Orci & Kurtzman Sell Political Conspiracy & Western Pilots + Abrams Adds Another Movie Project

The last week brings more business deal news from the team behind the last and next Star Trek movie. Writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have sold a couple more pilots for the next seasons, and JJ Abrams has added another film to his future schedule (after the Star Trek sequel).


Orci & Kurtzman Sell Political and Western Pilots

Star Trek writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have sold their second and third pilots for the 2012/13 TV season. For ABC their K/O production company will make Secret Cabinet, which is described by THR as:

[A] procedural that follows a newly-elected president and his “secret Cabinet,” the government’s covert team of America’s most elite minds who investigate and protect the nation from strange occurrences and “conspiracy theory truths.”

Anyone who follows Bob Orci on Twitter or in the comments here at TrekMovie knows that he is a bit of a conspiracy buff, so it looks like he will have an outlet. Orci & Kurtzman are executive producing along with Robot Chicken’s Matt Senreich and Exit Strategy’s Heather Kadin. Orci is penning the pilot along with Robot Chicken’s Seth Green, Michael Dougherty and Jon Favreau, who will also direct the pilot. 

And for FOX, K/O has sold an unnamed Western-themed pilot which Deadline says will tell the origins of Wyatt Earp and his brothers. The pilot has been written by The Shield’s John Hlavin.

Abrams adds another film to slate

And finally, Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams has added another project to his Bad Robot/Paramount production. Few details are known at this time, but Deadline reports it is a "mysterious adventure" and Abrams is collaborating with writer/director Billy Ray (State of Play, 24). It isn’t known if JJ Abrams is just producing or will also be involved as director and/or writer on project with Ray, but JJ’s next film project as a producer and a director is of course the Star Trek sequel.


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Secret Cabinet. I like the idea.

I just hope for now they can focus on the next Star Trek movie and not get side tracked once again.

Sounds great, especially the pilot about Wyatt Earp. A
s a western fan, it’s always a pleasure to see anything from that genre see the light of day. I hope it sells.

Its appearing more and more that “Star Trek 2” will be released in 2013 at the earliest, with a possibility of being pushed back to 2014.

Were in the 2nd week of October now, and shooting hasn’t even begun yet. The script isn’t finalized. It does not have a set cinema premiere date, and on top of all that, the “powers that be”, are all busy on adding new side-projects to their resumés, and several of the main cast are busy doing other movies.

For months now, we’ve been hearing that there will be “new information about the movie “soon””. When is soon ACTUALLY soon, and not some distant date, sometime in the future?

Hey Bob, here are some Conspircy Eps you can do.
1. 9-11 was an inside Job.
2. Kennedy was shot by someone else.
3. The Moon landing never happened.4.
4. The Govt Controls Vilent weather.
5. The Govt Controls Earthquakes.
6. Area 51 has a space ship with Aliens.
7. Aliens Live among us.
8. Alines have taken over our leaders.
9. we are bracing for an Alien attack.
10. Crop circles were made by Space Ships.
So. There is the first 10 Eps you can do.
(Note. I don’t truly believe in any of that.

I can’t wait until the special announcement on if JJ will choose to direct his “mysterious adventure”. Pins and needles, people! I’m on pins and needles!

Oh Dear- looks like this silly little Star trek sequel is just not on the list & more & more projects come up to replace it…

I have a great conspiracy ep: How a couple of writers, a producer, and a producer/director managed single handedly to throw half of Hollywood out of business in the biggest and hungriest grab since La Grande Bouffe. In the name of Kahless, guys, leave something on the table for someone else. You’re not spreading yourselves too thin, you’re becoming completely graphite! :)

More cowboys and aliens.

Yeah, these shows might work… just as long as you don’t put six-shooters and blasters together… again. My brain is still aching from that… ahem, “movie.”

Jesus Christ, enough is enough. Concentrate of the goddamn Trek film now…PLEASE!!!!!

If I was a betting man, I would bet that we will continue to see these three keep pushing Star Trek to the back burner for a long time to come.

Er, does anybody remember a little programme called The X Files?
I’m really starting to worry that these guys don’t have an original thought between them.

11. Agreed. My concerns exactly.

All of these sidetracks will derail the next Star Trek movie again. Now I’ll place odds at 2014 (maybe). IMO, if they don’t want the gig? Just say so, and give it to a team who will take the ball and run with it. Jeez, Harve Bennett, Nicholas Meyer and company could’ve made three films in the same interim and they’d have all been successes, too.

Oh well; if they drop the ball on Star Trek, the ‘supreme court’ can focus on Wyatt Earp the TV show, Hawaii 5-0, Cowboys and Aliens 2 and a bunch of other stuff I’m not interested in. So help me, sounds like some serious ADHD going on….

Next thing you know, they’ll be a story about the guys doing Indiana Jones planking. :-)


Buzz, you can’t be serious! You mean you’re actually suggesting the guys behind the first two Transformers movies, the Star Trek reboot, the Hawaii 5-O remake, and a rumored movie based around the View-Master toy could possibly…

I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten what my point was…


#15 lol, i thought my post might elicit a response from your good self!
You didn’t disappoint!

In fairness a programme about the View Master is pretty original! Bad, but original!



Yeah, I suppose the View-Master could be used as some sort of brain-washing device—built by those devious scalawags at the CIA!

Great, ‘Star Trek XII’ would be released in the same year as the Superman movie reboot ‘The Man of Steel’ instead of the same year as the film adaptation of ‘Les Miserables’ (Boubil and Schoenberg’s legendary musical, based on Victor Hugo’s legendary novel).

