Simon Pegg Asks For Patience With Star Trek Sequel

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the state of the Star Trek sequel. The chances of the film actually being released in 50 weeks is seeming more remote. Today Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, has a message for fans, asking for patience. 


Simon Says: Be Patient

Recently Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams has admitted the project is behind schedule and he and his team of writer/producers have made it clear that they will not sacrifice quality in order to make the June 29, 2012 release date. The expected delay of the Star Trek sequel has evoked a variety of responses from fans, ranging from understanding to frustration to conspiracy theories. Earlier today Simon Pegg took to Twitter to respond.


I agree with Mr. Pegg. I think that most fans understand that delays can happen in Hollywood. We survived a delay for JJ Abrams first Star Trek and while it will be dissapointing, we can survive another delay. And based on the latest poll, most fans agree that getting it right is more important than pushing for a release date.

Of course based on some recent comments here at TrekMovie (and no doubt elsewhere), some fans are looking at a possible delay and trying to glean additional meaning from it. Some are asking…Is there a problem? Will a 3.5 or 4 year gap between films doom the sequel? Doesn’t Paramount/JJ Abrams care about Star Trek? Others are even asserting those queries as facts.

While a delay could be frustrating and it would be great to get more details sooner on what is happening, the sky isn’t falling. Paramount remains committed to the Star Trek franchise, which is seen as one of the important assets for the studio and Viacom. Any potential delay for the Star Trek sequel is purely a result of logistics and making sure they get the best film possible.

So I’m with Simon – patience is a virtue. 

Simon Pegg freaking out as Scotty in "Star Trek" – but actor thinks you shouldn’t freak out waiting for the sequel

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I don’t mind waiting; just “Wow!” me in the end!

I’m willing to wait for it. I’d rather have a good movie come out next Christmas than a crappy one during the summer. Take your time, guys!

Don’t worry–us Trekkies will have plenty of inside jokes and “nods” to Trek in other sci-fi movies to keep us happy. ;-)

I mind waiting. And waiting and..well you get the idea. I still say that if you can’t do something when you say then you should just keep quiet. We have already waited years and it appears we have years to go. Bring Trek back to television already!

Long as its worth the wait, I’m willing to wait. Given the length of time between the last film and reboot, a few years isn’t TOO bad, long as they’re going for quality over speed.

I question both Paramount’s and CBS’s commitment to Star Trek. I think it is obvious that they continue to string along support for the Star Trek Fans but that there is NO COMMITMENT from the exec at either Paramount or CBS. If there were commitment, we would see movies every two years and a TV show.

Just get someone who can bring in a good movie timely for the next one… if JJ’s schedule won’t allow it, Paramount should thank him and dump him for the sake of the Franchise. There are countless others who are just as capable.
Abrams & Co have rendered the team vulnerable on this movie. If it is not a smashing success, if it doesn’t break new ground like Wrath of Kahn did, people will ask why exactly it was delayed…. he and his overextended team have put themselves on the chopping block.
A four year wait for an average Trek just ain’t gonna get it.

I’m willing to wait until summer 2013. That’s the earliest the film will come out, I would have to think. No script, actors with multiple projects lined up, none of the sets built. Plus music and visual effects need to be done as well. That will take at least a year. Assuming that everything goes according to plan. Then shooting will take another several months. So it would be about eighteen months to get the sequel done. It will be a tight fit to make the Christmas 2012 deadline, so I think they might as well make it July 2013.

I just want a really good film…I mean, I don’t want to have to wait until 2013 for it, but if I have to I will. In the mean time, I’ll try and tide myself over with the rest of the ST series and then when the new video game comes out I’ll probably spend forever playing it and eternity watching all of my favorite cutscenes. And watch the new fan-series with famous anime voice actor, Vic Mignogna.

So I say to the writers and Abrams, go do yo’ thang~

To CBS and Paramount: Can we get a new television series now? An animated series? Web series? Canon books? (none of those young adult “Starfleet Academy” books recently released) Something?

The thing is, there is a something to the concept of seizing the moment, and I’m afraid they are now squandering the good feelings and excitement of Trek 09. Trek 12 would have been long, but at Trek 13 is just kind of silly, no? Why bother reinvigorating a franchise to leave it dormant for 4 years at a clip? Not much of a franchise then….

I guess the statement is a bit fitting seeing as how Pegg plays Scotty. Who else would talk about things taking time? Where’s Pine to implore it be done sooner?! :P

For me its not a matter of waiting longer, I just think its insane to keep pushing it back to give attention to other projects (coughGIJoecough). I look at how long the first one took, especially to write, and how long this one’s taking. If I thought putting some pressure on the project would degrade it I’d say no, but I think, if anything, some pressure might help.

I can wait, as long as there is a good story.

I’d rather wait and get a better movie…but who do I complain to it we wait and still get a movie with logic problems and minimal characterization for most of the crew? ;)

Of course no one wants to wait — I sure don’t — but we have no choice so let’s do it with a modicum of dignity.


The first Scotty (and i know this has nothing to do with the subject) got blown up on Normandy on Dday 1944


No, James Doohan lost a finger. And yes, it has nothing to do with this thread.

