First Pix & Video Of Leonard Nimoy’s Episode Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ + UPDATE: Wil Wheaton Returning To TBBT

The nerdy CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory finally got their Vulcan. Next Thursday’s episode features Leonard Nimoy voicing Mr. Spock, who is haunting Sheldon. And today CBS has released a video preview and pictures of Nimoy with the cast. Check them out below. [UPDATE: Wil Wheaton reveals he is also returning to the Big Bang Theory]


Nimoy haunts Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

Next Thursday The Big Bang Theory once again goes Star Trek with the episode “The Transporter Malfunction.” The story has Penny buying Leonard and Sheldon some new Star Trek collectibles as a thank you which leads Sheldon to be haunted by Mr. Spock. And Leonard Nimoy himself will be voicing Spock.

UPDATE: Here is a video preview:

CBS has also provided us some images of Nimoy with the the cast. 

Leonard Nimoy with Jim Parsons from "The Big Bang Theory"

Leonard Nimoy with the cast of "The Big Bang Theory"

And CBS sent over some images of the episode.

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) gives Leonard (John Galecki, L) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons, R) some Star Trek collectibles

Sheldon (Jim Parsons, R) salutes his new Mr. Spock figure

"The Transporter Malfunction" airs Thursday, March 29 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

UPDATE: Wil Wheaton returning to Big Bang Too

And Big Bang isn’t done with Trek star guest spots. Today Wil Wheaton released a video and photos revealing he is currently working on another episode of The Big Bang Theory, titled "Sparks Mcgee."

Wil’s mobile phone video released Friday, March 23rd

Tweeted photo of Wheaton and "Big Bang" actress Mayim Bialik

Tweeted photo of script

This will be Wheaton’s fifth time on the show, where he plays an evil version of himself and the nemesis of Sheldon Cooper. 

Photos: Monty Brinton/CBS

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So can’t wait for this

Any idea when it airs in the UK?

it looks so good cant wait

#2 we the UK viewers are not far behind

can’t wait for this but i think sheldon should of let nimoy sit in his spot lol

Nice pics!

Awesome! I can’t wait to see this episode. Thanks, Mr. Nimoy, for doing this episode.

I’m setting my countdown clock NOW!

Cheers #pilotfred

Looks like Sheldon is having a Geekasm. I know I would if I could sit next to Mr Nimoy.

The photo of them all sitting on the couch………..

good thing Nimoy didn’t try to sit in Sheldon’s spot!

This show rules…best show on tv

That second photo from the top, where Parsons and Nimoy are saluting the camera.

Nimoy looks amazing for 80! Has he had some “work” done?

WOW… I love it!…. ;-) :-)

Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard (Knock, knock)
Leonard Nimoy!!

So awesome!

I like that he has let his hair grow out. It makes him look even younger.

What did Desilu put in the water back in the day to make Nimoy, Shatner, Takei, et al all look so much younger than their age at this point in their lives? Not to mention all having the ambition and drive of people 30 years younger than them.

Pine, Quinto, Urban, etc. better ask them where to get their Kool Aid!

Can you imagine what it must feel like for those young actors to be posing for a picture with a man who is no less than an American and international icon?

I was a late-comer to BBT, but I’m now absolutely addicted. (Even have my wife enjoying it.) I can’t wait for this episode!

Love BBT…..anyone notice how bulky Jim Parsons is getting ? I’d intially heard he was bulking up to film a remake of “Harvey” in the off season.

Nimoy looks great (though a bit like an elderly priest, in the one shot:) No, I don’t think he’s had ‘work done.’ He doesn’t look stretched.

Hey, what about Will Wheaton’s trailer? By the way my wife says she kissed Leonard Nimoy on the cheek after one of his Shakespearean concerts almost 40 years ago. By the way my is still “hot” bitches.

I cannot wait for this! Leonard is going to be 81 on March 24. So much for retirement, eh?

Hey, Nimoy’s looking good here. He usually looks a little cadaverous, at least compared to Shatner.

Allow me to orrect myself….the “Harvey” production that Jim Parsons is doing is a broadway revival…startss May 18th.

#22 He’s just pale. Like Conan O’Brien. He’s probably got a bunch of stage makeup on here. And me. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was feeling okay because I looked a little pale…even had a doctor stop me once and tell me I might be anemic!

When you’re old…and pale…you look a lot like death. Just the way it happens. But you DO look really great for those years in between when all your friends that tanned a lot look like leather.

@12 Harry Ballz
@19 NCM

Mr. Nimoy has most certainly had some “work” done. But the work has been done with a great deal of restraint. Good plastic surgery should not looked stretched or weird.
What really gives him a relatively youthful appearance is his posture. His back is ramrod straight and he moves with obvious ease and grace. All those years of swimming have paid off. He’s kept his weight down. He obviously takes care of himself. (Or maybe Mrs. Nimoy takes good care of him.)
He’s maintained interest and enthusiasm about his work as well as achieving some kind of balance between work and personal life.
We should all be so lucky.

