Doug Drexler & Marc Zicree Looking To Kickstarter To Fund New “Space Command” Movie

Oscar annd Emmy-winning Star Trek (and Battlestar) artist Doug Drexler is teaming up with Saturn-winning writer Marc Scott Zicree  (who has some Star Trek credits as well) on a new sci-fi film project called "Space Command." The project is going to be seeking funding via Kickstarter later in the month. More details below .


press release

Sci-Fi Legends set to launch fundraising campaign on for new Feature Film Franchise

SPACE COMMAND will be a series of new and original feature films by STAR TREK writer Marc Zicree, GALACTICA FX whiz Doug Drexler, director Neil Johnson and other Sci-Fi luminaries. Inspired by classic science fiction TV & Film of the 1950s, this dream team is set to bring to life “Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space.”

Beginning May 16th, the filmmakers will bypass the Studios and Networks, going straight to the fans for funding to greenlight their project.

Since Kickstarter’s launch in April 2009, more than 20,000 creative projects have been successfully funded by more than 1.8 Million individual contributors.

Fans who contribute to SPACE COMMAND’s Kickstarter campaign are eligible to receive exclusive rewards in exchange for individual pledges ranging from $5 to $10,000. Contributions of $5000 or greater include rewards of Associate Producer Credit and even an Appearance in the Film.

Visit for more on the project.

About the Space Command team

Marc Scott Zicree has written for virtually every major network and studio, with hundreds of hours of produced credits including Star Trek – The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5 and Sliders, and bestsellers including The Twilight Zone Companion and Magic Time trilogy of novels. He has been nominated for the American Book Award, Hugo Award, Nebula Award, Humanitas Prize and Diane Thomas Award, and won the Saturn Award, TV Guide Award, Rondo Award and prestigious Hamptons Prize.

Doug Drexler is an Oscar and Emmy award winner. His credits include Star Trek — The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, four Star Trek feature films, Battlestar Galactica, and currently Defiance. He has also won the British Academy Award, a Saturn Award, a Visual Effects Society Award and is also a Peabody Award recipient.

Neil Johnson’s credits include 8 Sci-Fi films including Alien Armageddon, Battlespace and Humanity’s End. He has directed over 500 music videos for such bands as U2 and Manowar. Neil’s feature film debut in 1997 is reputed to be the first digital film ever made.!


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Captain Hackett

I hope they will get all funding that they need to make this movie!


Does this have any relation to the Canadian “Space Command” TV show that had James Doohan as a primary character? (I think Shatner was on a few eps too)??

Battle-scarred Sciatica

Doug Drexler is utterly AWESOME!
I love all his work.
IMHO his BSG work was some of his best.
An amazingly incredible artist. I am insanely jealous of his talent! ;)

Whatever he does is superb.

Good luck mate.

I look forward to your next project.


Love Drex. Anything with his VFX is a step ahead.

Ensign BlueShirt

They’re both really classy guys-I hope this works out for them!


@2 BJB I think you’re referencing “Jason of Star Command”

I didn’t know it was Canadian. I remember watching it as a kid on Saturday mornings (along with a similar/linked show Space Acadamy)


Great to see some new stuff!


Can’t wait to see it. Did I miss that info… when WILL we see it?


#2 That was Jason Of Star Command, a spin-off from Space Academy.

Sebastian S.

I met Mark Scott Zicree (also author of “The Twilight Zone Companion”; the definitive book on the series) at Comic Con last year. He was quite a nice guy, too! Wish I’d snagged an autograph, but I did get a photo of him and I.

Also loved his work on Star Trek, new TZ, and ST-New Voyages. Between his integrity and talent and Drexler’s wizardry? This could be quite interesting. Hope it succeeds in getting off the launch pad…




A few years ago Zicree wrote a spec script for Mad Men about Don Draper meeting Rod Serling. Pretty cool read.

It was available for a free download. Can’t find it now. :(

Sebastian S.

# 11 Vultan

Maybe it was pulled because they plan to produce it at some point? That’d be incredible!!

Two titans of two of my favorite series coming together (Mad Men and Twilight Zone); I shudder to think of the orders-of-magnitude of pure COOL that would be generated in that encounter (and written by a great writer, to boot?!?).




Indeed. Two of my favorites, too.

Still can’t find a download of that script, but I did find this on Zicree’s website. Apparently, Matt Weiner is a Trek fan!

Could this mean a Trek reference in an upcoming episode of Mad Men? It is moving into late 1966!

I'm Dead Jim!

I wish these guys could do some new Trek for TV! Love Drexler’s work!


@3: Agreed! Doug Drexler, along with John Eaves and Andrew Probert, are my top three Trek artists (Tobias Richter is a very close 4th).

Herb Finn
Bugs nixon

A group of filmmakers once tried this with a sci fi project called ‘Legionnaires’ which would have starred Walter Koenig.

Pensive's Wetness

Didn’t they do Jason of Star Command like…. 3 decades ago?

porthoses bitch

The villian was Dragos master of the cosmos….but wasnt Doohanin space academy ? He replaced johnathan harris in the 3rd season. The show also starred Pamlyn Ferdin….one of my first tv star crushes.


Jason of Star Command was a spin-off from Space Acadamy. Harris was originally going to reprise his role from the earlier series, but didn’t for some reason. Doohan was the commander in Jason of Star Command’s first season, and was himself replaced when he left to do ST: TMP.


I’m interested in reading more about this, but I don’t facebook, won’t even allow facebook hosted javascript to run, so the information page they have up won’t load. Best of luck to them.

Sebastian S.

# 21.

And here I thought I was the last cro-magnon to not be on facebook! ;-)

My wife often teases me about it (as do my friends, who’ll say things like, ‘you can see it; it’s on my facebook page–er, right; you’re STILL not on facebook, are you’?).



#21 i lots of people not on facebook i better not metion twitter lol

it look like it might be a bit tackie however fun

Apparently there was a Space Command show with James Doohan:

and a Jason of Star Command show also with James Doohan:


I like what I’ve seen of Drexler’s work. It’ll be really cool to see his stuff realized this way.


I’m still trying to find out how much they are trying to raise. Guess I will find out May 16th.

Battle-scarred Sciatica


A fine list.

I loved the way Probert hid those little origal designed shuttles in a few TNG scenes.

That shuttle should’ve been the regular one!

Not to be confused with Regula 1!

Battle-scarred Sciatica

…actually I am not actually sure it was probert who hid the shuttles in some scenes…..somebody did though…

I love Trek art!

So much in fact I had some tattooed to my very skin!

Oh dear, I guess I should be ashamed….but I am not!!:)

Anthony Thompson

One of these guys has been bugging Bob on this board to get behind the project.


@24, wow. I had no idea about the earlier series. Thanks!

William Shatner never guest starred on “Jason of Star Command.”


Not a dime from me, sorry. The best sci-fi is made on a borrowed shoestring.

I’ll give up a dime for Greenberg. Plus some.

Duane Thomas: Command Magellan

32. I very often feel the same way, but I plan to contribute a little bit.


#24 Yes, it was the first one I was talking about, not Jason of Star Command.


I’d pay good money for DVDs of the original “Space Command” (from the 50s), but CBC in their wisdom destroyed all the episodes.
Way to go, guys!


Rumor has it that Doug Drexler is also working on a re-boot of “Lancelot Link Secret Chimp”!!!

Hmm, I don’t know. If they get one of the top Kickstarter hauls ever that would probably give them about the budget of a Syfy monster movie.