could do the non-Uhura bits til November.

I have officially lost all patience with this and consider it rather insulting, whether this latest rumor is true or not, they have been keeping the fans on tenterhooks long enough. Call me crazy, but I expected a little more respect.

There has been more than enough time for them to get their act togtether
This does not seem to be a priority for the original team or Mr Abrams
So I wish them luck with all their many endeavors, hopefully some of them will be really exciting but for now, I am signing off from this, my inteest has waned. If mising a deadline doesn’t matter to them, then the movie doesn’t matter to me

There was a “window of opportunity” to do something really worthwhile but you can coast on goodwill for only so long.The cosmic wind has gone out of the sails on this one and it is hard to not be disappointed with such talented people, therefore I am officially disappointed.I hope all the other stuff was worth it

A diaapointed fan

Congrats Zoe on being gainfully employed again!!

Damon Lindelof – “Is it possible to start shooting the movie in September? Absolutely, we would totally be ready to go. But that doesn’t mean we are going to start in September, that is a question only JJ can answer. I think one of the things about Super 8 is he started shooting it late last fall and it had to be released [June 10]. And the Trek sequel is going to be much more ambitious on a post-production level, then Super 8 was. The fundamental idea of shooting it and getting it in the can and having it come out next July is entirely possible and we are confident we have the team in place that would be able to achieve that, but that might not be the best version of the movie.”

This is from the transcript. I don’t get the impression that main filming will be delayed until November, but that is up to JJ. It was more about post-production time, ie they could do a good basic job and have the movie ready for release by July 2012 or they could take more time, be more thorough with post-production, therefore delaying the release date by up to six months perhaps, and have a tighter, more worthy product to release to cinema screens.

I’m afraid I find myself agreeing with #12 Madblogger. I do think that JJ Abrams is being disrespectful. I do sense a certain frustration from the three writers. They have a story and they want to be able to finish it, but situations and people are preventing them from doing that. As I keep saying – it is all to do with that bloody 3D stuff (pardon my French). For goodness sake – Just do a 2D masterpiece and be done with it!

And what if it doesn’t start filming until November? Chris Pine did not get to do his summer theatre work because he is waiting…I believe he really likes doing live theatre but not this year, because, well, we all know the reason. Presumably, hopefully, they will have nailed down the Jack Ryan script and be ready to start shooting January/February next year, however on the other hand, he might not be available because of continual delays… Now we read that Zoe Saldana is in talks to do another Bad Robot film, when supposedly she should be doing Star Trek?

Come on, enough already. Now I am crying…WHAT THE HELL, A$$HOLES!

Sorry, Anthony, but this thread brings me no comfort. Frankly, this is all so bloody insane (pardon my French, again)!!! Finding it hard to be *considerate and rational* right now.

‘Soon’. *Sigh*. :(

#14 – Keachick … Welcome to the club of those who are crying now…. you know I started yesterday…….. buamuabuamuabua … part of me feels….

:-( :-)

can i just stare at this picture of Zoe for like 2 hours?


Quit your whining……sheeesh! Sometimes, people can’t meet deadlines. Movie-making is a tough and tricky business. These guys have been working on a script for awhile now, and it may be that whatever they’ve come up with is not working. J.J Abrams has signed a multi-picture deal with Paramount. “Star Trek” is only one movie. He has the right to do other things as well. And the writers need other projects to keep their creative juices flowing and their skills sharpened. They also have the right to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Why should they appease impatient fans like you just because you’re angry they aren’t devoting ALL of their time to “Star Trek”?

It’s this sense of entitlement that really pisses me off! I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if any of the Supreme Court guys say to all of us fans “F*CK YOU, WE’RE DONE WITH TREK BECAUSE WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR BITCHING!! WE’RE WALKING AWAY, JERKOFFS!!”

I wouldn’t blame them one bit!

So what? If Zoe isn’t available for the movie, simply say Uhura is away at Starfleet for a meeting. The movie should focus on Kirk/Spock/ McCoy anyway.

