TrekIn2011: Best Star Trek Viral Videos

Star Trek may be off the air on TV and in between movies, but the franchise still shows up on TV and especially on the Internet. Today we take a look at the best in Star Trek-related viral videos from Trek celebrities, TV shows and the fans. Check them all out below.



Best Trek celebrity viral – Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song"

The original Spock as you have never seen him before.

Best Trek celebrity talk show appearance – Simon Pegg Trek Trivia with Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks talks Star Trek trivia with Simon Pegg on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show.

Best Star Trek cameos – Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner on Big Bang Theory

On the episode “The Russian Rocket Reaction” Wil Wheaton returned to The Big Bang Theory, again playing himself and this time he brought along his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Brent Spiner. Watch it via YouTube.

Best Product Promotion – "Yoo are Mr. Spock"

This video with actor Jay Baruchel was to demonstrate what you can do with Yoostar 2.

Best Star Trek reference in Film/TV – Parks and Recreation analyzes JJ Abrams ST sequel

In the episode "Born and Raised" Ben Wyatt is asked to "talk nerdy" and discuss Star Trek, and he does so rather well. (go to 14:00 minute mark)

Best Star Trek meeting politics (from the right): Glen Beck talks about Star Trek

In March former Fox host Glen Beck talked about good and evil using Star Trek.

Best Star Trek meeting politics (from the left): President Obama talks Star Trek

President Barack Obama mentions Star Trek in remarks on the National Wireless Initiative in Marquette, Michigan. Northern Michigan University
Marquette, Michigan in February.

Best Webseries – "Transolar Galactica"

While the name is evokative of Battlestar Galactica, the "Transolar Galactica" series is a straight Star Trek spoof, complete with over-abundant lens flares. Here is episode 1 (more at

NOTE: Contains adult language

Best Fan Film vignette/short – Phase II "new vs original" featurette

James Cawley and his Star Trek: Phase II fan film team had a little fun this year with the original Enterprise and the new movie Enterprise.

Best vintage fan film – "My College Star Trek Production from 1971"

Earlier this year Trek fan Ray Glasser (now 63) found and released this old video he made in 1971, making it possibly one of the first Star Trek fan films.


Best fan mashup/edit – TNG Recut 125 The Worst of Both Worlds

While Star Trek v Star Wars is a common choice for mashups, prolific editor GeneralGrin’s "Worst of Both Worlds) (his 125th TNG mashup) is very impressive.

Best Hitler video – Third Reich meets First Contact

The Internet is so rife with "Hitler" videos taken from the film Downfall, that they deserve their own category. YouTuber Sbrenn went beyond just adding subtitles and took it to the next stage by dubbing dialog from Star Trek: First Contact which strangely fits into the now famous scene.

Best fan music video/mashup – "Star Trek Captain Picard Single Ladies"

Dawn Hancock took the Beyonce song "Single Ladies" and created a music video with Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures.

Best fan tribute video – Captain Sisko yells at everyone

YouTuber Kickintheheadcomic put together an awesome video compilation of The Sisko getting angry and angrier.

That’s it for 2011

Our look back at 2011 is done, TrekMovie is now looking forward to 2012. Have a happy new year.


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Lol love angry Sisko. And can someone please give Tom Hanks at least a cameo in the next Star Trek movie. The man is a huge Trek fan and advocate for space exploration. Looking forward to all the movie news coming 2012!

Did you forget Ralph Millers rendition of Pres. Nixion’s whitehouse tapes????
Then you have the Klingon Dance Off…

The Transolar Galactica stuff is pretty funny. They have a total of six episodes produced to-date (

I’ve also enjoyed the Troopers series (featuring Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza) on College Humor ( Very funny stuff.

Thanks for everything this past year, Anthony. Hope you and the team at Trek Movie have a banner year in 2012.


I wish that mash up had more of a story to it, but still some good splicing by the editor none the less.

My fav is still the Kirk versus Picard video from a few years back.

would it not have better to have had shatner and nimoy original series footage in that timeline repair skit? im sure there must be footage of spock going ‘time line repared’ or something similar and kirk doing the fist thing

know its just a little thing for Phase II but wouldve worked better with original K&S

These are really fun. Thank you for putting them together for posting. It also reinforces a previous posting of mine at how much interest there would be in some great behind the scene, making-of material on the upcoming Star Trek film.
P.S. Isn’t Obama one of the coolest, most intelligent, president’s ever?

