Paramount Giving Away 50 Costumes From Star Trek Into Darkness via App Sweeps

Paramount has announced a new Star Trek Into Darkness sweepstakes via the new Star Trek app. This time you can win a uniform from the movie. They are giving away a total of 50 costumes. Get the details below  


Win a Star Trek Into Darkness Costume

Users of Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek app have until March 31 for a chance to win one of 50 costumes from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness movie. You can enter the sweepstakes once a day through the end of March, only in the Star Trek app (USA and Canadian residents only).

You enter the contest by clicking on the "Sweeps" button within the Star Trek app. The app is available for download through the App Store and Google Play at

Speaking of the app, there is a new mission today to scan the international trailer.

The payoff is an image from the trailer with the new meme "Have I Got Your Attention Now?"


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The way my luck runs I win the Alice Eve undies…

@1. Phil

I’m sure you will look quite fetching in them too…

only eight weeks left now!

I actually won a trip for 2 to the L.A. premier using the app!

Sam, seriously?

Congrats man. See you there!

I call dibs on Keenser’s little pants.

Sam, seriously? Wow. I deleted it because it seemed pointless.

i can’t get the app to work on my iphone5 =(

Why does Simon Pegg’s uni smell like cheesecake?

I haven’t won anything.

Uhura’s Shiny Copper Colored Jump suit would be good.

Or The Klingon attire with Helmet would be cool.

11. Me neither. I should start my own movie site so I can get some connections.

I just want Chris Pine’s Captain uniform! Lol.

It’s a shame the picture scanning on the app has stopped working for a significant number of users. Kind of wrecks the point of it for a lot of people.

It’s an even bigger shame that it’s only open to USA and Canada.

I had probs with my app, too for a couple of weeks. So, I un-installed it, then downloaded it again. now, it’s good to go…except I still can’t get the map parts to work very well (unless, if they really want ya to travel to starfleet HQ or other various fictional places)

but, then when ya live in a van down by the river — it’s hard to go any real place, too ;)

It’s ok…since we can’t do much with this app, we’ll just have to make do I’ll have to make do with seeing the movie at the world premiere in London before my American friends ;)

Fair compromise! :)

woops horrendous typos!What i meant was…
It’s ok…since we can’t do much with this app in Europe,I’ll have to make do with seeing the movie at the world premiere in London before my American friends ;)

Fair compromise! :)

Oh yes, Benedict, you have my attention.

Yes, seriously! I think I entered about 15 times. I can hardly believe it myself! I can’t wait to go to L.A. for the premier, but I’m not even sure of the date. They said all the details will come in a couple of weeks. I wonder what actors will be there and how good the seats are :-)

Sam, that’s awesome! I entered just once, but I’m glad a fellow trekmovie reader won.

Are they paying for airfare and hotel as well?

#16 I agree.

BTW, someone has any idea on how to push Paramount in Spain to start promoting Star Trek as it deserves? Right now we don’t have a release of the international trailer, they haven’t pronounced about it yet, and maybe it will not be included with G.I. Joe when this one will be released next week.

Also we will have a delay on the release OF TWO MONTHS —STID will be released on July 5 in Spain—.

They announced the Berlin premiere recently, but nobody knows how to get in XD

@21. Oh, you will be up in the balcony. But you will still be there. LA is nice in May, not to hot yet. Catch a Dodger game while in town, too…

@4- congrats! I never win anything but I’m glad a Trekkie from here did win. :)

It’s times like this I wish I could get the app to work. When it first was launched, I was able to use it, but anymore it just sits there with the teaser poster and a loading animation in the top right corner.

I just hope I don’t win another redshirt uniform… last time I wore one was halloween and I ended up with a gashed open head! at least the torrents of blood made it look authentic!

By the way, today is James T. Kirk’s birthday, March 22, 2233.

Thank you, Star Trek Calendar…

21. Sam, that’s awesome! So did they call/email you? So does that include a flight and accommodation? I didn’t see contest details anywhere…

17. They really want you to go to those places. It works on gps. People on androids can fool it. I don’t think you can on an iPhone unless it’s unlocked.

When they originally mentioned location stuff, I thought maybe it would mean going to your local theater to look at the poster or something — of course, that would be insanely complicated for them to set up (wouldn’t it?). Instead it’s stuff like check out the Space Needle. Which seems a bit silly.

The other trouble with those various daily sweepstakes — the app didn’t indicate if you’d voted for that day.

And Paramount support for the app wasn’t great. Maybe it’s improved. You need to email them if you’ve lost a password. And the FAQ didn’t cover things like “buying tickets doesn’t work in Canada or in my area.” Maybe it’s been fixed.

I know, I’m negative. But it was a little frustrating to see this thing rolled out with such fanfare and then see that it wasn’t working quite as billed/ they hadn’t seemed to plan weekly content to go with it. I pictured a bunch of IT guys or marketing interns going “shit, what the hell are we going to make ’em find this week?” I know, Iman!”

It sounded like it was a great pitch — but they weren’t sure how to make it work (giving adequate content, etc.). I also wonder whether the trip (s?) to the premiere were only for folks in the U.S.?