It would be one thing if they had been really working on it all this time, and said hey you know what were not going to be able to finish this by june 2012, were trying but we dont want to rush this just to get it on screen.
But thats not what were seeing here, what we are seeing here is oh lets work on this project, oh lets do that project, star trek, ehhh uh who cares the fans will be there when it finally hits the screen.
whats another year wait for them.

There is no solid indication that they have actively been developing anything for Star Trek, and guess what it doesnt take talented screen writers 12 plus months to flush out and write a incredible script.
the fact that its taken that long with 2or 3 writers says a lot.
they just dont care, and they can come on here and claim whatever they want but the lack of progress says alot. If JJ wanted to do other projects great, but he should have given the ticket buyers the respect of passing the directing reigns off to another director (like he did with MI 4) so that people wouldnt have to wait for another great movie.

after all of this bs, if he doesnt end up diecting theres going to be alot really ticked off fans, for him making everyone wait so long for nothing.



You know, I thought expressing an opinion was a privilege of an enlightened society so I respect yours, despite the profanity.

Mine is that the 2009 movie was extremely successful with an expected follow-up in June 2012. That was a deadline, for all the bleating that has happened since.

Probably most of us were relatively happy with the idea of a 3 year gap if it meant we were going to get a quality product that we enjoyed as much as or even hopefully better than the first Nobody wants a lame or rushed sequel.

But it seems that they did not even start thinking about it until October last year and don’t yet even have a fully-realized script. They actually don’t have a prayer of making that June date with the production values that we expect from this team. Christmas 2012 is just not the same and summer 2013 is much too long. So they have really sunk the boat. Some things are just screwed up and this is one of them.

You remember how lousy you felt the night before finals when you realzed you had just not left enough time to do your best job. Well. moving the final to the next year doesn’t guarantee that you will do a better job of timing your cramming the next time around. Likewise I am not confident of this team’s ability to focus on the job in hand – they are too distracted. They have shown us many times over the last few months that they really don’t have the time to devote to the project. So we will see if they can deliver, but perhaps I’ll just be putting their new movie in my Netflix queue some distant time in the future or rescuing it from the bargain bin at Walmart’s.

Of course the filmmakers have all the right in the world to do what they want.

I guess the point is that I also have the right to plonk down my money and sit in a movie theater to watch their product, should they be able to produce it. Or not.

This is a business and if you treat your customers disdainfully, you risk alienating them. If ever there was a time to put up or shut up, it is now. The longer this drags out in my opinion, well, I think we are hitting the steep part of the exponential curve. You can keep the public’s interest for so long and then they move on.

It has been two years since the last movie, they committed to the 2012 date way back then (actually the sequel was greenlighted even before the movie officially opened)., and if they had had the chutzpah to settle to it, they could have done it. But fundamentally other things were more important to them, and they have lost valuable momentum. The guys say they need to talk to Abrams, that they have 70-80 page outline and maybe the beginnings of a script, and Abrams says he can’t commit to directing until he has a finished script. With all due respect, doesn’t this sound like they are goiing round in ever-decreasing circles?

Even highly intelligent people can be incredibly illogical at times, because this does not make sound business or creative sense.

Just put us out of our misery, make a decision (which I am fairly sure they are all capable of) and get on with it. They seriously risk losing their fan base if they delay this – remember they made the movie not just for the trekkers but to make new fans (who have notoriously short and fickle memories).

And as stated above, for the great cast that we all enjoyed, this is very unfair, although I am sure they are used to it since moviemaking is such a fickle business. I am not sure how many other moviemaking professionals are being inconvenienced by the interminable delays, but my heart goes out to them too.

I think the moviemakers did a great job with the reboot. but does that entitle them to worship? Not really. Because at the end of the day the moviemakers can’t do much without moviegoers, and maybe I’m stupid, but I presume that is why they chose these careers, in the same way that I chose mine. The rewards may be great, but the responsibilities are tremendous.

My parting word to the filmmakers is “I dare you to do better”

But for someone who firmly stated “I’m outta here” a few comments ago, I have overstayed my welcome but thankfully not the right to free speech.

