Star Trek Stars Featured In Paramount 100th Anniversary Photo [UPDATED]

Star Trek is a big part of the history of Paramount Pictures and so it is no surprise that Star Trek features prominently in a new photo the studio has released which celebrates 100 years of film. This giant photo with 116 people from Paramount history is in the latest Vanity Fair magazine, and we have a close-up on the Star Trek talent featured. Check it out below. [UPDATED w/ larger photo and BTS video]


UPDATE 2: Big version of photo

Paramount has provided us with a larger version of the photo (without captions), and a key to the people.

Click to enlarge

They also provided us with a behind the scenes video:

Star Trek stars in Paramount 100 photo

As part of their celebration of 100 years of filmmaking, Paramount Pictures commissioned a special family photo featuring 116 of the talented people that have contributed to the studio. The photo is featured in the July issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. You can also see an interactive version of the giant photo at

Paramount celebrates 100 years with class photo

As you would expect, the photo includes a number of people involved in Star Trek, with an emphasis on the latest movie. The entire main cast of the 2009 Star Trek film are there (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin and even Bruce Greenwood), along with producer/director JJ Abrams (who gets a prime spot in front right next to Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman). Of course as the photo was taken the week the Trek sequel began production, it was easy to get the new crew together. The photo also features three people from the ten previous Trek feature films: William Shatner, George Takei, and Sir Patrick Stewart. Curiously absent is Leonard Nimoy who starred in seven Star Trek films and directed three films for Paramount (including two Trek features). It was probably some kind of scheduling conflict, as one cant imagine that Paramount would not include Nimoy (especially when they included Takei).

Star Trek luminaries included in Paramount 100 photo

Paramount 100 Poster

Paramount has also recently released a poster honoring their 100 years of film making, with a selection of 100 films from their history, each getting an icon. Star Trek has one entry, from 1979 (the premiere of the first Star Trek film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture).

Paramount 100 poster

Trek stars in 75th anniversary photo

Back in 1987 Paramount celebrated its 75th anniversary and they had a special photo for that as well. William Shatner was also on hand for that photo, along with his Star Trek co-stars Leonard Nimoy and the late DeForest Kelley.

75th anniversary photo

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What about Christopher Lloyd? Star Trek 3?

I guess the new cast was probably easy to get a hold of since they might have been filming, but I feel like they couldn’t put less of them, and more of the previous casts, especially if they wanted to put 11 mainly Trek actors in it (not counting JJ since he’s contributed a lot to Paramount besides Trek).

It’s the most massive photoshop job in recent memory!

George Takei and William Shatner had to be spaced apart from each other

And Karl Urban remains the only one of the lot who actually seems to know how to purchase and wear properly tailored suits. Very “urbane” Mr. Urban!

No Koenig? Nichols? Amazing how they can get Takei but not the other two living TOS cast members? Impossible to imagine they didn’t have Nimoy included. If Mr. Nimoy is indeed retired, how could it be a scheduling conflict?

BTW, How come Ben Kingsley gets his “Sir” in the picture and Patrick Stewart doesn’t? I say – Bad show, Paramount!

Love the photos. Just a slight drool – Chris Pine does look good in the blue shirt and brown suit (no tie – thank god).

No Leonard Nimoy…oh dear. Let’s hope there are more photos to come of the many great actors and others who have helped Paramount to get to 100 years of age.

Congratulations! If Paramount were part of the Commonwealth, it just might get a telegram from the Queen herself…

(The Queen of England sends a telegram to each and every member of the Commonwealth congratulating them on reaching 100 years of age. Each government sends the names of those about to become 100 years old to the Court of St James at Buckingham Palace, London.)

Love the symbol for Indiana Jones..1984: Ripped out Heart.


Don’t understand why the photo is cropped on the sides when I enlarge it.

Yes, I noticed that gaffe as well. Patrick Stewart is also a Knight of the Realm, ie SIR Patrick Stewart.

I also notice that Chris Pine was the only one not shown wearing the boring black/grey suits. Good one, Chris! Karl Urban seems to be one of the very few who manages to look OK in a suit and tie. Not the same can be said for the vast majority of males, including Chris Pine unfortunately.

