3rd Vignette Released For ‘Star Trek Continues’ Fan Series

The upcoming new fan production Star Trek: Continues has a new vignette to show off. This time the theme a "Birthday" for Mr. Scott (played by James Doohan’s son Chris) with some cool new toys being beamed on board to the USS Enterprise. Watch it below. 


New Vignette for Star Trek Continues

The 3rd Star Trek Continues vignette is now live. Watch it below.

“Happy Birthday, Scotty” Vignette from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

The vignette features a new phaser design, which was done by Scott Nakada, who will be offering it on his site http://www.xscapesprops.com/.

The team are now turning their attention to their premiere episode, "Pilgrim Of Eternity" which was written by Jack Trevino and Steven Fratt. Show star and producer Vic Mignonga tells TrekMovie it is a sequel to an original series episode. The plan is to begin shooting at the Farragut Films Studio in Georgia in mid January and hopefully release it later in 2013.

More Vignettes

And if you missed them. here are the previous two vignettes from Star Trek Continues.

Vignette #1 – Continuing from "Turnabout Intruder"

“Turnabout Intruder” Vignette from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

Vignette #2: "You’ve Got the Conn"

“You’ve Got the Conn” Vignette from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

For more about this new fan series visit startrekcontinues.com.




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I like this…

Tanner Waterbury

I’m liking these! Definitely has it’s own style as compared to STP2, but still honors The Original Series.

I love this scene. It made me smile. Great Fred Steiner score. New phaser does look streamlined the way James Bond’s Walther PPK is a sleek and elegant weapon. And I say this often whether it’s big budget Bad Robot Trek or fan productions, “More McCoy.” Good to see Star Trek lives.

Tanner Waterbury

Another thing I noticed, the “You’ve Got The Conn” Vignette has the Enterprise looking like it did in the 1960’s with the different film filters put on. Really Excellent work!


One has to admire the folks who put so much time into these fan films, but sheesh, the acting is still bad. Chris Doohan seems to be the only one with an inkling of acting skill.


Sulu: dead-on.

Scotty: dead-on.

Janice Lester: dead-on.

Dr. Coleman: dead-on.

The rest? WAAAAAAAY off. Especially McCoy.

Amazing set and costuming work, though.

I like this series. It has heart.

Red Dead Ryan

The guy playing Kirk in the “Happy Birthday, Scotty” vignette looks like he’s wearing a really bad, exaggerated toupee.


The Scotty is great! The sets look wonderful too!!! The McCoy actor is horrible and the Kirk actor is pretty bad too. His voice is way too high and the acting is over-acting.

Emperor Mike of the Empire

I for one can’t wait to see an entire Ep. Chris Doohan looks just like his dad did back on Tos.

I'm Dead Jim!

This looks pretty good. Chris, you sound so much like your dad in this it almost brings a tear to my eye.

Allen Williams

I swear a couple of times I thought I was actually watching James Doohan. The resemblance to his father is amazing.

I think Chris will be pleased to hear he got Scotty right. ;-)

Ensign RedShirt

The lighting and framing of the shots is very TOS. Fantastic. I like most of the cast(though I have to agree about the gentleman playing McCoy). The whole thing is staged beautifully.

This is easily the most polished TOS fan production. Nice work, folks! Look forward to the full episode!


Great job to all! Wow, Chris does his father proud!

Flaming Nacelles Forever

Wow. Acting aside (and it’s not bad), the production values here are awesome.


The characterizations are spot on!


Nicely done. Now show us what YOU guys are about. Take the series boldly in your own direction. Immitation is not enough.

And have fun.


Those were a lot of fun :)


Wow very impressing. The rough acting spots will smooth out with time, even the lesser performances showed tons of promise. Everything else was spot on.


Just stumbled onto these… very well done. Deja-Vu happening as I watch.


Vic Mignonga looks like he’s 60 but sounds like he’s 12. That’s a weird combination…


Couldn’t place the Sulu actor until the credits ran. Mythbuster!

Dennis C

I love Simon Pegg but not a fan of his Scotty. Chris Doohan on the other hand, wow. His father would be proud.

Much potential here. It’s nice to see Kirk with that swagger we all know and love.

Mr. Huber is a talented actor but it appears he’s watched more of Robert Picardo to prepare for the role than he’s watched De Kelley…

Other than that, I like. The second vignette has all the cheese of some of the lesser TOS scripts but the attitudes are right.

Sebastian S.


Very impressive! The sets are spot on. Visual FX are terrific. The actors are solid. And so help me, Chris Doohan reminds me so much of his dad it’s like having him back! Kudos to all involved.

Keep ’em coming!

El Chup

Chris Doohan was very good in the latest clip. Even complete with the not so Scottish accent his father had.

Vic Whathisface is much, much closer to Kirk than that Cawley chap and generally the acting seems a lot better than New Voyages/Phase 2.

