More Images Of Quinto As Spock From Star Trek Sequel Set

More images from the Star Trek set have emerged. The latest batch are more from the same scene with Spock wearing that cool new suit. You can check them out below but they are a bit spoilery.  


More of Spock vs. The Volcano

Here are additional shots from On Location News showing Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock being dangling above what is reported to be a Volcano (done later in CGI presumably), wearing his "Volcano Suit,"  

This image shows Spock not dangling, so apparently at some point he lands somewhere around the Volcano.

And you can even catch a glimpse of Quinto looking less Spock-like, laughing with his stunt double and some crew people.

For more visit and Digital Spy.

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There copying first contact aren’t they I want to see more TNG and no reboots Star Trek is about going forward not back Gene legacy isn’t being used as the base for Star Trek

I want to see USS Titan

I bet Ceti Alpha 5 has volcanos. Hmmm…

looks reallly goofy

And we only have 13 months to wait to see what this is really all about…


Cool, but i do feel these leaks are in a way a violation of trust. I guess i’m too loyal. I’ll look as long as they are posted. Awesome website!

All i know is that i am really excited. I wonder who leeked the photos? I personally think that they should discover the bajoran wormhole and have the dominion in the next movie.

Ok. looks like he is Flying into Veger and will try a mind meld.

Soon we will have out first trailor and then a few more and then the Movie and then we will all be VERY HAPPY!!!!

When did they make the first trailer for the first movie?

i think jj is Angry! And by the way wher is boborci? i didn’t see him comment in a while.
Hey bob any comment on the pictures os Spock? Loks interesting dosn’t it?!

Star Trek 2013: When Spock meets Anakin ?

Yeah `cause, ya know Star Trek NEVER looks goofy.

Keep it in context people. No fx added yet!

January 2008.

VGER is what came to mind when I saw the first picture. I hope this is a different story line then from the 2nd Original Trek Movie. While I think we should see Khan and the rest of the Genetically Engineered from the Eugenic wars. I would hope we wait a bit until it happens.

I think it looks pretty cool as an outfit. doesnt tell us much about the movie, but i expect to not know much for hopefully only a few more months

I am very interested to see the new take on space walking ;)
Hopefully they keep the physics realistic.

Security to the bridge! How can these photos be leaking out?

Are those film reel cases that Spock might be tossing into the volcano? Could it be copies of “Spock’s Brain”? ST5? Insurrection??

I think it looks Romulan. No Starfleet sign….

Movie spacesuits always have a pointless helmet light so you can see the face.

Could be something to prevent Ceti Alpha VI from exploding. Or perhaps something that precludes the blow up of Vulcan……nahhh

Looks like Mass Effect ;)

Hey Bob Orci. It’s now ok to come back to Trek Movie.

I’m pretty sure I see Khan in the reflection on his right leg

I’m guessing they’re going to add the helmet screen in post? With all sorts of 3D HUD elements?

Spock has quite a large package there. And that case is pretty big too.

The universe is full of Volcanoes. And this would not be Star Trek’s 1st. Kirk kicked Kruge into a river of lava on Genesis. (Maybe Alice Eve is Carol Marcus and has begin her Genesis experiments earlier in this timeline). And the planet Excalibia had a molten surface long before Mustafar (maybe they are remaking The Savage Curtain).

Spoilery? Still looks like the dog carrier to me – Star Trek: Portho’s Voyage Home….

Mongo thinks JJ mans decide to make Micronauts movie after all. Mongo wonder who play blue micronaut that has spring loaded wings? Pine mans has wrong eye color.

Come on – one publication calls this thing a “volcano” suit, and (almost) everyone is just taking this as gospel truth. Who’s to say this isn’t just an environmental suit and Spock is in a zero-G environment somewhere? That makes more sense then the silly idea that Starfleet equips it’s ships with “volcano” suits because you never know when you might have to jump into a volcano somewhere….

If it were zero-G, the container would be floating, not hanging. So maybe it IS a volcano suit. And if so, what’s the big deal? Like CJS said, there are plenty of them out there. What matters is how it fits into the overal story.

Yeah I don’t think it’s a zero G suit because Quinto is holding on to the cable that’s lowering him to the soundstage floor. So he’s probably not outside the pull of gravity of some world.

Or maybe he’s just a really bad green screen actor.

Really you guys need to get a life !!

18. It does, doesn’t it? Like Spock has swiped a Centurion’s armour.

They clearly copied and improved on 22nd Century Starfleet EV suits. Just like they nicked human nacelle design and stuck them on their BoPs.

31. Life? Why the hell would you want one of those?!? LOL

It kinda reminds me of the TMP V’Ger spacewalk suit that Nimoy wore

More suits= more action figures to sell.

This has got HASBRO action figure written all over it. :))

Has Quinto checked out the lettering under his right foot? Made in China.

#1: You wrote:
“There copying first contact aren’t they I want to see more TNG and no reboots Star Trek is about going forward not back Gene legacy isn’t being used as the base for Star Trek”

You have absolutely NO basis on which to form that conclusion. All you have are photos of a guy in a suit.

And this whole “Star Trek is about going forward not back” notion is remarkably narrow-minded. Star Trek fans are supposed to embrace IDIC.

They better not be doing a Transformers crossover, that’s all I can say…

#31: You wrote:
“Really you guys need to get a life!!”

Come on… really? That’s SUCH a cliche. You don’t actually think anyone sees that as an effective put-down, do you?

okay…I recognized that this site is filled with just as many people who love JJ’s Trek feature(s) as much as there are those who come here to rant about how they hate his and the new team’s vision and how they feel he’s raping the Trek universe. I’ve argued my point on many many days and I really didnt want to respond to your post at first because I have a feeling SOME people post comments like that just to push buttons and see how many responses they can get. But I’ll do it anyway. To your entire argument- go look at the clip of footage of Gene himself saying that he expected/hoped someone down the line would go back and revisit the original characters, recast them etc and put a fresh spin on it. But I dont know, maybe you missed that.

@38, you will know when images come out of the Enteprise transforming into a giant gun.

They are filming at my daughters’ school this coming week, tuesdsay the 24th. Anyone have any information about that? We are curious if they are using any of the big cast members or if its just a crowd scene. Thanks.

Where is that school?

On Location News: Star Trek continues shooting with multiple units in downtown Los Angeles Bunker Hill & Historic Core and also at Raleigh Studios Playa Vista Lot remainder of week.

What kind of places are they?

PLEASE stop doing this. I know you probably feel like you have a responsibility to the fans, but you’re spoiling the movie and probably pissing off Paramount at the same time.

Unless of course you’re in on it.

Hey Mongo; I’m hoping JJ’s next outing will indeed be the MICRONAUTS and that he chooses to adapt the Marvel Comics storyline from the late 70s. The first 11 issues are a perfect movie script.

@ 29, 30. ZQ is holding on to it in the pic or has it strapped to his person. Besides, they can CGI out the cables, so it could be either way.

Please no Khan. No need to mess with a perfect movie. That being The Wrath of Khan.