New Star Trek Fine Art Licensee Launched

If you are looking for some art to jazz up your place, today you have an interesting new option. A new Star Trek fine art licensee titled Bye Bye Robot has been launched. They are offering prints and canvases of original art inspired by Star Trek. More info and a few examples below.


New Star Trek Fine Art from Bye Bye Robot

A new Star Trek fine art licensee has arrived. Bye Bye Robot ( offers original prints with imagery from the original Star Trek series. Each is limited edition print is hand numbered and signed by the artist. The prints are on canvas or paper giclee, and available in various sizes. By Bye Robot plans to offer prints from other Star Trek series in the future. 

For more info or to pick up some cool new Star Trek art, visit



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I’m still looking for the “Fine” part…

Wow those are horrible. And the price!

“Fine” art? I respectfully disagree. Not to mention the prices are ridiculous.

These seem okay, but not like $325 okay (for the Gorn) and certainly not $515 worthy (for one of the larger Enterprise ones).

Dont care for these, looks like pages from a coloring book.

awesome lol

I have two original pieces of “fine art” hanging in my office. One, of the Enterprise flying through space with nebula, planet and comet, was done years ago by our then 12 yr. old son. The other, of Enterprise battling Klingons with nebula and planet but no comet, was done 14 yrs. later by the same son, who wanted me to trash/replace the first piece. Maybe I should sell them. They are certainly as well done as the above… :-)

@2 LOL

It’s a pity that these are such a clunky style. They all seem like they’re going to be. Acme Archives does lots of different styles with their Star Wars license, to appeal to all sorts of tastes. These guys are going to have to move beyond this if they want to do the same.

I’m not going to put this stuff down like some of you, but I have to agree it’s too cartoonish for my taste. It reminds me of the art and style of the video game “Borderlands” which I enjoy thoroughly, but is more appropriate for that kind of work. When it comes to Star Trek art, I generally prefer cleaner lines and a more polished look.

The poster of the Enterprise that looks like socialist art from the 30s and 40s was more my speed, in terms of a graphic art style.

Yikes! Everyone’s a critic…

I think (mostly) everyone’s reaction would be far less harsh if these were advertized as regular posters rather than “fine art”, and if they were priced at say $29 instead of $160-$325+…

12×30 is too small. 18×45 is too big. Both are way too expensive.

13 – I was gonna say something nice. Then I checked what I thought was a joke on your part.
You’re not frakkin’ kidding.

Um…. bye.

18″ x 45″ – $525.00*

not $335. $525. I’m so very sorry for my error.

@13 I agree…

I found that Charity Wood (the artist) is a co owner of Bye Bye Robot. That’s what happens when you let the artist set the prices. Seems like artist always overvalue their work.

I do think both the Enterprise prints are pretty cool though. Especially the one titled ‘NCC-1701’. Might be game on the 20×40 if it was about $300 cheaper.

I wonder how much they have to pay CBS for a license to do this.


Hmmm a Space Octopus? Really? You expect someone to walk up to the print, look at a Space Octopus, and think to themselves, “Man I love Star Trek” just out-of-the-blue? With how many decades of characters and scenes to pick from, and you draw a friggen Space Octopus? Holy crap man,

I keep trying to say remember “Art is in the eye of the beholder” without snickering while looking at these photos of these works of “Fine Art”

Is the difference between art and fine art the consensus that fine art is crap?

I’d like to add my voice to the others posting on this development. These depictions are really quite tacky. Most poster fold-outs from SciFi magazines are better. These are a bit of an embarrassment, even for a child’s room and the marketing strategy of high pricing does not work at all. Louis Vuitton can get away with the mystique of over pricing as a status symbol, but not this unfortunate merchandise.

Love the Tribbles tryptich…

I don’t mean it as cruel as it sounds, but it looks like something a high school Trek fan might have drawn in the 1970’s on a book cover. Definitely not worth the prices they’re asking! crazy.

@13 Good point.

I like the tribbles painting. Hey, who are the artists?

What a joke…

#11? The “Boldy Go” series. I actually frame the best one and hung it in my bathroom. Anyone get the joke???

@ 24. richpit – March 3, 2012:

“I don’t mean it as cruel as it sounds, but it looks like something a high school Trek fan might have drawn in the 1970’s on a book cover. Definitely not worth the prices they’re asking! crazy.”


Two months later, and there’s no buzz about this stuff, and it is not a surprise. Some defensive type might argue, “Oh, its just that Star Trtek is not that popular right now,” but that would be a smokescreen. The WORK–is inferior, and frankly, there’s too much ST merchandise out there, and most of it failing to tap into the most interested part of the fanbase.