Pre-Sale For “Shatner’s World” US Tour Begins Today – Get The Code

Star Trek’s William Shatner’s hits Broadway in February with his new one-man show "Shatner’s World." And in March he takes the show show on the road with a US Tour. Tickets go on sale later this week, but TrekMovie has the new secret code for you to buy tickets today.


Pre-sale code for Shatner’s World US Tour

In March and April William Shatner is hitting the road, visiting 15 cities with his "Shatner’s World" show. Tickets for the show go on sale to the public on February 3rd, but TrekMovie has the key to getting your tickets early to nab some great seats.

Starting at 10:00 AM this morning (based on the local time of the theater), you can buy tickets using the pre-sale code "SHATNER." Just visit the official site at, then click the Tickets button next to the city/theater you want and then enter the code "SHATNER" on the next page.


Tour Dates & Cities

March 10, 2012 Los Angeles, CA Pantages Theatre
March 11, 2012 San Francisco, CA Orpheum Theatre
March 13, 2012 Philadelphia, PA Merriam Theater
March 15, 2012 Minneapolis, MN Orpheum Theatre
March 16, 2012 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre
March 18, 2012 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
March 20, 2012 Denver, CO Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre
March 22, 2012 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre
March 23, 2012 Houston, TX Jones Hall
April 12, 2012 St. Louis, MO Peabody Opera House
April 13, 2012 Cincinnati, OH Proctor and Gamble Hall
April 14, 2012 Cleveland, OH State Theatre
April 15, 2012 Columbus, OH Ohio Theatre
April 17, 2012 Charlotte, NC Blumenthal Center
April 19, 2012 Detroit, MI Opera House


Here is the official commercial…

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Talk about indefatiguable! Shatner should be in the dictionary under that.

why isnt DC on the list, guess I wont be able to see it.

Long Live the Shat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome, he’s coming to Houston! :) We are so lucky as fans to have had this man as Captain Kirk! Not only was he excellent in the role, but his longevity is a gift too. Think about it: if Jack Lord or Lloyd Bridges or Jeffrey Hunter had been Captain … our Captain would be long gone. Instead, we have a man who is more active and famous today than he was in 1966!

One more thing. I’m about midway through his latest book, “Shatner Rules”, and it is HILARIOUS. Definitely the funniest thing he’s ever written, highly recommended. And he does get serious when he talks about his role as Kirk. He says he’s very proud of it and that people who mock it “can go f**k themselves!” He even gives Patrick Stewart credit for helping him rediscover his pride.

The only person as cool as Captain Kirk is William Shatner.

Wow. Sounds great!

Only problem is that it’s the same week as the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range (anyone else on this list participating?) and both events the same week will exceed my discretionary spending budget. :)

BTW – if anyone has not done the Death March, please check it out at . Would be great to come across some other Trekkers out on the trail.


I am looking forward to opening night, 2/14. Should be… FUN!

Will be there when he comes through Dallas. Should be a fun show, thanks for the discount code Anthony!

No Atlanta?


Wow, his promoters are already thinking his Broadway show will only last a month on Broadway? Poor Shat — how disappointing. This is going to be one of the shortest Broadway shows in recent memory.

@MJ – I think it’s more than Shatner only wants to do a month. The guy IS 80, you know.

I bought my ticket.

no tickets available in Houston – huh?
am I doing something wrong?

oops I failed – got it now!

And yet Abrams and crew continue to neglect Shatner. It is so sad.

When you see what has been billed as a Broadway Show all of a sudden announce that the run is being cut short and that they are going to tour the show instead on keeping it on Broadway, that means that the rehearsals and test runs have been going so bad that the investors need to cut their losses in New York ASAP, and take the show on the road to try to at least break even on the show at best.


stop trolling

Rehearsals havent even started yet. The plan was always to do a US tour with a start on Broadway.

You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts

Wow Bill what a Shedule!

He could bring it to the uk?

Shat seems to like Ohio… 3 venues.

We are going to see him in LA at the Pantages…even for a Sat show, the traffic from OC to LA county is going to be rough going but well worth it to see Shatner in this.

I have a feeling that at one or more of these shows, he will have a film crew and he will sell a DVD of the show. So for those whose city is not appearing in, you just might wait a bit and it will turn up.

lmao @ MJ always getting into trouble

thanks Anthony for a dang good job!

Those tickets prices are steep. $50 for nosebleeds…

@21. James, I’m glad my getting into trouble made your day. My, what a boring existence though in your life if that makes you so happy. :-)

PS: Anthony, sorry about that post…my bad.

I wonder, should I wear a trek costume for the Houston event?

Yesterday I ordered my ticket for the San Francisco show. The $90 ticket which places me behind the $300 upfront people.

That’s ok Alice I neglect abrams films and tv shows. He’s the king of pilots btw. So many, so bad

What sucks is you have to pay the really expensive price to do the meet and greet.

I bought my tickets for cleveland. his tickets are expensive & i could only afford the balcony for my son, myself & husband but i can’t wait. i wish i could do the meet & greet for my son. he’s a big fan & has autistic tendencies but i just can’t. it’s still going to be a nice suprise.