Video of the Day: Tom Hardy’s Star Trek: Nemesis Screen Test

For the second weekend in a row The Dark Knight Rises is the top movie at the box office. In just ten days the film has taken in over half a billion dollars worldwide. This film cements Tom Hardy, who plays the villain Bane, as an even bigger star. But, it was just 10 years ago that Hardy got his big break in Star Trek: Nemesis. A video of his screen test with Patrick Stewart has been going viral again this week. Check it out below.        



Before he was Bane: Tom Hardy’s Star Trek Nemesis Screen Test

Here is a Star Trek: Nemesis screen test with Tom Hardy as Shinzon with Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard. The video intercuts test scenes (which were shot on the Star Trek: Enterprise armory set) and the actual scene from the Nemesis movie.

At 24 Hardy was a relative unknown when he landed the role of the Picard-clone villain in Star Trek: Nemesis back in 2002. While the film was not considered a success, Hardy did get good marks for his performance. His career has continued to rise in the last decade, including roles in Layer Cake, The Virgin Queen mini-series and most notably Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Nolan then tapped Hardy again to play the villain Bane in his next film, the now monster hit The Dark Knight Rises.

Behind the scenes with Tom Hardy as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Hardy has now moved to the leading man position and is currently filming Mad Max: Fury Road, taking over the role that Mel Gibson inhabited for three feature films.

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