Trailer For Total Recall – Featuring John Cho

This summer Star Trek’s John Cho may not be appearing in a new Star Trek movie, but he will be another big sci-fi reboot…Total Recall. The first trailer for the film has been released, featuring Cho’s supporting role prominently. Check it out below.


Total Recall Trailer

Here is the trailer for Total Recall.

As you can see from the trailer, Cho is playing McClain, the rep for Rekall that sells Quaid (Colin Farrell) his adventure. The 2012 version is not a remake of the 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and it also diverges from the original Philip K. Dick novel, but is said to contain many of the novel’s political themes. Total Recall hits theaters on August 3rd.

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It can never be as good as Arnold’s Recall. But I will watch it to see if I could be wrong. I jsut wish that Hollywood would come up with some orignal ideas.

Will this be released for Xbox?
What? it’s not a video game…?


Closer to the original book, I dont think so. The new movie does NOT go to Mars, they went to Mars in the book. Thats a biiiig difference I think!
The new movie looks really cool but I just know I will be comparing it every inch of the way to the 1990 original.

P*ffft* Not interested.

Remake T2 with Colin Ferrell next.

Hmm, I still can’t stand that they have removed Mars from the story, but the trailer looks a little better than I thought it would be. The Biel-Beckendale dynamic looks interesting (ah, if only…). The cars are a complete ripoff from Blade runner. I think I see an OK action movie trying to pretend its “Inception” here?

We’ll see….

Another negative:

It doesn’t feature Trek Alum, Bob Picardo (Voyager’s Doctor) – who was the voice of JohnnyCab in the original.

I’ll give it a chance. The Arnold version is pretty silly in some places to me, and the effects really don’t hold up well. But I’d watch Kate Beckinsale read a book for two hours, so what do I know?

I will watch it only because there are not that many futuristic sci-fi movies these days.

I doubt the movie will be as good as original movie or even close to the book. Hollywood rarely managed to capture the essence of good books.

What no “Get your ass to Mars” – dissapointing but Colin Farell? – shan’t bother.

Silly or not the 1990 version was pretty fun to watch though.

yah no bob picardo…those mutants n mars were very creative creatures–loved em…sharon stone too with scowling arnold—never did find out which personality was real…makeup efx were something else…so how close is hunger games to running man n rollerball….?

I will miss the mars part, why did they omit mars?

Perhaps they should have just been honest and called it “Total Reboot”

Bloody Kate Beckinsale- her dad would be turning in his grave.

Colin Farrell – need I say anymore?

Total Recall should have been left alone.

I’m sure there are plenty more original stories out there that could be made into movies.

Show some Balls, Hollywood – and I do not mean Harry!


People keep banging on about this being a remake of the Arnie movie. It’s not it’s another attempt at making a movie version of a novel. I bet nobody said “oh Peter Jackson is remaking LOTR why not leave it with that 70s version with the weird rotoscoping etc”.

Just give it a chance, if they are smart it will be too far removed from the 80’s steroid fuelled version to have much comparison. Just the odd homage to it. Plus BRIAN CRANSTON!!

Hmm… as a rule I don’t trust trailers because they tend to dumb even the more thought-proving of sci-fi/action/thrillers down to their most eye-candy elements.

Having said that, I fear this version of Total Recall appears to be more of a rehash of ideas than a fresh take. *Spoilers* I can live without the Mars / mutant repression & insurgency aspect of it *End Spoilers* if that is all replaced with something suitably anti-establishment (this is based on a Phillip K. Dick story, after all — can’t have PKD without trippy, paranoid, government-coverup elements). However, the trailer makes it look like a cross between Minority Report (in visual design) and The Bourne Identity (in basic concept). I don’t have a problem with either of those movies, but my comparison begs the question: what’s going to be original in this movie?

Also, it looks like they’re lifting the action-laden conflict between the evil planted wife and the trustworthy ally-cum-girlfriend wholesale from the 1990 movie, as it does not appear, as far as I can remember, in the “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” story.

Finally, complaints about silliness aside, one of the things I appreciate most about Verhoeven’s sci-fi films (Total Recall, Robocop and Starship Troopers) is that they are so steeped in a mordant irony that – after the surprise and humor has worn off a little – reveals a bitterly pessimistic, dystopian view of the future, and particularly the role of corporations and government in it. That kind of attitude works for me, and dovetails pretty well with Phillip K. Dick’s as well.

^ “thought-proving” -> “thought-provoking”

12. Aussie Ian – April 3, 2012

Lol very good :)

I really don’t see the point of this reboot. I’ll probably watch it on some rainy day next year, when it is available for download. I’ll watch it more out of interest to see how it compares then anything else.

LMFAO! Only if Every Body Knew The Inside Joke — or as Peter Griffin Recalls It — The Dirtiest Joke In The Universe!

Pathetic gutless attempt to cash in on a classic movie & story.

“Total Recall” without mars is like “The Wizard of Oz” without Oz!
Typical Studio thinking like yeah that will do well with mainstream audiences, stay ion earth, the mainstream audience can understand that- wouldnt want any science fiction concepts or settings getting in the way!

