See ‘Celebration of Khan’ Talk At Star Trek: The Exhibition & Illinois Library

On February 16th, 1967, 45 years ago today, NBC premiered "Space Seed" and introduced Khan to the world. Written by Gene Coon and Carey Wilber, the episode featured Ricardo Montalbán as the genetically superior tyrant who would become an icon of villainy in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. To celebrate both the actor and the character, TrekMovie Merchandise editor/resident Trek historian (and real-life sociology professor) John Tenuto invites all fellow fans to three different special events during the month of March!


Celebrate Khan with TrekMovie’s John Tenuto at 3 events in March


Saturday, March 10th, at the Grayslake Public Library (100 Library Lane, Grayslake, Illinois) from 2:00PM to 5:30PM

Following a special anniversary showing "Space Seed” hosted by the Library, join John as he celebrates 45 years of Khan by sharing almost 100 rare behind the scenes images from the making of Star Trek II and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, celebrating the cast and crew whose talents made these films fan favorites. Based on four years of research by John and his wife, fellow sociology professor María José Tenuto , the images are culled from the University of Iowa’s Papers of Nicholas Meyer Collection. The photos were donated to the University by alumnus Meyer, the writer and/or director of Star Treks II, IV, and VI who has generously given permission to share these photos with the Grayslake Library community.

The event is free, however registration is required. To register, please visit

Montalban and Meyer on set of Star Trek II


Tuesday, March 20th, at the College of Lake County, Room A162, from 11:00AM to 12:15PM

The Latino Alliance and Social Science Division of the College of Lake County are sponsoring a multimedia presentation by María José and John detailing the life and legacy of Ricardo Montalbán. The presentation will discuss Ricardo Montalbán’s early years in Mexico; the influence of his family; his struggles to break free of the Hollywood "Latin Lover" stereotype during his career; his battle with arteriovenous malformation; his founding and presidency of Nosotros and his inspiration of generations of actors and actresses.

The event is free and no registration is required. For more information about either event, please contact



Saturday, March 24th, at the St. Louis Science Center, 5050 Oakland Avenue John will be part of the St. Louis Science Center’s “Star Trek Fan Day” this March 24th! Star Trek fans can plan to spend the day at the Saint Louis Science Center attending a series of Star Trek lectures and visiting Star Trek: The Exhibition.

At 11 am, John presents “Rare Photos from the Making of Star Trek II and VI” thanks again to director Nicholas Meyer for his permission to present these images.

At 1 pm, artist Craig Skaggs will discuss his work as a designer of Star Trek models for The Bradford Exchange. He will show his drawings and describe the process he goes through to create these collector’s items.

At 2 pm, John presents “A Celebration of Fans: The History of the Official Star Trek Fan Club”. Before the Internet and TrekMovie, the Official Star Trek Fan Club was an information lifeline for fans through its publication, the Star Trek Communicator. John and María José have researched the magazine’s archives and found rare photos, including the only known photo of Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas together taken by former fan club president and publisher Dan Madsen. Also included is a fun look at 45 years of Star Trek collectibles. Enjoy photos and stories of some of the most unusual collectibles ever made and take a retro trip through categories of collecting. Special thanks to Dan Madsen for his permission to bring these archives to the public!

All lectures are free to the public and will be held in the Science Center’s May Hall. During the day there will be drawings for Star Trek posters and for the opportunity to have a front-row seat on Friday, April 6 when writer David Gerrold (“The Trouble with Tribbles”) describes his experiences writing for the original series.

Tickets to Star Trek: The Exhibition are $14.00 for adults, $12.00 for seniors and college students with an ID and $10.00 for children and members of the military. Science Center Members receive half-price tickets. To order tickets and for more information go to .

Commercial for Star Trek: The Exhibition at St. Louis Science Center

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WOW!. Looks like all of these event’s will be a lot of fun. Wish i could go.

Even thinking of TWOK or any of the truly great TOS-cast movies makes me want scream, again and again, to have Bob and the gang include Shatner in the new movie somehow. Anything will do. Make Shatner accept a small role, for old time’s sake. He’s gonna croak any minute now. We deserve to remember him on the big screen in a much better way than we have now (in the most horrible scene ever filmed). Fitting him in will absolutely not take away from the new cast. It’s the right thing to do and it would be cool as hell!

Tom, back me up…

#2 Do you know something I don’t … “oh my” …

oh move on from Shatner trek!

Khan will be in the sequel.

At least Trek had a home when Star Trek the Experience was running now its a touring carnival that does not capture the essence of the show.

speaking of Star Trek VI, What is the deal with the Bluray of Star Trek: VI The Undiscovered Country?
My Star Trek I-V look amazing in Bluray but Star Trek VI looks totally artificial, like it was done with a digital painting filter or something?
It seems to be the local Australian version with only our local rating symbol on it not the multi zone edition like Star Trek I-V that have 5 different rating symbols- does anyone know anything about this?
It looks awefull- seriously, I can’t watch it.