Even tasks outside(maybe?) of the app’s current functions, like find those hidden URLS in the trailers, freeze frame them and scan… would be a lot more interactive and entertaining. Of course, sites like this would provide you with a cheat sheet of images.

And it would have been nice if they’d used the app to launch a few extra photos, or some extra content not previously seen in EW. Or even to give users of the app early access/ a sneak preview of new images etc. (like access to the new preview 24 hours early) that will then be released to everyone else 12 hours, or a day later. Or a sneak preview of the comic pages a day early or a week early or something. And if you’re going to release spoilers (in those previews), like who Weller is playing, why not tease at them, or reveal the in the app? Or, at the very least, tease that the press tour would be providing an extra 30 minutes of footage (I know, then you risk getting the mainstream press covering al those details, but so what?).

I know, if you give app users early access, then you risk alienating the fans worldwide who can’t access the app. But hey, they get to watch the movie a week earlier.

An app like this is such a good idea. But it needs to be launched with a strategy and with real content. I quit the App because it seemed like some of that stuff (the premiere tickets) might be bogus… that they weren’t properly tracking this stuff and were just going to pick somebody at random, regardless of the number of entries. Which is fine, but it just generally seemed like content wasn’t thought out well — when the only big news was the results of that poll to name Pluto’s moon Vulcan and the only exclusive video was an interview with Saldana’s Oscar stylist. Heck, why not “watch the Oscars” — and then use a key word from their, er, banter (to be typed in) to reveal a clue.

if you’re going to promise teases and exclusive content — then deliver. And you expect more from the guys behind Fringe and Lost, you expect a little sneakiness and cleverness and maybe a puzzle or two (clue: “father” or “April”). It doesn’t have to be a full ARG, but something requiring a bit more thought than “scan the Oscars logo!” You wouldn’t have to redesign the app to do this, necessarily, just be a bit more clever with what you’re releasing and when.


Yeah my picture and sound scanning stopped working a few weeks ago, but I won an insignia badge a month ago and have been entering the uni sweeps every day

17, 30: I live in Chicago and one day I was walking by Millenium Park and my phone buzzed and the app had basically auto-completed the mission for me, pretty cool

@1. Phil

You act like that would be a bad thing…………………………………………………


makes me wonder if there is no use for these uniforms in the future…?

Has anyone figured out how to fake out the GPS on the iPhone 4 so we can complete the travel parts of the app challenges?

33. skotchy
So that must mean that Khan attacks Millenium Park in the movie. Wow!

36 Alex, Yyou use an Android, sign in with the same FB account, fake your GPS, get the credits, then sign back in on your iPhone with the same FB account. It has worked great for me.

I have the IPhone 3GS. This App will not work with my IPhone. It requires a Rear Facing camera.

36 – You can borrow a friends just long enough to get this done, or use and old one, via wifi, you don’t need another line of cellular service.

39 – you can get an iPhone 4 for free from Verizon with a renewal. I would suggest that.

I would like to know why its only limited to mobile apps?! Kinda pisses me off.

@ rm10019, thanks alot… What gps faker apps work on Android?

@ Alex, my pleasure, i have been useing ‘Fake GPS’, first thing that comes up in the Play Store. Works like a charm, you just input the lat/long coordinates. Sometimes takes the Trek app a few minutes to check that the location is changed, but it works!

42 – I think the whole point is that it IS a mobile app? It is all based around mobility and scanning…. There are other contests and sweepstakes around STID not based on the app.

Still bummed that I can’t run the app. Seems to be only two OS that writers care about- Android and Apple. The rest of us are left hanging.

Really? Please, point me to a non-mobile device contest that gives contestants the chance to win 50 costumes from the movie, and then we’ll talk. YES, there are other contests that are non mobile, all of which I have participated in and lost (I’ve never “won” anything in my life, so that’s gotta count for something), but you can’t point me to a non mobile contest that gives the winner 50 costumes from the movie, and here you see why I’m annoyed. When they give away big things like this (as I am very much into costuming), but allow only participants from the mobile market, of which I am not a fan of, that’s where it begins to rub me the wrong way. Allow anyone to participate (including those that can’t afford a smartphone like myself) and then you can call it whatever you want, contest, sweepstakes, whatever. Just don’t limit it to one market and one country.

Well, I just entered the costume for the costumes! Here’s hoping I win one!

They better not be changing the uniform design for the next movie. The uniforms are the best things about the new movies.

49. In the spirit of Trek fan contrariness, I totally disagree about the uniform design. I like the homage to the original uniforms in the primary uniform, but all of the other variants (dress uniforms, cadet uniforms, etc.) suck. Even the homage primary uniforms seems a bit too much like a silk night shirt. Overall, I would take the variants of almost all the other shows and movies over these. Really disliked the Enterprise coveralls and the late TNG/DS9 uniforms, but still prefer them over most of the designs here.

45. Except you’re usually scanning things that you’ve found in Google images on your PC (sure if you had a tablet or other smartphone with wireless, you could scan off those). So it’s not really all that mobile, in reality. As it stands right now, it’s lame. And, yes, I am indeed bitter because I didn’t win a trip.