Happy Treksgiving + Trek Celeb Thanksgiving Tweets + BBC TNG Marathon

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together, share a meal, and give thanks. TrekMovie hopes all those celebrating this day to have a great Thanksgiving. See below for more including Thanksgiving tweets from Trek celebrities, details on a BBC America Star Trek: TNG Marathon. [UPDATED with more Trek celeb tweets]


Happy Treksgiving

Today in addition to being thankful for our friends and family, Trek fans can also give thanks for some recent good news in the world of Star Trek. We finally have movement on the next Star Trek film, which goes into production in two months and has an actual release date: May 17, 2013. We also have recently learned that Star Trek: The Next Generation is going to be released in HD on Blu-ray, starting with a sample pack in early 2012. And of course there are new Trek books, new Trek comics and lots of Trek stuff to keep us occupied. At 45 years old, the Trek franchise is still giving us more.

UPDATED: Trek Celebs Give Thanks

Many Star Trek celebs have taken to Twitter to talk about Thanksgiving. Here is what they had to say. [UPDATED with more tweets]

And while not specifically about Thanksgiving, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof offered also this hopeful tweet about yesterday’s big news.

TNG Marathon on BBC America

Today BBC America is running a Star Trek: The Next Generation Marathon. Here is the schedule:

8:00AM: Ep 26 Redemption, Part 1
9:00AM: Ep 1 Redemption, Part 2
10:00AMOn Now: Ep 2 Darmok
11:00AM: Ep 3 Ensign Ro
12:00PM: Ep 4 Silicon Avatar
1:00PM: Ep 5 Disaster
2:00PM: Ep 6 The Game
3:00PM: Ep 7 Unification – Part 1
4:00PM: Ep 8 Unification – Part 2
5:00PM: Ep 9 A Matter of Time
6:00PM: Ep 10 New Ground
7:00PM: Ep 11 Hero Worship
8:00PM: Ep 12 Violations
9:00PM: Ep 13 The Masterpiece Society
10:00PM: Ep 14 Conundrum
11:00PM: Ep 15 Power Play

12:00AM: Ep 16 Ethics
1:00AM: Ep 17 The Outcast
2:00AM: Ep 18 Cause and Effect
3:00AM: Ep 19 The First Duty
4:00AM: Ep 20 Cost of Living


The future history of Star Trek introduced us to many new holidays, like the Federation’s First Contact Day, the Klingon Day of Honor and the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. However, some current holidays persisted into the future, including the American holiday of Thanksgiving, with its traditional meal.

There are just two recorded instances of Thanksgiving showing up in Star Trek. Part of the episode "Charlie X" takes place on Thanksgiving Day 2266, and Deep Space Nine shows us that at least some families continued celebrating with a Thanksgiving meal in 2372. Clips showing both Trek references below.

Although it is an American holiday, the spirit of Thanksgiving is one that fits well with Star Trek. It celebrates family, and what is every Star Trek crew, but a family? It is also the celebration of cultures coming together and working together, something that is at the core of Gene Roddenberry’s future.

So on this Thanksgiving, wherever you are in the galaxy, we here at TrekMovie wish you a “Happy Treksgiving” (and Thanksgiving too).


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You left out my favorite Star Trek holiday – Captain Picard Day!

We don’t celebrate it in UK but hope you Yanks have a good one … LL&P.

Anyone else find it slightly odd that BBC-Am is playing Star Trek, and SciFi/SyFy is playing James Bond movies?

May 17, 2013.

Aw, man!

Ah well, lots to be Thankful for. Best to all!

Start #3 NOW, so we have a prayer of seeing it for the 50th anniversary.

(Please, I mean, sir. No. Don’t beat me again… No more paaaaain!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I want to be eating at Zachary Quinto’s home – that food looks too nice. I wonder if he will save me a seat. Oh, and of course to say “hi!”

We don’t have Thanksgiving here either. Our closest form occurs on 6 February each year and is a national holiday.

