Complete Star Trek IV Score CD Announced

To mark this year’s 25th anniversary of the release of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Intrada has just announced the upcoming release of the complete score of the film, including previously unreleased cues, alternative cues, new liner notes and more. See below for details.


Complete Score of Star Trek IV coming soon

Intrada has announced they will be releasing  Leonard Rosenman’s complete score to the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. While a soundtrack was released back in 1986, this new CD will be the first complete score. For this release, Intrada worked from the original session masters housed at Paramount, reassembling the complete score in film order. This presentation also includes numerous bonus tracks, and alternates including the an alternate version of the "Main Title" using an arrangement of Alexander Courage’s classic Star Trek theme.

From the official description:

Complete Intrada CD restoration offers full score with previously unreleased cues, versions appearing on 1986 MCA album plus several alternates including Rosenman’s unused take on famous Alexander Courage TV theme. Fun to hear Rosenman’s own signature brass "pyramid" at climax of Courage’s melody! CD even includes wild "I Hate You" by Kirk Thatcher, Mark Mangini that annoys Star Trek crew on San Francsico bus ride. Production by Lukas Kendall, mix & assembly by Mike Matessino plus definitive liner notes by Jeff Bond round out stellar package, itself designed by Joe Sikoryak to comfortably fit in with other STAR TREK feature soundtrack restorations. Leonard Rosenman conducts.


Track list:

01. Logo/Main Title† 2:52 Hear This Track
02. Starfleet Command/On Vulcan/
Spock/Ten Seconds of Tension 1:40 Hear This Track
03. The Probe 1:16
04. The Probe—Transition/The Take-Off/
Menace of the Probe/Clouds and Water/Crew Stunned 3:08 Hear This Track
05. Time Travel 1:28
06. Market Street* 4:38
07. In San Francisco 2:01
08. Chekov’s Run 1:21 Hear This Track
09. Gillian Seeks Kirk 2:42
10. Hospital Chase 1:14
11. The Whaler 2:00 Hear This Track
12. Crash/Whale Fugue 8:38
13. Kirk Freed 0:44
14. Home Again†/End Credits 5:39 Hear This Track
Total Score Time: 40:06

15. Ballad of the Whale* 4:59
16. Main Title† (alternate) 2:56 Hear This Track
17. Time Travel (alternate) 1:29
18. Chekov’s Run (album ending) 1:19
19. The Whaler (alternate) 2:05
20. Crash/Whale Fugue (album track) 8:15
21. Home Again† and End Credits (alternate) 5:16
22. Main Title† (album track) 2:40
23. Whale Fugue (alternate) 1:05
24. I Hate You** (contains explicit lyrics) 1:59
Total Extras Time: 32:32

The complete Star Trek IV score comes out later in December. You can listen to sample clips and order yours at

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Excellent! I love this music!

I hate you … Great! Now I finally have a reason to get on a bus …

I was just wondering if this score would be released in its entirety a couple of hours ago. Weird timing. This is definitely going on my wish list.

It fits the movie’s tone well enough. But compared to the epic Horner and Goldsmith scores that preceded it- bigtime letdown…

It seems that Paramount have been opening their vaults to labels for definitive releases as part of an ongoing series.

We have Trek II, Trek III, Trek IV, and Trek V so far.

The other two titles for the TOS crew movies are Trek I and Trek VI, and I suspect we may see either one or both in 2012.

I sincerely hope so.

A word of advice. Never use “Chekov’s Run” as the soundtrack to your morning workout. Always ends badly. :)

Rosenman’s take on the Alexander Courage theme is really something to behold. Instead the film ended up with a theme that sounds a bit like festive Christmas music. This is probably my least favorite soundtrack of all the TOS-era movies, but it still has some outstanding musical cues.

Anyone else think it would’ve been cool if Abrams had worked the “I Hate You” song into young Kirk’s joyride in Trek ’09?

Ha! I did a youtube search and it looks like someone had the same idea:

Never cared for this score. It just didn’t fit The movie.

this was one of the only scores I didn’t care for at all


That would’ve been awesome!

Not a Leonard Rosenman fan, but this one is better than most of his…I would say it’s his best, IMHO!! But — nowhere near on the level of ST:TMP or TWOK.


