Pegg: You’ll See More Of Enterprise & More Ships In Star Trek Sequel + Talks Cumberbatch & Eve [UPDATED VIDEO]

Simon Pegg hates spoilers, but in a new interview clip (which you can watch below) Star Trek’s new chief engineer does promise that the sequel will offer fans views if different parts of the USS Enterprise and more. Watch it. [UPDATED: Added another video of Pegg talking about the Star Trek sequel cast]



Here is video of Pegg from Digital Spy, talking about the Star Trek sequel and the casting of fellow Brits Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch.



Pegg: Star Trek sequel is ‘expanded’ & ‘relentlessly entertaining’

Talking to IGN, Simon Pegg discussed how the Star Trek sequel fits in and differs from the 2009 Star Trek movie, saying:

It is a continuation, it is a continuing mission, but at the same time it is a new adventure, a new situation, new challenges. The architecture of the piece is still there, but it is expanded. You will see more of the Enterprise and different environments and different ships…and yes there there will be more lens flares and we are very very proud of that.

 watch the video where he also uses the phrase "relentlessly entertaining."

Thanks to Dee for the link

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More ships…more environments…more of the Enterprise. Cool!


Great, hopefully we get to see the real engine room.

I honestly think he was the weakest link in the 2009 cast. He’s completely wrong for the role, in terms of voice, face, height, hair, mannerisms–all of it. Frankly, I’d be OK with Scotty being killed off, as it would be better than watching Pegg playing him. I’m actually a great fan of the guy, and have enjoyed almost all of his movie roles. But Scotty, he just ain’t.

@3 right…his voice was wrong because his scottish accent was an ACTUAL scottish accent… there was nothing wrong with scotty when comparing him with tos’ jimmy doohan. give me a freakin break

#5: I assume you’re talking to me, since #3 said nothing at all about Scotty.

I see no need to give you “a freakin break” if you’re so closed-minded that you can’t stand to read an opinion that is different than yours. This is a discussion board. I’m discussing. You’re not–you’re dismissing–which makes me wonder why you’re here, since this isn’t a dismissal board.

You like Pegg as Scotty. That’s great. I don’t. And I also don’t have to conform to your likes and dislikes. I stated my opinion. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

I should also note that you got all worked up over something I never even said. I didn’t mention his accent. You brought that into the discussion. I mentioned his voice. They’re not the same thing.

And incidentally, since Pegg isn’t from Scotland, he doesn’t have “an ACTUAL scottish accent.” It’s a believable Scottish accent, yes–but it’s not “ACTUAL.”

I don’t know what it is about discussion boards that make so many people socially inept. The anonymity of the online world makes people think it’s OK to attack people instead of talking to them.

I would like to see more of THE OUTSIDE OF THE SHIP. I don’t feel like there were enough space shots of the big E. Please, more.

#8 You could have posted that all in one post not triple-post it.

Can’t believe people get worked up about engineering. I vastly prefer it to day-glo tubes and beige carpeting. It lends it a lived in, real feeling and a sense of scope. A lot of the pipes/valving that was used 200 years ago is still used today. What bothers me endlessly is the airblade hand sanitizer as seen in sickbay which I believe I used in my local pub an hour or so ago. Or didn’t use. It doesn’t matter.

Khan for the win!!!

are still used…

What other Federation Ships could we see????

#10: You could have not bothered to make that post since there was no point to it.

I agree with PEB completely on Scotty — he was right to say, “give me a freaking break.” That is not cussing, nor is it personal — it is simply a statement that he thinks your post where you pretty much tore down Pegg as a useless Scotty who “should be killed off” was over the top. PEB’s response was on the same level as your comments, so I don’t get why you are begin so ridiculously oversensitive to his response, feigning like his statement was some insult…come oh, dude?

I support PEB 100%…yea, poor me a glass of that “give me a freakin break” too, please; and make it a double. Simon Pegg’s Scotty should not be killed off — no way!

