Watch: Colbert’s Newt Gingrich Star Trek Connection + JJ Abrams/Trek Clues On Jeopardy!

Lately is seems Stephen Colbert is becoming the new Seth MacFarlane, with yet another Star Trek gag coming on last night’s The Colbert Report. This time it was presidential candidate Newt Gingrich who got Trekkified. Watch it below. Also yesterday the game show Jeopardy! had an entire cateogory dedicated for Star Trek director JJ Abrams, which included a Trek question of course.


Colbert Sees Presidential Primary As Classic Star Trek Showdown

In the following clip from the Colbert Report actually has two Star Trek references, with Stephen envisioning a presidential candidate as both a Trekkie and as a certain genetic superman who never gave up on his quest to vanquish his foe. Watch it…

Abrams category on Jeopardy!

The Colbert Report was not the only stop for Star Trek references on TV yesterday. The game show Jeopardy! dedicated an entire category to JJ Abrams, with each clue being for a different JJ project. Here is "J.J. Abrams, Busy Man for $200"

In 2009 J.J. Abrams went where Leonard Nimoy had gone before & directed this film

If you don’t know the answer to that, you are on the wrong website. (go to for the full set of clues and questions).

Colbert Classic Worf Honored For Black History Month

It’s February, which means it is Black History Month again. So we present a classic bit from The Colbert Report from 2008, when Stephen honored Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Worf…for "Black Chinese History Month Minute."


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You just have to love stephan. He is Smart and Funny.
Oh and the answer of course is Star Trek 2009.

Stephen Colbert is a serious geek. He’s a big fan of Lord of the Rings. And as evidenced by the Captain America shield on the wall, he’s fan of that superhero.

Colbert makes Star Trek references all the time. He’s interviewed J.J. Abrams. During an interview with physicist Brian Greene on parallel universes, Colbert starts talking about Mirror, Mirror. Link. So it’s clear, he’s a Trekker. Maybe Paramount can get Colbert a model of the Enterprise so when the camera pans over to the shelves, we can have a constant reminder of Star Trek.

Colbert interviews Brian Greene about parallel universes and channels TOS Mirror, Mirror.

Mongo notice Trek joke about Newt mans get least amount laugh.

Worf mans not U.S. citizen. Mongo thing family that adopt from former Soviet Republic.

Poor Colbert mans get wrong. But maybe he have point:

When Mongo eat Klingon soul food like gagh Mongo hungry again hour later.

I watched the show last night, he was hilarious as usual! LMAO when I saw Gingrich in trek uniform :)

It was a good show, but Colbert is always a hoot!

I watched that Jeopardy;as I do every night. I got excited when I heard that!! :) Had so much fun with it!! :)

The UK’s “University Challenge” had a Star Trek clue in a round about famous engineers, a month or so back.
The first clue was “I will be born in Linlithgow, Scotland in 2222.”
Took all three clues before someone got the answer :-)

The Wrath of Newt.

The hair’s the same, right?

“When Mongo eat Klingon soul food like gagh Mongo hungry again hour later.”

That’s because the gagh has crawled out the rear exit on its own.

CmdrR mans! Mongo say hi.

Mongo say also you paint visual for peoples that take mental floss get rid of.

Looking forward to the day when a non-american can have the same internet rights and watch what you want on the net like Americans can…again I can’t watch these clips because of where i live…be worse under sofa..for all of us.