New Images & Story Details From Star Trek Video Game

In April the new Star Trek video game with a brand new story set between the 2009 Star Trek movie and Into Darkness arrives. And today Paramount released more details on the game’s story, characters and some new images. Check it all out below.  



Meet the Vulcans in the new Star Trek Videogame

Today Paramount revealed more details about the upcoming cooperative Star Trek video game set in the new movie universe, including details on two new characters. According to Paramount the story begins when the USS Enterprise is sent on a rescue mission to a "mysterious space station that is heading towards catastrophe." The station is commanded by a Vulcan scientist named T’Mar.

T’Mar in "Star Trek" game

“T’Mar is the captain of the space station and was a childhood friend of Spock,” says Paramount Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Brian Miller. “Her blend of incredible intelligence and unexpected beauty prove intriguing to Kirk.”

T’Mar then joins Kirk and Spock as they travel to New Vulcan, a planet orbiting a binary star that was colonized by the Vulcans after their planet was detroyed by Nero (in 2009’s Star Trek). And on New Vulcan they encounter Surok, described as "a great Vulcan leader." Surok is one of the lone survivors of an attack from the Gorn.


“When we crafted this story we wanted to make sure the player realizes that the usually logical, Spock can have very emotional connections to the ones he cares about," adds Miller. "Surok was one of Spock’s childhood mentors and is also T’Mar’s father. Together, they are helping to lead the colonization of New Vulcan.”

Spock on New Vulcan

“Video games are not only exciting to play, they’ve become a compelling medium for telling stories, so with Star Trek, we had an amazing opportunity to introduce new characters that are integral to the plot of our game," Miller says. "Our game’s story is canon to the new Star Trek universe, so we had a great responsibility to get these new characters right, and to make them exciting and meaningful to players."

In the new Star Trek game players choose to take on the role of Kirk or Spock and the pair work together. Together you and a friend (or the AI) work together to solve the mystery of New Vulcan. According to Paramount both T’Mar and Surok play key roles in helping Kirk and Spock in the game. They help them learn more about the attacks that the Gorn have been engaging in across the galaxy. They also reveal that the Gorn have stolen a mysterious machine known as the "Helios Device."

A Gorn from "Star Trek" videogame

“For players who want to simply enjoy the experience of playing as Kirk and Spock, Star Trek is going to be a great game experience,” Miller says. “But for those eager to dig deeper into a robust story, we hope it’s an adventure that will excite both longtime fans and game enthusiasts alike.”

The USS Enterprise and Gorn ship

The new Star Trek game arrives on April 23rd for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC download. Learn more about pre-ordering by visiting

Star Trek game coming April 23rd

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Am kind of sad…the game is only one player. I can’t play it with my sister.

who ever said it was only one player. It is a ‘co-op’ game so you have to play with someone either in-person or over the network. One plays Kirk the other plays Spock. You can also have the computer/console control your partner or switch back and forth.

@ 2. Anthony Pascale

I read on a trek site that the game was designed for one player only. I thought it was kind of stupid.

The game can actually be a two player Co-Operative game, and you can indeed play it with your sister, either through split screen, or over the internet.

Research the game a little, will ya?

I know my older son has pre-ordered this for the XBox. It comes out in the middle of the school holidays here, so he might get to play it if he’s managed to complete his assignment marking by then (he’s a secondary school teacher). If not, he’ll have a frustrating wait until the end of the semester in July. He’s been playing Star Trek Online for a number of years. As I understand it StarTrek Online is canon for the prime universe.

Looks good, I will try this out

T’Marr is T’Hott! Go figure :)

Whaddya know, a Vulcan woman who looks like Paris Hilton with dark hair o_O

i know they said it was going to be on the pc as well as XBOX and 360 but why haven’t they allowed us to pre order the PC version?

No PC version :(

Also, why is she smiling?

10. There is a PC version. And she’s not smiling, looks like they snapped the shot while she was talking.

Gotta say…it’s nice to see a Vulcan woman without the damn bowlcuts that Vulcans/Romulans were given during Next Generation onward.


Agreed. The hairstyles were generic and unflattering. TOS and movies had some more interesting female Vulcan/Romulan hairstyles.

