Marina Sirtis On Wishing For More Star Trek & New X-Mas Play + New Pix w/ Stewart & Picard

We now know when the next Star Trek movie is coming out, but we still don’t know what it is about. One question is about how much the two films will be tied together. A new comment from producer/director JJ Abrams indicates that the sequel will stand on its own. Details below. 


Sirtis wanted, but doesn’t expect more Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis will soon be appearing on stage as the Wicked Queen in a North Hollywood production of "A Snow White Christmas." In an inteview promoting the show with North Hollywood Patch, the actress talked about her wish (but lack of expectation) to return Star Trek:

PATCH: Would you hope to see a version of The Next Generation in the new Star Trek movies?

SIRTIS: I don’t think that’s going to happen. I would love to because I never wanted the job to end in the first place. This was my job of my life. I loved my seven years on it. I loved doing the four movies that we did, but it’s not going to happen. As we were the young kids who came along after the original Star Trek, now it’s the next next generation and I wish them all the best.

PATCH: So you would have done one more movie?

SIRTIS: I would’ve done 10 more movies.

While she doesn’t expect to return, Sirits hopes she will see a rebooted Star Trek: The Next Generation.

PATCH: What if they cast new actors as the young versions of Troi, Picard and Riker, like they did for Kirk and Spock?

SIRTIS: Exactly. You never know because you’re right, after this spate of movies, they might decide to resurrect The Next Generation with us recast young, which would be amazing. I’d be fascinated to see who they picked to play me younger.

Marina Sirits in 2002’s "Star Trek: Nemesis" – her final Star Trek film appearance

See Sirtis as Evil Queen

"A Snow White Christmas" featuring Marina Sirtis and Neal Patrick Harris opens November 30th at the Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA. More info and tickets at

PHOTOS: Marina and Patrick and Picardo

Here are some new photos of Marina from the last month with some other Star Trek stars.

Marina Sirtis with Patrick Stewart at the launch Of Burberry’s New fragrance "Burberry Body" in Beverly Hills (October 26, 2011) [WireImage – Granitz]

Marina Sirtis with Patrick Stewart at the launch Of Burberry’s New fragrance "Burberry Body" in Beverly Hills (October 26, 2011) [WireImage – Granitz]

Marina Sirtis and Robert Picardo participate at the Comikaze Expo 2011 – Day 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (November 5, 2011) [WireImage – Ortega]



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a new next generaton… hm. why not? if only it is roddenberrys trek – and you know, what i mean, when i say “rodenberrys trek” – … why not? the tng movies could have been much better. not the actors, but the screenplays. they were action-movies. the characters were not the same as in the series. picard was a kind of “schwarzenegger”. terrible! generations was full of plot holes, first contact had the depth of buck rogers. entertaining, but.. well… and insurrection was as good as a 2 part episode on tv. nemesis was better in the way, the characters were a little bit more themselves. except maybe the jeep-chase. in all good things, q says, there will be things to explore, picard just cannot imagine. they NEVER appeared to us! that was frustrating. i vote for a new next gen OR a series a little bit after the next gen, full of conflict AND full of the vision of roddenberry. look at the book – series, they are full of good ideas. better than the most screenplays for the next gen!

Nemesis was not her final Star Trek appearance.
It was the finale of Star Trek Enterprise…

Funny about aging……….Marina has changed considerably, Patrick not at all.

Funny how in that picture with Robert Picardo she could be mistaken for a younger Shohreh Aghdashloo!

They could do a TNG reboot movie and cross it over with Mass Effect.

Sirtis would be a perfect Matriarch Benezia.

TNG reboot movie (if they made it fairly soon – which they aint gonna do)

Picard – Mark Strong

Riker – Brandon Routh

Data – Cillian Murphy

LaForge – Don Chedel

Dr Crusher – Gillian Anderson

Troi – Eva Longoria

Worf – Michael Clarke Duncan

Yar – Ali Larter

Guinan – Halle Berry

Marina as Lwuxana. Wouldn’t that be sci-fi weird…

btw — EVERYONE in these pictures really knows who to wear nice clothes, especially Sir Patrick. Nice to see.

Brent Spiner said Sacha Baron Cohen is his choice for rebooted Data. Though he could be joking. Anyhow, no reason why they couldn’t do a USS Titan series.

if theyd done TNG as a big movie instead of a tv show in 1987:

Sean Connery

Christopher Reeve

Lance Hendikson

Wesley Snipes

Susan Sarandon

Vasquez from ‘Aliens’

Carrie Fisher

River Phonix

Bill Duke

Bill Murray

CBS should do a limited run of new TNG on tv in spring 2013 to hype the movie, say 4 to 12 hours.

Marina looks _fine_.

#10… Unless it was all filmed in front of a green screen there is no way on Earth a ‘limited run” on TV would be at all cost-effective… and if you want to see some green screen-trek just go to one of the YouTube fan-made series… I think there is Scottish one that is particularly awful…

@Khan 2.0 CIllian Murphy as Data? That’s inspired.