I have avoided fan films mostly because, as New Voyages showed, you have have nice sets and fancy acting a plenty, but if the acting, editing and sound mixing are awful, as they are with Cawley’s efforts, than it’s very difficult to watch. This appears to be an approvement all round so I may actually give this a shot.

That said, echo some comments above. The McCoy is awwwwful. Doesn’t remote remind me of the character, let alone Dee Kelley.

I really hope Vic can get the swagger and gravitas of Kirk’s voice down a bit more. Right now he sounds more like Administrator Hengist…

Sebastian S.

BTW, the last vignette (“You Have The Conn”) was really cute… loved it.
The actress playing Uhura (whom I recognize from Phase II) is a doll.

So fun to watch “Mythbuster” Grant Imahara sink his teeth into the role of Sulu. He does George Takei proud. ;-)

Jackson Lake

According to Wikipedia, the phrase “Pilgrim of Eternity” is from the same Shelly poem that the line “Who Mourns For Adonis” comes from.


#8. Red Dead Ryan

That’s one step closer to The Shat!





Wow, those were very good. I am impressed. All the right music cues and everything. :)

Chris Doohan has Scotty down pat… Nice job, Chris!!!

The actor portraying “Bones” is not bad either. I am going to have to get used to the actors portraying Kirk and Sulu, though.

Overall, not a bad job at all…

Enjoying the comments, thanks.

27 “Chris Doohan was very good in the latest clip. Even complete with the not so Scottish accent his father had”

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for. :)

PS Thank you Anthony /Trekmovie for the article. Always appreciated

USS Courier-Times NCC 1881

I’m wondering if the helium mix is too high in the atmospheric system. Kirk’s voice is a little too high, but his “I’ve got on a girdle” look is perfect. The real question is, will he use a sock?

I agree that the actor for Kirk has the look and the moves, but the voice needs to be lower when he speaks. It’s a joy to see Doohan as Scotty, I wish he could have been in the movie. The actor playing McCoy is a total bafflement to me.

Chris as Scotty is just spectacular. I have to say that the entire scene really captured every feeling of the original episodes. Without reading the above comments first, I do have to add that Vic’s voice is just a tad too high that it threw me off for most of the scene.

That being said, I’m so looking forward to this.


I know a couple of people who’ve met Vic Mignonga at conventions, expos, etc… From what I’ve heard about his ego, he’s a perfect fit for the Shat’s t̶o̶u̶p̶é̶e̶ g̶i̶r̶d̶l̶e̶ shoes… :-P

I must say, though… Did anyone else get a kinda Playboy vibe from the “You’ve Got the Conn” Vignette? Uhura seemed a little too giggly & flirty compared to Nichelle Nichols’s smolderingly sensual, but fully self-possessed characterisation.

Charles Root

Chris Doohan completely rocks as Scotty. It’s like I’m watching his dad, but also with a subtle twist that makes the character his own.

Top notch job.


I love it! It’s great to see someone doing such an impressive production-valued job. I know this will only get more better over time. Chris, your father would be proud!

Nice production values, the look and feel are definitely Trek.

But Vic’s voice is too high for Kirk. Time to gargle with some Drano, I think.

The Sinfonian

Sigh. Chris is perfect. Can someone edit it to just be the parts with Chris, and dub over the other voices???

Chuck: really need to think “southern accent” and “slower” to get any sense of McCoy and D. Kelley. I hate to say it, but I think Phase II’s Kelley playing McCoy does a much much better job. He doesn’t have a Southern accent, but he gets the articulation, speed of delivery, and a bit of wry charm down well. Chuck as someone noted plays McCoy more like the EMH.

Vic: well for an ‘experienced voice actor’, I’m surprised at the high tenor. A little vocal practice can allow one to modulate one’s voice to a lower register. At least take some steam treatments with a vaporizer in between takesor get a lecture bottle of the gas sulfur hexafluoride and take just a brief sip!


Chris is awesome in this. The rest… not so much. In my opinion.

The pacing of delivery and tone for McCoy is just… not right. Not that it has to be a perfect impression, but at least find a midground between what it is now and what it’s supposed to be.

Vic is just… come on, as a voice actor, try… I don’t know… to sound like the actor/character you’re portraying? Instead he’s sounding like a weasel that inhaled helium just before the take.


They need to get some blinking lights on the bridge! All the displays are lit but static.


They all blink now.


Cool to see this new cast. The acting is so much better an engaging. The actor playing Kirk is very good…just a bit feminine for Kirk. Kirk was always a man’s man and understood his role as a leader. It’s plain to see Vic is a decent actor, hopefully he can capture the Kirk character more. Looking forward to more episodes. Party on!


46 – Woo hoo!

Really enjoying these. They take some of the best of TOS’s essence and run with it. As someone else said, it has heart, which is something that often gets lost in other fan efforts.

45. The lights do blink now as Chris has noted, but please feel free to donate some cash if you see something is amiss. We will surely put it to good use in getting these sets to your perfection.