What happened to the Gorn? I mean, it of course wouldn’t look like a guy in a rubber suit, but could look a bit shouldn’t it look like the one from Enterprise?

The ‘canon’ for the prime universe is actually up for debate. I personally see the Pocket Book novel universe as the Canon.

I wonder if the Gorn are only stereotypical bad guys in the game or if they have like in TOS a good reason for their violence.

I would love to try the game out, but I suspect my PC isn’t good enough for it and I don’t have a PS3 or X-Box. :-(

I can’t believe Paramount approved that awful design for the Gorn. That is NOT the Gorn.

@5, @14

There is no official canon (prime or alt universe) beyond the tv shows and movies. Star Trek Online is just authorised to use the Trek universe as its base, as are the pocket book novels. This does not make them canon though.

Although for me personally, I much prefer the ongoing litverse timeline to he STO timeline

Is it just me or do the graphics not look that great?

The Gorn does not have disco ball eyes!!
This is NOT canon!

Where is Spock Prime?

18 – It is just you.

The game looks fantastic, and I have been waiting for years for Trek to get this treatment on a console. Thanks Bob and everyone working on it!

Wow. Another Star Trek shooter, I wonder if this game will tank too.

Remember when Star Trek games had a story line? A final Unity, or 25th anniversary comes to mind.

I’m all for improving the look of the Gorn, but I don’t get why they are naked now. That’s just weird. At least wear a tunic or loincloth, no one wants to see your Gorn-ads.

I’m imagining the TOS Gorn was kind of an outcast because he came out of his egg a little different and nobody wanted to hang out with him. Instead of being a fast, vicious killing machine, he just glittered his eyeballs and lumbered around. They gave him a ship and sent him off out of the way to get rid of him. And then Kirk beat him up. Poor Gorn.

18 & 22; Agreed.

Remember when “We come in peace; shoot to kill.” used to be a parody?

23- Gorn-ads….I see what you did there.

Looks like it says 3D? If so, cool!!!

New Vulcan looks like it has a nicer climate than old Vulcan.

As always, we’re forgetting our manners: Thank you, Anthony and, for posting this latest update.

I’m looking forward to the PC version! (And hoping we’ll see more information about that release soon!)

” 18. Steve – March 13, 2013: Is it just me or do the graphics not look that great?”

Its not you. If I had to make a guess, the graphics are dated to around 2006-2007. Actually, they look like they came from “Star Trek: Online”.


The one in Enterprise looked terrible, like something from a Syfy movie. I don’t think that’s anything the designers would want to emulate here.

#16 – I can’t believe Paramount approved that awful design for the Gorn. That is NOT the Gorn.

It is now!!

Looks promising. Anyone remember a Next Gen StarTrek game, DS9: The Fallen? That is the best third person Trek game, ever.

I hope Reboot game turns out as good as DS9: The Fallen.

*Vulcan Salute.

This is mainly for UK readers but If you pre-order this from GAME, you get not only the DLC, but you get a code that allows you to get one free adult ticket to see Star Trek Into Darkness once its released at any Cineworld in the country. It’s only for the 2D viewings so if you want to see it in IMAX or 3D you’ll have to pay to upgrade the ticket.

I remember reading in another article about this game that there’s supposed to be different sub-species of Gorn, hence why this one looks like a crazy monster creature.

Basically it’s like the Skaarj from Unreal 1 and 2.

When you look at the game in motion in video, it looks worlds better than STO. But no, they’re not the best graphics. I’m assuming that like the original Mass Effect and a few other game titles, if this is a success, the next game in the line will get a better treatment as far as graphics.

I was pretty sure I read early on that there are different types of Gorn. Like in Aliens there isn’t just one type of xenomorph. And that deeper into the game you’ll encounter a Gorn that looks like the one from Enterprise of from Arena and that will be the more intelligent, type of Gorn.

Also, for those saying “remember when Trek was about exploring” I just went back and watched Arena last night on my bluray player and the first thing Kirk wanted to do was hunt down the ship and destroy it. He almost had a blood lust look on his face when he’d talk about destroying the ship. Many times over, Kirk’s first response to things was to pull out a phaser or ready the weapons of the ship. I know, it was a plot device but still. Picard was the diplomat who changed all of that.

Was lurking around the Film Score Monthly message boards to see if there was any news about a release of the soundtrack for the game.

