Pegg & Lindelof Tweet About Star Trek Sequel + Orci Drops Pike Hint?

Star Trek fans are anxious for things to get started on the Star Trek sequel, but apparently we are not alone. Today Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg took to Twitter to express his anticipation (using some adult language). Check that out below, plus see Damon Lindelof’s response and the latest cryptic comments from Bob Orci here at TrekMovie.


Pegg awaits return to USS Enterprise + Lindelof responds

Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg seems to be getting anxious about returning to the set of USS Enterprise. On Sunday night Channel 4 in the UK aired the 2009 Star Trek movie and many Brits sent Pegg tweets during the showing. Pegg himself appeared to be watching as he sent out the following on Twitter about half way through the movie:

Back here in the states Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof replied to the actor via Twitter.

Orci: steady as she goes + Greenwood hint?

Speaking of online musings from the Star Trek team. Lindelof’s writing and producing cohort Roberto Orci dropped by the comments section over the last couple of days. He responded to one commenter asking about progress on the film, promising all is moving forward in the sequel:

And today when another TrekMovie commenter asked if Orci had been listening to the fans who wanted to see more of Bruce Greenwood’s Pike, he gave an affirmative.

Of course Orci could just be saying he was listening, but not actually confirming that Greenwood has made it into the film. For his part, Greenwood has made no secret that he wants to come back and has even proclaimed that Pike is "essential."

Bruce Greenwood in "Star Trek" – is he back for the sequel?

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for more updates on the Star Trek sequel coming soon.


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Have to agree with Greenwood. Given Kirk’s age and inexperience, Pike’s influence in his development is essential, IMHO.

Lets have everyone from ST new #1 in (except of course Mr. Nimoy and mr. Bana) have them all back working together.

They’re a great bunch but we’ve only seen them get togther not really work on the ship. I wany to see Scotty in something better the a beer factory but at least in Engineering.

Yesss. Please bring Pike back, Powers that Be. Bruce Greenwood adds that special something to everything he’s in. It’s the 23rd century, get Pike some bionic legs or a hovering rocket chair and get him out there.

Bob Orci reads this site? (Hi there!)
And this is good, because I like Bruce Greenwood’s version of Captain Pike

Ok thaths good pike return…hey bob and Spock Prime -Leonard Nimoy -returns?…..say Yes PLEASE ;)

Saludos Cabron

great acting by Greenwood as Pike.
Would love to see him in future Star Trek movie(s) and serie(s)

Pike was great. A Trek movie where every Captain was charismatic enough for their own adventures.

Kirk needs a mentor for just a little while longer, imo. I don’t think Kirk can go 100% on his own quite yet. Besides, who would turn down advice from Bruce Greenwood?

Well done, Keachick!

Well done, Keachick

Much as it breaks my heart to say it, might be great to give Spock Prime a good heroic death so you don’t have to write around his foreknowledge of some events that might be common to both timelines.

Hey Bob, what are the odds of Star Trek leaving space dock in Fall / Winter 2012?

I love that Pike is now “essential” to Trek after all this time. Feels right. I just picture him giving the Enterprise all her assignments and advocating for their craziness to the starched shirts at Starfleet Command.

@12. This just in, Bob Orci responds to your question and says: YES


I just love how Orci is chuckling to himself right now, messing with the fans. I’d do the same thing.

BTW: I wish that Pegg was just a little more Scotty than his Scotty.

14. MJ – October 2, 2011

“@12. This just in, Bob Orci responds to your question and says: YES


Good one MJ!

I love how people trip over themselves over these stupid one word messages by Orci.

I’m irritated by them. I guess he thinks that it’s fun to string people along with them rather than give a proper answer.

He doesn’t have to give anything away in his responses. But he can certainly be more clear with them.

I know that some people will say that he’s a busy man and doesn’t have time to give long responses. But if he has the time to even come to this site then he has the time to give a reasonable answer to our questions if he’s going to reply at all. After all….he DOES want to generate interest in the next movie that he’s helping to write doesn’t he??

Summer 2013. I think it’s a safe bet now. Can’t wait. Can’t wait at all.


Nice try, Rick Berman.

And yes to the return of Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike. Kirk still needs a mentor. Middle aged fans need a middle aged actor they can relate to as well.

