Thor Actor Joseph Gatt Joins Star Trek Sequel [UPDATED]

A new week brings a new bit of Star Trek casting news as we get closer to the start of production on the sequel. And it looks like another British actor is joining the fold with a report that Thor actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role. [UPDATED: Exclusive statement from actor on being cast in Star Trek film]


UPDATE: Statement from Joseph Gatt

TrekMovie reached out to Mr. Gatt and he gave us the following statement about being cast in the Star Trek sequel via email:

What I can say, is that, I grew up reading Marvel comics, watching Star Trek on TV and in the theaters, and wanting to be Han Solo… so, firstly becoming part of the Marvel universe in "Thor" was amazing… Then, Joining the voice cast of "Star wars: The Old Republic" as a Sith Lord was unbelievable… NOW, becoming part of the Star Trek universe!?!? Just beyond the wildest dreams of a kid from Ladbroke Grove in London! I’m truly blessed and living my dream!

original article

Thor actor Gatt joins Star Trek sequel

First reported by our friends at ScreenRant, TrekMovie has confirmed that British actor Joseph Gatt has been tapped for an unspecified role in the Star Trek sequel. A spokesperson for the actor tells TrekMovie that Gatt will begin shooting some tests this week.

The 37 year-old actor and former model has a career going back to the late 90s. Most recently he has been seen playing a CIA agent on Chuck and playing Grundroth the frost giant in Marvel’s Thor movie. Gatt also has a lot of experience doing voice and motion capture work for video games, including recent titles "Gods of War 3" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

Joseph Gatt in "Thor"

One look at the actor and you can guess he will be playing some kind of imposing character in the Star Trek sequel. If there is any fighting to do, Gatt has some training (see below). And just speculating here, but with his Thor role in mind (see above) it is not hard to imagine that Gatt may have some prosthetics in his future.

Joseph Gatt showing off his fighting chops

British invasion?

Gatt joins a growing list of actors from the UK. Of course the Star Trek film already has Simon Pegg playing Scotty, but the guest cast is filling up with Brits. There is Benedict Cumberbatch (could you get a more English name?) playing the villain. Plus there is Alice Eve and Noel Clarke. So far four of the six new cast members are British. Perhaps JJ Abrams and his casting director April Webster are anglophiles.

The British are coming! – Clarke, Cumberbatch and Eve join Gatt for "Star Trek" sequel


Thanks to Mike for the tip

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Apparently the Enterprise has set course for Bolton. (The palindrome of which, of course, is Notlob.)

Nice 3rd pic, btw.

nice! I wonder when we will see our first photo of the crew back in uniform or…. a villain and/or title announcement?

Damn, that woman is attractive… but Joseph Gatt looks kinda scary… Will he play a bad guy? This guy says… probably so.

She’s why this film needs to be in 3-D.

#4 could you imagine seeing her two lovely and voluptuous ………eyes in glorious 3D! ;)

Oh no. The British are coming The British are coming. Lol.
Now. Let’s get this complete and get Sir Patrick Stewart in the new trek Movie.

I think perhaps the amount of brits in this movie is due to the fact that Abrams and Paramount see the potential in getting the lucrative UK market more into Star Trek – hell the UK has far more in common with the US than it does with Europe anyway. Spread the love really!

The Perfect name for Joseph Gott to play in Trek 12 isTrek Movies own and Deceased Del Trame. AKA BND ( British Naval Dude.
Right Bob Orci.

Bad Robot’s campaign to cast relative unknowns seems to be continuing full speed ahead. WTF???

Cumberbach is an amzing actor. I’m excited about the casting…

But Noel Clarke, Nazneen Contractor, Joseph Gatt…who the f$%^ are these people?? Even Peter Weller…I mean I liked ROBOCOP as much as the next guy but does anybody have any clue how many straight to video B movies this guy has done?