Ugh, a TNG remake would be terrible. Its one thing to remake the original Star Trek, and it is made into a movie not a TV show, but to make a TNG reboot, yea its all wishful thinking but honestly I think it would destroy all the popularity Star Trek has gained because of the new movie. Most non trekkers know Kirk and Spock but those people have no idea who Picard and Riker are, MAYBE they know Data. But come on.. what happened to new ideas? Its all just remake after remake after remake.

@2. Richard. Read carefully, it said final Star Trek FILM appearance.

@3. Harry Ballz Oh harry ballz you might just be being sly but its not just aging, Maria has had surgery to attempt to make her look younger which is why she looks so different. Look at Patrick in that pic and go to the first season of TNG, it looks VERY different. But agreed that Patrick has not changed much, he is one of the few celebrities who has aged gracefully. Probably because he does not drink, or smoke, or do any sort of drug, and genetics.

Marina looks great… whatever the reason, she is getting!

:-) :-)

Ugh how about NOT rebooting anymore Trek and giving us new Prime Universe Trek? Star Trek was about moving forward, not going back and repeating the past over and over again. I’d rather see a low budget internet Trek series over anymore of this rebooted JJ-Trek crap.

I’d like to see a TNG reboot someday. Maybe they’ll do it forty years after the last season ended, like they did with TOS…

Anyway, it would be cool.


Did TNG end in 1995? So we can look for the reboot in 2035. Cool beans! : )

I’m sure everyone noticed this, but the suggestion of having the actress who played Vasquez in Aliens playing the rebooted Tasha Yar is a funny one, because Tasha was originally written to be a riff on Vasquez – except back then, her character was called “Macha Hernandez”.

No TNG REBOOT!!! In all honesty TNG was my favourite series, and I don’t want to see it redone. Yes they’ve done it successfully with this new Trek, but I don’t believe it would work the same. I can see where Sirtis is coming from but I don’t think I could stand that. Instead, why can’t Star Trek just move into the future. That’s what a lot of us want to do. It would be nicer to see it to follow in the footsteps of Star Trek Online. Don’t get me wrong, this new timeline is great, and Im enjoying it thus far, but I wanna go post TNG. Hell, it’d be really cool to see movie adaptations of the Destiny Trilogy, (even though there’s no real chance of that), but you get my drift, here. I mean if it came do it, yah Id go see a TNG reboot, because im not going to complain as long as Star Trek is alive. So my whole point here, obviously, is that while this new Trek is breathing new life into the franchise, its still just a reboot. New lifeshould really come in the form of a brand new story, with a a brand new future. But JJ is doing great job on the new timeline, so im happy either way.

I really liked next Gen. Not the movies so much but it was great television.

Unfortunately i just don’t think there would be a demand for the return of the next gen crew.

Most non trekkies (is there a trek equivalent of the word muggle’s for non trekkies?) still think of captain Kirk and Mr Spock when they think of Star Trek.

That in itself is an amazing testament to the power of those two characters over the imagination of millions of people around the world when by rights most should be thinking Picard and Data being so much more recent.

That’s no disrespect. People love Star Wars but no one is marching the streets demanding to see Mark Hamil wear the bath robe again.

Well, I think if they were going to reboot “The Next Generation”, it would be done on the small screen. It was an ensemble show. However, I don’t think we are ever going to see the TNG crew again. A new series will feature an entirely new crew, and the movies will be restricted to the TOS characters.

I don’t think it comes down to the mainstream not knowing who Captain Picard is. TNG is still shown a lot on television, and there are references to the show by shows such as “Family Guy” and “Big Bang Theory”.

I just don’t know what more can be done with these characters, even in the new timeline. TOS lasted only three seasons and six movies, so there was more to work with with those characters.

But, in a way, we’re already getting a “reboot” of TNG…….on glorious HD Blu Ray! Can’t wait for that!

Marina looks fabulous (a word I use sparingly and deservedly)!!!!

Marina even reminds me of Kate Bush (or is it the other way around?), who also is quite lovely!

Remembering that Kirk was sad that there was only meatloaf onboard, not turkey on Thanksgiving Day on the episode “Charlie X.”

May you all have your meal of choice today…. Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone…

The movies should strictly stick with the TOS crew (changing actors over the years). There were other spinoffs besides TNG, and now TNG is just another one of those.

Even though I like TNG as much as TOS, TOS is the original and most iconic series.

BTW, I recently saw Levar Burton giving a lecture appearance at the University of Illinois about the impact of the written word. Naturally, the subject of Reading Rainbow, Roots and Star Trek came up during the Q&A.

I’ve never seen RR, but its impact was quite evident when the audience asked Mr. Burton about books.

Levar is a very captivating speaker. AND like Marina, he looked (looks) great!!!

I still maintain that most of the cast could return for a TNG movie… I don’t care if that’s crazy of me.

Seriously, just imagine. Everyone is older and has moved on in their careers. The Enterprise is due to be decomissioned… then suddenly, Q shows up… there’s some manner of Q-ness… the crew is somehow brought back together… yadda yadda yadda… the end.

