Craft of Week: USS Enterprise-C Coffee Table + USS Reliant In Lego

Some of the coolest Trek creations are those done by the fans themselves. Today we have a couple of cool ones getting attention this week. First up is a cool hand-made coffee table based on the USS Enterprise C. Then there is the USS Reliant, lovingly remade in Lego.



Enterprise C Coffee Table

The crafting site Etsy often has interesting home-made Star Trek items, but this one is especially impressive. Barry Shields from Tennessee is offering a coffee table shaped like the USS Enterprise C (from Star Trek: TNG’s "Yesterday’s Enterprise), carved from ash, poplar and cherry wood.

The one of a kind item is topped with glass 34: wide and 54" long. Barry is selling it for $3,100. It can be yours by visiting

USS Reliant in Lego

Another ship getting noticed this week is a Lego recreation of the USS Reliant, Khan’s ship from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It was created by Christer Nyberg from Stockholm, Sweden who shows off a number of impressive Lego creations on Flickr.

LEGO USS Reliant 1

Nyberg’s creation even has running lights. Check it out…

LEGO USS Reliant 9

Visit Flickr for more images.


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Women will be really impressed when they come back to your place and see THAT!

Would LOVE that table – but $3100.00? YIKES!

nice lego

Wow … the coffee table is really cool … :-) :-)

Actually, $3100 is pretty reasonable, all things considered. Have you been furniture shopping recently? High quality non-IKEA type stuff will set you back immensely, especially depending on the wood (given that a lot are being deforested and thus the price is rising due to scarcity and treaties).

For a one-of-a-kind product which actually looks pretty good, aside from being a Star Trek product… if I could buy it I would.

#1 if said women are Star Trek or sci-fi fans :).

RE: Lego – it baffles me why lego has NOT lobbied for the rights to make Star Trek legos. You’d think that with the success of Star Wars legos that Star Trek would be a smart idea.

Harry. You have had a girl over to your place?. Oh. Must have been Erica Durance. Lol. I keeds I keeds.

I’d rather have the Microsoft Surface Coffee Table.

Now this is a Coffee Table.

These are awesome! Great work!

I once went to to a Lego fair at my local mall and someone had built awesome Lego replicas of the DS9 Defiant and Jem’ Hadar attack ship.

They weren’t for sale, but if they were, I would have been really tempted to buy them!


“Star Trek” merchandise unfortunately, does not sell well. The Lego company isn’t going to risk millions of dollars just to see its product sit on store shelves. That’s why its never going to happen.


Well, hard wooden ships DO turn on the ladies!

Holy Smokes!

Gotta love the passion and talent of Trek fans.

Both of these pieces are impressive…but the Reliant! Unbelievable. He had me with the lights on. But when the lights go down and the internal lights come up. Nerdgasm!!

I so want that table…

I know that I would buy the Lego Enterprise-A. A few years back I picked up the Megoblocks Enterprise-D, though I wish I still had it.

The Enterprise A to me is the best looking Star Trek starship I have ever seen.

Lego Reliant = Cool

Fuglyprize C table (or D for that matter) = Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly

As and when any of my trees decide to die or fall over, I think I should get the chisels out and resurrect them in the form of just such a table. It’s a wonder to behold.

Looks like you guys like too!

Great work on both accounts. The wood work is fabulous and it takes real talent (artistry) to make something like that.

Sadly it makes me wish I paid more or better attention in Wood Shop when I was in Jr High.

I just cannot figure out where those Lego parts can be had from. We have a huge Lego Store near us in Downtown Disney and there are no parts available like this to build anything close to a Star Trek item.

My hat is off to two talented people/fans.

At $3,100.00, it’s a little much. $3,099.98, or even $3,099.99, in a pinch — definitely, in a New York minute! But not at $3,100.00.

Great job Barry and Christer. You guys are the men!

The glass can’t have been cheap either, the artist says it took him three tries to cut that custom shape piece.

The Ent-C is an interestingly sensible choice as its profile is mostly right angles and its mass is distributed fairly evenly from front to back. Memory Alpha says this is because the ship was designed so the model could be built quickly. I wonder if they realized it would also make a good table.

Really the table’s quite beautiful in its own right.


HOLY CRAP! Its the Hawaii 5-0 remake Computer table!

#20 – Designed and ended up being the worst “modern” Enterprise design.

Have you seen Andy Probert’s actual Ambassador design? Tobias Richter built a stunning CG model of it recently and it was in the last SHIPS OF THE LINE calendar. I like it better than the Enterprise-D design!

Having been a Lego builder myself, bravo on a job VERY well done. Look forward to seeing more from you

If I had my way, I would get a table made with the NCC 1701…. no bloody A, B , C or D (E).

I cannot believe my wife said she would like to have that as a table in our home… that is first…Thats why I love her and married her!

I dont think it would be a bad idea if lego released a couple of limited release ship sets, then if they are popular enough they may consider releasing more. I would certainly buy some star trek legos, ya.