New poll. I’m the first vote! Watched Journey To Babel!

Of course the poll is biased as it requires you to choose between “DO it! Just make The Date” (suggesting no one cares about quality and just push it out ASAP) and “take your time if you need to” (suggesting that the extra time results in a more polished feature)

It’s silly. If they spend 18 months to make the film.. it will have the same amount of “care” whether those 18 months were from Jan 2010-July 2011 or from Jan 2012 to Jul 2013.

The extra delay experienced thus far has very little to do with quality. If it takes 4 years between films but only 12-18 months of actual work on it that’s quite different than “Taking your time” for 4 years of actual work on it. Hopefully, once they actually start working on the film they spend that extra time they need to get it right.

I hope the next movie has the wow factor , if it do then its worth the wait,& if it don’t well J.J. & crew will be in the dog house with the fans. people have to understand that J.J. is a busy person & have a lot of projects on his plate .
yes we the fans want the next project to be star trek for him to do i totally under stand that , put if he cant direct well some one else will direct trek. so keep faith you never know they could be working on trek right now.

maybe bob orci can answer this : does parmount tell you to do certain projects first, before you can start working on other projects. like G.I Joe then work on star trek afterwards or are you working on both films at the same time.

A delay is no bad thing. Star Trek was oversaturated before JJ. With a good first (11th) film having done well in the cinema and on home release, the wait will only make the anticipation, buzz, interest, and hopefully enjoyment, greater. A short delay is a good thing. The series and films became rushed and lacked proper quality control. I would rather have fewer films and longer intervals between them if they’re really worth seeing, rather than being on, say, Star Trek 16 already and not really having enjoyed them.

Hopefully, they can use the delay to good effect as well. I.e., think about the plot, villian, unexplained coincidences, rapid promotions, etc, and, not least, design an engineering set worthy of the name ‘Star Trek’. I wouldn’t want to see a James Bond film where the interior of MI6 looks like a Victorian shop. And I don’t want to see an excellent approximation of the Titanic when I watch Star Trek. Believability is paramount, Paramount. This is especially so when you’re dealing with a film involving aliens, set in the future….

J.J Abrams is the ONLY one who should direct the sequel. If he won’t do it, then Paramount might as well just shut it down.

Scotty! I need warp speed now!

In all honesty though, do take your time. I don’t want another Generations, or Nemesis. Yup, take your time.

Everyone is going to see the movie when it comes out, regardless of when it comes out . so when it comes out, I’ll be very happy, it will just suck that it took so freaking long. In the meantime I’ll just watch TOS, like always, when I need a dose of Trekness.

I am one of the fans that feel we deserve the movie this June 2012. If soap opera writers can write dialogue for a 45 minute show each day, then surely it can be done for the next Star Trek movie. I feel the Star Trek writers and JJ Abrams are being LAZY with this movie project. They have had plenty of time since the first script of Star Trek (2009) was finished and movie released to come up with a new script for this next movie. They delayed the first movie. Now they want to delay the next movie. Not very respectable to the fans.
I say get a new director that can put out a new Star Trek movie every 2 years. This delay is not respectable to Paramount Pictures.

19- Trek’s box office history could be part of the problem. The last one is the only one to break the 200m barrier, even accounting for inflation. Perhaps there is no pressure from Paramount for this reason and Trek being ‘very important’ to them is just lip service. GI Joe and Transformers on the other hand, are box office performers even when they are awful.
Trek just doesn’t seem to be very high on anyone’s priority lists. Even all of the actors [good for them!] keep busy on other projects.

Red Dead I don’t see it coming out any later then Sept 2012, Parmount will stick by the 2012 Date, NO latter the late Spring early fall, they will not wait 3.5 to 4 years for this flim it doesn’t make $$$ sence.

I apologize I was wrong, IV grossed 212 m adjusting for inflation… my bad

I don’t think the poll was fair, because we didn’t have a third option, like “This delay is inexcusable”, which I think is the case.
See, it isn’t like they are asking more time because they want to polish the final product, which I wouldn’t mind at all. It is that they just barely started, after 2.5 year! So supposing we see the movie by late 2012, that would be the same in terms of development time as seeing the movie this summer had they started working on the bloody thing right after the first one.
IMHO JJ Abrams and his team just have too much in their plates to properly take good care of anything. And considering their recent series and movies I think that is showing.
But then this is Hollywood and it is all about money without a trace of concern about artistic integrity what so ever.

@ 18 Voice of Reason

Completely agree!

Why so many Trek Fans are Negative towards JJ and New Trek I don’t get….Star Trek 2009 made more money then any Trek Film in history, Paramount wants Trek out there or they would have not funded the last Project or put forward a date for this one, even on that may have to be changed by a few months, Trek was for 20 years at it high point but it did reach a point where it was too much of a good thing, now Yes all of us would like to get to the Old days of having Trek on TV and Film but Economics must play a part in that and it must have a Sound Scrip and sound Basis. Any Film even one aimed at fans like a Trek Movie must also Reach Broader Film goers then just the fans, or it doesn’t make money and won’t cause a new Film or TV show to come out. Nemesis Failed because of the Narrow Audance it Reached and the fact Trek was Everywhere and had been “New” on TV for 5 Series. Trek is on the come back but we must give things time and get used to new ways of looking at Star Trek that otherwise haven’t been tried.

