2nd Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Shown At BNAT Today – Get The Details

As reported first by TrekMovie, the second (and longer) trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness will be showing next weekend. However, that trailer previewed today at the "Butt-Numb-A-Thon" 24 hour movie event in Austin, Texas. The first descriptions of that are now showing up. See below (but beware of spoilers). 


2nd Darkness Trailer Trailer: Cumby in the Brig + Chekov in Red

The second trailer (which Paramount is calling a "teaser trailer") was previewed this weekend at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin, Texas. The first description of the trailer was posted via a series of tweets by Devin Faraci of BadAssDigest.com.

Full STAR TREK trailer indicates hands against glass scene is actually Spock and Cumberbatch. If he’s Sybock… Well, kudos.

That said, Cumberbatch does NOT have Vulcan ears. Hands against glass scene seems to be Cumby in the brig.

Trailer opens with Pike VO, telling Kirk he has courage but no humility, and someday that will get him and his crew killed.

Oh yeah: there’s space stuff in the full TREK trailer. Space combat. Guy in a space suit zooming around.

In addition friend (and sometimes contributor to) TrekMovie Jordan Hoffman confirmed a few more details via Twitter DM:

  • Cumberbatch was definitely shown in some sort of brig

  • Chekov (Anton Yelchin) appears in a red tunic (instead of his regular gold tunic)

  • Someone wears a EVA space suit with similar design to the one used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

And while it isn’t a description, Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta’ gives this quick review of the trailer via Twiter…

If more details appear online, they will be updated with the article.

See it for yourself next weekend

As first reported by TrekMovie, this trailer longer trailer (which clocks in at 1:50) will be shown at Domestic non-IMAX screenings The Hobbit next weekend. Paramount has also announced it will be available online via Apple trailers on Monday December 17th.

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Great, can’t wait to see it.


Now that is probably going to be a lot of what is happening in regards to this. Personally…Chekov is the tactical officer. I say bump him up to Lieutenant and make him chief of security as well. That way we have 3 guaranteed-to-live red shirts.

I called it. KIrk doesn’t wear the black uniform anymore, Cumberbatch is wearing it in the trailer. It’s Gary Mitchell, Spock is saluting his fellow officer.

“Chekov appears in a red tunic (instead of his regular gold tunic)”

hmm……Gary Mitchell takes his place!!!

o.o *head explodes* Wanna seeee it! *grabby hands*

Unless that’s Garth of Izar shapeshifting into Kirk.


This boy genius Checkov was wasted at Navigation/Ops, or whatever he did. This is evidenced by his work on the transporter. It could be security but I doubt it. I also don’t think this alone puts Mitchell on the bridge. Sulu is still the pilot, and Mitchell was the pilot in WNMHGB — for some reason the helm and navigator switched on that episode (kinda like they switched the sciences and operations badges and colors). Doesn’t mean Orci and Abrams realized this though, or that Mitchell didn’t end up a navigator in this timeline.

It could also tell us that we can no longer identify iconic characters from canon by their department colors. Dehner, or Rand, or McGivers?

Being in the brig certainly leans toward Mitchell, but it could also be someone like Captain Garth, arrested by Kirk, or Decker, or … Khan (or one of his augments, etc.) not sure this really gives us anything more than we had …

Anthony: touche sir. I got screencapped. Still called it though.

Remember that in Space Seed, Chekov was not on the bridge (since the character hadn’t been created yet). But in the TOS movies, Chekov was the tactical/security officer. I see this new bit of information as more evidence that BC is, indeed, Khan.

Gary Mitchell is the villain. Alice Eve is Elizabeth Dehner. It is quite odvious I think. Even if Gary Mitchell did seem to die in the comic book series, he might of not. Kirk shot him with a phaser cannon and they think he’s dead. They torpedoed him out into space in a capsule and that’s how he escapes and somehow comes back. That’s why Gary wants revenge on Kirk and the Federation. Besides, in the original episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, Kirk tried killing Gary with a phaser cannon even then. And it didn’t kill him.

Just maybe… Just maybe it’s a totally new villain and story ?

Has anyone actually thought of this?

Why all the Gary Mitchell and Khan stuff????

So what if Chekov dies, this one pissed me off big time in the last film. Stupid OTT accent that no Russian has now or will have in the future.
In fact Chekov and Sulu busting up the jump to warp scene near ruined the film for me.

My theory on Mitchell. It goes like this: I say it might well be the ORIGINAL canon Gary Mitchell from the first timeline. According to the background info from the ’09 movie….Nero, the bad guy from last movie had been mining Delta Vega (not in the Vulacan system, TYVM) right before Romulus got blown to bits by Spock prime’s miscalculation.
What if (yes i know), he and his crew disturbed or woke up Mitchell who was not truly dead but in some sort of stasis (a la Jean Grey/Phoenix, if you will). He is able to get to Nero’s ship and escape/convalesce. With hius abilities it would be easy to hide and not be detected. Once he finds himself on this side of the new timeline, he is free to get the hell off of Neros ship and get his shit together waiting for Kirk to be born, and the chance to get revenge on the Kirk/Starfleet.
Garth of Izar is easier… no need to really explain except for why it would be personal between he and Kirk. It fits timeline without any Trek-nastics.

Interesting to think of why Spock would have that reaction to Cumberbatch’s character in the brig.

Perhaps it’s at the end, Cumberbatch is dying, but has “seen the light” and Spock is saluting that. Or that could be completely wrong

@7 Roddenberry was a Peacenick,

You know what … maybe!

I don’t know if you are kidding, but looking at the trailer that way, its definitely possible. And if it is Garth, they would be recreating a classic aspect of TOS.

Impersonating the most recognizable hero of Starfleet would certainly get Garth through a lot of doors, and/or frame Kirk for something.

And not that Kirk and others for that matter wouldn’t necessarily be seen in the black shirts, but its kind of iconic to Kirk in the first film (don’t recall anybody else in just the black shirt), and then to put Cumberbatch in it as well, AND have Kirk wear it at some point … Well it does raise questions …

The Good ole days are back again at Trekmovie.
I think Cumberbatch is either Gary Mitchell or maybe Finnigan. Would not be surprised if he is Capt Garth.

7, 14 – I actually wondered if the scene where Kirk walks through the door (apparently to meet Cumberbatch, or at least that’s how it was cut) was actually Garth shapeshifted (if it is Garth). There was just a way Kirk looked that was…off.

But who knows. They have intentionally left things open enough so that it could be any of our chosen villains at this point.

I think Capt Garth or Lord Garth would be likely. I would not be surprised if at someopne point that Sybok would be there.

Alice Eve’s most likely either Dr. Denner or Carol Marcus. Nurse Chapel would be a 3rd choice.

Hmm…Abrams and co. certainly know how to generate the buzz. Well done sirs! Can’t wait for next weekend!

Could Charlie Evan’s make an apperance.

I will be seeing the Hobbit next sat. Can’t wait to see the first 9 minutes of Star Trek. But. Will have to avoid Trekmovie for a couple of days. Lol.

@10 SciFiJunky,

It is an homage, no more, just like what we now know is a brig scene with Spock’s salute on glass.

If Cumberbatch looked or sounded anything like Khan, I might agree with you.

But also recall, Khan recognized Chekov, he never forgets a face. So just because Chekov wasn’t on the bridge when we saw it, could simply mean he wasn’t on duty then. He could have been on the night shift season one, and promoted to the day shift season 2.

Ad I seriously doubt they would make boy wonder Checkov a security officer. More like he would be working with Scotty.


At first I was like HOW DID YOU POST A PHO- and then I saw it was you. :)
But aw yeah, happy to see things back in full swing!

I think there will be many disappointed fans over the hand thing, if it’s not Kirk.

I wonder how many people who will see The Hobbit will not even see it but are only there for the 9 Min Star Trek. Into Darkness and then leave. Lol. I’ll Stay for the Movie.

@ 20
I had thought about Evans. But it seems like a stretch given Cumberbatch’s voice over, which is laden with wisdom, albeit angry wisdom. Charlie was a CHILD. A naughty-ass one at that.

“Full STAR TREK trailer indicates hands against glass scene is actually Spock and Cumberbatch. If he’s Sybock… Well, kudos.

That said, Cumberbatch does NOT have Vulcan ears….”

As I was saying the other day.

I need to see more of the villain in order to form a definitive opinion ( as to who he may be )….



Only domestic Hobbit screenings? No intl release at all?

Chekov did transfer to security/tactical before TMP, so we know that the carachter has the traits to successfully function in such a posting. No problem with his red shirt status.

Oh, wait… did anyone check to make sure Yelchin’s contract hasn’t been altered?

I believe (just personal opinion) that Sybok would be too much in the vein of making this a “Spock” movie. By all indications, this is about Kirk and his maturation into Wisdom. It HAS to be personal for Kirk.

Mitchell, maybe Garth, accomplishes that, NO?

Hey Anthony. Here’s a great poll for Trekmovie.

1. See first 9 mins of Star Trek but leave before the Hobbit Start’s.
2. Will stay and see The Hobbit after 9 min Star Trek Trailer.
3. Will not see it and wait for Star Trek Into Darkness to premere on May 17th. .

@14 Curious Cadet

I was half-joking. See, I go back and forth on whether Garth fits all the facts. I still don’t know, but I started really considering him after that long post in the shot-by-shot thread, I can’t remember who it was by, where someone cooked up this theory about BC being some Skyfall type secret agent striking back at his organization. Anyone remember who posted that? Garth would work with that, since the perfect infiltrator would be a shape-shifter. It would also explain how he could get inside the heart of Starfleet command in San Francisco. (I’m guessing that the fire fight inside Starfleet HQ, BC bursting out of a glass window and Spock chasing after him are all one scene). Or how he was able to go unnoticed on a Klingon planet.

