Thor Actor Joseph Gatt Joins Star Trek Sequel [UPDATED]

A new week brings a new bit of Star Trek casting news as we get closer to the start of production on the sequel. And it looks like another British actor is joining the fold with a report that Thor actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role. [UPDATED: Exclusive statement from actor on being cast in Star Trek film]


UPDATE: Statement from Joseph Gatt

TrekMovie reached out to Mr. Gatt and he gave us the following statement about being cast in the Star Trek sequel via email:

What I can say, is that, I grew up reading Marvel comics, watching Star Trek on TV and in the theaters, and wanting to be Han Solo… so, firstly becoming part of the Marvel universe in "Thor" was amazing… Then, Joining the voice cast of "Star wars: The Old Republic" as a Sith Lord was unbelievable… NOW, becoming part of the Star Trek universe!?!? Just beyond the wildest dreams of a kid from Ladbroke Grove in London! I’m truly blessed and living my dream!

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Thor actor Gatt joins Star Trek sequel

First reported by our friends at ScreenRant, TrekMovie has confirmed that British actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role in the Star Trek sequel. A spokesperson for the actor tells TrekMovie that Gatt will begin shooting some tests this week.

The 37 year-old actor and former model has a career going back to the late 90s. Most recently he has been seen playing a CIA agent on Chuck and playing Grundroth the frost giant in Marvel’s Thor movie. Gatt also has a lot of experience doing voice and motion capture work for video games, including recent titles "Gods of War 3" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

Joseph Gatt in "Thor"

One look at the actor and you can guess he will be playing some kind of imposing character in the Star Trek sequel. If there is any fighting to do, Gatt has some training (see below). And just speculating here, but with his Thor role in mind (see above) it is not hard to imagine that Gatt may have some prosthetics in his future.

Joseph Gatt showing off his fighting chops

British invasion?

Gatt joins a growing list of actors from the UK. Of course the Star Trek film already has Simon Pegg playing Scotty, but the guest cast is filling up with Brits. There is Benedict Cumberbatch (could you get a more English name?) playing the villain. Plus there is Alice Eve and Noel Clarke. So far four of the six new cast members are British. Perhaps JJ Abrams and his casting director April Webster are anglophiles.

The British are coming! – Clarke, Cumberbatch and Eve join Gatt for "Star Trek" sequel


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