CBS Licenses Entire Star Trek TV Catalog To Amazon Streaming Video Service

Looks like Netflix will not be the only place you will be able to stream Star Trek episodes commercial-free. Today CBS announced a new licensing agreement with Amazon for streaming of a number of CBS TV shows, including the "entire" Star Trek catalog of episodes. Details below.


CBS Licenses All Star Trek TV Series To Amazon Streaming

Today CBS and Amazon announced a new digital video licensing agreement to bring 2,000 episodes from the CBS library of TV shows to the Amazon Prime streaming service. An official press release details what  is coming (including Star Trek):

Amazon Prime customers will be able to instantly watch thousands of episodes from the CBS library at no additional cost to their membership. With the deal, Amazon will add 2,000 episodes to grow the total number of Prime instant videos to more than 8,000 movies and television shows, and offer full seasons for 18 popular television series, including "The Tudors," "Numb3rs," "Medium," the complete "Star Trek" franchise, "Frasier" and "Cheers." Starting this summer, dozens of CBS shows will also become available to Amazon Instant Video customers.

Amazon Prime is the premium service from Amazon that offers free and discounted shipping on Amazon purchases along with a streaming video service. The service costs $79/year which works out to cheaper than Netflix’s $7.99/month streaming subscription account. However Netflix still offers a much larger catalog of streaming video and is also available on various mobile platforms. Amazon prime is only available via browser streaming and a few other TVs and devices.

Earlier this month Netflix began streaming every episode of the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be added in October. Like with the Netflix deal, the CBS Amazon deal is non-exclusive so it is possible for Star Trek to begin streaming at even more locations.

TrekMovie will do an update when there is more information known about the rollout of Star Trek on Amazon.

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TOS looks amazing on Netflix. TNG is very stroby like every other frame is missing.

Yeah, sure, they don’t mind sharing old shows, but does this agreement imply that CBS isn’t planning to do any new Trek TV for quite some time?

All it implies is that CBS is licensing its old content for online streaming. The same way licensing Frasier and Cheers says nothing about CBS’s plans to remake those shows, it says nothing about their plans for Star Trek. It’s just another way to make money off of library material.

I will keep an eye on Amazon Prime and what they offer. Next month I will be canceling my netflix account and $79 seems like a great deal, especially considering that the free streaming is really the icing on the cake! Amazon looks like they’re stepping up their game and I have a feeling Blockbuster will too as customers start to drop their netflix accounts and look elsewhere!

Awesome news! Go get ’em Amazon!

Has there been an explanation for why we have to wait until October for DS9?

@6, We have to wait for DS9 because they are saving the best for last!

#1 – I know! You get used to that “stroby” look after a while but it definitely pales in comparison to the quality of TOS.

I noticed something very odd on Netflix Instant this evening. On my Netflix-enabled device, specifically my Blu-ray player, ST:TNG and ST:VOY showed only 100 episodes available for each ….. basically all of the first 4 seasons of each, part of 5 and then random episodes after that. But when I logged onto the Netflix website on my computer, all episodes from both series appeared to be there and ready for playback.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

CBS will never carry a new Star Trek series. It will have to be done in syndication under the Paramount logo as it has been done in the past.
As far as Star Trek on TV is concerned, the networks have seen enough of it anyways. IMO it will be a hard sell to bring it back to TV.

Guess I have to upgrade to the paid Amazon Prime now (my free access from Amazon Student expires today).

10 – you are not correct on this. it is up to the studio on who to sell its programming to. If Paramount and CBS find it to their advantage to produce a Trek show and sell it to a network they can.

The only reason modern Trek was aired in syndication is so Paramount could retain and maximize control of the product and revenue.