According to reports it features a new score by Giacchino, but on the FSM boards Chad Seiter (One of the composers of FRINGE s1) wrote that it was actually his work featured in the game and he would like to see a release of it at some point but nothing planned right now.

Anthony – maybe you could work on some type of interview with Chad about this writing process?

#32: No. It never will be. :)

T’Mar looks like an anime character in that screenshot. I hope she looks better in motion.

#10: “The new Star Trek game arrives on April 23rd for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC download.”

#22: Actually, Voyager: Elite Force and Elite Force II are the two most successful Star Trek games to date, both in terms of sales and critical reception. In particular, the first game had good pacing in both exploration and action. Some of the plot points were a bit cliché, but the way the characters planned ahead and carried out mission objectives, plus the new alien races? Very Star Trek. I’d suggest giving it a play, because it’s obvious you haven’t!

I post this with the full admission that I don’t play a lot of video games.

T’ Mar looks like Olivia Wilde from Tron 2. If you hadn’t told me her name or that she was a Vulcan I would never have known. Not so much good, to me.

Boy, that’s sure a lot of water for a planet with two suns.

Like someone said above, where is Spock Prime during all of this? Wasn’t this going to be his mission: to help in the colonization of a new planet for the Vulcans?

The Gorn looks like it moves really fast. That seems to run contrary to the Gorn in Arena, who was very slow. And was the captain of his ship. My point being that why would a subordinate Gorn have superior physical attributes over an apparent commander in a species that seemingly prizes strength and combat?

Like I said, what do I know from video games?

27. Games have been 3D since almost 20 years :p

@17 Bob Orci has said more than once that he considers the Comic Books to be cannon.

@40 In relation to the Gorn. The people behind the game have said their are different classed Gorn. I’m hopeful that the TOS Gorn’s will be in the game somewhere.

#42: The comic books are a large-barreled gun?

I think Spock Prime will make a cameo or at least will be mentioned.

Also where are all the other characters? Uhura, Bones, Sulu, Chekov, Captain Pike etc.

I cant wait to see their game design…..I hope they mirror the actors that play them.


I’ve played a side scrolling Star Trek game for the early Macintosh that I can’t remember the name of, going up, as I remember them:

25th Anniversary
Judgement Rites
A final Unity
Starfleet Acadamy
Klingon Acadamy(Honor Guard?)
Armada II
Starfleet Command
Starfleet Command II
Starfleet Command III
Elite Force
Starship builder
Bridge Commander
Star Trek Legacy(?)
Star Trek Online
and likely one or two others plus some fan made stuff…

I was devistated when Secret of Vulcan Fury was cancelled.

I think that I am qualified to say that out of them all, none were as much fun or as close to a Star Trek experience as 25th Ann, Judgement Rites and a Final Unity.

Makes me wish there was a Kickstarter campaign to bring back Secret of Vulcan Fury. I wonder who owns the voice tracks? (Since they included Shatner, Kelley and Nimoy – unsure who else.)

Then again, someone would need to be willing to code the game, deal with licensing, etc.

Hint-hint, if any game companies or devs with connections are reading this… ;-)


I got that about the Gorn. My point was that zippy fast subordinate Gorn didn’t make sense (to me) when the hierarchy (Gorn captain from Arena) were slow, particularly when they apparently are a society that celebrates combat. Or is combat based. Or something.

The feral-looking Gorn might have been specifically developed to better fit Star Trek thematically. Given that Kirk and Spock are probably going to shoot hundreds of these guys over the course of the game, making them non-sentient hyper aggressive monsters reduces the moral dilemma they’d face collecting a high kill count. I’m just speculating, but I’d guess that played a role in the development process.


The problem is the Gorn as seen in Arena are too comical and silly to be taken seriously now. A guy lumbering around in a rubber suit hissing just isn’t going to cut it these days. So much like the Klingons, the Gorn are getting an upgrade.


Being slow doesn’t equate being less powerful. The interesting thing about the Arena Gorn, is that he too had to use intelligence to get his target at a disadvantage.

Why have story telling and intelligent puzzles when most people are satisfied with another FPS.


The original design is a good one. All it needs is a little refinement, now we’re past the days of rubber suit monsters. Something along these lines could work: