Video of the Day: Last 10 Seconds of Every Star Trek: TNG S1 Episode + Reminder: TNG Screenings Tix Available Now

Our video of the day is another popular viral from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and just in time for the release of season one on Blu-ray. An intrepid fan has compiled the last 10 seconds of all of the S1 episodes into a single compilation. See all the feel-good TNG fun below. Also a reminder that Star Trek TNG S1 is available for pre-order and tickets are available now for the July 23rd screenings of TNG in HD at local theaters in the USA.


All the Star Trek: TNG S1 final moments

This video comes from PaulSlocum on YouTube, compiling the final moments from each of the season one episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can see the good humor and positive themes of Trek in these little moments of Trek…

REMINDER: Star Trek Season 1 Pre-order available now + screening tickets available now

The first Blu-ray season for Star Trek: The Next Generation comes out July 24th. The six-disc set includes HD remasters (in 1080p and 7.1 DTS audio) of all 26 episodes, plus brand new special features (see below for full details). The official retail price (according to CBS) is $118.00 in the US (which is actually a little less than the MSRP for Star Trek: TOS Blu-ray Season 1).

You can pre-order the set at discounted prices. Walmart is selling it for $78.86. UPDATE: And Amazon has matched the Wal-mart price of $78.09.

Walmart – USA Amazon – USA
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One

The set is also available for pre-order at Amazon sites around the world.

Canada UK Germany

And another reminder, on  Monday July 23rd at 7:00 PM (local), theaters across the USA will be showing two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD (“Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore”), along with behind the scenes features from the Blu-ray release coming out on Tuesday July 24th and an unseen sneak-peak of “Measure of a Man.” Tickets are on sale now at  

Star Trek TNG at your local theater


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