PHOTOS: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin & John Cho At GQ Men Of The Year Party

st100In two months the new stars of Star Trek will be getting back together to shoot the sequel, but last night (Thursday) most of Trek’s new leading men were together at GQ’s Men of the Year 2011 party. On hand at the LA event were Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin and John Cho. Check out the photos below, plus photos of Zoe Saldana at another LA event from this week.


Star Trek men at GQ party

The men of Star Trek were attending the 16th Annual GQ "Men Of The Year" Party at Chateau Marmont on November 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Check out the photos below. 

Chris Pine (smiling)

Chris Pine (serious)

Chris Pine

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin

John Cho

John Cho


Saldana spotted at L.A. opening

While Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana didn’t join her co-stars at the GQ event last night, she was spotted at the opening of the Michael Kors Lifestyle Store on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Here are a couple of shots. 

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana


Photos: WireImage

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Nice dress, Miss Saldana….and first

Zoe. Beautiful as ever.

Quinto has to take the worst photos of practically any actor I have ever seen. How can someone who is so outstanding on the big and small screen always look like such a dweeb in front of a still camera? Time after time, in these event photos, he always looks like he is having the worst time and would like to be anywhere else but where he is? And he is always wearing the kind of suit you might find on the $50 rack at JC Penny, and it is always one size too small on him, which gives him a bobblehead appearance. Great actor…weird dude!

Hey Anthony, Rosario, somebody, did I miss an article about Marina and Brent doing the voices of Supervillains on Young Justice? Just wondering, cause I thought it was cool, especially since Brent is succeeding Mark Hamill as Warner/DC’s Animated Joker on TV (the guy on Under the Red Hood doesn’t count cause it’s a “one-shot” straight to video).

Quinto looks like one uptight dude.

Saldana obviously needs special lighting in order to look good.

That up close bottom photo of her looks really bad.

And she’s even wearing LOTS of makeup.

Not that I expect all celebrities to look good, but the ones who claim to be sex symbols

Uh, YES.

Welp… they all look 5 years older. Maybe these are just bad pictures but I don’t think Anton can pass for 17 anymore. One more reason to get on those sequels faster!

Also, except for Chris, why can’t any of them smile?

The photographer sucks.
MJ – very on the nose.
I like Chris’ shoes, but the clothes are poorly tailored (a middle button shouldn’t strain on guys that thin) and the lighting and framing are horrible. Who got cropped out of the 2 shot or is Pine’s negative space somehow mystically important? Are luminati hiding in there somewhere?
Finally… SOMEBODY call a time limit on the “I’m too cool to shave this morning” look. It doesn’t work 99% of the time. And these guys are NOT the 1%.

oops…. meant Quinto’s negative space.

I never really got into that whole Quinto looks so like Nimoy thing. And this confirms it!

Pine looks old and acned, Pinto looks heavy

Zach… say goodbye to those eyebrows!

I don’t know. I think the suits look fine, especially Yelchin’s, but Quinto could have run an iron over his. Early 60s/Early 80s skinny ties appear still to be in, as well as late 60s to early 80s three-piece suits. Cool.

I think it’s more the photography wasn’t very good. Part of that is lighting, and part of that is just that they don’t look very comfortable. It must be very hard to look comfortable in that line. It’s maybe the worst chore of the party for them.

Anton is the one I wouldn’t recognize, horrible shooting angle. All three of them actually, their bodies compared to their heads, must be some amateur photographers.

@ 3. MJ – Google paparazzi pictures of him walking around town, looks and acts awkward as fuck, would think he can’t act to save his life lol.
@ 5. HB – Saldana is 35+ what do you expect?

I like Pine’s Hair in these photos, looks a lot like shats kirk hairstyle, they should go with this style for the movie

Zach Quinto and an open pack of American Spirit indoors at an event in California no less. Jeez, you can stop emulating Nimoy now.

And American Spirit? Really? Oh, that’s the one that helps the Big Tobacco corporation owned by Native Americans.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a concentration of catty remarks around here before.

Must be that time of the month and you ladies are all out of Midol.

15. Except for the sexism I agree.

I LOL’d at Pine’s reaxction faces….Happy Pine is Happy…. OH S**T!!! SERIOUS PINE IS SERIOUS! And Quinto is inbetween happy, annoyed and grumpy.