I’m with you 12! I think it’s B.S. to wait three years for a sequel anyway, which is why there really just needs to be a new live action TV series, a good one!


A movie deadline is not the same as a final exam. And besides, most movie deadlines are tentative and subject to change. An exam is made to test one’s knowledge of a paticular subject to see if they understand it. Movie making is about a bunch of people getting together to hammer out a script to send to the director. It is rare that a movie is made after an outline or first draft script. More often than not, especially with great movies, it takes a number of rewrites.

Good grief! Delaying a movie for a year isn’t the end of the world. Some of you folks act like you’re going to die if Star Trek isn’t on every single second. Throwing around words like ‘insulting’ and ‘disrespectful’ is just ridiculous. Star Trek was effectively dead until these chaps came along. They are in high demand and are being pulled in a million different directions, but it’s hardly like the film is in some kind of ‘development hell’. It’s just taking longer than anticipated. Take a breath.

Look at it this way, The Dark Knight was 3 years after Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight Rises will be 4 years after TDK. It’s not exactly unprecedented for franchise films to have a few years between them. Alternatively, Iron Man 2 was only 2 years after Iron Man, and it was awful. So, ya know, quick doesn’t equal quality.


Agreed! A lot of “fans” on this site lack that perspective and as such, cannot grasp the reality of the situation.


Enjoy your wait, I wish I had your faith..

I thought >3 years was not particularly quick in truth but I guess everything lies in the eye of the beholder.

But I really am ouuta here. My life will be going along quite nicely with or without a Star Trek sequel. That’s my problem, at this point, I don’t care enough. Just lost interest and that’s a shame.

#18 Excuse me, RDR. I am not the one who has done most of the whining about the delays. Others have. They have been very negative about how everything has been proceeding, or not, for some time now. Many have been constantly critical of aspects of the last movie, demanding changes to engineering, going on about ships nacelles too fat, Scotty too goofy, no Spock/Uhura, etc etc, no lens flares, no shakey camera…you name it. They keep bringing out their crystal balls, forever predicting when the movie will or should come out. They need to be reminded just what Bob Orci or Damon or Alex had just stated in an interview given yesterday, because they seemed not to bother to read the transcription or listen to the interview. It is other people who keep demanding another TV series etc to tide them over and so it goes on.

I have tried to be positive, considerate and rational – so I lost it a bit, reading about yet something else that could take someone connected with the sequel away from doing it, possibly bringing about even more delays. You know, I’m not the only one.

Yes, I think, at this stage in things, it is disrespectful of JJ Abrams and Paramount not to announce whether or not he will direct and the studio to make a decision as to whether the sequel should be in 3D or not.

Picking on me for my heartfelt post was not fair at all. Why not go pick on others who’ve been constantly griping about stuff for quite a while now?

I think the general lack of respect for writers/filmmakers on this thread is beyond ridiculous. Give these people a break! Star Trek has officially hit the big leagues. This isn’t like the old days when the actors had nothing going on in between Trek ventures. I for one am happy that these people obviously aren’t falling into the type-casting problems that the original cast experienced. As for the writers taking so long, how would any of you feel if you had the full weight of the Star Trek universe on your shoulders? Would you take it lightly that the fans griped constantly about the brewery was used for Engineering? Be thankful that these guys are at least willing to write it! Honestly, they seem to have some other very lucrative offers coming at them, and I doubt that they would be harmed in any real way over walking away from Trek. Some of you guys need to grow up and let these guys do their job. They’re taking their time to make a movie you’ll enjoy. I swear, you people complaining about it taking so long would be the first to complain that they were doing a rush job to get Trek out of the way had they been sticking to the schedule…

They could always kill Uhura off between the films. New universe allows for all kinds of things to happen.

Zoe AKA Uhura was just named one of the most attractive actresses of all time. They will not make the movie without the EYE CANDY! Besides, she has a contract to be in the movie. If they tried to move forward without her, they would be in violation of contract.

Star Trek was done and ready for Theaters in December 2008, it looks like it will be 4 years later (Dec 2012) until ST2 is out. That seems too long for a movie with a young cast… Half of them will be older than the original actors they are portraying back in 1966.



