Watch: Entire 5 Star Trek TV Captains Panel From Philadelphia Comic Con

A couple of weekends ago, all five Star Trek TV captains appeared together at a convention, at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. For the first time ever, William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula were on the same stage together. Watch the full thing (almost one hour) below.


Watch: 5 Captains Panel

Here is the full video of the Five Captains Panel at Wizard World Philadelphia (via GeekNation)

If video doesn’t load CLICK HERE TO SEE AT


Thanks to Justine

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Got to work with Scott Bakula on “Men of a certain age” last summer. He is very funny on set.

Thanks for posting this. That would have been fun to see.

I did like ‘Men of a Certain Age’, it had its moments but overall it was a good show.

Interesting, they edited out Bakula’s F-bomb in this version. Didn’t like that, and didn’t like Bakula’s “joke” about Avery Brooks drunk driving arrest.

Censorship on the internet? didnt see that coming. Thank goodness someone is protecting me from reality. Unless its reality TV of course then no ones safe.

I just watched the whole video and there are no cuts and no edits. This video was put out on in it’s unedited entire form.

An hour I plan to come back to. Questions would be asked if I get too engrossed right now!


Good plan! Imagine what would happen to the tech world if all Trekkies stopped to watch this!

I didn’t even consider going because I figured it would be sold out – yet there are tons of empty seats. Maybe people hadn’t filtered in from the dealer rooms? Maybe Zoe Saldana was modeling lingerie in the lobby? I sure hope so…

Love hearing Avery Brooks speak! (Wish the room was more full though…)

@5. It is not in this video. It took place right before the carts arrive, and a few seconds before Brooks joke about Avery Brooks drunk driving arrest. Interestingly enough, I can no longer find this video, which was posted by a fan on an earlier article on this convention, and also my comment that I posted on that article is no longer there.

I have better things to do than to make this up. I know what I saw.

Very interesting video. I think captain Sisko is a great character but in these interviews Avery Brooks always comes across like he feels too profound for the occasion, bordering on arrogance. So I liked it when that girl in the audience jokingly asked him whether he’d be in ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The mean-spirited overtones from the other 4 actors aimed towards Shatner are painful to see. Especially 45 minutes in, after his “Do you have a friend who’s not a lover?”-question for Kate. That also felt very wrong and made me suppose that Shatner made some sexist remarks towards Kate before, which would explain her attitude from the start and Scott’s continually laughing whenever Bill and Kate exchanged words.

Too bad they couldn’t even recognize or repay the many moments where Bill was paying them big comliments. Avery and Bill both suffer from big ego’s. That’s a pity for them but I can’t hate them for that, unlike some people.

Yes, his mind may be stuck in the sexism of the sixties so unfitting in this day and age, but Bill IS captain Kirk. He personifies the heroic legend that started the franchise. Get over it and pay the man the respect he’s due for that.

Kate, Scott and sir Patrick seem to have good chemistry though. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. Sir Patrick was the most positive presence on that panel I think, humble and actually trying to connect with the audience.

But now seeing the negative atmosphere oozing from the five captains combined makes me glad I wasn’t there. I can’t imagine any Trekkie wanting to be associated with that attitude.

Or am I alone in this?

#8: It is mentioned toward the end that much of the audience arrived “late” because the event began early (and was lengthened as a result)

11 You’re projecting.

MJ, I believe what you saw. As I know that the video was not edited (I know the editor), I think that your point that it occurred just before the video started makes sense. Ironically, there is no censorship on the GeekNation website, as can be clearly heard listening to the 5×5 podcasts with Tory Mell and Clare Kramer!

Calastir-great comments. I, for one, was really looking forward to seeing the five captains together. I agree that it is a shame that they all can’t play well together, but I guess that shouldn’t be altogether surprising. People are still people, after all. If only the five could really be the character that they portrayed! No matter how Shatner acts at times, I’m old fashioned and respect him for starting this whole thing!

Overall, I enjoyed Kate the most, especially with her recounting what it was like to be the first female captain. Patrick is certainly a stand up guy.

This was still a historic occasion, but it’s sad that spirit wasn’t able to come through better.

10: Was not questioning you:), since I know the editor and know that this was not edited at all, I’m assuming that the clip you saw must have occurred just before this was shot, or was taking place as the other captains were driving up and the camera was on them. If you look at the 5×5 podcasts with Tory Mell and Clare Kramer on you’ll know that they don’t censor anyone! Sorry, didn’t mean to come across like I was questioning you.
11: Good comments. I, too, found the interactions to be somewhat disappointing. My favorite part was Kate’s accounting about being the first female captain. I will always be thankful and respectful for what William Shatner has done for this franchise! Everyone should be, but perhaps I’m just old fashioned!