But I dunno. I still think we’re being led down a primrose path. I don’t think we know who it is yet.

I hope we hear Giacchino’s sublime score in this one. And nice to hear Greenwood doing VO. But Cumby’s narration in the announcement is just amazing! IM3’s The Mandarin got owned with that one.

Aah! So my initial impression was correct. Cumberbatch and Spock on the glass. Black sleeve gave it away. Was also right that it FALSELY created a TWOK impression.

So far so good.

What does that tell us? Friendship between Cumberbatch X and Spock. Why? Because they are crewmembers serving on the same ship?

And Cumberbatch in the brig. A nod to Gary Mitchell being in the brig in WNMHGB?

Yet more evidence that Khan is on ice.

Oh my… I said

So it was not the hand of Chris Pine … ?? … then the “fetishistic” were wrong … humm?? … very funny!… LOL

@ 22. Curious Cadet –

I hope what you say is true. I don’t want it to be Khan, but feel in my gut that it is. My first choice would be Garth, followed by Mitchell. I really don’t see them doing the Gary Mitchell story, however.

Like many others have said on this site and others, TPTB would not make a movie the sequel to a story told in the IDW ongoing comic book series. Just don’t see that happening. Not enough people read the comics, and all the back story would need to be dumped on a general audience that has no clue. Just don’t see that happening.

Wouldn’t they want to make a movie that general audience doesn’t need to know anything about even if they hadn’t even seen the first one? The general public who aren’t Star Trek fans who hadn’t read the Countdown Comics but would want to see the new Star Trek film because it looks like a cool action film? That’s how JJ did Trek 2009, the general audience didn’t have to know anything about Star Trek.

Not surprised that it’s Cumberbatch’s hand. No matter how you feel about the current team behind Star Trek, they wouldn’t blatantly copy the most memorable scene in the most popular Trek film.

Can’t wait for the full trailer (and the IMAX preview)!

@30 Roddenberry was a Peacenik,

I’ve posted theories like that, thinking mainly about The Bourne Legacy. Haven’t seen Skyfall. But so have others …

It’s very hard to figure out where Garth fits into this timeline, though I did read something about Kirk going on a peace mission as a plebe cadet in 2252 following Garth’s victory, so Garth would be relevant in this timeline, i.e. not yet insane. In the TOS episode, the actor who played Garth was 32, three years younger than William Shatner! But he had gray applied to his temples. Now Cumberbatch is 4 years older than Pine. So in that sense he makes for a more logical Garth than the original.

But considering Nero’s changing the timeline well before Garth would have become a captain suggests that his backstory could be significantly different. Perhaps a decorated super-soldier. And the fact that he is genetically predisposed to go insane, makes him a perfect candidate for taking on this kind of role. The shape-shifting is also compelling, in a Mission Impossible sort of way … Oh wait, who directed that? But it could also be sort of cheesy …

I think all articles about STID should with “Shall we begin?…” leading into the comments section…

Chekov bites it.

I still think it might be Garth of Izar, and I still hope it is. It would be the less ridiculous of the choices, and would fit better without needing to shoehorn this and that in. Only issue with Garth is the timing of things, at least in comparison to the prime timeline, but in the alt timeline it might not be an issue.

In b4 MJ comes in to tell us all the reasons it can’t possibly be Gary Mitchell/

39 – I think if Garth shape shifts, it may be downplayed. I think his regenerative powers have a lot more potential – giving himself super strength, etc., and other potential powers as well. Or maybe in this timeline he used his powers to do that stuff instead of shape shift.

But yeah, it’s possible that he got his powers, never threatened genocide (or maybe he gets away with it, which is how the story starts? Maybe that’s the war torn planet they’re going to?). There are a lot of ways they can wing this to make it work.

Another issue is that the name “Garth” is ridiculous thanks to Wayne’s World.

Something that I have to consider is that we see both Kirk and Cumberbatch dressed in the black start fleet academy uniforms. That tells me this is a flashback scene to the academy days. Something happened to cause Cumberbatch to come back with a vengence. Has to be Gary Mitchell at this point.

Space combat? Yessssssssssssss! Damn well better be. Funny how we still don’t know who the villain is… Will the 9 minute preview even tell us?

Or he is influtrating Starfleet or Khan and his people take over a Starfleet ship and wear their uniforms since they would have clothing from the 1990’s.

@45 It’s not as ridiculous if you use his full title, ‘Garth of Izar’ or even ‘Lord Garth of Izar’, especially with his accent…

@46 Actually, I think the black shirt is just the uniform undershirt, which means everyone wears it all the time anyway. Probably not academy-related.

question, in the j.j. timeline was there an enterprise before the one we see built in the 2009 movie? or was this just a new version of an existing enterprise?

also, did spock and pike serve together in the j.j. verse on a starship prior to the events of st2009?

sorry if this is “old news” but my memory not so good anymore.