New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ Game

This week Gamescon in Germany kicks off (Europe’s E3) and the team behind the new Star Trek video game set in the new movie universe are arriving with a brand new trailer for the game. Check it out below.  


New ‘Star Trek’ Game Trailer

Watch Spock neckpinch a big lizard in the latest trailer for the 2013 ‘Star Trek’ game, set between the 2009 movie and the sequel.


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Looks lame. No thanks.

I would like to have a ST game that i do not have to blast and fire my way through.
Why cant it be a mystery, use resourceful people and tools to unlock the secret?

Looks interesting. But I predict it will get cancelled just like most other Trek games.

I think it looks awesome! It reminds me of the Uncharted games, which are about as good as you can get, so I hope to play it. The graphics look great. I just hope it provides many hours of gameplay, not just 30 minutes, like a certain popular Star blank- blank unleashed game. Did that make sense? It did in my head!

My favorite Trek game was a Zork like text adventure Promethean Prophecy on the old Commodore 64..thankyou William Shatner.. You had to think your way through that one!

this game is not getting cancelled

It looks promising. We’ve got to acknowledge that modern adventure videogames are going to have a generous amounst of action. That’s fine. If any of you ever played the Mass Effect games, you would know what I’m talking about. There’s plenty of combat. There’s an addictive action arcade like multiplayer part of the game. . And yeah you blow up a lot of stuff. But Mass Effect is still smart science fiction with serious ideas about whether artificial intelligence can become life.

Trust Bob Orci. He knows Star Trek. He knows that as Leonard Nimoy says about Star Trek, that it works on many levels. If the game is just mindless arcade shooter like say Galaxian, it won’t be Star Trek. And from what we know about the Gorn, they’re not just black and white bad guys. I just wish the game has legs and plent of downloadable content so the mission can last for a long time before the 2013 movie.

I have nothing against action-shooter Trek games. Really. I enjoyed Elite Force, and even though it’s very shallow I also enjoy STO. However, that seems to be all that anyone does with Trek.

This feels, mostly, like a Dead Space knock off with a Star Trek skin over the top of it.

Now, if the game does have more of an adventure puzzle element, this assessment is not my fault. Trailers are there to promote something, and to give the viewer an indication of what to expect. What I have seen of this game in it’s media is a very tepid, shallow 3RD Person Shooter experience with the actors from the new movie.

So, my bet at this point is this will be a fine but ultimately forgettable game.

When someone comes along and decides to do an adventure or RPG style game (I don’t mean an MMO, either, I mean a really good single player experience) then i’ll get really excited again.

Biggest fumbling point of modern Trek games is the emphasis on the single choice. Shoot your way out of situations. Action is fun, but when it comes to Trek, having some brain-teasing decisions to make would be even more fun, imho. I can get my shooter fix from dozens of games. I’ll go to Duke3D or DOOM before i’ll come to Trek for that sort of thing.

Meh. I agree, this looks like a standard first person shooter. Trek needs to be more strategic and exploratory. It is POSSIBLE that this can be a game like Fallout 3 with lots of moral choices and exploration. But I doubt it.

This best Trek video game IMHO was Starfleet Academy from 1996. I wish there could a great video game for Trek that blended the bridge simulation with an Arkham City like adventure.

Looks great!… ;-) :-)

New Movie Universe sucks, and is a mistake– in film, or any medium.

Vulcan Forge looks x10 better than this, I wish they’d release that instead. Change the spaceship and uniforms and this could be any run of the mill game.

If I’m not mistaken, I think we just got a glimpse inside the shuttle bay thus possibly ending the argument on the new size of the E….unfortunately.

New Vulcan?

I hope they don’t cancel this game too. I feel like this game has been coming out forever.

Looks fun…I’ll be ready for a visit to the 23rd century after spending a few months with black ops 2 come November.

Looks shallow. Lots of shooting and explosions, and I’m sure the story will be thin and forgettable. I wish a big studio would take this on and turn into something great, like a Star Trek version of Mass Effect. The story delivery needs to be top notch for it to be more than “the next bad Trek game”.

Looks pretty damn cool to me! Very Mass Effect-ish.

Does this have single player?

The game isn’t a first person shooter (see halo) and it doesn’t look lame or horrible or meh. At least see more of the game or wait until ign or gametrailers or g4tv reviews the game before tossing it in the heap of bad Trek games. There have definitely been a slew of games that were slower paced and ‘cerebral.’ Think about this- a trailer for a game is supposed to get gamers excited to buy it. This trailer isnt made for the casual gamer so you probably wouldn’t see the puzzle solving that could possibly be in the game. There’s puzzle solving in Mass Effect that you never see in the trailer or many other features for that matter, so just take the trailer for what it’s supposed to be. And I also agree with Steve that a great Trek game would be a mix of a few ideas which is possible to achieve. At the end of the day, a great Trek game needs to be developed on its own and not to be released when a movie is coming out. Let a good team of developers really dig into it and create something fun and fresh and addictive. I’m all for it being set in the JJverse because there’s so much potential with design and story etc. Just make a great game that a real gamer can get lost in for hours on end.