#10 You sound like an authority on this.

Cool stuff! Now how about a new Star Trek series focusing on bridging the gap between the “Kirk” era and the “Picard” era; a.k.a. the “lost” years focusing on the voyages of the Enterprise B & C?? Set in the original timeline, of course

For some reason, I cannot get past thinking that the saucer section of coffee table looks like a toilet seat – a beautiful one, but a toilet seat nevertheless. I think it may have to do with a relative having an actual darker coloured wooden toilet seat with a similar wood grain pattern. Shame really that it reminds of me of this because it is a lovely coffee table otherwise.

Edit: I meant toilet seat and cover

Looks cool.

Its very nice but one question…. why the Enterprise C?

It’s not just LEGO that’s not interested in Trek. Something is going on behind the scenes at Paramount… or failing to go on. Nobody has Trek merchandise in the big box stores. I truly think it’s a failure of marketing, considering the utter crap that is in the stores. Hell, Target and Toy R Us label their sections by franchise. But, no Trek.

SHAME on Paramount!!!

I like that! And for your non-ST fan friends, you can just say it’s modern art…

Does this mean you have to decide whether you’re a Lego man or a Nacelles man?


C is for Coffee table.
They served some good java on that ship.


“C is for Coffee table.
They served some good java on that ship.”

Yup! And when the Romulans found out about it, and demanded the recipe, the crew of the Enterprise C refused. The Enterprise C was destroyed for refusing to “spill the beans”!



And they killed Starbucks—I mean, Starbuck—I mean—oops, wrong franchise.

:D after I posed that question the C for coffee thing did occur to me.
Joing aside though I wonder why he chose the C? Whatever the reason though it is a lovely piece of work.

Hey Vults, I assume you’ve seen this..

I understand its just a teaser for the Super Bowl?

Some have speculated that its the teaser for a new Ferris movie i see. Hmmm, not sure i’m comfortable with that idea. Taking a bunk off school is pretty much a rite of passage. Taking a bunk off work is somewhat less amusing. This is defintely one sequel they’d do well to miss.
But i’m sure if the Trek writers were offered it…….


No, I haven’t seen that, Buzz, but thanks for the link.

According to the youtube comments, it’s a Honda commercial that will air during the Superbowl. So, whew, that’s a relief. As much as I’d kind of like to see Ferris back in action, I just don’t think it’d be the same—not since John Hughes passed away.

He was a righteous dude.

Did you see this one from last year? The future is here!

My own answer to the ‘why did they choose the C’ as the basis for the table would be (right or wrong) that the nacelles were a bit higher and thicker in relation to the saucer than the other models, thus providing more evenly distributed support?

Or it could be that the designer just thought that the C looked really cool… ;-P

Oh yes, John Hughes was terrific. A very sad loss.
I haven’t seen Ferris in a long time. Gona have to put that to rights soon.
Will be very interested to see what Honda do with that ad! I assume they won’t be flinging one of their car’s out of a garage? Or will they?!

Vults, while I have your attention there is a programme that I think you will enjoy. Its called Goodnight Mister Tom and i’m fairly certain you will be able to get it over there. In fact i’ve just noticed its on Youtube.

If you are having a quiet Sunday I can’t think of a better show to recommend to you. If you don’t have a lump in your throat by the last couple of scene’s you are made of sterner stuff than me!

#40 No, I’ve never seen that. It didn’t quite work did it. A nice idea though.

I’m buying into your theory about the C, Vults, but I notice it still needed some lifts on the nacelles to get the glass level. On that basis I guess the HotRod E in the last movie would be nigh on imposible to level out! The nacelles stand well proud of the saucer.

The C was a good looking ship. And Yesterdays Enterprise was one TNG episode that even I, not a huge lover of TNG, has to say was a standout show. Not just good Trek, but good TV.

I don’t have time to watch this evening, Buzz, but I’ve bookmarked the page and I’ll definitely be watching this week. Thanks! Looks like my kind of movie.

Yeah, Yesterday’s Enterprise was good TV, and I think it would’ve been a great movie—say as a replacement for Generations, eh? The time portal thing-a-ma-bob at least made more sense than the Nexus, and if they absolutely had to kill Kirk off I’d rather have seen it done on the bridge of the ole E than… a bridge.

Sigh… oh well.

6: Agreed, Star Trek Legos would be badass.

Mongo like ships!

It’s nice to see the C getting some love, it’s always been the forgotten of the 7

My wife would probably divorce me if i bought a table like that, LOL.

Love the design of the C, especially as the New Frontier Excalibur was Ambassador class :D

Mind you, as much as I hate to be a little nitpicky, aren’t the nacelles a little high? I thought the Bussard collectors needed a clearer “view” of the space in front of them…just sayin’ ;)

that coffee table is too awesome! too bad it’s not going into production – no way i’ll have that kind of money for a while.

on a side note, the USS Reliant technically isn’t Khan’s ship. He stole it. it was captain terrell’s (?) ship.