Watch: Big Bang Brings Back Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s nerdy comedy The Big Bang Theory again went to Star Trek for some jokes, including bringing back the famed Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game, along with talk of Star Trek trivia contest. Watch the clips below


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock returns to Big Bang

On tonight’s episode "The Rothman Disintegration" Sheldon and his theoretical physics department nemesis Barry Kripke were fighting over who gets an office. First Raj suggests a game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

…Then Sheldon suggests a duel of the minds…with a Trek Trivia contest. Both ideas were rejected.  Watch it.

Previous Lizard Spock

If you haven’t seen it, Big Bang popularized Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock back in 2008 in the season two episode "The Lizard-Spock Expansion."

And if you ever need help with the rules, Think Geek sells a complete line of Lizard Spock items: T-Shirt ($16.99), Babydoll ($19.99), Kids shirt ($12.99), Mug ($9.99), Tote ($9.99) and Baby Bib ($7.99).

The Lizard Spock Babydoll – perfect for a late Valentine’s day gift


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Nimoy MUST do a cameo on this show!!!

While the Star Trek sets are standing right now…. how about a Bob Orci cameo when he invites a couple physicists over to visit the set. That could be total hilarity. A Zach Quinto cameo would ace it, particularly given Sheldon’s “suck it” some episodes ago.
Bob, make it so! :)

You mean where Big Bang’s Sheldon gets to visit the Star Trek set and meets the “wrong” Spock and so on…

@3 that would be great too see!


Mr balls I couldn’t have said it better.

Set for a dream sequence… I can just imagine Sheldon having a dream where he’s Spock but Penny is the Captain. Though the original/Phase II set would probably work better and more appropriately.

Except Trek is Paramount and big Bang is WB so it’s less likely to happen, but we’ve seen Gorn before so it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Awesome!! I love this show!! :)

Looks like Sheldon Cooper dislikes ‘Enterprise’ since it hasn’t been part of his trivia suggestion…

Looks like we are running out of info to post on this site again, huh?

Nimoy would be awesome but I’ll take anyone from the extended Trek family. I love it when they have people from the real world making cameo appearances on this show.

Nimoy was contacted but It isn’t happening apparently.

@11 Heard the same thing – he was solicited for a cameo but apparently had stiff $$ requirements.

I have absolutely no knowledge that this is what’s going on specifically here, but I do know that sometimes actors will purposely price themselves out of doing something he doesn’t really want to do so he doesn’t have to literally reject the idea itself. He may really just have decided he’s not doing those kinds of things anymore, and really wants to retire…I think he’s something like 80 now, isn’t he?

It would be an awesome appearance, but I don’t think it will happen. Would love to be wrong!

Nimoy and Shat together on this show would be great. That would be the only Kirk-Spock reunion we would ever get.

The producers should entice Nimoy by telling him they’ll donate $250,000 to the charity of his choice for one day’s work of him filming a two minute cameo in front of a live studio audience. The cast and crew could work that week’s show around Mr. Nimoy’s schedule.

M’yeah, that should work.

Ok…whomever bounces the ball the highest gets the office….lol

Harry, they should have both Nimoy and Quinto on the same episode and have Sheldon debate with them on who’s the best Spock.

After watching the show last night, I think I found Sheldon’s weakness in ST trivia…challenge him to ENTERPRISE trivia as he did not mention that series so it must be his one and only area where he does not have the “superior intellect”.

This show is just plain awesome!!!!!!!!! Not only because they like Star Trek, but, I can relate to these geeks. I am a geek like them.

THANK YOU for making at available for all the world.

Thanks so much for posting this. In the UK, TBBT is on a season hiatus (WTF?). It was suddenly announced before ep 12 when the continuity lady said “I’m sorry, we have no more episodes to show, so we will be repeating this series from the beginning again.” No explanation, nothing, so it was lovely to get a little crumb.

I’d like to see an episode where these guys show up at the annual Star Trek Phase II Fan Film shoot, complete with the whole Phase II internet TOS cast.

I agree with all yall that favor a cameo by bob orci and the like. What if Sheldon won a radio contest to visit the sets of the new movie. I think you could totally play that line without having to actually show the sets either. first have Sheldon win the contest. then you can go through this whole crazy thing where Sheldon has to jump through all these hoops to proove he won’t let out anything about the new movie. Sheldon is so excited, until he realizes that the person in charge of showing him around the sets is the new Spock Zachory Quinto. Playing off his previous encounter with the carboard Quinto/Spock we could have a hillarious moment in which Sheldon refuses to be anywhere near Quinto, and spouts some of his very funny nerdy insults. This could have a cameo by JJ Abrams or by one of the writers, or maybe another cast member, trying to calm down Sheldon. in the end, Sheldon goes home with with a Star Tek mug.

This could very easily play as a B-story to something else, or with a B-story.

What do you guys think?

one more thing

following with Sheldons distaste for the Quinto version of Spock, you could introduce a version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizzard, Spock, in which all possibilities end up destroying Spock.

What if Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy appear on TBBT and they disagree on something so they start doing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?