Trailer For William Shatner’s “The Captains” + Details On SDCC Panel/Online Q&A w/ Shatner & Avery Brooks

William Shatner recently said that his The Captains documentary is his "final farewell to Star Trek." And today you can finally see a trailer for this documentary which premieres on EPIX in July. EPIX has also revealed details of a SDCC panel and online Q&A with Shatner and a poster. Check it all out below.


Trailer for "The Captains" + Shatner & Brooks to SDCC

Today EPIX released the first trailer and poster for William Shatner’s new documentary The Captains, along with details of a San Diego Comic Con panel with Shatner and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Avery Brooks (moderated by director Kevin Smith). The panel will be followed by a Q&A which will be broadcast online and on EPIX. The Captains will premiere on EPIX the same day as the panel, Friday July 22nd.

Here is the trailer, see press release below for more details on the panel:

press release

Epix and William Shatner Beam The Captains from Comic-Con July 22

EPIX, the premium entertainment channel, video-on-demand and online service announced today that it will preview its original EPIX Picture, The Captains, at this year’s Comic-Con(R) in San Diego on Friday, July 22. William Shatner will talk about the original documentary he produced and directed, an in depth look at the actors who have played Star Trek Captains in the films and television shows. Avery Brooks, who played Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will join Shatner on a panel at Comic-Con moderated by Kevin Smith Friday, July 22, which will include exclusive clips and an audience Q&A.

Following the panel, Shatner will participate in EPIX Live from Comic-Con, an online Q&A on which will allow fans across the U.S. to interact with the iconic writer-actor-producer-director. EPIX Live from Comic-Con with William Shatner will be produced by EPIX in partnership with San Diego affiliate, Cox Communications, which carries EPIX as part of its "Movie Pak" offering.

The Captains will make its world premiere July 22 at 8:00 pm EDT on EPIX and as the centerpiece of SHATNERPALOOZA, a celebration of William Shatner’s film and television work running on the EPIX linear channel, EPIX SVOD service and from July 21 through July 30. SHATNERPALOOZA kicks off with a 48-hour marathon that will also include the world television premiere of William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet, an award winning EPIX Pictures original that takes an inside look at the staging of famed choreographer Margo Sappington’s ballet set to the music and spoken word of Shatner’s 2004 album, "Has Been." Shatner produced and stars in the documentary which includes appearances by composer Ben Folds and actor/musician Henry Rollins. Also featured will be the complete collection of the six original Star Trek films starring William Shatner in his seminal role as Captain Kirk, plus other rarely seen and sometimes controversial films including The Intruder, Big Bad Mama, Disaster
on a Coastliner and Broken Angel, along with some highly entertaining TV fare like a classic 1964 episode of Outer Limits, a dazzling turn as the first host of Iron Chef and a no holds barred TV roast.

Comic-Con attendees will be invited to see The Captains on as part of a two-week free trial offer.

"From film and TV icon to hipster hero, William Shatner is a man of many talents," said EPIX President and CEO Mark Greenberg. "We are proud to celebrate him as actor, producer, director and cultural phenomenon and to bring his contributions to fans at Comic-Con and on EPIX and"

About EPIX

EPIX, a joint venture between Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B), its Paramount Pictures unit, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) and Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), is a next-generation premium entertainment channel, video-on-demand and online service launched on October 30, 2009. With access to more than 15,000 motion pictures spanning the vast libraries of its partners and other studios, EPIX provides a powerful entertainment experience with more feature films on demand and online and more HD movies than any other service. It is the only premium service providing its entire monthly line-up of new Hollywood titles, classic feature films, original series, music and comedy specials through the linear channel, video-on-demand and online at, the leading online destination for movies. EPIX has made the commitment to deliver the industry’s most expansive online collection of movies, making more than 3,000 titles available on The service is available to over 30 million
homes nationwide through distribution partners including Charter Communications, Cox Communications, DISH Network, Mediacom Communications, NCTC, Suddenlink Communications and Verizon FiOS. For more information about EPIX, go to

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Hmm… I don’t have this “Epix” crazyness. Hoping for a DVD?

I so wanna see this film! But that’s just a teaser. I want a real trailer! Gimme gimme gimme! :)

The trailer graphics look a bit cheesy, but some of the clips are funny!

CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!! Shatner, you’re the greatest!!!!

Spock? I’m not Spock, so funny! And look who is next to Kirk, my man Sisko!!!

Can’t wait, should be a lot of fun!

Looking forward to seeing this!

I did not find this on our ATT line up of channels.

I hope there will be a DVD also, maybe The Shat can sell it at the Vegas CON? Anyway, I look foward to seeing this (some how) as it might have some interesting insights.

I recall Bill filming at last years Vegas CON, even walking through the Hiltons casino with his cameraman following him.

Lol captain spock

Guess I’m gonna try to get into that panel.

Looks like… fun!
I’ll have to wait for a DVD, though, or maybe online.

I wonder how helpful the suggestions for great episode clips were? Remember Shatner asked on his Facebook and Twitter page?

Looks like it’s gonna be funny as hell, too. Damn, the Shat has a great and dry sense of humor.

Hope it’ll be on DVD soon, as I don’t have TV.

But it really looks fun. Congrats, Bill! Love the shot of you in the cardboard box!

“Final farewell to Star Trek”?
How many farewell tours did Cher have?

