Watch: Jeri Ryan Talks Stalkers and Star Trek Conventions on ‘Kimmel’

It wasn’t until recently that Star Trek Voyager’s Borg babe Jeri Ryan started to do more Star Trek convention appearances. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live the actress explained that this was due to issues with security and stalkers. Watch it below.


Ryan talks Star Trek stalkers

When appearing last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri Ryan talked about how it was only until recently that she could appear at Star Trek conventions. She explained it was due to stalkers:

Ryan: I couldn’t do [Star Trek conventions] for quite a few years because I had some stalker issues. But now they have beefed up the security for me. So they are actually really fun.

Kimmel: They set their phasers to kill. Oh wow you had Star Trek stalkers.

Ryan: Well two actual stalkers.

Kimmel: So now you go?

Ryan: You go and talk on stage and answer questions. And the fans are so passionate and so loyal and good people and it is fun to interact with them.

Watch the full interview in two parts. [Star Trek discussion starts at 0:40 in part 2]

In 2001 Marlon Estacio Pagtakhan was convicted of stalking Ryan. He was later released and arrested again in 2007 in Burlingame, CA for cyber-stalking members of a wrestling club.


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Jerri, I’m sorry there are Star Trek stalkers, assuming the stalkers are Star Trek fans. I’ll admit I was not a fan of the Chakotay-Seven romance. I was rooting for Harry! :-) Anyway, your addition to Voyager worked. Your Borg character added to the rich heritage of Star Trek. We learned about humanity and the Borg. Thanks.

Anthony Thompson

I remember how Trekmovie originally had a “Celebrity Stalker” feature. Then it was quickly changed to Celebrity Watch. Perhaps after some negative feedback from Star Trek celbs? LOL!

Jeri is showing her age a little bit.


Borg babe!


“Jerri, I’m sorry there are Star Trek stalkers, assuming the stalkers are Star Trek fans. I’ll admit I was not a fan of the Chakotay-Seven romance. I was rooting for Harry! :-) ”

Oh great – now we’re going to get buried in Chakotay / Kim slash fiction….


LOL @ “Star Trek Stalkers”.

But seriously… strange stuff.


Hermosa Mujer….:)

David Jones/790

She was also in Dark Skies!

@ 4

I’m confused, are you saying that some of us want Chakotay and Harry to get together Sulu style? Hey, I’ve watched enough Voyager. Harry was always going after the women.

David no longer in Maine

I remember that Pagtakhan guy. He used to post nonsensical rants on Usenet under a variety of pseudonyms that were mostly based on his name. He would cross post them to a bunch of unrelated newsgroups. I remember seeing them on Star Trek and Soundgarden newsgroups, but they were also crossposted to wrestling and religion newsgroups. Some of his stuff was about Ms. Ryan, but most of it seemed to be about religion. He seemed to be most of all upset that he had been circumcised. People would complain to his account providers, and they would shut down his account for violating their terms of service, but he would soon be back with a new account. His posts didn’t stop until he was arrested.

Yeah, where’s Harry?


And she’s still hot…


Jeri’s still cute, but she needs to tone down the makeup a bit.

She’s starting to get that Joan Crawford look!!


@11: Agreed. She seems to be quite the rambunctious individual to boot ;)


@11 and 13…uhh, no. Too cougar-ish for me.


I met this one weird-o at a convention that stalked the girl that played the daughter in the old Bewitched show. He looked like a stereo-type of a stalker: out of shape and actually wore a white leisure suit. She was there signing autographs and gave her a rose and wouldn’t leave her alone. She told me he was harmless but he was freakin me out.

I must admit i do check her pictures from voyager on the internet. I confess.


I met her at a pride parade in Los Angeles several years ago. She was very nice to all of us. So glad that she’s still working!

She’s still one glamourous lady.

Yeah, I don’t understand the whole stalking thing. Me, there are a couple of Star Trek cast members I’ve always wanted to meet, ask a question, get an autograph but I can’t exact afford to go jetting across the Atlantic all that often!


Love her! Seven was easily one of the best characters on Voyager. And the nicest to look at. And I’m not even in her target demographic.


She is awesome. She is a very memorable character. But to stalk her thats very creepy I would think most star trek fans would have respect and not invade her like this. Maybe its the MortalKombat fans. lol J/K.