It’s not too descript, but I can totally see a good writer being able to make the pieces fit to make a proper TNG finale over the garbage that was Nemesis.

They could continue TNG in animated form. This would allow them to use the original actors without worrying about anyone being “too old”.

@19 – Not to mention the actress, Jeanette Goldstein, is now 51 years old. A bit old for a kick-butt security officer like Tasha/Macha these days…

Besides, she’s already been in STAR TREK: she was the communications officer of the Enterprise-B in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS.

Well, McHales Navy got the big screen treatment, so anything is possible, I suppose. I would not mind seeing Marina in the next movie, but not performing in any way that would hint at the Troi character….


How about no?

Marina looks very nice and yes, a suit that actually fits the guy, ie Patrick Stewart. Somehow the double breasted jacket always does more for the wearer than a single one.

I am not opposed necessarily to TNG getting the same treatment as TOS is getting now. It depends on how it is done. Anyway, that is for the future, maybe. It is best to allow the team to concentrate on doing a grand sequel with those TOS characters using the great, talented cast of new, younger actors, without unnecessary distractions.

Unless it is Bob Orci taking time to puffle hunt for my Pine/Kirk and Quinto/Spock!

@5 Marina Sirtis did play Matriarch Benezia in Mass Effect!

I would love to see more Prime Trek. With all of the Trek fans I can’t imagine why Direct to DVD would not work if CBS priced it right.


Actually, I’d say there are plenty of people who know who Picard and Riker are. You’re forgetting the popularity TNG enjoyed while it was on air. It had 20-30 million viewers per episode. A show nowadays would kill for those ratings. I’d say we’re moving into a generation that probably has seen more episodes of TNG than TOS, much like the current creative team on the Star Trek films.

@6. Cillian Murphey as Data actually seems like a brilliant idea! (to me)

The guy who played Loki in “Thor” has a striking similar appearance to a young Brent Spiner.

Also, I think if CBS isn’t interested in doing a new series right now, maybe they can go the DC/Warner Bros. route and put out a direct-to-dvd/Blu Ray animated movie featuring some of the other casts, including TNG.
A couple of them a year would suffice, I think.

Who knows, maybe someone can do a proper Kirk/Picard adventure?

“The guy who played Loki in “Thor” has a striking similar appearance to a young Brent Spiner.”

Agreed!!! I kept thinking that all through Thor…LOL!!



I personally hope CBS would launch a new “Star Trek” television series that may be set post-Nemesis.

#6 Khan I like your selection! No Yar or Guinan

@ 39 Hear’s hoping mate!

TNG will be rebooted eventually. Why? Because of brand recognition, and because the studio is going to want people to continue buying old TNG in some form. What better way than to create a new TNG and keep the interest going? I give it at least 15 years, but it will happen.

Some people have mentioned that they should make a TV movie or mini-series using Patrick Stewart and the original TNG cast. I think that would be a great idea. Even as TV movies, they would sell amazing well on DVD, as well as on channels like Netflix. I would suggest they make two movies to wrapp the series, and have Q in the last one to wrap it up. Any new bridge they designed for the movie could be reused as the bridge of a new series.

It would probably take someone like Seth MacFarlane to make this happen, but it could be great..

no reason to reboot tng–i would prefer new series n characters–marina looks beautiful as usual she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet–maybe looks a lil diff from normal aging—or and not being madeup with makeup–


Cillian Murphy as Data? I love that idea!

Star Trek: The Next Regeneration 2012

Picard: Data, what’s happened to you?

Data: I have adjusted my heuristic systems to give the appearance of aging. I have added gray hair, thinned that hair, and added enormous bags under my eyes.

Picard: Interesing. And you, Counselor. You don’t look the same as I remember.

Troi: It is normal for Betazoid women approaching their menopausal phase to enhanse their appearance —

Worf: Their rack.

Troi: — their appearance, to inspire ardour in a chosen m’zadi… or m’zadies.

Worf: Threeway.

Picard: And you, Number One? What’s happened?

Riker: I got old and fat.

**en fin**

Hope everyone knows that the above is a loving jest.
No Trekkie’s butt has embiggened more than my own over the past few decades.

@Khan 2.0 I love that cast you came up with for the reboot and an alternative movie cast. Can’t disagree with any of them.
Would rather see trek move on instead of rehashing original ideas though. But in the state the world is in fanancially it’d be too much of a risk in the eyes of studio heads I fear. So the shallow JJ Abrams trek is all i can see happening for now. Great shame.

All good things, as they say :-(

Ah 11. bgdrewsif I’m pretty sure you can find more awful than us, but thanks for the classy comment. :)

Marina is always such a joy! She has always treated the fans to fantastic behind the scenes stories when she attends conventions. I worked on the Paramount lot during the filming of “First Contact” and heard nothing but good things about her. She was always very kind to the others working on the show, whether they were on the crew, or just in the background. I hope that she has a successful career!