Craft of Week: USS Enterprise-C Coffee Table + USS Reliant In Lego

Some of the coolest Trek creations are those done by the fans themselves. Today we have a couple of cool ones getting attention this week. First up is a cool hand-made coffee table based on the USS Enterprise C. Then there is the USS Reliant, lovingly remade in Lego.



Enterprise C Coffee Table

The crafting site Etsy often has interesting home-made Star Trek items, but this one is especially impressive. Barry Shields from Tennessee is offering a coffee table shaped like the USS Enterprise C (from Star Trek: TNG’s "Yesterday’s Enterprise), carved from ash, poplar and cherry wood.

The one of a kind item is topped with glass 34: wide and 54" long. Barry is selling it for $3,100. It can be yours by visiting

USS Reliant in Lego

Another ship getting noticed this week is a Lego recreation of the USS Reliant, Khan’s ship from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It was created by Christer Nyberg from Stockholm, Sweden who shows off a number of impressive Lego creations on Flickr.

LEGO USS Reliant 1

Nyberg’s creation even has running lights. Check it out…

LEGO USS Reliant 9

Visit Flickr for more images.


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