@15. Yea, and it doesn’t help that he drops F-bombs publicly in regards to Trek. He’s a good guy and I like him, but his lack of class as compared to James Doohan is evident.

I’d enjoy the concept of Pike mentoring a even younger Kirk (then the original) who’s in need of advice because he’s in a situation.

At least.

We’re picking at nits here, seeing Mr. Orci’s responses re: Pike as “news.”

Remember when the writers wanted to dangle a few TOS staple guest appearances in front of us, with one definitely appearing? I believe the options were: Gary Mitchell, the Talosians and Harry Mudd.

If that discussion is still in force, let’s connect the Talosians to new Pike as one of those ‘new universe’ interpretations of the classic stories. Just as Mr. Orci’s new comic re-interprets “Galileo Seven.” Tragic consequences are in store for the Admiral, with the best of all possible outcomes. This time, it’s Kirk who defies Starfleet regulations for his former Captain/father figure.

But, it has to be part of a much larger story, rather than “The Cage” re-imagined as the root theme.

@16 “I guess he thinks that it’s fun to string people along with them rather than give a proper answer.”

Agreed, which is why all we can do is joke about it, because those supposedly clever responses are not giving us much to go by.

I never comment here but this needs to be said: PLEASE INCLUDE PIKE! Thank you.

11. The only way I see Spock prime in the next film is in a message to his younger self, probably written and read by ZQ’s Spock, “My elder self reports that much progress has been made available. he also sent a list of actions we should take immediately: 1) Shoot the DY-100 sleeper ship “S.S. Botany Bay” on sight; 2) Go to Omicron Ceti III and collect spore lilies to study for their pharmaceutical properties; 3) Clone some humpback whales for Earth’s oceans; … ”

I think you get the idea.

Bruce Greenwood returning in the sequel? This pleases me greatly.

Bon Orci. Will Pike be in the new movie.
Check Which one applies
1. Yes.
2. No.

23 – and don’t forget to send Ensign Dunsel into the warp core reactor room in ST II.

#16 – He’s trying to say as much as he can. Of course, he is under NO obligation to respond to ANYTHING here on this site that charges NOTHING to its users, so let’s be a little a more grateful and considerate please.

Let me just say, as the opinion of one fan, Pike absolutely IS essential.

I get that your job is to continue the adventures of the newly rebooted Enterprise crew, but lets not kid ourselves. This crew of actors won’t last beyond 4 films at the absolute most. They’re all young, talented individuals, and ironically – specifically as the result of what happened to the original Star Trek actors – they’re under pressure to not be typecast by whoever it is that controls their career path.

Therefore, if this incarnation of Trek has only a few years left, lets make it a real potted history. Pike doesn’t need to be right there on the bridge in every film, but it would be nice to treat the characters we were introduced to in the first film as “the characters” of this variant of the franchise, not just the characters we’re expected to care about based on previous history. This is a whole new universe after all.

25 – Bon Orci? As in Jon Bon Orci?


Most of us think that Bob has done a disservice to himself by revealing bits and pieces of info that don’t really mean much, apart from the news recently that location scouting has begun.

Most of the time, when Bob posts something, it gets dissected down to minutae and fans come to differing conclusions none of which Bob intended, nor anticipated. Or Anthony posts articles mentioning dates for big announcements which then are missed and fans start bitching and accusing Bob and J.J Abrams of not caring with paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories.

We all appreciate the fact that Bob takes the time to talk to us, but sometimes that leads to confusion for the fans and backtracking by him.

Oops. My Bad. Let me try that again.
Bob Orci. Will Pike be in the next movie. Check the one that applies.
1. Yes.
2. No.

Glad to have you back Anthony!!! :-)


I do agree, Pike should very much be in the sequel…as the one who looks after the young Kirk. Perhaps as someone who is his “safety net” since of course. Like some have said above, he still needs his mentor.

Hey Mr. Orci, did you ever get my recommendations about that female chief of security that I suggested?

