New App From JJ Abrams Bad Robot Lets You Add Movie FX To Your iPhone Videos

Do you want to make your own action movies, complete with effects, like Star Trek director JJ Abrams? Well now there is an app for that. Abrams company Bad Robot has released a new iPhone and iPad app that adds movie FX to videos. And it is free!


JJ Abrams Action movie FX app

The new Action Movie FX application comes from Bad Robot Interactive. It lets you add Hollywood FX to movies you shoot with your phone (or iPad or iTouch). The free app comes with two effects inspired by the new movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. A Missile attack and a car smash. There are also additional FX you can buy in the "film shop" for $0.99 for each two-pack.  

Action Movie FX Screenshot

You just shoot the video and then choose where to add the effects. Once the completed video is done you can share it with friends via email or social networks. I have tried the app and it is a lot of fun, although I was surprised as to the final videos not including JJ Abrams trademark lens flares.

Here are examples put together by Mad Ass Gamers on Youtube.

According to Bad Robot, more effects will be added for the app in the future. Hopefully as we get closer to the Star Trek sequel in 2013 there will be some Trek-themed effects added. It is only logical.

Action Movie FX is available now for free at iTunes.


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Wow great as long as i learn how to over use lens flare:)

This is actually how movies in Hollywood are made today.

Point. Shoot. Explode.


Anyone else have a problem of playing imbedded videos on your iPad but me?

Always fun times when a major Hollywood producer beats you to punch for an app idea…

Port it to Windows, please. I like blowing stuff up. Might be worth a laugh during idle time.

Will it work for iMovie? Cuz that’d be cool.

Would be great if they came out with a similar app for Star Trek, perhaps with a transporter effect.

Yes need for Android too, plz! :D

Great idea TrekGuy62~

I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a little over a week now and here is the first movie I made with it.

looks great, pls port to android :)

Is there a shaky cam effect, like JJ taps on the film magazine? That would be fun.

Would be fun to Add lens flares to TrekMovie Threds, lol. I just may have to try it

I downloaded this over the holidays. It is actually quite fun. You can drop a car on anything you want. Or blow it up with ta missile!

I would like to drop a car on one of my teachers.

#4 – Andy

“Anyone else have a problem of playing imbedded videos on your iPad but me?”

Not just you. I’ve had trouble with embedded videos on iPad since last set of IOS upgrades. Even more annoying are the browser and app shutdowns that happen all the time.

Mongo not have iPhone. Or iPad. Only have iPod. Maybe Abrams man make app that make kid’s music noise sound like two garbage truck mating for Mongo.

Anyone notice how Android was mysteriously given the cold shoulder (my word for middle finger) when this app came out? Also notice how no one from the devs of this app wi9ll say anything about a droid app? In other words, their response is to basically say screw you. OK then, screw you too!

Guys what’s up I’m just wondering what movie was FX HAS MOVIES OR WHATEVER the movie the date January 3rd 2012?

that really so stupid lol..

Mongo. You are one of a kind.

Unless Mongo go to Mirror Universe. Then two Mongo.

I love this app! I blew up my kitchen. So awesome!

Thank you for this Awesome app. It inspired us to make our first movie! Take a look at “A Boy and His Frog”!

Any chance of Android releases?

Make for android please

Why is it Bad Robot ? I love the voices that say “bad wobot”. I teach 1st grade and just love that age. The voices seem between 4-7. But, I’m curious as to how the name came about.


how can i get Lens Flare?