$50 says the Exeter is in it.

nobody said i couldnt stand reading your oppinion. i just gave mine in return. i can argue my point just as you can argue yours. and if you want to get particular then fine, it’s an accurate scottish accent (an issue actual scotts have had with scotty for some time) that was my point. and the reason i brought up the accent is because yes, when you’re discussing a character with an accent and you say “his voice” without you clarifying, one’s natural responce would be to think you’re talking about the accent. you’re basically saying the character as a whole was just wrong. i dont think there’s any reason for that broad of an oppinion when there’s no evidence of that. sure you could pick out little points here and there, and no he didnt mimmick doohan’s depiction of scotty but that doesnt make the character wrong. so, you can say i’m being dismissive (as you seem to be towards pegg’s portrayle of scotty) but that’s just wrong -and if you’ve ever seen any of my other posts i encourage discussion here. everyone doesnt have to agree, and i wouldnt want them to.

No, he used the phrase “relentlessly entertaining.”

& thanks MJ. the whole thing was a counter, not an insult. we’re all trekkies here. let’s pour some blood wine and get past it.

We saw a whole lot of ships get turned quickly to toast in ST09. Let’s hope for some more great ‘ship pron’ in the new one.

I tend to think also that we know Chris Doohan gave a big thumbs up to Simon Pegg for his portrayal of younger Montgomery Scott. Plus, as Chris has said, this was a Lt Cmdr Scott 7 years before the first season of TOS, who’d just been assigned to almost-solitary confinement with a creeper alien Starfleet engineer, who was unfamiliar with people, but more than familiar with the specs for the Enterprise and her ample nacelles…
And, since Simon’s wife Maureen McCann is an “actual” Scotswoman, and she informed Simon’s development of the accent he used based on hers… I’d argue that even though Simon isn’t an “actual” Scotsman, he was using an “actual” Scots accent.

Boborci already confirmed that an Exeter will appear.

why is it almost every thread quickly devolves into some kind of fight? its summer people. Suns up. birds are chirping. Movie is less than a year away. lots of news has been coming on all sorts of stuff.


# 16. Good one! How about the Farragut from TOS”Obsession” It was the first assignment for Kirk in the prime time-line!” Be interesting what part it would play in the Alternate time-line.

@11 The problem with engineering is not that it’s not clean enough, but that at no point you’re thinking: ‘this is not a brewery’. It’s brewing vats, brewing vats, brewing vats. That makes it feel really out of place with the rest of the ship, which has a uniform design and feels futuristic. I want iconic, like the TOS engineering room. This is just too bland.

Pegg based his Scottish accent on his wife’s accent. She happens to be Scottish.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with Pegg as Scotty either. It was simply a different interpretation of the character. I would much rather have an actor give an honest portrayal of character than an impersonation of Doohan’s interpretation of the character.


….and if you’ve ever been to a brewery, your first reaction is: “that’s a bloody brewery.”

#23 Anthony – to Channel Teddy R., bully!

People like Din really make me mad with their “comments”. First of all, Simon Pegg was enjoyable to watch as Scotty. But he could have been written a bit better I thought. A little too “funny” at times. But Pegg did a real good Glasgow accent, which isn’t easy to do. James Doohan couldn’t.

Secondly, Chris Doohan has endorsed Pegg as a worthy successor. He wouldn’t be doing that if Pegg stunk, now would he?

Thirdly, suggesting Scotty should be killed off because you, Din, don’t like Pegg is pure asinine and stupid. Real fans don’t make suggestions like that.


I love Pegg’s Scotty.
I thought, as with most of the cast, that he did a brilliant job. At first, I was concerned that he and Anton Yelchin seemed to be over-playing their parts just a bit, until I actually went back and re-watched a few old TOS episodes, and sometimes the characters really were that over the top.

I still think Yelchin’s Chekov should’ve opted for a slightly more natural Russian accent, but oh well. But at any rate, it’d be nice to see a bit more nuance and shading added to the characters, and I’ve little doubt that we’ll see more of that shading. The ’09 movie was the introduction; it had a lot of things on it’s ‘to do’ list….