Midol doesn’t make it easier to cope with a four-years-in-the-making, got a backseat on the production schedule to Transformers 3, $15 per ticket, probably gonna be more sfx than character moments, still no guarantee of seeing Rand in a sonic shower movie.

Sorry. Must be having man cramps.

Almost time for ZQ to start shaving down those eyebrows… ouch! :-o
Get the tree trimmers… ;-D

John Cho’s looking sharp, very sixties. Love the white pocket square. And I like Yelchin’s suit as well.

Pine is in need of a different tie and a weed-whacker to the head, but he always looks great in a three-piece suit. ZQ…I wish he’d show as much colour and quirk on the red carpet as he does in his casual outfits.

Zoe’s dress is lovely and she looks good considering she’s just gone through a breakup. I’d still be wallowing on the couch with a carton of Phish Food.

Regardless of all the whingeing about how they all look (which is pretty great considering how busy they’ve all been), I just wish them all the best as they get to making the next and best ‘Star Trek’ film ever.

Pine’s hairline is morphing into late 60’s Shat which is good. Maybe not so good in another 5 years for Chris but right now he has a dead on 2nd season Kirk hairline and forehead

Oh oh, ZQ still has the eyebrows….

You sound like a bunch of bitter old queens hissing at their youngers.

And I’ll take fashion advice from a Trekkie when Sarah Palin is president.

#15 Considering that the majority of people who post here are males, I find your comment odd. Without knowing for sure, I think I may be the first female to post on this thread.

Anyway, I agree with people about the badly fitting suits. Pine’s suit is probably the best fit. However, the real problem is the ties. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt keep saying it. Ties can make the best man look like a dick. If you want to see someone, my favourite “conifer” look sooo good in a three piece suit WITHOUT a tie, look no further than Chris in scenes from This Means War – YES!

The fact that Chris looks calm and relaxed is because of my love and encouragement… Now Dee might tell you that it is because of a certain DP – all conjecture…:)
Papz(?) photos from the past have shown Chris to be looking quite grumpy and miserable at times. Some of us fans have been concerned and have said so, on bloggs like JustJared. Who knows – maybe Chris (or his publicity agent) have seen the concern in the comments. I always send a message to Chris to “Take care. Love ya!” I have no idea if he ever gets it. Yep, sappy, schmaltzy, gooey. No doubt others here know a lot more expressions that could be used in a negative and derogatory way.

Pine looking acned? He is looking the best he’s ever looked, considering that in fact, Chris Pine has had severe acne since his teenage years. I see little in the way of scarring that he used to have. Perhaps that is because of the stubble look (not doing a close shave every day) that is all the rage among guys today. A lot of shaving (whether it is with a razor or electric shaver) can exacerbate any acne problems.

From memory, this “I won’t bother shaving today” started with actor Don Johnson from the 80s TV series Miami Vice. It became a bit of a fad then, went away and has now come back. Hopefully, it will disappear down some hole, although some men don’t look too bad with that style. Others – ugh!

Hairstyle makes them look like gangsters, with that comb back and hair gel. Put simply, bloody awful! Of course, it could be that JJ Abrams and co. are doing a re-imagining of a Piece of the Action for the next movie, so Chris and Zachary are preparing…:)

Zachary Quinto has always worn *odd* clothes. “It’s his way”. Go Zach!

25 – thank YOU. These trolls and morons don’t comment on real Trek news, just snap their fingers and mock others. Sad. Wish I had an ignore button and rid my monitor of ever seeing their screen names again. idiots.

26. I’m a female, Keachick! :)

What makes these guys think that a 5 O’Clock shadow make them look good?
John Cho looked at least like he prepared to attend.

Zoe, you still look good enough to “break furniture” with.

13. Iva “HB – Saldana is 35+ what do you expect?”


OK, Nony. Nice to know there is another female.

Actually it might be interesting if all the posters could put a simple F or M or F/M if they are both (or neither?) beside their names…However, I am fairly certain that females are in the minority here. Some I do know are female are, me, you Nony, Charla, NCM, Aurore, Dee… have I missed anyone?

