Viacom CEO: J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel could be released in 2013

A hint has emerged on the release date for the next Star Trek movie. Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman revealed that J.J. Abrams’ sequel to Star Trek could be released in 2013, confirming recent reports that the film would slip out of 2012.

Star Trek 2013?

During Viacom’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Dauman talked about the future of franchises for Paramount Pictures (owned by Viacom), noting:

We’ve got a lot more coming on the franchise front. Mission: Impossible The Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, directed by Brad Bird and produced by J.J. Abrams is coming to theaters in December. We’re also developing ideas for Paranormal Activity 4 and Transformers 4. J.J., in addition to his Mission Impossible duties, is also focused on developing the next installment of our Star Trek franchise for potential release in 2013.

As previously reported, Paramount originally set the Star Trek sequel for release on June 29, 2012, but decided to delay its release earlier this year because they still hadn’t locked everything down, including Abrams’ return as director. Abrams was confirmed as the film’s director this past September.

Pre-production on the Star Trek sequel is currently underway with production expected to begin in 2012, perhaps as early as January. If the film does shift to 2013 time frames would be summer and winter. Here’s a look at some of the other high-profile projects that are currently slated for May-July and November-December [via BOM]:

May-July 2013:

  • Iron Man 3 – 5/3
  • Pacific Rim – 5/10
  • Singularity – 5/17*
  • Fast & Furious 6 – 5/24
  • Lone Ranger – 5/31
  • 1000 A.E. – 6/7
  • Man of Steel – 6/14
  • Monsters University – 6/21
  • R.I.P.D. – 6/28
  • Despicable Me 2 – 7/3
  • Robopocalypse – 7/3
  • Oblivion – 7/19

November-December 2013:

  • Thor 2 – 11/15
  • The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs – 11/27
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again – 12/13

The summer 2013 slate is obviously very crowded, but per an article at Heat Vision | THR Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi film "Singularity" may not meet its 5/17 release date because he wants to spend some more time crafting the script. That project was scheduled to begin production in March 2012. If "Singularity" gets pushed, it could make room for the Star Trek sequel. Another possibility would be the July 4 holiday, or winter 2013, which currently has only a few high-profile projects with dates.

TrekMovie will have more on this as the story develops.

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Congrats on being the last news site (Trek or otherwise) to report this…

I want it now!!! first?

Let the crying begin!

Don’t know what is going on but has clearly lost its edge.

Despicable Me came out in 2010, didn’t it?

“Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi film ‘Singularity’ may not meet its 5/17 release date because he wants to spend some more time crafting the script.”

LOL! So all this time we’ve been getting the polished versions of his work?

Indeed it did!

Rosario Trekmovie is not being reliable for source Trek news anymore with these weeks off at a time deals.

Ok. I say May 2013. But that is just me. Come on Bob Orci. Get Cracking. Or we will Crack you. Lol.

I feel pretty bad about the current state of

I know how hard it is to keep site content up to date. I have a Sc-Fi site I haven’t updated for over two years because I got pulled backed into active duty and deployed. Now that I’m back I’m focused on restarting a civilian carreer and it’s painful knowing that I’ve pushed my site to the background (for now).

I want to thank Anthony and Rosario (who seems to sense the townsfolks are about with torches and pitchforks and jumps in with SOMETHING) and the other contributors for a great ride.

I have no idea what issues Anthony is having now, but I hope things work out and he gets back n the game. If not, I’ve got Treknews and Trekweb in my bookmarks.

I also want to thank the (mostly) wonderful gang of posters here (yea, even you MJ) who really make up the heart and soul of this site. Even when weeks of no news roll by, the posts keep me coming back.


Hey. Give Rosario credit for getting this posted. I do wish Anthony or someone would give us an explanation on why Trekmovie has been down for so long. I do Love this site and have made some good friends with Harry and AJ and CmdR and Charla and others. But please give us something as to weather Trekmovie will be back to normal or what the Status is. Please.

2013 is not really a surprise. But shouldn’t those “Ghostbusters 2” fingers in the above logo be crossed? As in fingers-crossed this movie gets made sometime this decade….

10. “Even when weeks of no news roll by, the posts keep me coming back.”

Bullseye. Other sites may be ahead on the news. This one leads in the commentary. The reason why can largely be explained by one word: boborci!

LOL 2013? I’m sorry but that is laughable. Took them 5 years to put out a sequel. The third one should come out say 2020.
I know I’m being negative but the way this film was on the backburner is also just as negative.
Ya, the script should be right. Ya, the director was ready. Ya, enter excuse here.

#13 I liked having both. Constant news updates and being able to chat with Trek fans about the updates and with Orci and crew. That is what makes this blog unique than the other Trek sites. Now its getting lame with the constant breaks.

#14 They will have lost all the enthusiasum from the new fans the reboot got and those new fans will wonder what happened to the sequel. Also if we ever get a new Trek TV series until 2021. Imagine the SFX then?

Let’s hope for a summer of 2013 release. After pushing it out from summer of 2012 and then out of winter of 2012, there should be no excuse for the film not being released in summer of 2013. That’s assuming they finish filming by spring of 2012.

And by the way troubled projects like The Hobbit made it in four years. Look at the new James Bond movie. Once the bankruptcy proceedings cleared, it was all go for 007 and the Hobbit. Star Trek 2013 doesn’t face such obstacles..

