Simon Pegg Voiced Bounty Hunter For This Week’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Video]

Simon Pegg is currently working on his second Star Trek movie as the iconic Scotty, but this Friday the actor is hopping to another franchise to step into the shoes of another established character…this time in a galaxy far, far away. Today it was announced that Pegg is voicing a bounty hunter on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Pegg to voice Dengar on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This Friday's episode of the Cartoon Network series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will feature Simon Pegg voicing the character Dengar the Bounty Hunter. The character first appeared along with Boba Fett and a number of other bounty hunters in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Dengar from "Empire Strikes Back" and on "The Clone Wars"

EW broke the news today and quotes Pegg saying:

“Dengar is one of the elite. If you’re on Darth Vader’s bounty-hunter speed dial, you are the best in the galaxy…It was a total honor to play this mysterious, hard man from my favorite Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back."

They also have more details on the episode and a clip, so check it out at



Pegg Wars

Of course Simon Pegg is a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, and has talked about how it has shaped his life. He has also been a quite vocal critic of the Star Wars prequels, some of this criticism made it into his UK sitcom Spaced.

And Pegg has previously done some Star Wars acting, if you consider this skit for College Humor as Star Wars acting.

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No Disintegrations!

Funny stuff.

“He has also been a quite vocal critic of the original Star Wars trilogy” should probably read “prequel Star Wars trilogy.”

Good stuff. Are there other actors who’ve done both Wars and Trek? The only one I can think of is Deep Roy.


I thought that was the Republic game.

Nice animation!

‘Jar Jar makes the Ewoks look like f*****g Shaft!’ Hilarious! And very true.

(In the voice of Scotty).
Darth. Are ya Daft man.

He boldly went there…

George Takei did a voice as well.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Defenders of Peace as Lok Durd (voice)

AWESOME! I love both universes, can’t wait to see this Fridays episode!

Simon Pegg is funny definitely… ;-) :-)

Very cool. Love bounty hunters, they’re my kind of scum.

I love TCW. I heard about this site from the Clone Wars site. I got here just before the movie came out and then became a poster after.

I thought Simon Pegg is done with Star Wars where he put all of his Star Wars stuff in a box and burned it? I can’t find the video, can anyone else find it?

That does not sound like Simon Pegg in the LEAST.

I think we’ve found our new James Doohan, everyone.

Clone Wars series rules, Star Trek take note!

Dang. Simon Pegg is the most gainfully employed fanboy on the planet.

Well, maybe next to Bob Orci. ;)

Vader should have told Dengar no more commissions until he lays off the doughnuts. Maybe he spent too much times on stakeouts between the Clone Wars and Empire Strikes Back. Quit waiting around for your target and get off your fat a** and chase ’em down, Dengar!

Kinda looks like him too.

For some reason, that picture of Degnar from “Empire Strikes Back” reminds me somewhat of that “Tron Guy” (of internet meme fame)…

…and the animated still next to it makes Degnar look like a bit of a “dandy”.


That was a character in a TV show that burned his Star Wars stuff. Not actually Simon Pegg. It was fiction.

@ 20

He posted that vid in his upset of the latest Blu-ray release with that clip on his Twitter feed.