Why isn’t BBC UK showing Star Trek: The Next Generation? Show these kids today a real Sci-Fi show instead of showing the pap they call Doctor Who

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!!! :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yankees out there. I eat a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in your honour.

Don’t forget TOS TREK’s acknowledgement of Thanksgiving in the episode “Charlie X.”

I give thanks for you all. Yes, even you.

Have a great day my American chums.

(Vults, if you are reading this, i’m starting full time in Sales in the New Year. Just found out today. Potentially my earnings could triple. And i get a car. I’m, today particularly, giving thanks for this opportunity at what is a tough time for so many)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, to those of you whose country doesn’t celebrate it, your neighbors across the oceans and land here in the US are Thankful for you too. Cheers!

Damn wish I could fit that TNG marathon into my scedule.
Also I believe you had that video for last year’s thanksgiving article. Or I might be thinking of something else, not sure.


Happy Thanksgiving to the American trekkies on here! ll&p from Canada!

@14. schedule* , I mean.


Cool, Buzz! Congrats!

Happy Thanksgiving from the States, or as Shatner would say,

…. gobble…”


THANKS!!!……… and Happy Thanksgiving…. :-) :-)

My family, my sons, time off. And a batch of jalapeño bites stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Prep time is the hardest, eating is easiest.

I think I realized just recently how important thanksgiving is to me.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Dr Who has been around longer than Star Trek and all the other sci-fi shows. You can’t beat the ultimate time traveller and his trusty blue police box… I mean, Tardis. Sometimes Dr Who has been terrible, other times very good and everything between. Almost like Star Trek really. Plus it is the longest running BBC franchise. What’s not to like?

Go Dr Who! Go Star Trek! (my two favourite sci-fi franchises). Besides, don’t let my daughter hear you call it pap, especially the ones with Matt Smith…:) (Her big red puffle is called Matt Smith) Out of the mouths of babes…You betcha!

The twitter pictures were great. George Takei’s cracked me up.

May your holiday be full of love, joy, turkey, and Star Trek.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Trekkers.

we think i had too much to eat, i think i going to throw up on you !

gags OMG

happy thanksgiving to all who celabrates this fine day

In ZQ’s kitchen, I don’t see a bird, but perhaps that is in the oven, unless he is cooking it Shat-style…:)

#16 thanks mate. I can’t quite believe it to be honest.
I guess it goes to show dreams, sometimes, come true.
I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the FT86! Looking good.

This may be interest you, Vults….


Jezza will be very excited to be in that movie. Its a reboot (sorry, yes, another reboot!) of a much loved 1970’s TV show. I’ve mixed feelings about it but i will be interested to see how it turns out
Here’s a taste of the original show…


Great intro music too.

Yes that video has been shown here before. Think of it as a TrekMovie holiday tradition, like the Charlie Brown special.

Article has been updated with even more tweets from Star Trek celebs, including a look at LeVar Burton’s Thanksgiving table.

Anyway, hope you all had and are having a great Thansgiving. I give thanks to all the readers of this site.


Thanks for putting this site together, Anthony. It’s one of a kind.


And thanks for the links, Buzz. Cool cop show. Kinda ashamed to admit I’d never heard of it before. As for the remake… well, those things can go either way, but at least it has Ray Winstone in it. He’s usually a solid actor. Clarkson on the other hand…. I don’t think he’s acting. ;)

Ray is a good actor but he is playing Jack Regan who was played magnificently by the sadly departed John Thaw. They really are some big boots to fill plus Ray is considerably older than John was.
The Sweeney is up there with Trek as my favourite show. In fact whisper it but i think The Sweeney has its nose ahead.
I’m not really surprised you haven’t heard of it. Its a very ‘British’ show.
I can heartily recommend it though.

Ditto your Trekmovie comments too, Vults. When its on form its the market leader.


It’s the READERS who should thank you, Anthony!



Yep, and this site has been firing on all cylinders lately.
Here’s hoping it keeps up the pace.

Although… I may have to step away at some point. It’s gotten where I want to know as little as possible about upcoming movies. Surprises are nice.


Hear, hear! Just as it’s silly to pit Star Wars against Star Trek, it’s silly to put Star Trek against Doctor Who. Apples & oranges.

I am curious as to why BBC America seems so fixated on Season 5 of TNG.

#29 I know what you mean, Vults, I will also try to avoid too much info. but in these days of the Internet, its almost impossible.
Back in the day I didn’t even know TMP was in production until a matter of weeks before it was released! Hard to believe isn’t it!


Oh wow! Talk about pleasant surprises!

My first big screen Trek was TUC, and I knew next to nothing about it—only I do remember being worried Kirk would die in the movie because the trailer showed him (actually David Bowie’s shapeshifter wife) getting vaporized. Well, it was a big relief to see that it wasn’t the case and our hero sailed off into the sunset…. [ahem]…. only to… uh, die in the next movie. :(

Okay, I knew I didn’t imagine it! Here’s the trailer for TUC:


It’s interesting to see that many of the effects shots weren’t quite finished for the trailer. Also, the editing leads you to believe the Feds and Klingons are in an all-out war!

Ah… 1991….

The voice calling the bridge in the clip of Charlie X is mind other than the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself: Gene Roddenberry.

None other. Damn you spellcheck.

Happy belated American Thanksgiving and Treksgiving! Live long and prosper!

Shot my first Turkey today! Scared the sh*t out the folks in the frozen food section. Sorry….. I thought it was set on stun!


happy treksgiving n black friday thru monday to all—-
n thanx to anthony for acknowleging us we all also gie thanx for trekmovie.com n anthony–we miss yall when u is not around

say anthony werent u gonna change the name of trekmoviie.com? i like its current name fine..



@ 25

Your welcome, Anthony. Thank you for creating a Star Trek site for news and a place where we Trekkers can come together.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, American Trekkies/Trekkers.

FYI, Amazon is selling a complete set of ST:VOY and ST: TNG at 65 percent discount!

I must say that I love, love, love Thanksgiving! I love getting together with family and friends, the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing, and just the fact that it’s part of the most wonderful time of the year (to coin a phrase). It’s great to know that Turkey Day persists to the 24th Century in the Trekverse.

However, I have to say that any logo that features a turkey enjoying the holiday and/or dressed festively as a Pilgrim puzzles me in the same way that I am puzzled by those old Charlie the Tuna commercials. Turkeys must not read what’s on the menu for the occasion. ;-)

Anthony; hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you for bringing the site back online.

I discovered this site in the last year or so. If the recent updates are indicative of what’s to come, then I can see why others here remember so fondly trekmovie’s build up to the last movie.

Hoping to see a similar teaser for the new movie, but instead of the Enterprise under construction a Klingon Cruiser!

We dont celabrate thanksgiving in New Zealand,,however I would like to take this chance to thank Anthony Pascale for this wonderful website that keeps us all in the “star trek loop” ,and also to JJ and the rest of the trek crew that like to vist us here.

Thx guys!

PS, is it too early to say Merry Xmass ??


#33 i remember being similarly, er, surprised i think is the word, at the sight of Kirk being vaporised. I still wonder how McCoy seemed to feel immediately comfortable that the remaining Kirk was the real one, because i wasn’t sure!
Still, it was and still is, a wonderful film. Meyer is a legend. I know we all think that but it does stand repeating.

Nichelle is the only one who’s twitter doesnt have a verified check mark

Buzz, that’s a good point. That reminds me: After all these months, I’m not sure that the Stewey Griffin that remained after one of last season’s episodes was the “real” one.

Which, I suppose, goes to show you: These good-versus-evil twins aren’t always distinguishable by the presence of facial hair after all. (And in the case of Bender Bending Rodriguez, Sr., the opposite may be true….)


Hey, maybe someone should re-edit ST:Generations to show just as “Kirk” dies under that twisted metal at the end… he morphs back into Martia!

Picard steps back with a super confused look on his face—THE END


Anyway, yes, TUC is a great movie. I just wish Meyer had written and directed more Trek films. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, “Final Frontier.”)