Leonard Nimoy Makes It Official: Retiring After Just 3 More Conventions [UPDATED]

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy has been talking about (and dipping in and out) of retirement for the last couple of years, but today he made it official that he will retire from convention appearances after two more official Star Trek cons (Las Vegas in August and Chicago in October). More details below. [UPDATE: Nimoy also slated for Dragon*Con]


Nimoy Makes It Official: Just 2 More (Official) Star Trek Conventions + Dragon*Con

The official announcement came today via an email from Creation Entertainment:

For over 45 years Leonard Nimoy has had a special place in the hearts of Star Trek fans and he has truly become an international icon beloved throughout the galaxy. During our careers Leonard has become a mentor to us and he means the world to all here at Creation as he does to you. After decades of providing the very finest in entertainment in all media Mr. Nimoy has today announced his retirement from convention appearances, including Creation’s Official STAR TREK Conventions in Las Vegas (August 11-14, 2011 and Chicago September 30-October 2, 2011).

For us at Creation it is indeed a bittersweet day as Leonard’s on-stage talks have always been a highlight for us and they remain in our memories forever. We’ll never forget his original talks on being Mr. Spock, his on-stage appearances with William Shatner, his live Alien Voices shows with John de Lancie, and later his ceremonial passing of the baton to the amazingly talented young Zachary Quinto. Through it all Leonard has been extremely gracious and caring to both us and his legions of fans. Simply stated it has been a joy to meet someone we grew up with loving on television and film and then finding out he was even nicer than we could have hoped. A growing up memory that was actually exceeded by reality: that never happens but all things are possible with the magic that has been working with Mr. Nimoy.

We invite YOU to be with us to bring down the house one last time for the man who has been the true heart of the incredible Star Trek franchise. Both conventions are now sure to be sold out so please book early and pick up your autographs and photo ops with Mr. Nimoy! God Bless Leonard as he enjoys his overdue retirement and we continue to enjoy his films, television series, books, photography and poems for generations to come!



Mr. Nimoy is also slated to appear at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 2-5, 2011). More details at trektrack.dragoncon.org.

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Just appear in the next movie please. Transformers cannot be the last appearance for such an icon.

Maybe he’ll come out of retirement for the 50th Anniversary…*desperately hoping*

Nimoy for star trek 2! Cameo at least!

Come on boys in the supreme court. Get him the cameo. He needs to go out as Spock!! Oh and Bill too. Together into the sunset

Wow!! But,I don’t know,have we not heard this before? I hope he does something,anything,don’t know how long I could go with out news about him!!

Let’s send the Captain and Mr. Spock off right….an appearance in the next film together.

Your right- Nimoy can’t have his last appearance be in Transformer… damn that would suck

Oh…thank God I got the tickets for Vegas already. I would’ve hated to think, “Oh, I’ll see him next year,” and not gone.

But PLEASE, Mr. Nimoy, be in the next Star Trek film!

I don’t class ‘Transformers:Dark Of The Moon’ as Leonard’s last ‘appearance’, but his voicework on that was tremendous I thought. He really gave his robot’s character some gravitas.

I sure hope he continues to do ‘voice-work’ for further movies in the future, if nothing else. Live long and continue to prosper Leonard.

*whew* just got our Chicago Tix a couple days ago!!!!

Nimoy will be at DragonCon Labor Day weekend 2011 in Atlanta, GA. http://www.dragoncon.org

Was about to say, have my tickets for Dragon Con and he’s listed to be there…unless that’s going to change? :(

Yeah right.

This guy does more “GOODBYES” than Cher

This guy is the Brett Favre of Star Trek.


Yes, but he takes much better photographs!

What is Mr. Nimoy’s most recent on-camera performance? The Bruno Mars video?

PLEASE don’t ever stop, Mr. Nimoy!!!!

Yea right, Mr. Favre….I mean, Mr. Nimoy. :-))

I think he would like to retire but then he finds too much that is interesting and fun. Anyway, Leonard Nimoy, keep up the good wor…um, I mean, have a good retirement!

I love Leonard Nimoy and will be sad to see him leave the convention circuit.

The man is a legend and i will always love watching his work.

So watch this space for more Leonard Nimoy in the future!

People often ask why Star Trek lives after so many years. Well, Mr. Nimoy is one of the reasons. Today it’s common to see your favorite stars, especially in the science fiction and fantasy realm, at events like the Cons, but back in the day it was unheard of. To even catch a glimpse of a star at say, the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade was about the best you could hope for.

But Star Trek conventions gave us the deliriously surreal experience of seeing out heroes up close. Although some people in the 1970’s got it into their heads that Mr. Nimoy didn’t like Spock, there was no question to anyone who saw him speak that he truly cherished his famous creation.
And what a creation! Spock is a much of a cultural icon as Sherlock Holmes or Hamlet, and the remarkable thing is that for almost a half a century he has been played by one man, and played beautifully.

