Nimoy Tweets On Star Trek Sequel Reports + Another Actor From Villain Casting Search Identified

This week has seen a lot of reporting across the web about the Star Trek sequel, including some spoiler reporting. Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy has offered some thoughts of his own on these reports on Twitter. And in other sequel news, a new report reveals another actor who was up for the role of the villain in the Star Trek sequel. See below, but spoilers are discussed.


Nimoy tweets on Star Trek sequel reports

Last week when CNN asked Leonard Nimoy if he would appear in the Star Trek sequel he replied "we’re talking." This lead to a weekend of speculation and earlier this week AICN said their sources were saying Nimoy was in the movie, something which TrekMovie picked up on as well.

This lead Nimoy to take to twitter with the following…

In TrekMovie’s report we made it clear that nothing has been officially confirmed by Nimoy, the studio or anyone associated with the Star trek movie. So technically everything reported by us and anyone else at this point is considered rumor. And it is entirely possible that the reporting is not correct.

We will know for sure in a year, or when someone officially confirms.

Mexican actor Bichir was also up for villain role

Another bit of new reporting concerns the role of the villain in the Star Trek sequel. Back in November 2011 director JJ Abrams had confirmed that he was in talks with Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro, but those talks broke down in early December.And now Variety is reporting that Mexican actor (and Oscar-nominee) Demian Bichir was also considered for the role. An article about Bicher landing a new role in the indie film Machete Kills, also noted:

sources told Variety late last year that director J.J. Abrams had expressed interest in casting Bichir as the villain in “Star Trek 2,” but the actor had already committed to starring in a Mexican stage production of “Swimming With Sharks” that his younger brother Bruno was directing. Bichir had already delayed his participation in the play to topline “A Better Life” and recur on Showtime’s “Weeds,” so rather than bailing for another major Hollywood film, he stayed true to his word and honored his commitment to his brother.

Demian Bichir in last year’s "A Better Life" – had been considered for Star Trek villain

Other actors who have been reported to have audition for the role after talks broke down with Del Toro include Venezuelan Edgar Ramirez (Carlos) and Spanish actor Jordi Molla (Columbiana). However, in early January Abrams chose British actor Benedict Cumberbatch for the part, following his now famous iPhone (and apparently very impressive) audition.

Del Toro, Ramirez and Molla – all also considered for Star Trek sequel’s villain

One can’t help but notice that Abrams casting net included a number of Latino and Hispanic actors. And of course the role of Khan was originally played by Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban. TrekMovie recently joined the growing chorus of other outlets reporting sources saying that the villain for the new movie was indeed Khan (since our report also said their sources have been saying the same for months). But of course, like with the Nimoy report, these reports are still officially rumors as nothing has been confirmed by the studio or anyone associated with the film.

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