I’d love to get my kids to the Exhibition, just to see the Bridge. Come east to New York…..

#2Shatner seems very active to me.
I think he has MANY years left.

Looks a bit bitter than the chintzy, ‘Enterprise broom-closet’ version that ran in my city of Riverside, CA. The whole thing was truncated to fit in a TINY little venue on a corner building in downtown; near the Mission Inn. On the upside of that, though? I got to meet and get an autograph from Tribbles’ creator, David Gerrold. He was very kind, and he gave an insightful Q and A for the attendees as well.

I did also see the ST:E when it first opened in Long Beach in 2008 as well (that was a much better version). That one had all the bells and whistles; the Guardian of Forever set, both Enterprise bridges, and the motion simulator ride. Even better? My wife and I went for free as we scored free tickets from a friend of ours. We had a nice time; still have the pic of my wife and I on the bridge of the TOS 1701.

Hope the St. Louis version is good for the fans there. May they live long and prosper and have a great time!


khaaaaaannnnn :)

Everyone always says that everything happens in California or New York and not in the middle of America.

Well, here is a great set of events that I wish was in California. I would go.

I loved the ST: The Exhibition when it was at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The Terrans were fun to play with.


Truly Superior.

Khan is one of the greatest villains in Trek, as they the best villains are the ones who don’t see themselves as evil but believe in their cause.

It is because Khan is one of my fav villains that I hope that JJ Abrams will not redo Khan as no matter what he does it will be inferior to what has already came.

Sorry JJ but you cannot improve upon Space Seed and Wrath of Khan.

So wish I was there. The Fan club magazine was brilliant, I still have all my magazines. Please, someone record the session and post it on youtube or something?

I really do hope they do Khan just so fans can see how brilliant Cumberbatch is. Its a great way to show what a wonderful actor he is. I feel quietly confident.

Khan offered the world order!

@ #2- Mr Shatner had his time in Trek.
If accounts of he acts like a diva on set are true he’d never accept a small part. When there was talk of him appearing on Enterprise Shatner himself said that his fee made Paramount balk.
He’d try to steal the show by showing JJ how to direct his scenes etc.
I’d admire Mr Shatner greatly but I don’t want to see a blatant fanboy attempt to “cut and paste” Shantner into the film to satisfy the extreme fans

No Khan, please no to Khan. Please use an original story, not everything needs to be redone or rehashed.

The script is written and the actors are cast. So either Khan is in the film or he ain’t- but nothing we say is going to change it. Can we stop with the Khan debate please? I’m sure there are other dead horses y’all could beat for a while.

There is only one Khan.

Wow, 2 of the 3 events are within 15 minutes of my house. I am so there.

“Admiral, if we go “by the book”. like Lieutenant Saavik, hours could seem like days.”

I just LOVE that plot twist!!!

Often imitated. Khan’t be bettered.

Why are people just assuming Cumberbatch is playing Khan?

Personally, I don’t see him in the role at all (even though I’m a great fan of his Sherlock as well as his other shows & movies). I think his casting as a Sikh warrior from northern India would be ridiculous (even the late Montalban’s casting wasn’t THAT off).

Think NEW, people…

@2 “Make Shatner accept a small role….” Really, just how do you propose to MAKE him do that?

There is only one Khan.

And there is only one NuKhan.

Way to go John Tenuto!

27 – maybe I just refuse to believe that it can’t be done. If the cast and crew make a sincere appeal, I’d like to think that he’s not that much of a diva to say no. Hey, if it’s Shatner that kills it, then I have nothing left to say other than I’m sorry about it.

19 – you’re right about his attitude, but the scene they wrote for him for ST09 was fine. As I said, I’d like to see a real effort by the new establishment to include him.

10 – the dude is pushing 80, right? One day he will croak and we’ll be saying that it would’ve been cool, and right, to get him involved one last time. Now he’s gone.

4 – there is no moving on! He’s Kirk for God’s sake. And putting him in somehow doesn’t make the new movie “Shatner Trek.”

Oh gosh I’m so sick of Khan. There’s so much more to Trek than Khan!

Awesome pic of Montalban and Meyer! Just as I was reading through the comments music from TWOK came over the computer on Pandora. Spooky.

Glad to see a tribute Montalban – long overdue.

Can’t believe they are using the Next Generation bridge for these. They should be using either TOS bridge set or Trek 09 bridge set. Most people under 21 today barely know of TNG. TOS is a pop culture icon, and the new movie is in the current publics’ awareness, while TNG is fading away, save a blu-ray release for the old folks to spend money on…

@31. What is wrong with Khan? It is part of Trek history.