I love that show only because of all the star trek references. Its funny shit

OMG, My head’s going to explode. This episode looks so brilliant! This season has been their best one yet. I think Jim Parson’s may get a third Emmy!

I’ve been watching TBBT lately. I like the show with some reservations:

1. On several occasions, I had the feeling that TBBT bordered on being simply a “joke machine” without any deeper meaning. Not that I expect great philosophy from a sitcom, but there are sitcoms and there are sitcoms, and some actually do have an importance beyond laughs (M*A*S*H is an obvious example; Frasier is another).

2. I’m already tired of obvious sex jokes on the show.

3. Sheldon really does strike me as having high-functioning ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) — and specifically Aspergers, combined with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). I don’t know why the show’s producer doesn’t acknowledge this and in fact denies it; the symptoms are all there.

4. I don’t like what they did with Leonard’s mother during the “drunk” episode.

Otherwise, entertaining, and I do like it.


A friend of mine has a son diagnosed with Asperger’s and she said the exact same thing; that Sheldon Cooper was CLASSIC Asperger’s. High-functioning, social, but awkward and self-absorbed.

And I agree about the last couple seasons of the show haven’t been quite as fun as the first three, but it’s still entertaining enough and I very much enjoy the cast and their energy in their performances.

Look forward to Leonard Nimoy’s (and Wil Wheaton’s return) performances…

Thanks, 29. It’s good to see that my views are shared.

“Here is a video preview”

But (as usual) only if you live in the US.
I wonder if they understand that the ‘”www” means WORLD WIDE web?

31: ditto. However, websites tend to drop the “www” part while linking ;)

Anyway – do we get Spock’s voice only, or the full package?

I can’t wait to see the new season on TBBT. The channel over here in the UK that shows it (E4) seems to have an erratic schedule in showing it. So I may wait until it comes out on DVD so I can have a very long and extremely funny marathon of the show over the course of a weekend or something.

The cameo of Leonard Nimoy is something that I have been waiting for since I started watching the show in 2009. But am I the only one disappointed by the fact that we will only HEAR Mr. Nimoy’s voice and not see him interact with Sheldon in person? Personally, I think it’s a cop-out in a way, but it’s sure as Hell cool that they eventually got him to do it.

P.S. Looks like Jim Parsons is gaining a few pounds. Can’t believe today is his 39th birthday! He SERIOUSLY doesn’t look like he’s 39!

I can’t believe nobody commented on the impropriety of the Spock figure wearing his “utility belt” over his uniform tunic. Guess I’m the only geek here.

35. Frank Jay Gruber
“I can’t believe nobody commented on the impropriety of the Spock figure wearing his “utility belt” over his uniform tunic. Guess I’m the only geek here.”

That’s actually the way the action figures were sold and packaged. I had the whole set back when I was a kid in the 70s and still have them today. The utility belt went over the tunic (for the toys, that is.). But yes, in the show, they were not worn over the tunics.

I loved my megos…I think to this day those are some of the nicest head sculpt done of the cast (certainly the best of shatner)…..The bridge set was a bit of a travesty but it was fun…(the viewscreen scenes looked like they weredescribed to the artist over the phone.)…..speaking of which check out the transporter units that sheldon and leonard are holding sort of a mego retro look…Im guessing tiny spock is the result of a transporter malfunction.

If I never hear about this piece of shit sitcom again, it’ll be too soon.


Hmmm, based on your comment, you probably think the show should have been called


36 I had the originals back in the 70’s, but the minute we got them out of the package we tucked the belt under the shirt to make them look more like the TV characters (if you could ignore the bright blue phaser and communicator–I had friends who actually painted those black). That’s just the kind of anal detail mistake that would drive Sheldon up the wall.

Jim Parsons is looking a little chubby these days.

Love it.

“Sheldon (Jim Parsons, R) salutes his new Mr. Spock figure”

So, Jim Parsons is a Republican.

I’m really diggin’ Mr Nimoy’s hair style…..PARIS lives… ….This is the ultimate awesome!!!/ I still have my original Mego SPOCK…the only one of teh original bunch I have left…with utility belt, phaser, communicator, and tricorder. His rank stripes started to come off, but still in great shape.
but not as good as Mr. L looks for 81!! \V LLaP!

the episold airs with MR.Nimoy this thursday night 8pm in the U.S.

“Obsidian – March 26, 2012

So, Jim Parsons is a Republican.”

I seriously doubt it. If he was a Republican he wouldn’t be working.

I never thought I’d find a show as funny as News Radio but BBT is certainly that.