Entirely possible that Nimoy, Koenig, etc. simply weren’t interested in taking time for the shoot..

Simon Pegg looks pissed

so does Dinero

zoe/uhura is so pretty.

Cant b-liv she is the only trek female.

I just have to say that is a GREAT photo. Obviously photoshopped to hell but still, incredible movie memories from each and every one of those actors …except…well…I died a little inside when I noticed Justin Bieber all the way up there in the corner.

Ummmm, 1979 appears to be a reference to Meatballs, not STTMP……?

What a class act, even JJ looks dashing! Ive said it before, we’ve got an amazing ensemble. No Nimoy, i would print this if he was in it.

Never mind, I’m more tired than I thought. I just noticed that 1979 has multiple entries…..Oooooooops!

“Hmm, who is the attention hog that ruined the photo?”

*zoom in*

“Oh. Is that why everyone doesn’t like him?”


Which one? There are two attention hogs. William Shatner and George Takei! :-)

You are just a Shatner hater! Bill is just sitting with a smile.

And it is OK to be Takei.

Your just jealous.

Wait: Battleship isn’t on the icon poster?


Dude, I was joking. Hence the smile at the end of my post.

Try getting a sense of humor!


@7: I read somewhere that Ben Kinglsey gets all huffy if you don’t call him “Sir Ben”, maybe Sir Patrick is just more chill about it.

#26: Sir Patrick Is indeed more chill about it. I watched an interview with him and the interviewer was referring to him as “Sir”, and Stewart was visibly uncomfortable with being called that. When the interviewer asked how to refer to him, he said, “Patrick is fine.” Incidentally, I heard that about Sir Ben as well.

I was very surprised to see Takei in that photo and not Nimoy. When Paramount’s 75th Anniversary happened, Shatner and Nimoy were in that commemorative photo. Now it’s Takei. Times have changed.

If you want to see “Attention Hog” look no further than Justin Bieber”. WHY is he there????? One concert flick? UGH.

Who’s the guy below the Shat, couldn’t of he been cropped out?

Here’s the link to large size of the ensemble picture.

Geez, what happened to Claire Danes – she looks ghastly in this pic… But Natalie Portman… om-nom-nom-nom-nom

@29: David Fincher? – No, man! he friggin directed Fight Club. Okay, Alien 3 was pretty meh, but almost everything else Fincher made was quite cool—

Zach has put on some pounds. He still looks great but Spock should be rather spry.

Good to see Christopher Lloyd and Scott Glenn in there.

But where’s Cheech?

31… Wow… you’re complaining about how Claire Danes looks? Really?

The behind the scenes of the photoshoot… CP, ZQ, JJAbrams and Sir Patrick Stewart… ;-) :-)


Great link, Dee.
Anyone recognise the music?

I meant to say – I do, as in recognise the music. Just wondering if anyone else has…

I never would have recognized Billy Dee Williams in that pic without his name on it.

Look at the talent of the 75th anniversary compared to the 100th. Talent has fallen off of the map!

Cheer up Simon… I hear you’re a little busier in this movie.

37# I think the music is Super ;-)

@24 “Battleship,” based on the Milton Bradley game, is a Universal Picture, not a Paramount Picture. Of course, this year is the centenary anniversary of Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures, even though the latter was established eight days after the former was established.

Justin Bieber? Who is this?

Mickey Rooney is still alive?

Patrick Steward between Oliver Stone and Ben Kingsley. This is most appropriate.

As you could see…

Photoshop? They have videos of them doing it!

I remember they did this ten years ago as well. All five Star Trek captains were in it, and Shatner was all the way on top.

It’s nice to see that Paramount recognizes Trek.

My mistake. Here’s the picture: Shatner is all the way off to the side, looking like he owns the place. Bakula and Brooks are up on top, and Mulgrew in the middle right. I can’t find Stewart.

I guess since CBS TV is now technically not the same company as Paramount, Brooks, Mulgrew, and Bakula wouldn’t make it this time.

@7, Yeah, as others have said Ben Kingsley is very tetchy and particular as being credited as “Sir Ben Kingsley” on his projects while, despite being entitled to it, the former Enterprise Captain usually asks to be credited as “Patrick Stewart”.

So no disrespect intended by Vanity Fair in all likelihood.