Wish the title was “New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ ” not “New Trailer For ‘Star Trek’ Game” *sigh*

Does not look the greatest but better than some past Star Trek console games. I would be happy to have any Star Trek game for my PS3.

New Trailer For ‘Star Trek ‘ …


… Game


The whole nu-universe sucks, in my opinion. I’ve said this before, but it’s like a bunch of Star Wars geeks got together to do a Trek movie. Oh wait.. that’s EXACTLY what happened. Watch the behind the scenes of the new movie. They talk about Star Wars to say how it’s rock and roll and Trek is classical or some crap. What a load of targ droppings. If anything Trek is like CLASSIC rock, which is way better than modern rock.

Too bad information on the 2013 movie itself is not so forthcoming…

Unfortunately, first person shooters are the only games that sell well these days and it’s the only way a Star Trek game can make any meaningful $$$. The first person shooter concept is as far away from the spirit of Star Trek as one can get.
A Star Trek ‘Civilization’ game should have worked, but didn’t.
Trek just does not translate well into the gaming community for whatever reason.

this will probably be a lot like the movie: flashy, good graphics, decent story, good time, but ultimately, lacking in the star trek feel.

Too much hatred towards nu universe honestly if you don’t care or like it very much then why are you commenting on this site.? I

Really wish they could make a Mass Effect/KOTOR like 30 hour story Star Trek game. Some combat, but mainly exploration, modification and choice. It’s the perfect medium for a Trek game. Please someone take this on.


All of two people have said anything detracting against the nu-universe so far. Out of 29 posts. That’s hardly too much. Unless your definition of “too much” is “More than none”

Do the Gorn have any lines? So far they look like the growling, snarling, one-dimensional bad guy aliens from Cowboys & Aliens….

Star Trek… come in, Star Trek… are you there…?

They need to release Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury.

I can’t wait!

Hmmm, looking good so far.
Hope you can have more people on your Away Team than just Kirk and Spock.

First of all, ‘New Vulcan’, interesting!

Second, since when has Star Trek become an on-the-ground sci-fi combat simulator?

Not 1st person…that is clearly 3rd person over the shoulder. A concept introduced in Resident Evil 4 that has become a mainstay. Also the trailer looks very flashy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a properly paced story. The trailer is just a sizzle reel for the most part. I am actually looking forward to this. What better co-op game play can you ask for than Kirk and Spock?

Brian, Resident Evil 4 was not the first game to do a Third Person OTS view.

And again, only two people even made that remark. It’s irrelevant, the point is this is ultimately by the number shooter mechanics on display.

Is there a scenario where you can shove Keenser out an airlock?

They should just turn this thing into the next movie and be done with it.

The DS9 games came as close to being interesting games [and i bought them all, Srtarfleet Command series, Starfleet Academy, Borg, the Elite Force Games…] as any of them.

@ #1 The only thing lame here is your constant complaining in the comments of almost every article.

Game looks like fun and shares a resemblence to the look of Mass Effect. Should be fun, can’t wait to find out.

“The whole nu-universe sucks,”

The WHOLE nu-universe? You mean what extremely little we saw? Wow.

“but it’s like a bunch of Star Wars geeks got together to do a Trek movie. Oh wait.. that’s EXACTLY what happened”

When a bunch of Star Trek geeks together you get Tuvok’s fanfilm and “Roddenberry to the Rescue” or whatever the F*** that was called.

Its not a character piece is it. lol
I recall a game some years ago called Starfleet Academy that I really enjoyed- and i’m not a gamer at all. It had a narrative and ‘felt’ like Trek. It obviously is possible to make such games so I wonder why they just seem to make shoot ’em ups now?

Funny I had to sit through a commercial for WOW in order to watch this Trek commercial.

Lots of ‘splosions and popmusic…should please the buttonsmashers. Thoroughly underwhelmed over here though. Wake me when there’s an ACTUAL Trek game that not only looks but FEELS like the source material as well…

#42 don’t forget a bunch of Star Trek geeks got Free Enterprise made too. And that was excellent!
Talking of which are they doing Free Enterprise2 or what? Has anybody heard anything lately?

Meh. Much of what makes Trek what it is is in the world-building – the design, the sound, the ‘feel’ of it. Just because the uniforms are the same doesn’t make it ‘feel’ like Trek. Double meh.


Yes indeed, Buzz, Starfleet Academy was a great game.

32 – i wish they would release everything they did for Secrets of the Vulcan Fury as an animated movie since its the last time Deforest Kelley and James Doohan voiced McCoy and Scotty. All the voices of the cast were recorded already, just make a narrative out of it…

Some of you guys could suck the fun out of an orgasm.

Anyone remember the rouge squadron starwars games on the gamecube?
Well why not make a game like that bases on the dominion war ??!!!!!
Now that’s a game they SHOULD make !!!!