Quinto “Prepping” For Star Trek Sequel – Hasn’t Seen Script

Star Trek’s new Spock has a new movie opening next week (Margin Call) and while the actor is out promoting that film, he is also gearing up and preparing for to return to the USS Enterprise. In a new interview Zachary Quinto gives a little update on the Star Trek sequel.


Quinto Prepping For Star Trek – Hasn’t Seen Script

Zachary Quinto is starting to publicity for his upcoming film Margin Call and was asked by the Orlando Sentinel about the next Star Trek movie. Quinto gave an update on Trek’s progress:

Quinto’s participation is required next in a “Star Trek” sequel, which starts filming early in 2012 and will take up the first half of the year. “I’m starting to shift into that mode of preparation,” he says “I have physical training and other ways of prepping for it. None of us have seen the script. We’re all very curious to see where he’s taking us this time. We’re going on rumors, little hints here and there, stories we’ve been told.”

Quinto prepping for Star Trek sequel

Quinto also talked about how being in Star Trek helped with his new production company:

"Starting my production company is something that ‘Star Trek’ allowed me to do. I could utilize that exposure and parlay it into opportunities that would allow me to tell my own kind of stories instead of stories other people see me in. It’s all tied into Star Trek. It put me in a position to have access that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I wanted to use that access to tell my own sorts of stories, with me involved in telling them."

The first film from Quinto’s new production company is Margin Call, which tells a story framed around the recent financial crisis. Quinto co-produced the film and is also part of the ensemble cast. Margin Call opens October 21. Here is a trailer.

(also on YouTube)



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Hope he loves it!

Can’t wait for the new Star Trek Movie!!

We wont see the sequel until Fall 2013. Then if their is a new TV series that wouldn’t happen until 2020. I wonder what the CGI effects would be like then? :)

Sorry I meant Fall 2012.

Filming starts “early next year”?

Anyone want to put money on a May 10, 2013 release date?

boborci WOULD be first on this thread :p

“I wonder what the CGI effects would be like then? :)”

In the year 2020, we won’t have special FX. We will have a more documentary style of film were we have actual explosions and actual maming and death. It is the logical extention of our current fixation on reality programming.

Or, not.

I read articles too fast. :) If filming takes the first half the year depending how long editing and post production takes maybe we wont see it until 2013.


Well, by 2040, it won’t matter. “That particular form of entertainment did not last much beyond the year 2040.” So sayeth the Data. :)


I’m putting my Doritos on December 2013. Anything else is wishful thinking. I just wish they’d go ahead and write the script for the third movie, and just film them back-to-back.

3… As long as they replace “NCC-1701” on the stern with “Enterprise”, I’ll be happy. A ship’s name belongs on the stern.

9… I think a year and change is very doable, but much depends on what “early next year” means. Jan-Feb? I think they can make May 10. Mar-Apr, things will get dicey.

I suspect this might be the first time that Bob Orci has been the first person to post on a new thread, and why not. Yes, I hope Quinto and co. love the script as well. It will mean an even more inspired performance from the actors and others.

Now, we will love it?…:) (That’s given how diverse and nickity-pickity bunch we are).

@ 1: I hope you guys finish writing the damn thing soon :P

Been seeing alot of delays, where the “powers that be” are getting involved in a bunch of side-projects, instead of working on getting IT done.

To quote Captain Jellico: Get it done!!!

Bob: you’re killing us here. Tell us something real.

#10 Have you not been paying attention? We were told a while back that the filming schedule had been delayed and that January 2012 was when it was now going to begin.

Quinto is not saying anything new, just repeating/confirming? what has been reported already, re the filming is to take place very early in 2012 – January.

Bob Orci – Is January 2012 still looking good as a start date for filming the movie proper?

Some people just wanna see the world burn.
Great timing Zach Wall Street is already under attack by Zombies, nothing like a little gas for the fire! Did you took a play from JJ? – I want to know if the recent Wall Street protest are nothing more than a promotional stunt for your new movie – Margin Call? BRILLIANT! :)


That was a short boycott.

i see a thanksgiving 2012 release date. correct me if im wrong but wasnt either generations or first contact a thanksgiving holiday film? ….cant remember, one of the next gen films was.

OH YEAH, anybody have any updates on the trek console game that’s supposed to be on its way?

I had high hopes for the Star Trek franchise with the naming of this “supreme court”. The first film was great, and I really hoped they would have come out with the sequel in the 2.5-3 year time frame to capitalize on all of the fanfare. With all the other projects the “supreme court” now has in play, my quess is that filming won’t start until late spring at the earliest, and with post-production etc. this sequel won’t hit theaters until late summer 2013 – fours years after the first one…way too much time will have passed by and the momentum they had long gone.

With all these other projects and delays on the second film, my guess is there will be no 3rd film with the current actors, and any future films will have to be a “re-boot” because putting together these scripts, etc. for this franchise is simply not a priority.

Oh well, let’s enjoy the next film the best we can as it may be another 4-5 years before the next one….

#14 thank you for paying attention

Come on bob…..we’re dying here….any clues at all please??? I’d even settle for a brief plot outline….cough.

I wish people would stop asking Bob Orci about hints and whatnot on the sequel. You all know he’s not going to divulge a thing. He already mentioned that the new movie storyline will not be a remake of an original TOS story (didn’t you say that Bob or am I mistaken?) so that’s way more than we should expect.