You’re just as guilty as all the other bitchers and whiners. Even if you “lost it a bit”.

“Yes, I think, at this stage in things, it is disrespectful of JJ Abrams and Paramount not to announce whether or not he will direct and the studio to make a decision as to whether the sequel should be in 3D or not.”

Why is it disrespectful? And to whom? You? GET OVER IT! They’re still working on the script FOR F*CK SAKES!! Now isn’t the time to figure out whether they’ll put the sequel in 3D. They’ll do that AFTER the script is done. J.J Abrams is waiting to see if the script is GOOD before deciding to direct. He believes in quality. He answers only to Paramount, who aren’t going to get in his way.

Jeez I kinda wanna echo Shats claim GET A LIFE….Its only a movie…its entertainment and its a product….and a project….JJ and Robert et al have real lives and real careers they are not like Gene Roddenberry whose only career and speciality was Trek and look what Paramount did to him, relegate him to advisory status mostly….until he had a hit with Next Generation….Get used to the idea that the actors and production people all have and do other projects…they are lucky enough to be successful and desired and have multiple projects….I would rather have good writers producers who are in demand do our Trek movies than people with no experience or talent….it is not disresepctful to delay the project-they are busy and juggling schedules for many reasons and have to wait until it all aligns best for trek to proceed…THIS PROVES THEY CARE ABOUT TREK and the fans because they are making sure to devote the time needed to make a great movie and not just rush out a generic similar prouduct to the first one….AGAIN not the end of the world…that will be dec21 2012 haha….
I know fans care intensely and all that but they really are doing their best to get Trek done right….I totally disagree about it being disrespectful…I think they made a first great movie and I bet the 2nd one will be great too….Personally I would like to see Trek on tv in some form..that is really where it belongs but jj and company are at the top of their game..NO OTHER FILM PEOPLE are in more demand right now….THAT IS A GOOD THING not a bad thing….I WANT THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SMARTEST POPULAR filmakers working on our Trek Movie….They have REVIVED the franchise for us and you all think they dont care??? Quite the opposite….they wanna do it right but schedules are complicated and thats why the delay….I totally trust Roberto and JJ to do it right….

#34 – Red Dead Ryan – …

Sorry… but if I get it right the writers said they did not finish the script because they are waiting for JJ Abrams… not the other way… it’s time for Abrams to stop using the quality of the script as an excuse for not deciding to do the helm… is an awkward stance with the writers, considering that he is following the process of completing the script from the beginning …

What’s your problem seems that you are betting on the film’s release in 2013 and is afraid of losing the bet if it does not happen? … this sounds crazy, sorry! … were not the fans who established the premiere date for June 29, 2012… was the studio, Paramount … they do not have to be justified only for the fans… there are “most powerful people” to whom they
should certainly an answer!

The whole problem is the availability of time of JJ Abrams… not quality… at least I do not think they would make a crap… they have proven they do their job well… and as Bob Orci said “give us a deadline and we’ll finish it”… and who have to do this? … JJ Abrams, I guess! …


:-( :-)

I love my Zoe Saldana!

#34 – “Now isn’t the time to figure out whether they’ll put the sequel in 3D. They’ll do that AFTER the script is done. J.J Abrams is waiting to see if the script is GOOD before deciding to direct. He believes in quality. He answers only to Paramount, who aren’t going to get in his way.”

I asked in a previous post if anybody knew about the process of making a 3D movie. Peter Jackson is making the Hobbit in 3D, which means he is using different cameras from those used in a 2D movie, and his directing style will be (slightly) different as well. He is still in the filming process; they have not got to the post-production stage (for the most part). Doesn’t the different method of doing a 3D (not a conversion) movie affect the way a film is scripted? Somebody!!!?

If you bothered to read, there is enough worthwhile script to start filming Star Trek by September. Bob Orci has also noted that a certain amount of scripting is an ongoing process. Soft-prep has already begun – no doubt all the work being done, the casting of new actors etc is being/has been done – what it all needs is signing off/ being validated by the director…It appears that it is not just bitching, whining trekkie fans waiting around for a damned answer!