I wonder if Abrams could get out of directing or producing the next Trek movie if he wanted to, or is he contractually obligated to do so.

#19 certainly enough people were brainwashed into paying good money for a collection of still pictures!
Jeez, what were we thinking!

I would add I think the boys should sleep on that ViewMaster idea.
What seems like a good idea on a bottle of wine isn’t always so in the cold light of a hangover.


@5. Commodore Mike OTTE

Actually #2 and #1 ARE true. Kennedy WAS shot by someone else and 9-11 WAS an inside job.

And Trek happens when????

I like the idea of “Secret Chamber”, Bob theres a chance to go “hard core” on that and get yourself on the “list”. ;]

I think you find that Jj is showing a lot of disrespect to ST fans. His other movies were not exactly barnstormers, but with ST he has a ready made audience starved of their next feed of ST. Either get on with it, or ask someone else to.

@2, keep in mind that JJ is also a producer of films, and while he has his prority focused on the next Star Trek film, he like other directors and producers does need to continue developing and OKing other projects with in his own company, Bad Robot.

#25. That is fine if you want to believe that. But I don’t. Kennedy. Maybe. But 9-11. Not a chance in Hell!.

Here is the Greatest Conspiricy of all time.
A Director and a couple of Writters and a Producer have Conspired to Write and produce and release a Movie Called Star Trek.
Now that is a Major Conspiricy of Epic Proportions!!!.

We actually have a Stargate at Cheyenne Mountain. :)

The one involving the President and a secret cabinet sounds like a fun yet thought provoking series. I will be watching for it’s release. Loved the X-files, but there are so many other stories to be told. These guys can make it work because of that and they will keep the stories original, imo.

Agree with #4.
I am really pissed by the way Star Trek and the fans are handled by the so called Supreme Court and Mr. JJ.
I don´t care about their projects (they all sound lame to me anyway), all i care about is Star Trek.
I bet there will be a new Star Wars movie before Star Trek XII is released

What exactly by the way does this news contribute to the trekmovie news???
Its not related to Star Trek therefore irrelevant therefore not worthy of mention


How do you conclude that JJ Abrams “has his priority focused on Star Trek”? The last two years i don´t see one sign apart from blablablaaaaaaaa, delays and unprofessional time and working schedules form his part and his company and Orci / Lindelof etc

I like “Fringe” and “Person of Interest”, but I despise “Hawaii Five-O”. “Super 8” and “Cowboys and Aliens” were just okay movies, not great. If the “Transformers” movies were shown at Guantanamo, the world court would accuse the US of torture, again.

So if Bad Robot can’t find the time to squeeze Star Trek Reboot 2 into their ever-growing list of projects, I have no problem at all if Paramount gives the project to someone else… someone who actually wants it.

Just sayin’.

#32. Damn you. I missed that one. Lol.

Oh My God JJ!!! Please don’t start on something else and stray away from Trek!! Not even for a moment!! As a fan,I’m asking you,please don’t do that to us!! And Mr.Orci this sounds like a cool show! You and Mr.Kurtzman do some awesome stuff outside of Trek! I will be waiting! :)

34. all i care about is Star Trek

And that is why your life turned out the way it has.

Ugh…. just make the damn movie or give it to someone who will, OK?

I’m glad Bob Orci is one of the generation after mine who is curious enough to look for the who is pulling the levers behind the curtains when he could be on cruise control like so many of his peers.

The “Secret Cabinet” idea is real with a history going back to the founding fathers. There is much reality to mine story ideas to support such a TV series. Pearl Harbor, The JFK murder, The Southeast Asia war, the Black Budget, Groom Lake etc. and Iran-Contra are just a few actions.

Present day continues to be rife with equally devious activities. Not just in the US either, as the LHC is a multinational effort in the same vein.

LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover and their cronies conspired to kill JFK and “protected” the nation from the truth behind the JFK assassination (carried out by Mafia hit men) by escalating the “war” in Southeast Asia/Vietnam. Search Pearl Street Mafia if you care to learn more on this topic.


I suppose you’re also going to tell us the Holocaust didn’t happen, right?

Next time, keep your own theories to yourself. It reeks of incredible ignorance and arrogance.

“Secret Cabinet” sounds dumb. Of course, I’m sick to death of conspiracy theories. They’re usually crap made up by people who refuse to believe the truth, or they just think they can be cool by not following the mainstream, or are just trying to capitalize on a tragedy.

41… Yeah, right. “I read it on a web site, so it must be true!”


I am currently a community college student, and have come to look at all the multiple projects they are working on like this. Is it possible for a student to take on 3 maybe 4 highly technical classes and succeed with high marks….of course. However, the said student would have to budget his time right, and put in a lot of consentrated effort in each class. I think the same can be said of each writing or directorial project.

Also….I think JJ will treat this new directorial project like he did Star Trek while working on SUPER 8. until star trek is done, he will ignore it, or work very little on it. JJ is not going to put Star Trek under the bus. He cares too much about any one project to do it to any of his projects, and besides, it would be a black mark if Star Trek the Sequal turned out crap, and part of it could be traced back to directing gaffs or whatever.

Don’t frett…and please quit the Bit**ing. Just enjoy star trek please.

42 naughty, and common tactic to equate wanting the the truth with anti semistism. Not helpful to any discussion.

Semitism. Try typing on tread mill!

Hey Bob. He only speaks for him self.
Oh and by the way. Love Hawaii Five O.

43. Surely you dont dispute Iran Contra do you?

47. Thank you! It’s fun.

40. Okay. We will make the damn movie then!;)