Lt. Bailey

It was great to see her at the ST con in 2010 at the LV Hilton. But I do have to say that she did have tight security when you got a photo op or autograph. Only a few people allowed in at a time and dark suited security guards holding IPADs with photos of her stalkers. No one was allowed in in costume if you wore a mask or make up.

Other than all that, she was very pleasant to speak with and always joking around with the fans in line. I hope to see her again at a Las Vegas Con.


Glad they got the security figured out for her. You have to admit that while she talks about the loyalty of the fans, she is showing a lot of loyalty back just by appearing at conventions. I admire that.

Hope she keeps working and finally finds a good TV vehicle so we can see her more often. Really enjoyed her stint on Leverage. She really has range: sci-fi to comedy to drama. She can play about anything.


Kim and Chakotay? Nah, it was Kim and Paris.

Radioactive Spock

Holy smokes! She’s seriously hotter than ever! Resisted her introduction to Voyager, but she’s a class act and Seven of Nine ended up being a deeper character than I expected. A fine addition.

Keachick - rose pinenut

Seven of Nine was a great character – beautiful and intelligent!

I believe that there is an entire section of the LAPD – Hollywood that deals with the problems that actors/celebrities can have with stalkers and one or two of these stalkers have turned out to not be as harmless as one might think. How is Jeri Ryan or any other person in her position supposed to know for sure? Freaky stuff.



While I certainly enjoyed her character on the otherwise poorly executed Voyager and she is a fine enough actress, it is fascinating to me the differences we all have in what we each consider “hot” or “not.” :) . I just never found Ms. Ryan to be very physically attractive, and even less so from the video here. The overdone blue eye makeup in particular is just not very becoming…

From the various major female Trek cast members, give me Nichelle BITD, or Terry Farrel, or even more currently Linda Park…all much “hotter” than Ms. Ryan in my book…

But again…just my opinion…everyone is different…and again, as an actress and a person, she appears to be very genuine and good-hearted.

Although I have to say I will never understand how she could date Brannon Braga, though, even for a time…he who I hold primarily responsible for Trek’s indisputable decline in the late 90’s to early 2000’s through tired, lazy writing and an inability to know when it was time to move on and let someone else take the reigns (as evidenced by the huge jump in quality that Enterprise took when Manny Coto took over). But I digress… :)

Glad that the stalker business is on the wane for her…what a shame that such nutjobs are out there that ruin it for everyone. Didn’t Will Wheaton have a similar problem?


Bunch of BS, she felt she was too good to do con, and that she is not working…the cons are great to go to!

Charley W

She still looks fantastic, but JKL’s make-up people did her no favors. And whoever picked that dress should be shot for Crimes Against Humanity.


Jim Nightshade

yeh wil wheaton does have a similar problem…this nerdy physisist guy named sheldon cooper hahah….

Radioactive Spock

#26. I agree with most of what you said actually. Linda Park was probably the one I found most attractive of all of the Trek women, though in some later episodes of Enterprise, I very nearly fell in love with the character of T’Pol, particularly when she would lose control of her emotions. Sometimes Blalock would bring tears to my eyes with her portrayal of a Vulcan on the brink of an emotional outburst.

I may have poorly chosen my words. In fact, I never found the character of Seven of Nine to be particularly attractive. Her outfits gave her body a strange shape and made her a “too well endowed” look that seemed too fake. I also hated her hair. In the above clips I just like that she doesn’t look like her outfit and appearance were chosen by the wardrobe department of some campy 70’s tv show. Seems more real.


I love Jeri Ryan. Having said that, I was not always a fan of her character. It’s very very tough to portray a character with limited emotions. Nimoy knocked it out of the ballpark with Spock. Then, Mark Lenard came along and did so well we thought it was easy. THEN, we got a string of Vulcans and other non-emotional characters in Trek who — I’m sorry — just came off as bored and possibly pissed off to be wasting time with humans. Tuvak comes to mind, as does Seven.

Anyway — you stalk this lady and we cross swords (real ones, not light sabre toys!) Be warned, o jerks of the world.


That ol’ dog Shatner says it to every Trek actress, but Jeri Ryan really is the most beautiful of the Trek main cast members.


She is a hottie Id love to bang the blond out of her :)