Colin Farrell puts me off wanting to see any film. Only have an iota of interest because it’s a PKD story. If they can capture the essence of his writing all well and good, but almost no-one’s ever done that in my view. As I mentioned once before, quaking in my boots to see what will become of Ubik in Michel Gondry’s hands. He might just be the one to do it but we’ll see…

@20 – haven’t read Ubik but I’ve been given the synopsis, and Gondry’s take should be interesting, for sure.

They had me at Beckinsale

John Cho can recall everything, totally… except who sold him the blonde rinse.

This film is facing a big uphill battle… fans can’t be pleased that they’re not going to Mars. Colin Farrell is a black hole of charisma. The FX are good, but are they enough?

Personally, gonna pass unless there’s serious word of mouth.

Every scene in the trailer is almost word for word from the same scenes in the original.

For goodness sakes would you not think they would at least try to give you the impression that they had created a new movie? Instead they are serving up a rerun.

The first one is not that dated either.

If someone ever writes a book on the top ten rules for guaranteeing your movie will bomb at the box office don’t be surprised if this movie is on that list. Even if done well do we need to see it again.

Another one to pass on….

Thanks, Hollywood, for saving me so much money in movie tickets.

Looks great! They didn’t need to remake the first one but since this isn’t really a remake, I’m onboard. Some of the scenes remind me a bit of ‘Blade Runner’.

Looks like Sulu isn’t gonna survive that scene from what I saw in the trailer.

“Ya Blabbed Quaid, ya blabbed about Mars!”

Quiadi: “I nevea even been to maas.”

I liked the model vfx in the first movie (especially the trains) but the the sets appeared too studio-bound like Keaton’s Batman movies. In this trailer everything seems consistent in large scope.
I’ll give it a chance.

Judging by how far this new version diverges from the original, shouldn’t it really be called………..”PARTIAL RECALL”?

That’s cool for Cho, but I think it’s weird they left out the whole Mars thing.

Meh, looks like a rental for me.

Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel?!!! A must see!

21. I read Ubik at a young, tender, formative age, along with a lot of his other works including his short stories, and it all made a big impression on me, feeding my own interests in the underlying nature of things…which is still an ongoing process. :}

Heh, slap a gold filter on it and you have Deus Ex: The Movie. :D

I’m always wary of this type of remake. Attempting to take the cheese out of a cheesy-fun movie always seems to take out the fun, too.

24. Really? The first one always comes to mind whenever I think of a futuristic movie that looks incredibly dated now. Could be the big glasses and the TV screens.

This is why I worried about all the off-the-rack flat panel monitors in Trek 09. Greenscreen the displays, baby. Or something. That long back-projected bridge display (with lines where they joined the screens together) looked dated already in 2009.

PS Cho’s pretty sexy in this.

Looking forward to this one.

I’m hoping it adheres more to the mind-f**k/paranoid nightmare milieu of Philip K Dick’s story (“We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”) and less to the 1990 movie (which started ambitious but slowly devolved into a cliched shoot ’em up).

The casting certainly looks promising. I could believe Colin Farrell as an everyman/secret agent than I could believe Arnold as well… anything, really. John Cho looks pretty cool in the trailer. Kate Beckinsdale and Jessica Biel are also improvements over their 1990 counterparts as well (never thought of Rachel Ticotin as a dream girl/fantasy type).

Definitely on my summer to-do list. ;-)

i’m sorry… but Total Recall with NO MARS, does not leave me gagging on any eleganza from this movie. The 90’s Total Recall is still great!!! >>>

#36 John Cho looks sexier with his naturally dark Asian hair…just me, I guess…:)

Colin, Cho and Bryan Cranston will do fine. It’s just that they have been enlisted by a director of weightless CG schlock about sultry vampires jumping into the air. Hoping they overcome the script written by the dudes who brought us the laughable “Equilibrium” and “Basic.”

I agree. This movie should not have been remade.

Why is Colin Ferrell feigning an american accent for this one? I don’t get the necessity of that….

Anyway, looks like yet another *bang bang boom boom* ‘shoot em up’ waste of two hours…..

I realize that it’s an attempt to do another movie based upon a book…

However, seeing as the vast majority of the populace doesn’t even know there is a book called “Total Recall” (I didn’t until I read it here), they’re going to view this as a remake of the Ahnuld movie. And the best thing to do with cheesy movies is to leave them alone for those nights you feel like a cheesy movie.

@43 – No, the book is not called “Total Recall” – it’s a story (17 pages long in my Philip K. Dick Reader compendium) titled “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”).

Just some of the SciFi movies based on Philip K. Dick novels or stories:

Blade Runner – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Total Recall – We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
Screamers – Second Variety
Minority Report – [same title]
A Scanner Darkly – [same title]
Next – The Golden Man
The Adjustment Bureau – The Adjustment Team

The moral of the story is that it pays to know this particular author and his works if you’re into SciFi.

I am so surprised that no one here mentioned the fact that after the success of First Contact, Jonathan Frakes was offered and accepted to direct a sequel to the original Total Recall! Really too bad that never happened!

John Cho, Bill Nighy AND Bryan Cranston in the same movie kinda guarantees my attendance, Mars or no Mars.