Yes, Dee, it was Paramount who set the date for release of the sequel, not us! It was not fans who made up the time when the script (or perhaps, essential parts) were supposed to be done by. Where did this come from? Not me, that’s for sure. Presumably it came from the PR machinery that operates out of these studios and production companies…

RDR – I am aware that sometimes deadlines cannot be met. As I said, please do not bitch at me for showing my consternation and frustration. Lots of other people have been doing long before me. You really are “something else”.

I have certainly not said that the actors and writers should not be doing other projects, anything but. However, there comes a point when the people need to focus on just one project in order to get it done properly. It seems that many of these people have been able to focus on other projects to get them properly (as in done well) completed but it seems certain people are still diddle/daddling over doing the Star Trek sequel. That is what many people find so irksome.

#12 – “”””I have officially lost all patience with this and consider it rather insulting,””””

They owe NOTHING to you.

There are a lot of selfish attitudes here..

“I want it NOW! How DARE they not do it on MY schedule” is basically what some of these comments come down to. It’s getting ridiculous. They owe no explanation of their schedules to fans, especially these same people who got this dead franchise out of the grave again. The film comes out when it comes out, let them do what they need to do and stop worrying.

#40-Devon …

What are you talking about? … they make movies for the audience… and everyone knows that Trek fans are passionate and faithful… and if they owe nothing to the fans they’re LOST!!!! … LOL …

Let me say that I spent a lot of time talking about Star Trek and consequently promoting the movie on the Internet… so I did my part as a Trek fan… and certainly I will continue doing the same for the sequels… whatever … they’re thinking….

:-) :-)

Devon hit the nail on the head. Absolutely agree with everything he has said!

So, Dee and Keachick, let’s just allow the Supreme Court members to work on the movie AS THEY SEE FIT!




Ahem. Sorry. Yeah, it’ll comes out when it comes out. The 7-year-old trekkie in me wants it hand-delivered yesterday, but it’s all good. I just hope there’s a model kit this time around… ;)

@41: I think this blog entry by Neil Gaiman may possibly be of interest to you:


So you scream at me and Dee, because, among other things, you have suddenly become an *expert* on movie making? Stop yelling at us! We do “get it”. Do you?

“Damon Lindelof – Is it possible to start shooting the movie in September? Absolutely, we would totally be ready to go. But that doesn’t mean we are going to start in September, that is a question only JJ can answer. I think one of the things about Super 8 is he started shooting it late last fall and it had to be released [June 10]. And the Trek sequel is going to be much more ambitious on a post-production level, then Super 8 was. The fundamental idea of shooting it and getting it in the can and having it come out next July is entirely possible and we are confident we have the team in place that would be able to achieve that, but that might not be the best version of the movie.”

Geez, how often do I need to copy and paste this quote from the interview transcription? Clearly, where they are now in the script writing process is sufficient to start filming the movie. BTW, Bob Orci mentioned that they had 75-80 pages completed…

I read the blog entry link, but I’m not sure I agreed with every aspect of it. Should a customer/consumer have any rights at all, particularly if they have been buying a certain product for quite a while? Does customer loyalty mean anything?

On the other hand, many here have moaned about so many things they found wrong with Star Trek 09 from the engineering, Spock/Uhura, lens flares etc – someone even accused the team of “raping” the original Star Trek – it is a wonder that the Bad Robot are still hanging in there trying to get the sequel done. It seems that for a lot of people, JJ and co. didn’t get much right at all. At least, that’s my impression.

I reiterate that I have not been the one to constantly criticise the first movie – Spock/Uhura does not bother me, Vulcan imploding is what it is, engineering is what it is, Scotty is who he is, Kirk’s speedy promotion not really a bother, etc etc, never noticed the shaky camera stuff that so many complain about. The only part I did notice was a few too many lens flares at times.