Good for Quinto. Hope his movie’s a sound success. Will definitely see it.

No script yet. Nothing to see here, folks, move along….

I love how actors talk about getting in shape for a film. He’s made a bunch of films since ST09. Was he a fat, Cheetos-chompin’ slob during filming on those?

I hope the cast truly cherishes this series. I know their other films are important to them, and maybe they’re kinda distracted by … oh, 3 years of life … but, I hope they enjoy these adventures.


Porque alguien tenia que decirlo…

“No script yet. Nothing to see here, folks, move along….”

Don’t do that , please. Don’t be too rational ovah here!!!
Have mercy!

Love Quinto, cant wait.

#27 punkspocker- Dittto!!! :D

The first person to post on this thread about the new movie is…………………….. THE WRITER OF THE NEW MOVIE??!!

Holy surreal moment, Batman!!

@29 No kidding!

Hope they’re really working (after reading the tweets), not just yanking our chain while ordering take out.

Yeah, but he had started with a ‘First!’ I would’ve totally boycotted the next film.

Well…it would’ve been a total and awesomely effective boycott of the imagination. And boy would he’ve been sorry…..totally!


Hi Bob


#29 – HB

“The first person to post on this thread about the new movie is…………………….. THE WRITER OF THE NEW MOVIE??!!

Holy surreal moment, Batman!!”

I dunno, Harry. What are the odds? Sounds like a new conspiracy theory to me :)


That’s ‘had he started’. (My proofreader’s been fired.)


Mr Bob Orci.

A few questions for you.

1). Does the new film happen a few years after the first film?

2). Is there klingons?

3). Is there a kick butt strategy that shows us why Kirk deserves to be captain?

Just a few question for us that won’t give it all away. Thank Bob.

#34 Nah. That’s what the other thread is for…eh, Bob. I do think you are enjoying it.

@Bob, Damon – No planking? Now that’s supposed to be good for your back, especially if you have been sitting over a screen typing for long hours. Ignore those who would jeer at your planking. Plank all you like!

#35 Oh, but Bob won’t even give a definitive answer as to whether Bruce Greenwood will be in the sequel. Should I infer his two “Yup” answers to mean that Bruce will DEFINITELY be in the sequel and spread it all over the internet as the fact that it is? Not that I’m sure how to spread anything “ALL OVER the internet” but I’ll give it my best shot.

1. How could he not.

14… Paying attention, yes. Believing them I find a whole lot harder. When the movie starts filming in January, I’ll believe them. Not before. For all we know, Paramount might reject the script, courtesy of some executive who is the intellectual successor of the guy who said “get rid of that Rainbow song.”

Oh, how I’d really love to be a fly on the wall whenever Mr. Quinto was having dinner with Mr. NImoy. I wonder just what kinds of advice the older man has for the younger. How the approach to Spock differs between the two, how to handle the sudden fame, and how to parlay this Star Trek thing into some real power within the industry.
Mr. Quinto almost sounds like a younger Leonard Nimoy in his statement that Star Trek has allowed him to do things he might not otherwise get the chance to do.
More power to ya, “kid.”

29 Harry Balls) My thoughts exactly!

Yea…2013 summer. 3-5 months production, 6-8 post production.

Wake me when we have some real news.

Sorry Bob, 4 years between movies is NOT acceptable.

Bob ..no time travel..no Klingon’s..no Romulans please.. no hints please.. i want to be surprise. and one last thing i’m asking you some how bring back Shatner just to shut him up! any working title for the trek film or its just going to be called Trek 2.0

watched conspiracy theory on one of the pay channels today

21. I wish people would stop asking Bob Orci about hints and whatnot on the sequel. You all know he’s not going to divulge a thing. He already mentioned that the new movie storyline will not be a remake of an original TOS story (didn’t you say that Bob or am I mistaken?) so that’s way more than we should expect.

I hope not i want to be surprised , i would like something different than the first film, something not done before. on star trek. when your in an alternate universe you can do anything you want the sky is the limit.

17. November 14 star trek :generations came out…. star trek the voyage home was november 26th1986

maybe star trek 2.0 will come out in december several of the film was released in that month who knows ,if now i’m willing to wait.

#18 I agree the momentum they had for the first one might be lost by the time the second one comes out.

#18, #44

My concern exactly.

Wow!. Bob Orci was first. Now this is an Alternate Universe. Lol.
Good for Quinto. I wish him the best.

“482. Nice — just for posting that, I can tell you that we have 95 pages of actual script. Burning midnight oil to finish asap.”

Well… Mr. Bob Orci said that yesterday, October 10… I was # 482, by the way…

And what to say about boborci first comment in this article….. OMG!!!…
…… I think I’m starting to get worried… or may not be necessary… all is well… LOL

:-) :-)

Regarding ZQ to be preparing for Trek sequel… me and a friend of mine was talking about the haircut he’s wearing recently, very short at the nape and longer at the top of the head… could be for him to prepare for Mr. Spock… we were just speculating…

But who knows…???… hmmmm… Mr. Bob Orci maybe!…. tal vez!… LOL

:-) :-)

Star trek?
What’s that?
I, like the general public has forgotten…

@ 1

Bob Orci says, “Hope he loves it!.”

Bob, does that mean the script is done? Or do you mean, “I hope he loves it when we get done with it?”