Watch: Preview Of William Shatner On Tongiht’s ‘Psych’

Star Trek's William Shatner will be back on TV tonight, returning to the USA show Psych. Shatner reprising his role as Frank the con-man from last season and you can catch a preview of The Shat below


Shatner returns to Psych tonight

Tune into to USA's Psych tonight at 10 PM to check out William Shatner, returning to his role as con-man Frank O'Hara, father to Juliet (Maggie Lawson). Here is the promo

Tonight's episode is titled "Heeeere's Lassie" was directed by show star James Roday. This time Sean and Gus have to solve the mystery of Lassie's new place in an homage to The Shining. Here is a preview.

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Great preview :-) Oh, first comment on Shatner article, I always wanted this happen:-D

Tonight is spelled wrong in the title

The Shat threw any acting ability “out the window” a long time ago and now just does a parody of himself. Blech!

No Harry, I think he acts now for the fun he gets out of it (probably not to mention a sweet paycheque!) and absolutely refuses to take either himself or the “biz” too seriously.

Sugar Rush, isn’t it selfish of the Shat to just have fun with a paid acting job, phone it in, and expect the viewing audience to simply accept whatever crap he feels like doling out?

Naahh, the man is 80 years old. When I get to his age, I hope I have as much fun in the stuff I enjoy as much as him. I’m sure the money is a nice perk on the side, though. Unlike others who probably do it exclusively for the money, from gig to gig you can tell that he’s just having a blast.

When I get to be the Shats Age. I just hope I am still alive!. Lol.

#5 – You obviously didn’t see Shatner’s first Psych appearance if you think he’s just phoning it in. Seriously, Harry, that comment was a joke, right?

Shat phoned it in on “___ My Dad Says,” but not on Psych.

Enough the Shatner articles — we get like 3 of these a week now. This is — where is the Trek Movie news, given they are filming right now??? The Shat stuff is getting real boring….I get it, he’s real busy now and doing a bunch of stuff….OK, now, NEW TOPIC PLEASE!!!

Gotta tell you,…I’m torn now about spening money to see his one man show,…especially since he’s coming to my home town with it. And on his birthday, no less.

@10 Andy Patterson. Spend the money. I just saw him on Broadway and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t so much about StarTrek as it is about the life of an actor (who couldn’t say no to anything.)
I brought a friend who wasn’t really that much of a Star Trek fan and she was really moved. So if you’re kind of down in the dumps, this is a real pick-me-up. If on the other hand, you can’t stand the sight of any more Shatner, and you think this is some kind of self-indulgent self-love fest (and it is) then save your money.

“This is — where is the Trek Movie news, given they are filming right now???”

Ah, yes…sigh. We can but live in hope. More pictures, please, from the set, whether they are Abrams authorized or not. More cool, if they are from the Bad Robot team…

Can’t believe we can’t be shown anything of any of the cast. Those cameras must surely be working overtime now. There must be some good non-spoiler pictures from the set. Make it happen!

There will be no new sequel info until the fall, at the earliest.

If J.J Abrams was going to reveal anything, he would have revealed the villain already. I think he’s still pissed at the photo leakage a couple of weeks ago.

Harry, Shat is clearly on cruise control but at this point in his career he has probably earned it. Either way he has baked in suckers like me who will play along. Go figure! :-)

HOWEVER! He is going to be in Charlotte NC which is close to me but I am going to pass on going…..the good seats are just too damn expensive….

is Tongihts on cable?


Hmmmm, just went to a site called and saw a bunch of photos of Zoe and John Cho on the Star trek set.They are both wearing a grey uniform under their big coats. Looks like a new style for Starfleet. Check it out!


Isn’t that the same get up Pegg wore in the birthday video he made with Urban? Interesting! Definitely doesn’t look like the same uniform Spock wore in the previous film.

Sorry Harry….tried to go look but that Jessica Simpson pic was posted in all it’s glory and I went blind in one eye…..

“If J.J Abrams was going to reveal anything, he would have revealed the villain already. I think he’s still pissed at the photo leakage a couple of weeks ago.”

And I’ve noticed that Bob Orci hasn’t visited this site recently. I wonder if JJ told him not to participate here since TrekMovie also posted the leaked photos.

That Jessica Simpson pic makes me want to get my girlfriend pregnant. And I had a vasectomy years ago. ;>)

I suspect the gray is just a jumper covering their actual uniforms. If you look at some of the pics of Zoe, you can see her red uniform underneath.


I found it odd that Bob was allowed to chat with us even though J.J was clearly trying to keep the sequel under wraps. I was a surprised that J.J. hadn’t muzzled him. But now maybe he has.

I wonder if JJ is getting any pressure from the studio to at least release some official pics or villain info. I mean, Disney just released a pic of The Lone Ranger and a quick synopsis, and that barely started production. WB did something similar with Dark Knight Rises when some spy pics got out. Paramount should just veto JJ and release something.