What happened to casting people like Christopher Plummer, Alfre Woodard, Eric Bana, Winona Ryder, Tyler Perry, Malcolm McDowell, Kim Cattrall, James Cromwell…

Sorry to be negative. I’m really excited about this movie. I’d just like to see some A list actors in it.

Getting a tiny bit of Ted Cassidy vibe from the latest addition.


It’s all starting to become very real now (despite what Phil says). I’m looking forward to interesting performances from these (to me, anyway) fresh faces. Exciting!

9. SpencerJayK

I don’t want to see ‘A-list’ stars in the sequel; I want to see A-level acting! Which are often two very different things. I like JJ’s approach.

Well, I guess you do need to finish casting the movie before filming starts…

Anthony, you better get used to spelling Cumberbatch correctly. It’s gonna be a long year and a half. Unless Cumberbuch is another new addition. ;)

Also, why all the brits? An alien race that sounds remarkably British?

I could easily see him in some Gorn prosthetics.

@15 Perhaps a counter to the galaxy of American-sounding aliens? And I doubt the likes of Noel Clarke with be talking in his natural Sarf Lahndan accent in the film.

I agree with Commodore Mike on the character named after our old friend BND… I’m sure we’d all be thrilled to hear some mention of a freeman del frame in the dialogue somewhere.

Too easy to think this guy’s gonna be a Klingon. I think Cumberbatch is the brains and Gatt is his muscle. Eve should be a hot archaeologist beaming down with Kirk to check out some ancient alien ruins

Now that we have Mickey will the TARDIS show up on the bridge?

Cumberbatch is as good as Tom Hardy. Yes really. In some ways even more versatile. Hardy isnt that good at comedy for example but Cumebrbatch play play vicious. People should be jumping around with joy that he’s on board. My worries are more to do with budget.

13. Anthony: fair enough.
It’s a perfectly legit approach.

For me, I have flash backs to yearning for Trek to be an A-list franchise again (circa: Insurrection, Nemesis and Enterprise). And now that it is a tentpole franchise for Paramount I wanted to see them take that credibility out for a spin.

I guess my main point is: JJ Abrams has the credibility to cast the best actors AND the biggest stars IN THE WORLD. When Rachel Weisz and Rosario Dawson (and many others, I’m sure) are publicly lobbying for roles in the sequel, I don’t really buy that unknown British actors were the only people who could do the part.

Let’s see, one looks like a snobby rich boy, one will probably wear prosthetics or be motion cap’d, one can’t act for shit and the other is some buxom woman…they could do better.

The casting so far lacks huge star power, but honestly, Cumberbatch’s acting makes up for that all by itself. He’s pretty awesome in “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” and I recommend everyone go check it out, and also “Sherlock.”


I am hoping someone heard me when I wished for a Star Trek full of TOS originals!

I know I am just puttin’ my two cents in here but, I would pay to see a 3+ hour Star Trek sequel many, many times!


i think the guest stars all look good. They will also help with the overseas market. That can only be a good thing.

He will be Klingon. No doubt.

As #16 said….I can smell Gorn all over this latest cast addition!

23. N “and the other is some buxom woman….they could do better”

I understand, but, personally, hey, you can’t do better than a buxom woman! :>)

Hi Bob Orci,

If you have any roles left to cast I would like to put myself forward.

I’m eager, I know the subject matter better than anyone I know, I have a keen eye for detail (ask Mike Johnson) and, most importantly, I’m British! Not only that, I’m from the ‘North’ of England (Yorkshire), a part of Britain your casting has yet to touch!

P.S. Benedict Cumberbatch – I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited by a piece of casting news, inspired!

so pleased to see this many Brits in the movie, casting is shaping up nicely. And these guys are NOT unknown actors, what they have been in, they have acted with the highest standards. I for one am very excited about the casting and am very pleased with the director this is going.

HELLO Alice!

Hmmm……..probably a creepy alien…. ??? Gorn??? …. :-) :-)

Joseph Gatt obviously means business…
I love his don’t-mess-with-me stare in the headline picture.