I was watching Mr. Nimoy’s slide show on YouTube last night and he said that for an actor it is important to bring something more to the table beyond just reading the lines. And with Spock, he gave his all. Watch TOS again and you will see a performance which at time rivals anything many Academy Award winners have done.

I am truly blessed to have been there since the beginning, to have seen the evolution of Spock, when we had no idea what a Leonard Nimoy was.
I got to meet him as a teenager, to see him on stage on Broadway, to hear him speak at my college, and to meet him again many years later at his Secret Selves photography seminar where we all got to just talk to him about photography, art and psychology. And each time I have learned something. Even Spock has been a kind of shaman-guide for many of us entering higher education and the scientific professions. He has been a wonderful teacher. Not just an entertainer.

William Shatner has said that Leonard says “I’m retiring” like most people say, “Hello.” But this time I think it’s for real. So let him go, and enjoy his well earned rest. He owes us nothing more and we owe him everything.

Mr. Nimoy has lived long and prospered so there’s no point in wishing him that. So I’ll wish him the reply, Peace and Long Life!

@23 Well said VulcanFilmCritic.

It breaks my heart that I’ll never see Leonard at a convention. There has never been a Star Trek convention here in Ireland (meaning I’ve NEVER attended a convention) and I’d never have the money to make a whistle-stop at Dragon-Con for his final appearance. :(

Wait …. Wait….. new update…. Leonard Nimoy to officially retire after FOUR more conventions…..

Hold the press….. wait…. wait….. this just in over the wire…. Leonard Nimoy to officially retire after FIVE more conventions….

Wait…. Wait…… this just in…..

The man deserves to retire; he’s had a tremendous career, and it really is heartbreaking to think we’ll no longer see (or hear) him on screen or at a convention. I hope he reconsiders but in any case, all that can really be said is “best of luck Mr. Nimoy and thank you!”

Why retire? My gosh, the convention circuit is so cushy – and fan adulation from here to Antares.

Come one, Leonard, one or two a year would be good for you and keep you youthful!

Nimoy is “retiring” from the convention circuit, NOT the interview circuit…I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the future. The guy is 80 years old, I’d say he’s earned his retirement!

I love Leonard Nimoy, but please stop retiring from things. He sounds like Brett Favre at this point.

Remember, Brett Favre has a habit of exposing himself in addition to retiring/unretiring. So I don’t think its right to compare a man of class Leonard Nimoy to a man who is pure ass like Brett Favre.

lol. Stop joking with us Leonard !

No cameo please, let the new crew do their job.

Ugh. I wish he could have waited another year! We’re saving up money to go to Vegas next year. =(

I hope he would come to the 50 yr creation con in vegas cant wait to see him in vegas always entertaining a fascinating man!!! He will be missed but have enjoyed him for many years its time to relax good luck mr nimoy thanks for all you have done. we fans love you!! LLAP

I still have a framed photograph of us shaking hands at a small convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania, many years ago.

To retain such a youthful memento, deep into the toil and delight of a man’s true life, speaks volumes about Nimoy himself.

His performances provoke thought and pleasure in delighted audiences more than 70 years running. He in return adores his public and draws sustenance and energy from them as only the gifted artist might.

For all this I am in his debt more than I could possibly repay him, despite such remuneration made possible by patronizing his many sponsors.

God has blessed you richly, Leonard Nimoy. Thanks for sharing some of his favor with us.

C.S. Lewis

Nimoys Retirement 3. The Search for Nimoy.

@31. Sheesh RDR, you are taking the silly comparisons with Favre way to seriously. Lighten up!

OK, Who is Brett Favre and what is this stuff about him exposing himself?

Just ashame that 2 of his last conventions are with that horrible creation entertainment.
you know they are going to charge some sky high 200 plus dollar fee for a photo op with him if you havent allready gotten a photo op ticket.

these people disqust me they claim to be fans yet they rip off the true fans every turn. creation is the worst run convention orginization.
run by fans my A^^


Sorry, but I refuse to let people use Brett Favre, who is an egotistical jerk, be used in any way as a comparison to Leonard Nimoy, who is not a jerk at all.

I’d rather Nimoy continue to do some acting roles here and there than conventions anyway, where he tells the same jokes and stories.

…THANK GOD!! i had read from creations website/email that DragonCon wasn’t listed. Haven’t seen Mr Nimoy since ’83 at The Shat’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony (hellava long time, huh?). Glad I will get to see him one last time here in Hotlanta…

Thanks, TM guys for the update…

Two years ago at DragonCon, I waited 3.5 hours in line and was the third person to get a signed 8×10 of Leonard Nimoy on the first day of the convention. When I got to his desk, he turned to his assistant and said “Tell them to have the photos out of the protective sleeves before they get up here!” He grabbed the 8×10, signed it and pushed it back across the desk to me…all without looking directly at me or speaking to me at all. For this rude treatment, I paid $75!

Let him retire from conventions…I know *I* won’t miss him.