HE’S NOT SPOCK! … it’s unbelievable… LOL … I can’t wait!

:-) :-)

Can those of us who don’t have Epix or have time or money to go to the Convention be able to see this?

Can’t wait to see this. I hope they put this out on Bluray. Looks good.

I am buying this. Period. Please sell it at the Vegas con!

“Hey, Captain Spock!”

“Hey, how ya–Spock? I’m not Spock!”


I want to see this. I hope they put this on dvd too. I’m sure they will, everything goes to dvd.

This looks amazing

I want to see this!!!! C’mon and put on DVD for me!! I can’t wait to see Chris Pine talk to the Shat! That’ll be good!

Yes, I hope also that they make a DVD of this documentary, because I suspect that will be the only way I will get to see it. Make it so, Bill. See who is first on the list of actors’ names – “my captain” Chris Pine. I think Mr Shatner has things properly sussed…:) Good man!

Oh – to see my Captain Kirk – played by those two great guys. This could be one of those melting and drooling moments…:) Oh dear….sigh.

Can’t wait to see this. Avery Brooks eventually became my favorite Star Trek captain. It was rough going at first. I found his style to be stiff, and his predilection for over-enunciation distracting. Either he loosened up with season three, or I adjusted. Either way, I really grew to like him. The episode The Visitor is one of the few Trek episodes of any series to make me cry. Brooks was brilliant, and Tony Todd was amazing as older Jake. The emotional content in that show was phenomenal.

Hopefully it will be available for streaming or download from Xbox or Netflicks, or perhaps Hulu.

Please – not Hulu. People outside the US can’t see anything on Hulu.

I caught a glimpse of Chris Pine – not fully bearded. Oh, he did look NICE! (oh dear, the cheesiness of the word, “nice”…)

Any update on the shat’s new album Anthony??

Yes, I’m actually looking forward to it!

This has to be the shortest trailer in history….my goodness, why such super-quick transitions???

@27 “oh dear, the cheesiness of the word, “nice” ”

Remember Keachick, cheese is good for you! :-)

You are so right, MJ. I guess I become a little self-conscious at times about my need and desire for cheese…:)

And – it is confirmed – Chris Pine no longer has a beard. It makes him look lighter, younger, however he appears to gone a bit shy, with his head down in the recent photos of him. But then again, it is likely he was concentrating on what his companion was saying to him…

Come on, JJ Abrams. You have lots of Trek fans aching here. Gimme my captain in the Star Trek sequel asap!

As I am both a TWC employee and subscriber I don’t get this channel. Here’s hoping there is some kind of pay-for download or DVD/Blu-Ray for it.

Cool having Avery and Shat part of the same convention panel. Two of the best captains.

This panel will be HELL to get into, but I will try…. looks like a geek dream team!

Bring back the Shat for the sequal!

Bring back the Shat for the sequel!

@35 @36

Ah, Shat’s daughter again. :-))

When I was in 1st grade I made a Captain Kirk Halloween costume. As our 1st grade class toured the nearby shopping center, collecting goodies (i.e. advertisements) from the businesses there, I was so mad because people kept doing the Vulcan hand salute at me. “I’m not Spock! I’m Captain Kirk!” I yelled at them from the other side of the street and across parking lots. My teacher removed me from the group and I only got half the treats of the other kids.

After all these years, I feel better knowing Shatner himself got the same reaction.

(You can find me in my costume on the fan photo galleries.)

Bring down the house Bill at the SDCC by saying ” Oh by the way there is a Star Trek movie coming out that I will be involved in”

Come on Bob and JJ. How awesome would that be!!

“Did you ever see my show?” “Had you ever heard of me?” It would be hilariously stereotypical Shatner if every interviewee got those two questions and that was it. Fortunately, thanks to Raw Nerve we know there should be some depth or at least interesting quirks to this and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Unfortunately, its unlikely that this documentary will be put on dvd. If it is, it will likely be only availble in limited numbers. The number of fans aren’t big enough to justify the expense in putting it on dvd.

VOD solves that problem.

I would love to see it, would even buy the dvd, if possible. Unfortunateley in this case ist, I am living in germany. Does anyone see a possibility? Will there be a DVD?

Could this documentary be picked up by overseas broadcasters, like our own TVNZ, TV3 or by the BBC, for instance? How long does the documentary run?

Hopefully kevin smith is more on his game with this Q&A than he was on Tuesday night with The Q&A he moderated for The Rocketeer at the El Capitan. He had several “Facts wrong” said he was a huge fan of the movie and loved it yet, appeared quite bored moderating the event.
Not the typical way Kevin smith is when he moderates Q&As so hopefully he is back on come the Captains q&A

Is a Credit Card Requreid for the Two week Free Subscrription at sorry Anthony Really want to see this :)

They should do a movie in which all of the crews work together ;)

@ 24 agreed. The Visitor moved me greatly. My father died a couple of years before that episode and it stuck a chord with me that echoes to this day.

Regarding the poster: they should have say to Chris Pine, “Hey Chris, we’re over here!” as that publicity picture of him as Kirk looks a bit odd turned out like that.

49. “Regarding the poster: they should have say to Chris Pine, “Hey Chris, we’re over here!” as that publicity picture of him as Kirk looks a bit odd turned out like that.”

It’s symbolic of the Abramsverse turning its back on what came before…

I keed. I keed.