Trek will always be trek but it also must Evolve and grow and change for the situations around us does that mean Abandoning what Trek is at the Core NO but it means Tweaking the Formula to fit today’s World.

Hey, in the photo above with Simon Pegg as Scotty, is he wearing a WRISTWATCH on his left wrist??

I’m reminded of the Krypton scene in Superman when Jor-El is putting the baby in the rocket. You can see a quick flash of Brando’s Rolex on his wrist.

This is either a subtle tribute to Brando by Pegg or a very sloppy mistake!

Honestly, in my opinion, the reason ST2012 is delayed is because it underperformed. Paramount wants tent-poles that take in over 800m per year, such as Transformers and Indiana Jones IV.

They are most likely going through a ‘come to Jesus’ process as with (puke) ‘Cars 2,’ which has a chance to ‘internationalize’ the franchise, and give it a mass audience outside of the US. As with “Pirates IV,” which is considered a moderate failure in the US, but has made over $1b worldwide, I am sure Paramount would like to see the next “Star Trek” film be just as watertight as a franchise.

@29 “I don’t think the poll was fair, because we didn’t have a third option, like “This delay is inexcusable”, which I think is the case.”

Exactly. Or if the question choices had been:

“(1) Do you think the Supreme Court has managed their time adequately in preparing for the new film?

(2) Or should the Supreme Court be significantly farther along with the script and pre-production at this point in time?”

If the question above had been asked, I guarantee you that over 60% of fans here would have voted for #2 above.

@33 No offense, but what a load of horsecrap. :-)

@ 18 Voice of Reason

Oops, it seems I just repeated everything you said. Sorry about that, I missed your post the first time. Anyways, I couldn’t agree more.

Plenty of patience here. I could honestly care less if it never gets made :)

… oh please don’t let it get made…

I agree with #35, Star Trek 2009 Performed better then the last 11 films all together, I think fans aren’t happy because Trek isn’t here fast as they want it, but Directors and writers like the Team we have for Star Trek for the Foreseeable Future don’t want to get stuck with Trek as there only work, in the end that didn’t work real well for Rick Berman, and actually caused the Implosion of Star Trek Enterprise towards the end.

WE have to get used to people having lives outside of Trek and working outside Trek so that we get good Trek.

For anyone interested, the history of the Franchise, adjusted for inflation

1. Trek 09— 263.2m
2. STTMP—243.8M
3. STIV — 215.2m
4. STII — 175.9m
5. STIII — 158.4m
6. FC — 126.6m
7. STVI — 118.3m
8. Gen. — 109.9m
9 Insurr —- 93.4m
10 STV —– 90.6m
11. Nemesis – $10.42 +tax

Just kidding 65.4m

Scary thought that if the next is as good as The Motion Picture, it will do well. Expectations should be higher. As I recall we were all starved for new Trek in 1979 and 2009. Maybe Paramount isn’t as dumb as I thought.
If you make it [after starving the fanbase] they will come.

blah blah blah

this site reeks of apologists

(and no I won’t stop coming to it. I will continue posting as an irritant as this site continues to irritate me)

Anthony just wants to keep his inside access, he will NEVER disagree with ANY decisions made by Supreme Court. I take everything he says with a grain of M113 salt

Maybe JJ Abrams will get the sequel delayed, just to drop out as the Director.


Now we may be getting less lens flares!

Kind of puts the even/odd thing to rest too.

Scotty we need Warp power now!!

Bob thanks for the in Interesting Info I see that First Contact did better then most Next Gen Films and Star Trek V wow, I Knew V was werid but I didn’t know it did that Badly.

No one can still explain with a straight face how the Trek sequel got delayed in the first place?

The script is in. It only takes 3 months to shoot with 3 months pre-production and 6 months post-production. There is no delay. The only delay has been JJ Abrams and he isn’t even on board as the director!

So, the question isn’t about “rushing” the product or not. The question is, why all the smoke screens?


Your list goes to show not the best movies make the most money.

STTMP ranked 2nd while the best movie STII only ranked 4th….

40. John from Cincinnati “this site reeks of apologists”

Sorry about that, John!

Evens average 140m
Odds average 139m without 2009
With 2009 161m

It was all a myth boxoffice wise….

What the writers (boborci) need to do is stop communicating with fans. They always seem to give off the wrong vibe. You think Chris Nolan communicates with batman fans? Just leave it as a full mystery until it comes out. If chris Nolan told his audience when he was beginning writing the script or finished the script, etc, then they would have expectations. Theirs no expectations attached to chris’s films mainly. Hopefully boborci can keep script business private and stop telling us if its going into “soft-prep” or if he’s done a 60 page outline for the story. We don’t need to know.

I Think that the Smoke Screen as you put it is so JJ can get the Maximum Effect in $$$ and Praise when the movie does come out John.