So I guess BBC-America and SyFy keep rerunning TNG in syndication and having marathons just for the old folks, huh?

Well, how nice of them.


Yes, actually. Check their demographics.


No, actually. Their demographics are fairly diverse.

Maybe when they start running nothing but Golden Girls marathons you’ll be right.

@35. “SyFy”

Enough said! LOL


Yep, since BSG ended, TNG and Twilight Zone (on the rare occasions they’re shown) are about the only things worth watching on SyFy. Can’t argue there. BBC-America on the other hand has a better selection.

A Star Trek network showing all five series, plus movies, plus the animated series, plus documentaries… now that would be nice. :D


Your first link carefully ignores demographics , but freely admits:

“The fan base they had was stagnant. A stagnate demographic is a death knell ”

That sounds an awful lot like Paramount Chairman Brad Grey on the Trek reboot.

Your second link clearly states the average age for BBCA is 47.

So what, exactly, is your definition of “young”, young man?


Oh, at least 62. ;)

Nah, you’re probably right. Older folks do watch those channels. But if they’re watching Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, TNG, Doctor Who, and Top Gear, then they’re my kind of older folks.

As for the under 21 crowd, I have no idea what they might watch, if they watch television at all anymore. But if they’re smart, they’ll watch TNG and not… Jersey Shore. I think we can all agree on that, right?

Jersey Shore is the only show that matters!
Snookie & The Situation rule!

Dang. Threw up right on the rug. Now I gotta clean it.

I’d like to see that photo exhibition; don’t want Khan in the new movie but always up for a little TWOK nostalgia.

30 – Baroner: Yes, there is moving on because we love Star Trek but it’s still just a show. I am completely at peace with never seeing another new Shatner performance as Kirk. We’ve got 78 TOS episodes and seven movies (including one where he agreed to kill Kirk). Why does there have to be ‘just one more’ – which would still not satisfy people because there are still calls to put Nimoy in the new movie.

He wasn’t very gracious about the last film, the new cast and crew aren’t obliged to him in any way.

Wow! I didn’t know Star Trek: The Exhibition was in St. Louis! Was that announced here? I’ve attended it in San Diego and at Kenedy Space Center. I might drive to St. Louis. Is there a calender that lists the locations and dates for The Exhibition?

#15 Great point about villains. I think about Khan all the time for this reason. He has such a valid grievance against Starfleet but he goes about it the wrong way.

Both heroes and villains run into adversity and pain. What separates them is the strategies they use to deal with it.

While I enjoy watching Nero act crazed and try to murder Spock, his conspiracy theory grievance is not quite as solid as Khan’s abandonment issues. After much doubt, I have finally decided that I buy Nero’s motivation. Looking around our world, we see all kinds of political fanatics who are not less crazy than Nero in blaming their enemies for imagined wrongs. On the other hand, when you watch Nero, you are kind of like “come on, it’s not Spock’s fault your planet blew up in the future.” Whereas Khan brings that real pathos — I KNOW WHAT HE BLAMES ME FOR.

The exhibition is so awesome! I was in st Louis in january and had a blast! Being from Atl I have to say that I was extremely impressed by what the st Louis science center had to offer, with the exception of the experience everything else was free! This is the same city that has been the only one to honor our returning veterans, my hats off to the city and people of st Louis!

The exhibition is different in different places. The items are not always the same. It is a big show in one city, but a rather lame event in another. I was there at Germany, Babelsberg and it was frustrating. The two Highlights were the D-Bridge (although not really 1:1) and the ST XI Transporter. Quarks Bar was also there, but it was not possible to really see it, because it stood in a shadowed, seperated area. It was not allowed to make photos and they said, CBS wants that so… etc. On the other hand I swa great videos on youtube of the exhibition in other american cities, where it was really gorgeous and much more was shown.

For me the “Khan”-movie was great, because it was the first Star Trek movie I saw as a kid in cinema. But in fact it was not that big and great. If I forget all the nostalgie and what Kirk and Co. mean(t) to me, I think other, more interesting storys were up to come. For me Star Trek III was much better than II, because the friendship was the central theme – and at the same time it was a big show of the klingons ;) Star Trek II was good, but Khan is a primitive Space – Villain. Cruel and after all an idiot who is not able to see over his motivation of revenge. Poor boy.

@ 7 Trek VI used a different type of film stock… Meyer mentions that in one of the documentaries – it had a slightly different aspect ratio (not featured on the blu ray – but is on the directors edition dvd) and it was a grainier film stock – (as well it was a higher contrast film stock suited for lower light).