Watch: Leonard Nimoy Talks To Steve Wozniak About Universal Translators

Earlier this week Star Trek’s original Mr. Spock attended the IDG DEMO Enterprise event in San Franciso, where he sat down on stage with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. At one point during the discussion, Nimoy asked where are the universal translators, like the ones he used on Star Trek. See video of that exchange and more below.


Leonard Nimoy talks universal translator with Steve Wozniak

Nimoy chats with Wozniak.

And here is a video of Nimoy’s remarks:


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Very cool, I love Mr Wozniak, but teamed up with the legendary Nimoy, thanks for this.

They should do a language translator app for the TV Shows and Movies and you wouldn’t need subtitles.

Awesome!! I love Mr.Nimoy!!:) One of the best actors ever!!

Nimoy is growing his hair out, Shatner is slimming down…hmmm…I wonder what they are preparing for?

Speaking of hair…

Does anyone know why Quinto and Nimoy wore wigs for JJ’s Star Trek?

I know continuity can be an issue when making a moview with a long shoot, and/or maybe they needed to find ways to manipulate the two actors to look as much alike as possible, but I found it kind of distracting, actually. Maybe their cowlicks didn’t match…

There’s a photo over at TrekCore where you can see the mesh of Shatner’s… oops, I mean *Nimoy’s* wig for the last movie, in fact.

Who says that either Quinto or Nimoy wore wigs in the last movie?

@ #4.Lore-ie – January 8, 20

To be honest (and really, really fan-ish), I see what you see and yet I wonder if it is all just in my head, (and it would seem, in yours)…

Woz was always the “nice” and “smart” Steve, as opposed to that other visionary yet maniacal one.

@5 They didn’t wear wigs. That was Quinto’s hair. I think the same was for Nimoy. Eric Bana also shaved his head for the role.

Just Great to see this, Thank You Mr Pascale for posting it!

@5 I seem to remember Quinto saying at one point that it was his own hair.


Not the sequel.


Neither Quinto nor Nimoy wore wigs.


That was uncalled for.

Nimoy sounds like me when it comes to the bewilderment to all the stuff phones do these days; I still have my six year old ‘dumb phone’ that can’t do any of these things. Hell, it barely makes a decent phone call, let alone translate something into French! I very much relate to Leonard Nimoy in that regard…

My wife and her i-phone (and new i-pad) make me feel like a total Luddite sometimes. ;-D

@ 9 etc

See the photo at TrekCore and note the mesh. Note also Nimoy beginning to comment on his wig ( he says the word “wig” but I don’t have the clip memorized) in the special features, and the rest of his sentence is cut off.

Both Nimoy and Quinto have wiggish faux sideburns; perhaps that was a haircut choice for Quinto but I am confident based on all the evidence that Nimoy wore a wig.

Great clips.

@ #12. Red Dead Ryan – January 8, 2012

I am afraid, I do not understand your objection to my remark, therefore, should you be so inclined, please explain…

Nimoy wore a wig and you can see it in the bonus features. At one point you see him in Spock-Prime gear wearing the wig cap alone. He may be wearing a wig because it was easier to get the proper degree of gray. And the hair has to look different from the time he is first abducted by Nero to the time young Kirk meets up with him. I suspect that Mr. Nimoy’s real hair is snowy white, just like the hair on his chest (as per TMZ photo of Nimoy on the beach.) He obviously dyes his hair now. I think he’s growing his hair because he’s tired of the Samuel Beckett look that he has sported for the last few years. His off-screen appearance is always changing. Much more than his appearance on-screen in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, where he always had the dark hair side-parted with tweedy jacket. And of course Spock was a constant “look” for him.

Zachary Quinto wore his own hair, and he has mentioned that he is dreading having to get this strange haircut again throughout the filming of the next picture.

P.S. I don’t really understand why Mr. Nimoy is talking at Fusion-O. He really doesn’t know very much about science or technology, but he is a pretty cool celebrity speaker and I’m sure the geeks in the audience appreciated it. I wonder how much he charges to make an appearance?

Can you say ‘nerdgasm?!’


I have to agree with you. I went, huh???

Ahh Leonard – I could listen to him talk for hours! The man is an absolute legend and we’re all just so blessed that he’s still around and – by the looks of things – is still sharp as a tac and has that delightful sense of humour.

Is it my imagination, or do his eyebrows look like they’ve been partially shaved in that second video?

…what can it mean….. something under wraps going on here?… ;)

Oh, I’d love to see Nimoy in the next movie, but they are saying it won’t be so. I can’t wait to see Zachary as the new Spock again. This article was very nice. Thank you. :-)

Regarding the wigs: I wonder why they didn’t let Quito use his natural sideburns for the Starfleet pointed-burns. He evidently could have had them. As a result he sported something more akin to what the women do to achieve the pointed-burns.

I my opinion, incorporating the SF burns would have grounded the Spock hair.


Sorry, I was responding to Odkin’s comment, which was originally at #7.

It’s another one of these cases where the post that I responded to was bumped down later on.

@ #23 Red Dead Ryan – January 9, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to clarify the situation, I very much appreciate the effort.

Thanks for posting the long remarks by Nimoy. The story of his conversation with Phillip Morrison was priceless.

We can’t even understand each other half the time. How are we to expect to understand intelligence evolved from a different primordial soup?

Those are awesome video interviews of Mr. Nimoy. I can’t possibly see enough of him.

I know how fan-boyish it sounds but, my girlfriend recently asked me, “What would you do, if you actually met Nimoy, Shatner, etc, in a natural setting? Would you approach them, ask for an autograph?”

I think if it didn’t interfere too much with their own space, a handshake would mean more than an autograph, but I wouldn’t expect or shoot for either. If I could get away with it, without intruding, I’d just like to tell any of the TOS cast, how much their Trek performances entertained my whole family over the years, even prompting some great discussions about everything between physics and morality. I’d *really* be cool with just the opportunity to say “Thanks” …but if a photo came out if it, I’d be okay with that. ;-)

@26 The Nimoys used to live in New York and part of the appeal of living there for celebrities is that real New Yorkers are kind of jaded and tend not to approach celebrities when they have time off.

An acquaintance saw the Nimoys walking hand in hand down the street from the upper West Side. Perhaps they were headed towards the theater, perhaps to the Thalia (now the Leonard Nimoy theater) perhaps the opera. Who knows?

His response was just to smile and let them enjoy their private time.