Not my fave Trek score either, but it does have a few fun cues and definitely suits the lighthearted nature of the film.

how about some GOD DAMNED sci fi movie news???

…please, no sci fi movie news for awhile….just because it’s fun watching Captain Ransom get edgy! lol

Well, this leaves only one Trek film not to have a complete score available: Generations. Which I am afraid is going to be a long damn wait (Its worth noting that Undiscovered Country, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis all have featured bootleg complete score releases)

I’d like to see the others get a full release as well, but Generations really stands out as an omission, especially considering the entire middle arc of the film is just left out. (The score essentially skips from the Enterprise B sequence to Veridian III)

Wow, the alternate Main Theme is so vastly superior to what was used… the one used in the film was so “Christmas at Macy’s”ish…. Wish they had used the alternate cue… so good. Might buy the album just for that.

Yawwwnnn. Unless there are some kind of extras included with the score, this is kind of snoozefest.
At least the score of ST: TMP was released as a two-disc special edition that had a second disc called “Inside Star Trek,” not to be confused with the Herb Solow/Bob Justman book of the same name.
On that disc, we got to hear Gene Roddenberry interview everyone except Leonard Nimoy. Mark Lenard was interviewed in character as Sarak, though.

What was most fascinating about this disc, though, was Gene Roddenberry’s admission that he really didn’t quit Star Trek in the third season because of principle, i.e. NBC calling his bluff about the Friday vs. Monday time slot. He admits, in his own words, that he quit Star Trek because of profound fatigue. I don’t know if it was psychological or medical or both. The way he says it, it sounds like both.

Now if director Leonard Nimoy would dish some dirt on a bonus disc about ST IV: TVH, then I’d certainly buy it (for a dollar.)

“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. The first and (so far, at least) the only Trek film or episode to feature a Giant Space Log.

Anyway, the score by Leonard Rosenman is easily the cheesiest, and worst, of the Trek film scores. Better than the music from TNG-ENT, but just barely.

Still might make an interesting purchase. Plus I do have the expanded scores to II, III, and V, so maybe I should just pick it up anyway to complete the collection.

Parts of the score are good and parts are definitely not but on the whole it is pretty average. The Hospital Chase track was a direct rip off from the Overture to Candide. Though to be fair, directors often use “temp” tracks to illustrate to a composer what type of sound they want for a particular cue. Ths is almost always a death senctence to any type of creativity a composer might bring to bear on a such a scene. Once you get see a scene with a certain piece of music and know that it is what the director wants, it is hard to write anything but a rehash of the temp track.

This soundtrack always reminded me of the original Lord of the Rings soundtrack (the Ralph Bakshi vershion). The main themes were very similar. (Rosenman wrote that score as well)

I hope we see an expanded score release for Undiscovered Country. We basically had an expanded score for TMP already. Although I would love to get the missing Capt. Log cues.

Can’t wait. Got the other extended edition soundtracks. Gotta get this one, too (even if the main title sounds a wee bit too much like Rosenman’s earlier 1978 “Lord of the Rings” score). It’s actually a nice, easy-on-the-ears soundtrack for the most part.

I hope the whale fugue actually includes the whale song used in the movie as well. And I am very intrigued by Rosenman’s cover of the TOS Alexander Courage theme…

I have the other extended/expanded versions. I like them.

If I bought this one I’d never listen to it.

Such an odd score compared to the epicness of Goldsmith and Horner, but it’s certainly has its moments. And the main theme just makes me smile when I hear it — it’s like my favorite non-Christmas Christmas song. :)

@23: Oh hell yes, the TUC score was so creepy and awesome in equal measures!

I enjoyed the Star Trek IV’s score. Heroic themes. Interesting use of a fugue. The lines may represent the whales. And nice use of fourths. According to Memory Alpha, the punk rock song on the bus was written for the movie. Link The lyrics are anit-Roddenberry.

“Just where is our future, the things we’ve done and said!
Let’s just push the button, we’d be better off dead! …”

It’s interesting because our men from the future stop that message with a Vulcan neck pinch. And Roddenberry’s message of optimism prevails.

We don’t quite have the COMPLETE Star Trek: TMP score yet; the 20th anniversary Disc 1 runs approximately 64-65 minutes, whereas a fan’s “Deluxe Edition” release actually contains about 20 more minutes (including the couple of snippets of Courage’s original TOS theme, actually arranged/orchestrated by Courage himself(?)).

