Latest Retro TOS Tees by Juan Ortiz

CBS and QMx have teamed up with artist Juan Ortiz to make groovy retro prints for each episode of The Original Series, and now all of those designs are being printed onto even groovier retro tees. So far, we’ve seen up through Charlie X, but with the new November releases comes The Alternative Factor, Catspaw, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, and fan favorite The Trouble With Tribbles. Check out the new designs after the jump.


November Releases at WeLoveFine
Our friends over at have the hookup for the latest retro TOS tees. At $25.00 a pop, their not in the bargain bin, but they sure are stylish and definitely one of a kind.

The Trouble With Tribbles

The Alternative Factor


Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Check out these and more at!


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Very very cool

I wonder why Tee humorists never seem to go for the cross episode mashups? For example, a MIRROR universe protest Tee:

The trouble with Tribunes.

The look very cool, indeed. And some of them are so obscure that you can wear them publicly w/o actually revealing you’re Trekkie. I like that.

I like them! I’m actually going to get Tribbles and Battlefield.

They should bring back the “I Grok Spock” design.

The T for “The Alternative Factor” makes me expect to see one of the Beatles pop out any time now, or a Blue Meanie or Jeremy. “I’ve got a ‘ole in me pocket…”

Thanks for the article Kayla!

I apologise in advance for the moronic comments that will soon arrive crying that you didn’t tell them the plot line of the new film

#5 YEAH! lol!

If anyone ever sees me in an “Alternative Factor” T-Shirt, please taze me immediately.

At least “Spock’s Brain” had hot chicks.

Thank you for posting a story!!!!

Catspaw, as always, seems like a Halloween thing.


@7. Preach it, brother…

What does this have to do with the new Trek film?


The Catspaw one really gets my attention

“Alternative Factor” probably won’t sell much –
“Worst TOS Episode Ever Award”

7 – Lol amen

Not sure if a t-shirt commemorating “The Alternative Factor” is such a good idea; that was one of the worst TOS episodes, IMO. I’d prefer to forget that one… ;-)

But the designs are brilliant; they remind me of ’70s scifi paperback cover art.

Nice to see you back, young lady. The tees are way cool!


I agree to a certain extent but there’s no way you cant type with a straight face in that “The alternative factor” was worse than “The Way to Eden” Nice jam session but by far the worst of the worst. Plot holes & lazy writing throughout at a time when the powers to be were purposely picking the worst episodes to produce in the efforts that Star Trek does not return for a 4th season through another letter writing campaign…

Actually , I like the design of The Alternative Factor Tee.
Almost looks like Lazarus is standing on a chessboard .
Assuming that is Lazarus or perhaps BOTH versions of Lazarus in a struggle.

I can’t wait for Mirror Mirror.
Long Live the Empire!!!!!

favorites: The Trouble With Tribbles and The Alternative Factor…

:-) ;-)

Thanks for the article. Like the Tribbles T the best.

On another note. What’s with the rolling banner ad at the top? I keep getting chat ads to talk to cute girls in China and the Ukraine.

Has the web server been hacked ???

If not, it looks like we’re moving off the “family safe” track. Not sure I’m comfortable with that.

Did an F5 to refresh and the funky banner ad disappeared. But reappeared along the right side.

Could be a hijack on my browser (Firefox), too. Maybe I’ve eaten some bad cookies.

Definitely the Trouble with Tribbles tee for me, but I am still trying to decide between the Alternative Factor and Let that be your last Battlefield tees. I think the Alt Factor may win because I really like that shade of blue.

I think a tee showing Dr McCoy meet the big White Rabbit from Shore Leave could be good…:)

I don’t have any advertisements at all on my screen, however if I google something of a retail nature, as in a while back, I googled Porsches, BMWs and Audis, soon after ads for those cars appeared here, with local (ie NZ) contacts.

Interesting – wouldn’t you say?

Hmm…. looks like it cleared up.

And no, I don’t use my computer for such things. Kinda why I was creeped out in the first place. Glad to see it was a local issue and not on the server side (I guess).

Maybe its something came in with the Firefox update I had just ran (which has its own disturbing implications).

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. . . .

Nope. Bad design.

The shirt for “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” has something of an error — both of them are white on the right side. So why would they be angry at each other?

Nice blooper catch, swh1939!

Awe, I like the tribbles one!

LOL I was thinking the exact same thing! LOL

@ 29. swh1939: “both of them are white on the right side. So why would they be angry at each other?”

Nice catch!