I have been giving Bob & co my ideas for what might be part of the sequel in terms of Kirk being in a relationship and the discovery of a new planetary system and people and little things like a beagle being part of this crew… no rehash of what has been done previously. The writers are free to use these ideas or not. Of course, like anybody else, I hope they at least like them, even if they can’t/won’t use them.

I have been supportive of Bob and the team from the very start and I still am. Sometimes I just feel frustrated by the seeming delays and lack of progress with the sequel. Three years between movies is adequate enough time between sequels. Others here have gone about how the movie can’t be released at such and such time because of too much competition or for some other peculiar reason that I can’t fathom. The way some go on, it seems that it is impossible for people to get to movies at certain times of the year. It is like they are still having to *ride horseback over rough terrain to get anywhere. Good grief. Don’t US cinemas have central heating and air conditioning? Don’t most cars have heating/cooling systems and people who need it have access to anti-freeze? Seriously, wtf?

* Actually, on the east coast of the North Island, NZ (especially around East Cape) kids still ride horseback to school and back, because what roads there are, are not that good and the terrain is rugged – safer and easier to go on a horse! Round trip can take up to two hours. I believe those people manage to get to their local cinema in Gisborne when they want…

#42-Red Dead Ryan …

a SMART GUY???? ….. seems… after all you managed to reach the conclusion that “THE MOVIE WILL BE READY WHEN ITS READY!!” …. so …How I never thought of that??? … gimme a break… “you’re the genius… You figure it out!!”….HAHAHAHAH!!!

:-) :-)


Look, “genius”, of course its possible to start shooting in September. But I doubt it will happen. These guys will want to make sure the script is mostly in place before everything else happens. Then Paramount has to re-hire all of the production staff, as well as the cast and guest actors. If they start filming in September, they’ll clearly be rushing it.

From what I have read, filming isn’t likely to start till November at the earliest. It probably won’t start till the beginning of next year. The actors have plenty going on in the meantime and probably don’t have the time to start work on Trek anyway. Zoe Saldana is going to be filming a new movie in the next few months anyway. She most likely won’t be available for a Sept. shooting schedule.

Quite frankly, I just want them to take the time needed to make a great movie. I can wait. I got plenty of Trek dvds, books and comics to revisit in the meantime. NO BIG DEAL AT ALL!!!

You people act like spoiled little kids who are accustomed to getting what they want, when they want but end up throwing a temper tantrum on the floor of a store when the parent says “You’ll get it for Christmas!”.




#48 You are yelling again. It is not called for. Stop picking on Dee and me. It is just so obvious. We are not children throwing tantrums because we can’t get what we want – immediately. You have to look at other posters in order to see that. What is YOUR problem?

YOU doubt it will happen in September, even though the writers/producers themselves say it is possible. They said it was up to JJ Abrams and his schedule. According to JJ himself, once the promotion for Super 8 is done, which it is, then he is free to work on Star Trek. What makes you such an expert on the workings of making a movie, to the extent that you appear to contradict the makers themselves?

Anyway, it is about spending more time to get the movie right in the POST-PRODUCTION process that could delay the release date. In other words, although filming of Super 8 did not start until late last year, JJ still made the June 2011 deadline. However, there is more work to be done to make a good Star Trek. Remember that, according to all the sources last year, Star Trek was meant to start filming NOW – May/June 2011 for a June 2012 release. Now that it appears to be September, then the release date may get deferred to September 2012 or later in the year, depending on studio and film distribution company schedules.

Unfortunately, the news that Zoe Saldana may not be available until November to do her scenes for Star Trek and the inference that filming may not start until November (another two month delay) is what upset us. The film she is in discussion about doing is also a Bad Robot film (JJ Abrams’ own production company – the same one contracted to make Star Trek) and it just seemed that Star Trek could be delayed again in order to do something not remotely connected with Star Trek. Hate to say it, but if that is the case – that is just such major CRAP!

Yes, I am looking forward to a great birthday and Christmas present in December 2012!

Jesus, people, calm down, it’s not like somebody relevant is unavailable. If the care about the movie, they can just go on shooting anyway, and edit her 2minute screen time into it in the end.