First Look At QMx Star Trek Movie Captain Kirk Maquette

Quantum Mechanix is getting ready to expand their line of replicas and collectibles from the 2009 Star Trek movie with the introduction of a line of maquette figures. Today they have provided TrekMovie with a first look at the Captain Kirk maquette, check it out below. 


First Look at QMx Star Trek Maquette

QMx promised that animated-style maquettes for Star Trek were coming, and it appears the time is getting closer with the reveal of the Captain Kirk statue. Check it out.

The Kirk animated maquette should be just the beginning of a series from the Star Trek movie. For now QMx isn’t giving any more details on their Star Trek maqutte line. Previous maquettes from QMx have ranged in size and price with $40 for 4.5 inch statues for Firefly/Serenity to $70 for larger sized statues for Dr. Horrible. QMx’s other maquettes have been hand-painted and cast in polystone resin. Hopefully more details on the QMx Star Trek maquettes will emerge soon, possibly around time for San Diego Comic Con.

To check out the QMx’s other Star Trek products (like the recently released phaser), visit

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Sweet ive never been first before, doubt ill buy this for 40 bucks… Cant wait for st 2!

You know, I never noticed the detail on those boots until I saw this thing.

He’s kind of hot. This reminds me of my confusion when Disney’s Tarzan came out.

Love the animated style, although that low V-neck is kinda weird.

Seriously? He’s a bit pretty for Kirk. I think the Gold shirt looks like a low-cut top, with a chest even Khan would envy.

Okay. Since that was perhaps a bit of a negative response, to an intended Anime style… I’ll try sayin’ something positive!

The chair looks good?

Nah. It just sounds weird, coming from me!


5. It’s not a bad rack. Yep, he’s a little too pretty, even for Anime Kirk.

Star Trek Ken…….again?

They forgot his silver rank bands.

Fully animated? Is it motorized?

Also, I really like the flare of the uniform. I could see a ST wardrobe looking a little more flashy. I like the low cut V-neck. I think this same approach would look amazing on female Starfleet members.

The boots look a bit heavy. But I always wondered that the crew’s iniforms should be space-practical. Meaning that the uniforms should be made of some smart material that would assist in the appication of a spacesuit..

Why not have part of the uniforms be able to withstand a zero-G or vacuum environment. If pressure is lost on the ship it would be nice to have at least part of your spacesuit already on if there is an emergency. I think 23rd century tech would make it easy to incorporate this approach in an Astronaut’s day-to-day uniform. Kind of like how they did it with the Lost in Space movie. Just not so bulky and armored all over.

Kirk out.

Oh My God,they put ‘Stunning’ on that pic?! Really?! *Sigh*

I get it, if you can’t capture a likeness, you make a cartoon version and call is stylised?
If the male uniform is cut that low, then bring on Uhuras :)

I had no idea that NuKirk appeared on an episode of the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” cartoon. :-)

I say yes, but only if this is the first image from a new Trek Animated series that boborci mentioned may happen :)

Except for the incorrect collar cut on his shirt (they have a black flute-collar undershirt with an over-tunic), this is a pretty decent likeness of Kirk.

I wanna see Spock. Spock is the ‘make-or-break’ character for me.

Don’t like the v-neck shirt at all.


Well….I normally like this sort of thing…and the price is right…But the plunging neckline is a bit much… the top, draped over Kirk, looks more like a loose Fruit of the Loom under-shirt than a uniform. Bad sculpt, I’ll have to pass.

Any news from QMX about the enterprise replica?
Been waiting to hear a something, anything. Are they still doing it???

Yes, I too want to know more about the 2009 Enterprise Replica.

Not that good a likeness to Pine/Kirk. The uniform should be a round-neck – much better look. The body is not in proportion. The legs are too thick/big and the upper body too small in comparison. Pine/Kirk has a long lean body, with long slender legs. At least they got the blue eyes correct.

Not good at all! Seriously, this Kirk looks like he’s on a chair with the hole in the middle with a flush button, more than the Captain’s chair!

It suits Mr Shatner’s line delivery more than Pine’s though …..

“Must …. bear ……. down!….”

