Video of the Day: Zachary Quinto Plays Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Today we share a video of Star Trek’s new Spock Zachary Quinto learning about the game Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (popularized by The Big Bang Theory). Quinto also tries his hand at the game.


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Quinto

This video of Zachary Quinto playing Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock comes from an interview he was doing with the Russian site

The origins of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock comes from the second season episode of CBS’ comedy The Big Bang Theory (titled "The Lizard-Spock Expansion"). Watch how it all began.

RPSLS is even available as a T-Shirt (available at

RPSLS now immortalized in 100% cotton!

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Love it! LOL :D

The things artists do in interviews… *rolls eyes* It’s funny anyway. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Quinto is awesome.

LOL jejeje

Quinto is Spock. Did anyone notice how quick Zachary Quinto was at doing the Vulcan hand salute. Go Zachary Quinto! Yeah, man!

I saw this on his Facebook the other day,so funny!! And he’s sooo cute!! :)

ZQ was really cool in Moscow… I saw interesting pictures of him there…

:-) :-)

lol! yep , love it no too! hahah

One of my favorite scenes fron TBBT, the other one, of course, being the Nimoy Christmas present.

Quinto is such a good sport! I love that man :D He is absolutely adorable!

this video also disproves the rumor,
that Zachary Quinto is not able to do the salute without the help of glue ;-)

It is a fact .. Quinto is not as nice as Chris, who exudes friendliness and naturalness in his interviews. And Zach can not do without the help of glue with the right hand. Hugs to all.

@11 Georgea Santana

I agree that Chris Pine is more personable in his interviews, but the more I watch Zachary Quinto’s interivews, (and I HAVE seen a lot) I get the feeling he IS natural in his interivews but he certainly has an eccentric behavior that is very much his personality. I think he does have fun in interviews but he certainly has a…quirkiness that may seem off-putting or just hard to read. But, if you put him with Chris or any other cast member he gets along with you can tell he is friendly and natural. But I totally understand what you mean.

Chris Pine seems a bit more direct and less elusive in interviews. Zachary Quinto appears to like playing *mind games* and comes off as being more cryptic. The little that I have read of Quinto’s twitter confirms this. I have no idea what he is on sometimes. Zachary is into social networking – Twitter (and Facebook? – not sure there) and has his own website, which is great. I have no problem with any of that, except when he complained some time back about loss of privacy or something to that effect. Twitter etc not only gives you access to others but also gives them access to you!

Chris Pine seems more consistent in that respect. He does not want people to have so much access to him so he does not engage in social networking. Chris could well be missing out on some nice communications but I guess he has considered that possibility.

I’ve seen several Quinto interviews. It takes him a moment to find his rhythm. Once an interviewer gives him an opening, he pops a funny, and is more relaxed. Quinto’s sense of humor is evident in the 2009 gags – and maybe the best part of the ‘reel.’

If he’s a more publicly guarded than some, maybe he’s been more publicly scrutinized, or maybe it’s his nature and just one more indication that the casting was Spock on!

So…rock, rock, paper. Technically the Russian guy was 0-2 with a tie.

Rock crushes lizard (unless Captain Kirk throws it)…paper disproves Spock (unless he comes up with a supremely logical afterthought, in which case the writer looks like an imbecile)…

my brain hurts

@12 & 14: I agree.

I believe Zachary Quinto is smart to test the waters for a few minutes before setting sail on any interview. He knows his surroundings, he gets to know the interviewer, and feels out the interviewer’s motivations. Once he’s established that, he knows how to proceed. I respect that. He’s in control. He’s not going to blurt out something stupid or something that damages the image of himself or the projects he represents. Sadly, that professionalism is lacking these days.

After encountering the rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock ritual, I have no doubt that Zachary Quinto will research “The Big Bang Theory” and its connections to the franchise which he represents. It seems like his nature.

@14. NCM & @16. Aashlee

I think you both are spot on that he takes a moment or two to really get the flow of the interview and this one is a perfect example. It is clear that the interviewers english is not the greatest (understandable since they are in what, Moscow right?). That in itself take you out of your comfort zone. Then the guy brings up a game that Zachary has never heard of before which he probably thought they made up; also can throw someone off. And last, they brought up a Star Trek topic at an interview that, I’m venturing to say, was supposed to be about Margin Call. Even though he is probably used that that, I imagine it would still be frustrating to an actor.

Even with all that going on, at the end Zachary was able to joke around and have a good interview.

Personally, if I were being interviewed by that guy I would have had blank stare and just nod my head hoping I looked like I knew what I was doing…but that’s just me :)

Star Trek is back in the american psychiee


True Vulcans don’t need glue.

#19 OMG My daughter and me must be true Vulcans. Gosh, that could explain so much…:)