I already think, Kor and Kirk battle it out at the beginning, Gary Mitchell turns GOD afterwards, round two of action ensues!!! :D

#30. “Most of us think that Bob has done a disservice to himself by revealing bits and pieces of info that don’t really mean much…”

Really? “most of us…” ? Sorry, but that’s a pretty broad generality that just doesn’t bare scrutiny. Personally, I enjoy Bob’s cryptic responses….and seriously…Does anyone on this site really, truly believe that ANY details of the sequel, are going to be revealed at this stage of the production?? the only reason to get bent out of shape, regarding Bob’s comments, is if you really were expecting him to give a straight answer. And people should know, especially visitors to this site…that this early in the game, you will be told NOTHING that may compromise the integrity of the story that they intend to tell.

I have to laugh at the enormous ego of those who believe Mr.Orci owes them answers….
Seriously? Did you actually believe what you wrote? No…really….you REALLY wrote that? AND you believe it too?
Gtfo of the trek fandom….because come time when the movie is finished and in theaters, you will be polluting up the internet complaining that the movie sucked.
Your already complaining and the movie isn’t even shot yet.

Die please


Look, a lot of people on this site hang onto Bob’s words too much, that’s what I’m saying. And if Bob isn’t going to reveal anything substantial about the production (which by the way, I hope he doesn’t, as it’s too soon) then he shouldn’t reveal anything at all. They haven’t finished the script yet, and there’s still a possibility (though a remote one) that they might have to go through a major rewrite or two because something unforseen came up.

The cryptic responses that Bob posts might be fun for you, but lead to confusion on the part of other fans, while for me is a whole lot of nothing.

If Bob isn’t going to give a specific answer to a question posed by a poster, then I don’t think one should be given at all.

The problem, for the past year, is that the supreme court has been circling dates for when the script will be done with Anthony reporting it but then the dates keep getting pushed back because of all the various projects these guys have going on.

Some of us just want the guys to finish the script and then make the announcement.

personally i think Elder spock should atleast be referenced or Acknowledged. Even if Nimoy doesnt want to return they can easily have a communication sent from Elder spock be read or reported.

I also wouldnt mind seeing something with the Borg in the next movie either considering the Narada featured Borg Technology it could easily have attracted the attention of the Borg of the 23rd century.

One thing i definately want to see though is KEENSER NOT RETURN.
He is the JAR JAR BINKS of the new trek universe.

oh and while i enjoyed Giachino’s score, I say hire Joel Goldsmith or spend the bucks and bring back James Horner.


Listen, jerk, I know that Bob doesn’t owe us anything. In fact, I think that’s the problem here. I think Bob is well-meaning as a fan, because he doesn’t want to let us down, but as a writer, I don’t think he should be revealing things that are too open to interpretation. I think he feels that he owes us, and sometimes that leads to him revealing too much or promising something (like script completion dates) that result in him or one of his co-writers backtracking.

OMG!!!!……….again …………Yup…:-) :-)

pike, well yes.
seeing as how he was the most dynamic character (save robau, yeah) in the film, sure. that pike-as-kennedy thing was pretty much the best tribute to the 60’s spirit of the original series one could imagine. and the ‘vette, of course.

Pike as Kennedy? Been watching “Thirteen Days”? :)

I’m sure we’ll see Pike in the next movie, but I would expect his role will be smaller than before.

Regarding the confusion and mild acrimony over the way Orci handles his sometimes confusing and obviously intended-as-humorous spoon-feeding of bits and pieces of sequel news, I think the issue here is pretty simple. If the Supreme Court hadn’t farted away the sequel planning for the last 1.5 years, then I think a lot of us would laugh along with Orci on this. However, given that it took the Supreme Court so long to get their shit together, and now we are likely going to have to wait until Summer 2013 for the movie…well folks, that naturally reduced the ability of some of us to see humor in Orci’s spoon-feeding of info with his cryptic, confusing and intended-as-funny comments. I am ambivalent myself to his fan outreach approach, but I can certainly understand how it is getting under some of your skins.

#13 the actor playing Pike proclaimed the character as ‘essential’. In all fairness i would expect him to say that!

If we get some solid details before the new year and a trailer by spring, ill be happy.

We all know he is in the sequel, but, no one has commented on Pegg’s use of foul and unintelligent language. Could you ever see some of the original cast openly using such language?

#49 YES. From ST2009 bloopers: Pine- “Wait, you’re coming with us, right?” Nimoy- “No Jim. My destiny…aw f**k!”