Love it! If anyone can remember the Lord of the Rings animated statues by Gentle Giant/Sideshow Collectables… This is just as good. The likeness to Chris Pine is actually pretty spot on for this style of figure too – not sure what all you basement dwelling nerds have against it. Sold!

he’s also got that Pine/Kirk smug, bravado attitude going on too! great item

It´s Kirk´s daughter :)

No, it´s Captain Archie, searching for space Veronica :)

Why is he wearing Deanna Troi’s top?

Are there black cuffs on the wrists? Was that part of the movie uniform? Not canon! :)


Captain, what big eyebrows you have! ; )

BTW, where is the Enterprise model they promised YEARS ago??? And…did they ever give away that model in the Facebook contest? If so, kindly tell us who won it!

@ 29, someone did win it, you’ll have to google it.

QMx told me in an email that it would be shown at SDCC this year I believe and that it’s likely to be out in 2012 to coincide with the next movie.

Rank braid/stripe?

So are they announcing an animation project then?!

Looks nothing like Chris Pine. Send it back to China for a reboot.

I don’t care one bit about the QMx Enterprise. Oft delayed and way too expensive…considering that around the same time that hits town, Polar Lights will be releasing the 1/350 scale NCC-1701 ORIGINAL SERIES model kit for the nice crisp price of $120 (not too shabby compaired to the same sized QMx Enterprise @ $3,000-$4,000 or the MR Original @ $1,800).

Oh, that is a story that has been missed…Polar Lights (under the blog section) announced the 1/350 TOS ship that will sport a shuttlebay with shuttles as well as a lighting/weathering set that can bought seperate)…the model was rumored since back in the early days of the 1/350 Refit, but was finally confirmed a month or so ago and slapped with a March 2012 release date. EXCITED!!!

Great, now animate that figurine & make a new cartoon for TV already!

Seriously, who would buy that thing?

It looks so Disney.

Another example of the licensing being completely mishandled.

Do these guys have any clue?


It’s Geek Girl Diva from over at QMx andI just wanted to drop in and mention a couple things.

The picture really is intended to be a sneak peek and things like size and pricing have not been released yet and there is still work being done on the paint job.

Additionally, this is an animated maquette and, as such, is meant to be an artistic rendering and not an exact replica, mini bust or statue.

While we can appreciate that it may not be for everyone, we definitely have interest in it and it’s just one of many things we’re working on.

We hope you’ll keep an open mind and stay tuned for more news ;-)

GGD and QMx

It looks like a Clone Wars style animated rendering of Kirk. I wonder if this means that the animation series discussed some time ago is afoot….


Hey Jack, can you keep your homosexual fantasies to yourself. My kid’s read this forum.

#38 – Homosexual fantasies? I can, for one, call anyone I like “hot” if that is how they look to me, whether they are male or female. Nichelle Nichols (TOS Uhura) is hot and beautiful, especially when she was younger. The term “hot” can also be used to acknowledge someone’s perceived energy, attractiveness and sensuality. Perhaps you need to explain this to your kids.

BTW, I am a heterosexual female.


I was talking to Jack. @3.

#40 And I was defending his right to call a maquette of a male character “hot”. Perhaps not the best description, but no big deal.

BTW, a very lesbian Ellen DeGeneres told Chris Pine that he was a very handsome man. So, should we conclude from that Ellen is suddenly not a lesbian anymore? Hardly. However, whatever one’s sexual orientation may be, it is still possible to discern attractiveness/handsomeness in another individual.

So Kirk’s a…chick?

Looks like the work of Mohammad Haque, formerly of Applegeeks webcomic…

@38 — Why don’t you keep your homophobia and your bad grammar (learn how plural nouns and apostrophes do not go together) to yourself?

#42 A little synopsis of basic human biology etc needed here. First the term “chick” literally means baby bird, however it has also come to mean young human female or young woman. From about the age of about 12 human females start developing what are commonly known as breasts (mammary glands for feeding her newly born offspring). Now, if the poster is referring to the maquette, supposed to represent a male James Kirk, I see no evidence of any kind of female breast. So therefore the maquette represents a male, NOT a female, ie it’s not a chick.

You can try to shield your kids from whatever you want, but the rest of us are under no obligation to play along.

Bleck! The neckline is ridiculous – even Mego did a better job than this!

In a word, no, just no.

Can’t we just chalk up the 09 abortion to fevered dreams after some bad gahg and be done with it.

Here’s to hoping the sequel to the nightmare is postponed indefinitely (or at least until there is a writer and a director who actually understand the characters ready to start over from scratch.)