I was there & I felt Avery Brooks was bored & didn’t want to be there. He needs to lighten up.

@14 @15. OK, no problem! Don’t sweat it!

Finally got around to watching this. Good stuff.

I’m saddened a bit that nobody seems to ask questions about specific episodes anymore, or about their Star Trek characters in general. But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised given how wide the series span and an episode count that dwarf most TV series.

Some of the audience members need to get in touch with their inner-nerd, or their fanboy or girl side and risk being made of fun of. It would terrible to think the actors memories couldn’t be prodded a bit about memorable Star Trek moments. Even Shatner cracked “Well, there’s a science-fiction question!”

CBS Paramount should get in touch and do a DVD/Blu-ray special, like that Roundtable discussion on the Movies set – hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. Compile a selection of classic moments from each Star Trek, and sit the Captains down with a chat show host, be it a fan or just somebody who’s done some research. Get far more out of having 5 legends in the same room. They’re having fun and that’s great to see, but otherwise it’s a bit of waste of talent.

Maybe I should pitch something? Greatest Hits box-set of eps from TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT, Shatner’s Captains doc and a new roundtable discussion while they’re still happily getting along.

Did somebody REALLY just standup and say they had only ever seen “The Trouble with Tribbles”? [facepalm] Did that guy wander into the wrong room, come to the wrong convention something…? :-}

Either standards are really slipping, or this is what you get when Star Trek mostly disappears from TV for 7 years. Even reruns on a mainstream network would fix this and get a whole new generation into appreciating the shows I did.

Relying on newbies to Netfix, stream or whatever, is obviously no replacement for a proper regular presence on screens every week, alongside Big Bang Theory, CSI Sesame Street, NCIS and all those other strings of an acronyms.

Man, this seems like such a waste. They got these guys together and it was horribly moderated. THe first questions from the audience were pathetic.

THey should have brought Anthony in to start off with some prepared questions and opened it up to the audience afterwards.

Perhaps a few specially prepared questions, and Avery would’ve opened up, as he did with his initial response. Clearly it has to be something that deeply matters to him. So I don’t know… pick something to do with the Father/Son relationship or how much creative control he had with Sisko. The likes of “Far Beyond the Stars” and “Badda Bing…” I would imagine he had strong input with the writers.

Then with the others getting jealous, field a few specific series questions to Scott and Kate. Bll and Patrick’s crowd should be able to fend for themselves! ;)

Obviously when asking — you gotta summarise the plot in a sentence or two. Not rely on them knowing exact details from a title. Not having done over a hundred in everybody’s case but Bill & Scott.

This panel was a lot of fun. I was surprised, though, that the room wasn’t packed for this one.

@24. The reason it wasn’t packed in because they really didn’t have all the Captains there. Speaking for those of us who don’t live near Philly, it would take the complete set of Trek Captains, which would include Chris Pine, to make me want to spend my $$ to travel a ways a Trek convention.

They tried to bill this as “historical,” but without Pine being there, that really wasn’t the case. You need ALL the captains there to make it historical and news-worthy.

Most of us out of town fans were not fooled by this, and that is exactly why many seats were empty for this event.

@20 “Did somebody REALLY just standup and say they had only ever seen “The Trouble with Tribbles”? [facepalm] Did that guy wander into the wrong room, come to the wrong convention something…? :-} ”

Well remember, William Shatner himself has never watched any non-TOS trek episode EVER! :-)

^^ Yeah, but he’s doesn’t exactly watch his own either. Probably only ever seen a few TOS ones, mainly the minimum amount of research required for some documentary or DVD extra.

he(‘s) doesn’t exactly

edit = ()

I have the impression that none of these actors have bothered to watch any other Star Trek apart from what they did. The only actor who went to see Star Trek (2009) soon after its release was Patrick Stewart and he took his family along.

I don’t think it is just William Shatner who appears to be wrapped up in only what he did, but the others seem to be as well, except perhaps Patrick Stewart.

Frankly, why would Chris Pine want to be there?
It seems that this present cast of Trek actors may be the first group to actually watch previous Star Trek TV and movie series (in particular, TOS, for obvious reasons). These actors, who have played the previous Star Trek captains, are also old enough to be his parents, even grandparent (William Shatner). I suspect he could feel out of place.

Scott Bakula saw the 2009 movie, and had to ask his kids whether he’d just heard his character mentioned.

He also plays up (for laughs) how offended he was not to be given tickets to the red carpet.