Watch: Daily Show Opens With Trek Joke + Colbert Talks Romulans

Last night the Daily Show once again featured a Star Trek reference, with a joke about Riverside, IA and the future home of James T Kirk. And this was just one of three Trek references on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report in the last week. Watch the clips below.  


Daily Show goes Trek again

Host Jon Stewart kicked off the show noting that Iowa was so hard up for celebrities, the state touts it is the future birthplace of James T. Kirk.  

Stewart is talking about Riverside, IA, which has been deemed the official birthplace of Kirk, sanctioned by the late Gene Roddenberry. The town has a plaque commemorating the Kirk connection and holds an annual "TrekFest." And the 2009 Star Trek movie put Riverside into Trek canon (although in the alternate timeline Kirk was born on a shuttle for the USS Kelvin, but grew up in Riverside, IA). The writers have noted that he would have still been born in IA, however the attack on the USS Kelvin by the time-traveling Nero brought on an early birth.

The "USS Riverside" – part of the annual TrekFest parade

More from Colbert (and TDS) last week

Both The Daily Show and the Colbert Report continue to show their love for Star Trek. Last week (May 4th) both shows featured Trek references. On the Colbert Report Stephen name-checked the Romulans in a story about the 2012 presidential race, where he went into a lengthy Star Wars-themed rant.

And on The Daily Show on the same night, correspondent John Oliver and funk legend George Clinton were "transported" to Clinton’s "mothership" with Clinton saying "beam us up."

John Oliver and George Clinton "beam up" on Daily Show
(click to see video)

To all you people outside the USA, sorry for the restricted vids, but nothing we can do about it.


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Love it.

And… That’s a wrap!

Both clips are a hoot. Thanks, Anthony.

I’m in Canada & can’t watch it !!!
Now, I’ve to go the Canadian site of Comedy center and watch it there.

nevertheless, it is always great when Jon & Colbert use Trek in their shows

“2. boborci – May 8, 2012

And… That’s a wrap! ”

okay, where’s the party at?

WOW… boborci… can’t wait…………………2013

…………… I think will be AWESOME!!!!

;-) :-)

I’m guessing it’s at Hooters.
P.S. Bob–tell Harrison Ford I said Hi.

@7. DeBeckster – May 8, 2012
“I’m guessing it’s at Hooters.
P.S. Bob–tell Harrison Ford I said Hi.”

Bob, me too, saying Hi to Harrison Ford from Canada :)

Stewart and Colbert:
Low-rated clowns, annointed as kingmakers by their liberal media comrades.

Nothing you can do about it? You can pirate the videos. That’s something. Not a very good something though….

@10. Maybe we could get Garrett Morris to describe them for the hard-of-hearing, eh? Or Christopher Walken could narrate them so folks could listen to his descriptions…

Love these Jon and Stephen. Ouch though. Called the Kirk joke an “inside joke. I bet more than die hard Trekkers got the joke.

You don’t have to be liberal or conservative to be a nerd.

Funny stuff.

Can’t wait!

Bob, what is the title of the production that was “wrapped?”

Hey Bob Orci
I sent a picture I wanted to show you to the 10216 Pico address that was posted and it was returned to sender. Should I take this personally?

Colbert is quite possibly the greatest satirist of the 21st Century.

And if he and Stewart were nothing but ‘low-rated clowns’, they wouldn’t attract so many guests from all sides of the political spectrum.

i love Colbert!!

@17 – Sean

You’re kidding, right? First, check the ratings. Both Stewart and Colbert are regularly beat by cartoon reruns on other stations.

Second, Stewart and Colbert are liberals. Their liberal celebrity comrades will ALWAYS be glad to help promote any Democrat-friendly vanity project.

Being annointed by fellow media members is no reflection of actual popularity with Americans.


warning for trolling

no more derailing into partisan attacks. This is about Star Trek in the zeitgeist, not your political issues.