Khan30: Harve Bennett, DeForest Kelley & Nick Meyer Talk Star Trek II In Rare BTS Footage

TrekMovie continues to celebrate June as Wrath of Khan month in honor of the 30th anniversary of what we still think of as the best Star Trek feature film. Today we have Star Trek II behind the scenes footage from Entertainment Tonight in 1982 which features director Nick Meyer, producer Harve Bennett and actor DeForest Kelley talking about the movie. You can also see some scenes being shot and catch Leonard Nimoy’s final day on the set. Watch it below.


Watch: Behind the scenes on Star Trek II

Watch this cool behind the scenes video from the making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, featuring interview snippets with DeForest Kelley, producer Harve Bennett, and director Nicholas Meyer. Notably Kelley and Bennett talk about how Star Trek II will be bringing back the feeling of the Star Trek TV series that was "missing" from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You also can see Leonard Nimoy’s last day on set. Also of note, Meyer refers to the film as Star Trek II: The Undiscovered Country (which was the original title until it was nixed by the studio, obviously Meyer got his chance to use that subtitle later for Star Trek VI in 1991)

via Entertainment Tonight.

More Star Trek II coverage coming soon. Later today we will have the first part of our exclusive interview with Nicholas Meyer, where he talks about reports that Khan originally had a son in Wrath of Khan.

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