“5 O’clock shadow” is what is called current male fashion. If only these guys knew how dorky it can make them look..:) Gotta love ’em!

I fail to understand why people think Saldana looks good. She doesn’t.

She used to though.

“…have I missed anyone?”



Man. Does Quinto EVER smile? Ever? Every photo of him looks the same.

19. CmdrR – November 19, 2011

—-Midol doesn’t make it easier to cope with a four-years-in-the-making, got a backseat on the production schedule to Transformers 3, $15 per ticket, probably gonna be more sfx than character moments, still no guarantee of seeing Rand in a sonic shower movie. Sorry. Must be having man cramps.—-

No apology necessary. That is the right way to complain.

Quinto and Pine look like they are ready for “Assignment: Earth” in their picture together!!

Why does Chris Pine always look slightly cross-eyed?

I love ALL the pics of CP, ZQ, AC,JC and ZS! they all look handsome, gorgeous, sexy, dashing, beautiful and good-looking!

#34,Aurore,thanks for thinking about me!! :) Chris looks sexy,God those eyes!! :) And so does ZQ! Don;t care if he’s gay,I’ll always have a cursh on him! ;)

I looked at other photos from this event and pretty much everybody (not just the Trek men) looked really odd. Like GQ hired Diane Arbus to set up the lighting and camera angle.

Props to John Cho, though. Even at his most casual, I’ve never seen him show up to a red carpet looking like he just rolled out of bed.

How could I forget to mention those lovely Pine blue eyes? According to IMDb, those amazing blue eyes of his are one of his defining and notable features.

Cross-eyed? I don’t see it myself, although one of my family thought that he looked slightly cross-eyed in one of the scenes in Star Trek. One eye does close up more than the other sometimes. It is the same with his father, Robert Pine. I guess this happens when they are a bit tired or something. In these photos, Chris Pine would be wearing contact lenses. He’s said that he can’t cope for very long without wearing either lenses or glasses. I think it is similar with Zachary Quinto as well.

Re the male “5 o’clock shadow” fad(?). These guys could quite rightly come back and say that there is nothing wrong with allowing their manly hair to grow naturally, if they want, and of course, they would be right. The only thing that I do request, as a female with smooth, sensitive facial skin, that they use a beard/stubble hair conditioner, so that it can be soft and smooth. Now I realise that Quinto’s natural, hardwired inclinations are not for the female of the species, however this request applies to him as well as Chris and the other guys, because I can see Zach giving a nice lady a friendly peck on the cheeks.

There is a Papz(?) picture taken of Chris Pine not looking the way he looks in these GQ pictures. He really did looked he had fallen out of bed. It was taken of him in what looked like a supermarket. Still, as cute as a button, though…

Edit: looked he had… should be “looked as if he had…”

Sorry, just the memory of that photo distracted me…:)

let me guess it is because ZQ is gay that’s why you people are so filled with hate towards him right? there are tone of pics out there with him smiling so first you all are lying? seriously? WTF? are you are really that homophobic? interesting how all the straight people you all love but the one actor who has ever show any respect to ST fanbase in this new group simply becaude he is gay you all bitch and trash. Pathetic. And spare me the ‘but we love George’ it is easy to love George he plays the queen for tv and isn’t in a lead role NOW. Oh by the way Pine is one of the most sour looking rich boy ever. Most of his pics in Hollywood he is flipping his figure at people or refusing to sign for fans?and you lyng bigots know it, the man is never pleasant or polite even his ex called his difficult so again why do you bigots pretend he is a saint because he is straight while attacking the one cast member they all claim is down to earth and easy oh wait he is gay ever mind

So zack and Chris smoke american spirit cigs LOL

45. amy – Would you kindly point out all that supposed homophobic “bitching and trashing ” on this topic? I don’t see any.

Hey, check this out. In the close up photo of Pine, he looks to have a full head of hair. And yet, in the photo of Pine and Quinto sitting together, check out Pine’s forehead, on the left side up at the top. It looks like it’s receding quite a bit. These photos were taken within seconds of each other at the same event, so how could this be? Any thoughts?

That part of his skull is pushed in a bit, so you can’t see it from the front, only from an angle.

It’s just a protruding forehead shape, both Anton and Saldana have it too.