Geez, the most successful movie in the history of the franchise and no one can get their date books aligned for a sequel for FOUR years. Sadly, the priorities were evident when they opted not to strike while the iron was hot. Heck, I’m not even sure the folks here a trekmovie give much of a rip anymore.



Rosario, you’ve saved the day again! Thanks, pal! :>)

Jeez, so much negativity and pessimism.

So we’ve been going for a week or so in between articles around here; it’s not the end of the world.

Look on the bright side: In a year and a half, we’ll get the Star Trek sequel.


I will be back after Star Trek Something Something is in the cinema.


“Star Trek 2013 doesn’t face such obstacles.”

Except for the script, of course.

In the immortal words of Krusty the Klown: What the hell happened??


P.S. — It’s cute, the childlike naivete with which the title of the article makes no presumptions about the words of the Viacom CEO, AS IF we haven’t all known perfectly well for the past year that the Star Trek sequel will absolutely, positively be coming out in 2013, at the EARLIEST.

Maybe Paramount is going through a reorganization again and that is messing everything up?

Ok,didn’t we knida think this was gonna happen? I knew the fact that 2012 is very soon coming and so was Trek12 was too good to be true! I’ll be ok I guess;waiting some more. There shold be updates and news and things to keep me at bay;or I could talk to Bob about JFK. :)

Hey, everyone. Anthony is doing fine. He’s actually working on a new article for the Star Trek sequel which will contain a few exclusives for you all. :)

Look for it soon.

Thanks Rosario and Anthony!

Wow, at this rate Captain Kirk and crew will all be in their mid-forties and turning grey by the time we have the next film. And at the rate that Kirk was promoted in the first film, he’ll hold the rank of God in the second film…

Thanks for the update Rosario .
Glad to here that Anthony is okay.

We all realize this completely rules out a third movie right? The 3rd movie option in the actors contracts will be expiring before a 3rd movie can be made, and the studio isn’t going to renegotiate high fees for a 3rd film they should have had in the bag.

Glad everyone at Trekmovie is doing well!

Thank you so much for continuing to run the best Trek site on the web.

We all understand that everyone needs a break once in while, especially when the news seems to have slowed down so much lately.

Old news, but thanks anyway…. I was kinda tired of looking at Science Saturday from two Saturday’s ago…. It’s clear Trek is on the back burner for all involved, except we the fans. With new announcements every other week about new projects being taken on by Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman and their production companies, each with their own pressing deadlines, Trek seems to have been relagated to a “hobby”. Let’s just say I’m not very optimistic in the result, or if anyone will even care when it eventually gets done. Shame on all involved!!!!!

Agreed. How did this happen??

If they are going with old TOS villians will Trek fans really care about a new take on old villians? Been their done that?

Meanwhile, updated the TNG Blu-ray trailer with more HD footage from the episodes on the sampler disc.


Let me guess on those “exclusives”

-Star Trek sequel script work is continuing, “should” be completed by March 2012, or summer 2012 at the latest. Pre-production was done a year ago.

-Production “should” begin in Fall or Winter of 2012, after JJ, Bob, and Alex clear their schedules. Planning for a Christmas 2013 release date (tentative).

Discussion has not gone as far as a possible third film, but as early as 2018 a fresh, younger group of actors may be involved in a reboot…..

Whiners don’t want to post in a vacuum. Whiners crave attention. They want to post where someone might actually read their very important opinions. Trekweb and Treknews have no chance, even if this site posts only one article per month.

#39 What’s the point in having a site if they only post one news article per month? It’s like they don’t care about it anymore.

See! Just what I wrote on two other threads. The first post is sarcasm, to Rosario posting the latest information to hand about the sequel and so it goes on. There’s gratitude for you, NOT!!! So what if this latest info did not come here first – it came and it is relevant.

I don’t think anyone should be that surprised – disappointed, YES – but not really surprised, as a number of posters have been predicting here that the sequel won’t get released until 2013, for various reasons.

Frankly, I don’t understand why some people keep comparing Star Trek with the Hobbit. The Hobbit is a book. It is part of a series of books written some time ago by author JRR Tolkien. The story is already known. Peter Jackson, Fran Walshe and Phillipa Boyen are NOT writing an ORIGINAL screenplay (I assume these three are doing the screenwriting for the Hobbit as well); LOTR and the Hobbit are screenplay adaptations. There are even separate categories within the Academy Awards and BAFTA – one for original screenplay; the other screenplay adaptation. Different disciplines.

I tend to think that writing a screenplay for a story where the beginning, middle and ending is already known would have the effect of speeding the entire production process up or take about the same time, depending on the material.

Thank you for the update on Anthony. I look forward to his article.


My beef is not really with this site, even if they do post 2 week old information as “news”

My beef is with the INEXCUSALBE foot-dragging and questionable priorities of all involved in the (non) production of a sequel.

And this is a perfect place to post my whining. And I will continue to whine until I don’t care anymore. (OK, that will be never…)

Are we sure it’s not a typo for 2031?

Just saw the abrams movie again. That film does not get any better with time. That apple store look was not the way to go.

What No. 1 said.

@34 agree with you 100%. @43 I laughed out loud at your post

Star Trek..? What is that again? Oh right…That movie that was released a long time in a galaxy far far away…Or it might as well have. All the hype they got from the 2009 one has died now, time to start from scratch again…

Let’s start over and re-imagine Budineering to look like a real Starfleet engine room!! HAHAHA!!!

Visiting here feels not so much like waiting for Star Trek as Waiting for Godot.

46 – Thanks. Or maybe 2130?