I suspect we’ll get a VI expanded score release before long, but the powers that be may figure the 1999 release was “good enough”…


“The only question is: HOW MANY MEGATONS?!!!”

I was working in a sign shop a few years ago, and a fellow Trekkie coworker and I would sing “I Hate You” after dealing with a rude customer. It can be surprisingly cathartic, that song.

Worth it just for “I hate you.”

I have very fond memories of this movie – but the score is terrible.

I seemed to have noticed with these soundtracks, they use the film’s teaser poster art for the cover and the theatrical poster for the remastered, complete score.

29 – I just hope when they release the complete score of VI, it has the film version’s End Credits. The one on the original soundtrack was longer.

In the last third of the VI’s End Credits, when they reprise the Main Titles’ music, they start from the faster pace. But on the original CD, they started from the very start. The “Symphonic Star Trek” album had the End Credits as heard in the film.

sure, the soundtrack is a lot different than the other scores..the movie, itself is a lot different than the other films, too. But, I still enjoy the original soundtracks I have of it (cassette AND recently bought CD).

I have yet to buy any of the other re-mastered box set type soundtrack albums of any of the Trek movies (or any other soundtrack lately). But, this one isn’t all that expensive, so it might be worth it just for hell of it. Besides, former ILM’er/punk on bus/associate producer, Kirk Thatcher probably wouldn’t mind their 2 cent royalty check.

Why don’t you get your albums tru iTunes ??? I would get all of them tru iTunes … I don’t wan’t to buy a CD, more plastic and stuff I dont need !

Go digital guys … go to iTunes !!

I believe Leonard Rosenbaum also did Beneath the Planet of the Apes soundtrack( or one of Apes movies) and you can definitely hear that in TVH soundtrack

LOL! I do like this soundtrack, you don’t. That’s O.K. But saying it didn’t fit the film is hilarious…

This will be great next to my remastered 2, 3, and 5 soundtracks! bring on the rest!!

~ 5 ~ ONEBUCKFILMS: Star Trek I remastered soundtrack was released almost 2 to 3 years ago. Star Trek I, II, III, IV, V are already out. Star Trek VI will be the final one unless paramount decides to pick up on Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis.

# 26 CarlG

I still remember seeing ST4 during the holiday season 25 years ago (for my sister and I it felt like an early Christmas present), and for some strange reason it still kind of evokes Christmas for me as well. Thought I was the only one…. ;-)

^#39 –

Sony released the expanded ST: TMP album in 1999. However, it isn’t complete – there are at least 20 minutes of additional material plus another 20+ minutes of alternate cues, including two cues in the film that are different from their counterparts on the album.

Cringingly bad. I’ll pass.

YES! the star trek Christmas album is finally here! ding dong ding dong ding is that the sound of Christmas bells i hear?!

no its the opening to THE VOYAGE HOME main title!

i love it – the main theme makes me want to go out and scream MERRY CHRISTMAS!! to all of humanity

wasnt TVH out at xmas? – maybe thats why they wanted a christmasy theme

Track #24 is just in time for all the holiday drama!

In my humble opinion, this was the worst score of all the films. The main theme just didn’t have enough gravitas. Too whimsical.

The best release of this score would be 72 minutes of silence. Will make for an excellent frisbee though.

While certainly not the best score of the franchise, it does help the movie itself stand out more amongst all the others. And given the dark serious tones of those films, that can be important. It just sounds like the score to a good day.

It’s a purchase for me.

wow. Didn’t realize there were so many expert music critics out there. Love this movie as a one off comedy STAR TREK and think the music for it is just right. I will be buying this CD because I like it and I’m a STAR TREK fan unlike most ‘trekkies’ who are just haters.

I was pleasantly surprised by Rosenman’s take on the Courage Theme. It really made me smile as it, like the latest score, takes the original theme out of the 60’s club feel and gives it a more majestic tone. The Voyage IV score has always been my least favorite, due to the ‘circus/Christmas’ opening theme which really just puts you off of it from the very beginning. Had they used this alternate take, I think the rest of the score would not have come off as badly as it did.

You guys do realize the music was meant to be whimsical because… the movie was whimsical, right? I think Nimoy said that was the intent, since the previous movies had been so serious.