Awesome — adj. William Shatner.

@24. Yes, we haven’t heard a peep from Bob lately. I wonder if that video came from Bob’s cell phone, and now Bob is in JJ’s dog house?

I used to pan him but this guy has reinvented himself successfully more times than any other celebrity I can think of. How can you not respect that? He’s become incredibly fun to watch.

It is the age of smart-ass bufoons, so he is making a killing, that is for sure. From a money-making perspective, I can’t argue with him — great job there, Shat!.

However, from and entertainment perspective, he’s not interesting or meaninful to me — his schtik is an egotisical mismash of not-so-clever attempts at humor, and a retrelling of his career stories that most of us Trek fans have heard over and over. Sorry, but I just don’t find that all compelling — he still comes across to me a “B-lister” trying too hard…think of Rosie O’Donnel or Super Dave Osbourne.

“Shatner is Back”


[cue music]
Just an Old Fashioned Shatner,
Playin’ on your TV Screen.
And wrapped around the music is the voice of
someone saying “George is mean!”

You’ll swear you’ve heard him before as he slowly rambles on and on…
No need in bringin’ him back ’cause he’s never really gone…
[fade under]
[switch medium]

Actually, Shatner is a very good interviewer. I watched a couple of episodes of his “Raw Nerve” show and found them to be very well done, and the conversations very interesting. And that format isn’t easy to do, at least I wouldn’t think so.

Shatner has, indeed, made a second career primarily out of self parody. For all the legendary tales of his equally legendary ego, learning how to poke fun at himself wins him points with me, for whatever little that’s worth.

Off topic, but I just realized another captain of the Enterprise will be in the next Die Hard movie. Patrick Stewart.

Must have missed that article.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” in 2013.


From the preview, this gig looks a bit different from the typical Shatner personality that he does. Its as if he’s actually playing somebody other than himself for a change! ;-)

That ad is based on a fundamental fact of life. Everyone loves William Shatner.

The guy is heroin for tv and the fans would crawl over broken glass to see him.


Uh, not quite, Chris!

Yeah, Pierre, and I’m from Mars! :>)

Bill is acting better than at any point in his career. For me Trek wasn’t his career high, I reckon it was Boston Legal.
#32 Yeah, that one story has been floating around for a while now. Has it been confirmed?

I almost believed you Harry but then you also said you were from Mars.

First pix of Chris Hemsworth as Formula 1 legend James Hunt…


Heh, heh……good one, Chris! :>)



Looks like a good flick, Buzz.
Who’s the woman next to Hemsworth?

If Patrick Stewart is the villain in the next Die Hard, surely he will be the best since Alan Rickman. But… but, if he doesn’t tell Bruce Willis “The line must be drawn HERE!,” I’ll be greatly disappointed.

I don’t know who she is Vults, but she is very pretty isn’t she!
Did you notice the head is still in that crash hat laying on the road?! That was when Formula1 was for real tough guys.

I don’t think i’d be brave enough to draw a line for John Mclane! He’ll cross it just for the hell of it.
Have you seen Sir Pat in this?…

Kind of Die Hard on a Train. It had a great cast, including Pierce Brosnan, and yet, somehow, it managed to totally miss its target. Very disappointing. Even Patrick was poor in it. I half expected Steven Segal to put in an apperance!
How about this…

Rather better I thought.


No, I haven’t seen either of those. But I did see this one, Die Hard at a prep school:

But who could forget this episode of TNG, Die Hard on the Enterprise:

Now I think it’s obvious Sir Patrick is perfect for the next Die Hard. He has experience with this sort of thing!

My goodness but Stewart has done some dross in his time!
That TNG episode was very Die Hard now you mention it. Could almost picture Picard crawling up a jeffries tube muttering about how he knows how a replicated dinner feels!
First Contact always struck me as taking inspiration from Die Hard, right down to the vest that Picard ran around it!
Captain John Luc McClain in Die Hard with an Android!


has the cast and lists Patrick Stewart.


What’s the point of those giant coats if they don’t zip them up when out for smoke breaks? If they’re too hot, get ’em something longer and lighter (there’s room in the budget).

I’m the no fun guy who wants zero spoilers/zero sightings (unless they’re fakes, then I’d be thrilled — big fan of misdirection).


“Could almost picture Picard crawling up a jeffries tube muttering about how he knows how a replicated dinner feels!”

Ha! Love it.

And yeah, “First Contact” was a kind of mix of “Die Hard” and a zombie movie, with a touch of “The Right Stuff” for flavor. :)

or whatever the amount is! Forgive the typos and inexactitudes when it come’s to the amount of letters in Arnies name. We’ve had a very pleasant afternnon weather wise and we had a BBQ and a very nice bottle of wine. Or 2!

Hmmmm, sounds like Buzz has a buzz!