CmdrR, about this third picture… I concur.
Do you think Khan Noonien Singh and Miss Eve could possibly have the… same stylist?

(Revealing cleavage starts at 0:09).


30. As long as she can act and wasn’t just hired for her breast size, which happens a lot in Hollywood.

31. I’d put myself forward too, I’m a British (Midlands) actor but I’m just a humble youtuber for now so probably a bit too unknown :P most Brits who get cast in stuff are all Southeners though… it would nice to see more mainstream British actors who don’t pronounce words like grass as grarse.

32. You cannot ever use “highest standards” relating to noel clarke’s acting, unless you’re criminally insane.

I like it that the cast is full of relative unknowns, adds a lot of interest as to what the movie will be about.

Rule Brittania…….

seriously, unknown actors?…lessknown in the states maybe, but the American market isn’t ever gonna be JJ’s problem. How Trek sells in Europe and the rest of the world is.

Cumberbatch is simply one of the best actors I have seen in many a year, and is A-list in waiting. Also don’t judge Noel Clarke by his work on Doctor Who, check out Kidulthood which he wrote and directed also.

JJ has it spot on, cast people based on their ability to act rather than shoehorning a ‘name’ into the film for the sake of it.

Seeing the likes of Hanks, or Cruise in Trek would be a catastrophe

#9 both Noel and Nazreen have had roles on major TV shows. Nazreen I haven’t seen her work on 24 because I didn’t watch it, but Noel played a relatively major role on Doctor Who for a few years.

#36 I’m correcting your statement here: As long as she can act and wasn’t just hired for her breast size, which happens a lot in Star Trek.

What’s sad about Trek is they DO hire female actors for their breast size BUT those actors can actually act when given good material! I’ve seen both Jolene and Jeri in roles outside of Star Trek and have enjoyed them.

She has ample nacelles.

@22: “For me, I have flash backs to yearning for Trek to be an A-list franchise again (circa: Insurrection, Nemesis and Enterprise).”

Um, Trek was far from an A-list franchise at that point. In fact, insofar as the movie business is concerned, Trek never was an A-list franchise (in that you never got A-list actors to appear).

I think we can all agree that writing “Benedict Cumberbatch” will become quite tiresome over the next few years.

We should do a “The Shat” treatment now, before things get crazy.

My top 5 names:

1. The ‘Batch (“natch!”)
2. Ben C.
3. Cumby (like Gumby)
4. Benny Baby
5. Fifi Rebozo (already used in Star Trek, but recyclable)

Not sure what they call him at home. Probably “Ben,” or something like that.

clarke can only play a chav, he writes about chavs, for chavs and winds up glorifying chavs. To the same effect s that attack the block abomination.

@38 yeah I see your point there, Star Trek has had some great actors (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto being wonderful additions to that list) and had some great writing too. There’s a sense of timelessness I can watch DS9 and Voyager and struggle to believe I hadn’t even hit double digits when it was made. XI is a good film but doesn’t have that imo.
I’ve seen Jolene and Jeri in other things too, they’re underrated, like a lot of Trek actors are. But then that’s probably the curse of being in a major franchise.

He must have Klingon Blood!

Ok. If he plays a Gorn then here are some possible movie title’s.
Star Trek. Children of the Gorn.
Star Trek. The Gorn Idenity.
Star Trek. The Gorn Problem.
Star Trek. Gorn!.

# 42

I vote for Cumby!

(Has the ring of a right proper British nickname)

45 Commodore

You forgot Star Trek: Gorn with the Wind…

@45: Should be a trilogy:

1: The Gorn Identity
2: The Gorn Conspiracy
3: The Gorn Ultimatum

Star Trek: Gorn on the Fourth of July

#47. D’oh! Missed that one.
#48 D’oh! Good one. Lol.
#49. D’oh!. Beat me to it.