@7, no, re Obama.

He seems like a nice guy bot comes off as incompetent which is never cool.

That may sound ironic given my spelling in the previous post but it is true nonetheless.

I wonder if Glenn Beck has been institutionalized yet? : D


Obama is incompetent? Then I suppose you believe that Dubya and the current crop of GOP losers and loonies ARE competent?

William Shatner frying a turkey didn’t make the cut? That was my favorite of 2011!!!

I just stumbled on this bit ‘o awesomeness. Bob Orci shows us how to make gel fuel!!!


As Anthony is apparently absent:


Absolutely love the vids :)

Great video of Nimoy , Blaze long and stupor.

18. Give me TOS, or Give me Death
Well said.

Happy New Year all :)

22. Romulus

You heard Pah Wraith! Keep this free of politics! : )


“I smell bacon, I smell pork! Run little Star Piggie, ’cause I’ve got a fork!”

And everybody else, knock it off with the politics!

Well, here’s a recent addition to the STAR TREK: PHASE II category…

This is a video I created, inspired by STAR TREK: PHASE II, as a “Stocking Stuffer” for the fans to enjoy in-between regular episodes.

First, Happy New Year. Second, loved the Lazy Song with Leonard Nimoy. Third, it may not be viral but for your consideration, how about “What’s in Spock’s Scanner?” which is Damon Lindelof approved.


Neat! Thanks for sharing!

Oops, forgot to add Part 2, “What’s in Spock’s Scanner.”

Stop the partisan attacks future partisan bs will result in bans

GeneralGrin referenced on a mainstream Trek site… awesome. If you don’t like General Grin, maybe you should transfer to a transport ship… there’s a lot less pressure there.

Star Trek Dance off

Star Trek Dance off

“Angry Sisko” rocks!

Can we get an “Incompetant Janeway” next?

I forgot Spock pees too

Best Trek celebrity viral – Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song”


THanks TM! ANd Leonard too! Retired my ass.

I really LOLed at the Hitler vid! I watch those all the time on YouTube,so funny!!

What’s in Spock’s scanner Part 2

LOL! I laughed for 5 mins… Very good!

Sigh……Serenity now…..

Dear God, yelling Sisko is MAGNIFICENT. I have to get back into DS9…

19. Pony R. Horton

That was FANTASTIC!!!! Really Awesome AAA+++!!!

Okay, Sisko angry only shows off the melodramatic side of Trek. Makes one wonder how the actors can deliver that dialog each episode, year after year.

No “Star Trek Girl”?

38. alt-spock

That’s a VERY good point. How soon they forget!

I think Angry Sisko could easily be the best DS9 episode ever made. :-)
Well done!

Is Anthony Thompson a moderator?
that’s the second person he has warned on this thread.


Anthony Pascale is the site owner/runner.

He prefers to keep things civil.

He is at Festival. As you should be.

2011 was the 10th Anniversary of Star Trek: Enterprise…

about which, I put this little something together for – –

I know of TWO fan films older than Ray Glasser’s,

Star Trek: The 8mm Movie from 1967: (2:59). No plot. Sound is music added later.

Jr. Star Trek from 1969: (OK, they were wrong about this one being the oldest one ever…)

(For a selection of more Star Trek Fan Films from the 1960s and 1970s see )

Angry Sisko is even better with the snow option. :)

@ 41

Christopher Roberts, that was well done. And that Patch Adams song grows on me though I still wish Enterprise would get rid of it as the theme song. Commodore Mike would love the Mirror collage from Enterprise. Anyway, it was a great show and the only part of Star Trek that exists in both universes.

@ 36

First, Alt-Spock are you dating Chapel? :-) Yeah, let’s find Star Trek Girl. But Meekakitty seems to have made the video private. Huh? Anyway some others have saved it and put it back on YouTube. Love her R rolling or is that purring where she invites listeners to tell her their favorite shows. Sorry Christopher Roberts, she hates “Enterprise.”

Bonus, somebody caught her singing “Star Trek Girl” at Super Con.

Hey Bob Orci, get this woman a cameo on the new movie. And MeekaKitty you can always be my number One.

Well, I wouldn’t call what we do “dating” but… ;)

Thanks for the updates. That song was in my head for the longest time when it first came out.