And I look forward to seeing more of the alternate universe Starfleet in the new movie. Though the interview doesn’t really say a lot, it’s still enough to get the old speculative brain cells buzzing…. ;-)


Agreed! My problem with the brewery as the engineering was the fact it too obviously looked like a brewery. If they had dressed it up a bit, and hid the beer vats, it could have worked better. Plus it made no sense for Uhura to have a station at a vat. What was that about?

Anyway, as much as that bothered me, its time to move on. We’re stuck with the beer factory because J.J Abrams likes it, and whether we do or not, it doesn’t matter.

Have any of you figured out that the Enterprise in the universe is still a Constitution class ship? Did anyone look at the silhouette of the ship on the far top right of the space station? Notice how it’s dome has the same ridge down the top and if you clip a still from the bluray and zoom in you can make out that it is shaped exactly like the Enterprise?

Food for thought.


Gee, no sh#t. I didn’t know that! (sarcasm)

Here’s a quote from Han Solo that would be appropriate here:

“Well, I’m glad you’re here to tell us those things!”

One thing is certen.
You can never have enough of Enterprise in the new movie.

I wonder if we will see tha Starships. Hood,Potemtkin,Defiant,and Constelation in the new movie.

I would also love to see a Starship called The U.S.S Del Trame in the new movie.

#9, I agree with #9, in the last movie, there were not enough shots of The Enterprise exterior, or, maybe not enough “long” shots. Oh, how I long for those beautiful perspective shots of TOS series ship S L O W L Y moving by, and how big and elegant she looked… *sigh*

Geese, this is the cattiest I’ve ever seen it. Relax folks. For the record not only is Pegg’s wife Scottish but J.J.’s main assistant director (can’t remember his name off of the top of my head) is Scottish too so I’m going with the job well done on a very authentic Scottish accent. Way better than Doohan’s will as due respect the dearly departed. Yelchin’s family is Russian and he grew up speaking Russian so I’m pretty sure his accent is fairly “natural” as well.

D-Rock, agreed on the day glo tubes!

Din is a “Din-bat”!

Looks like I have an imposter….

Anthony, it looks like some is trying to use Red Dead Ryan’s name here? Posts 42 to 44.

@23 Sun isn’t up…well, if it wasn’t up, we wouldn’t have day, but it isn’t out in South Florida…lol…Sunny South Florida my behind!…
But yes, it always seems one person tends to get all bent out of shape and defensive when someone disagrees with their opinion and then they take 20 or 30 extra posts to cry foul and defend themselves.

It’s a movie folks…let’s all play nice until it comes out next year. :D

Looks like someone is using my name too

This is gonna be a fun movie, I have the utmost faith! SO PUMPED!!!!!

#42 is my own comment….43 and 44 are not.

I thought Pegg as Scotty was different, but still very entertaining. I loved Jimmy Doohan but Simon Pegg has a certain attitude about the character that really shines despite all the chaos around him.

And the brewery? Even I am getting sick of complaining about it so I promise this is the last time, but it’s out of sync with the rest of the ship and as many people rightly point out, it’s obviously a brewery! It’s almost like a Trek/Space: 1999 crossover where Tony Verdeschi has taken control of the Enterprise.

Then again, a little brew might come in handy during a 5 year mission…

Hey I went to a brewery last year and the first thing out of my mouth was” Damn this place looks like the Enterprise’s engine room, those Big Tanks must be the engine coolant storage units.It’s fun using your imagination.

It’s “The Great Starship Race”. <-Novel

Have you ever seen an engine room on a ship or a mechanical floor in a skyscraper? They are much cruder and look out of place! That’s why they are out of place!

Don’t want to hijack the thread, but now that I’m thinking about the brewery beyond the fact that I didn’t like it I have another thought. I’m not sure that it was the brewery itself that I hated, it might have simply been that the relative flurry of product placements in the first 20 minutes had me a little uneasy.

I mean, we’re presented with ads for Chevrolet, Nokia and Budweiser in pretty short (and obvious!) order right at the start, then we’re eventually thrust into an actual brewery. It seemed like a bit much to me. The Madison Avenue vision of the 23rd century.